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October 20, 2000 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-10-20
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,41 The Mihignn faite - -CABA1SATU~RDAY - October 491,2000


.F - lilt IvIlklillrQli vary ® i VViDnLL v~vun WvLwv-, --, -w--

_'*17BIG TEN ai
Two-loss champion a Rose Bowl possibility

By Mark Francescutti likely to have a loss, and. with a touh \Michigan, Michigan State and Illintois
Daily Sports Edhtnr schedule remaining for thte four 3-1 tied at 6-2~ for tile crowtt.
teams in thc conference, thte Big Tn oa went to thle Rose hots I and lost
A too-loss Big Ten chtamtpion - it winner could tave twso. to Washington, while Miclhigant beat
could thappen. "tt proves without a doubt the eornt- \Mississippi in the Gator Bowl 3f+-3.
Thanks to diminishintg scholarships petitiseness of thte cottferettce; Thtts seat, Purdue is still in thte driver's
pcr team and swider coverage of all Michtigan coacht Lloyd Carr said. "It's seatesetn thought it is tied writlt
teams, parity is the sword of thte Big Tenth le era of Big Ten football w're int" Michigan, Northsvestern and Minitesota
tatd mnty othter schools aeross thte coutt- The last titte a Big Tet Chtamnpiont had at 3-1.
tr.Thte natiottal chtamptlioniship sittter is a tsvo-loss team swas in 1990 svhett lotsa, No othet team can go botvliitg tn
Pasadena utttess thte Boiletrmtakesslose a
name.tPurdute plays at \Minnetsota ott
Tuto+ ov rd C ase o ee Saturday and hotme agatttst Ohtts State
lu? ;' 31., ve 1 e laSeS~. Ov~etan Oct. 28.Since the Boileirmakits tate
alieady beaitet Notrthwesstrn attd
Te Bi' sn itetbrersvstcmslisilt
all-to otttmplisatsd.Te first tiebreaker
is hIsdtsl-Ieadhct omplattiionlt hsit sitr-
U ,,vertit i i n sagin oeii I eattttt tWe P r:+ all s ittitittepercentave. Iflie Itills tie
od d eig thrkeru g Gheenp, t d li e ^rstill ied thinitheSteIamlthatiwnt tth le
%W% iStd~t aby'Rose Bowls Imtst tsctttlyis cslitaed.
Plani F use~es inchide; tveek chattes ttts tt 5 Ssomttplpies5talk.
Trasht-talktigsdefetisive btck Nate
" Go rag fc ve i e s otside of Ufvstnwe Hedft.)Setwe UH) C lemetnts raseI ibout tots Ohio State
wihrdced tpy ftreatnnis initated ad tee , , , . , , laspt a stltoopite sontnhIlsBidaesstit
01-S steeks agno. Clsiments also alless1Jaitar
Iletchter's itnttrepationt lusstlsitable
*Afbv o-paer1i frprescription drugs at OHS, local, and rat'ona tswtile Iis twa' a tell ofta Iayts
lhrmces, This past sseekctd. tougli.
Minntessita twde recetivst RtittJohitsoin
Tia* T ;incwen vraefing or studng::a school or abroad bturttecd Clettettts for eigtcttchecs aind
t63 yards. several corttttt"ott key thtirsd-
oopt~ ttlotad mer m ootServices dtsvtt plays.
"I've never seetn iatwide 51cc lerlike
Whpsu i ~eencourage :to be covered ion tra ' 3iiealtttohsoit domitiita iae like lie sdid.
Ian, eat-ot rpioirm , ee eOhita State cwach John Coopsisarid.
repoirters afterthelts29-17 Itrtlabingtheli
" - " "" "Goldett Gcphets.
-. - " "- s' It's cettbarrassting, hiCisoparrsaid.
* - - "First Ititte sve waks tt, and t's i17-3:'
Ohtita.State phay51rsteresespcially

"There wers a lot of coitimeitis itade
svhile sve swere swalkin"gitto otur locker-
roottsafter the gatelts Here sse go
again, a 6-6 season,"httebacker Joe
Cooper told this issociated piess.
BUCKFYE CHA RITY: 'Iss there's sotme-
thing moie that thte Buckeses care about
thtan just beatinig Michigan.Ohtio State
svill doitate SI froitaesvers programt it
sold at te Minnessota state tt a futtd fir
te care of Ptnn StaIeplver Adattt
Taliiaferro swto sufiferedh a paralveilng1
teck intjsinttthe Nitttatts Liotts nttneat
Coaluttbusott Selat.23.
Olhio Stats sold svtr5131,110011rosgrams
over ite swekett. Aboiit 4.111111siill
reimaittaitd atre itailatileoal thtle
Illlckeves's ofcal aheic site
siiistatcbuskcs s siit
C Msst-:ONTAKt Iis i t3 iF:T he liisli-
1vraidI ndlliTitian osnseIculea~d sil
Saurcavi'tiitst thte \\ilt riitcs.as
MIichiait hlsd tte Ilotosiesstoi snly I186
yards of t ol fese.Thess IlIuest Stopls
RaiidlecL sEttl t hora Itrontilv 39 vaids
an11 passed fiat totlsyI I s iardsitit I3-si-
2 1 pssing.'sicl'iiiit 15 als ieokedl1tmo
conlsecsltiv lt tsitt tesesotndsIquarter.
"ICe Cs aitly taie ''its accsiitltlc sir
thii performaca ndc tls1 t'is lie oils'
sollr-e losittt at"C amie'ro said after
thte ais1e. I'mitt nhpleatsd ttitltI1115
thiiinstevedoitheIllslst Itwoa tieks. Not
offeiisively. Not dcfellil c Nst in h
kickintt= chits
.htills1tiolit onimaditI'hits sell
attare of ltit.\\W sillIfitid stamtetsavyt
Itdiana didit Iesscly 11-111 it Il01llild
last scar. Alter strtini" lie tieTeti Sea-
sil 2-1, IllsIIloosisweress blaniked 5,911
las \ViscotisiithIndian it n tishetsh lesea-
stil wvithlo sses inthillst threecc1out1o
fbolr siliti

1 ate Terrel We na3 2ia at
2 Can une Fn - 21a 5u
a Tod Hnward en -is 1ea r
4 Maruise Walker Wen-a 212 Jr
4 Tnmny Jnes We - inn Sr
5 James Whitley en 5-ia is2 Sr
6 Victr HnbsonnLe 6-1 242 Sn
7 Stem Hensnn Qn64 219 Jr
8 Walter Cos enB n-11 2on Jr
9 Tyrece Butler We -a 204 So
i2 Brandonn WilliasCn -i1l.8iSo 5
12 Mike Kaselite Qn - 210Frr
ia Larry Steens B 6-4 228 Fr
13 Ryan Smalls Cn -n 167 So
so4 Anus Mignery QB -a 2a4 Fr
14 an Williaias Ce 6-0 i92 Jr
155DeWayne Patmon Snn-0 92 r
i5 Travis eMeester aT n-a 233 5n
an Jnhn Naarre Qu - 242 r
i7 Larry 'ote Ln -i 228 Jr
57 Sean Cassidy Q8 - 27 Frr
in JeriaaineGonzles QB 62 20i Fr
in Eln Jnes B -i 200 Frr
i9 tonald ellamy W 6-S 193 Sn
2i Jeremy LSueur CB -n insFrr
22 Jon Shaw 5 5-151.97Frr
22 os Kesler WR 6-2178 Frr
22 Coin Sargent e -a 20i r
23 Chris Perry en 6-2 228 cr
24 Chasles Sake on - 37 So
25 SydeonCEpstein PKt62 25aJr
25 Michael Mnnrny CO0-2 208 Jr
26 Julius Cry SS5601555 So
27 Calvinel 1R0665 190 Fr
25 Anthony Jordan L50 26J
28Scsott Paniqueo fB 510 'ii So
29hyant Ovod R00- 201 F
29 AaroiaRichards Wit5-8 16iti
30 Tad Van ell DB50 1.5S
3iaCoitbs CBd5116 Fr
32 Athiory Tomtas on 62 223 Sr
32 Kolby Wells L0 6221 -
33 rent Citmmings WR 55-1.83Fr
33 Cals Young WR 50 18 cr
34 Justin Fargas S -1 '16_S
3d'Phil rabs PK 6-1. 1.97So
35 B.J. skew ro 63 224 Sv
36 0oh ravian 5063 220 Jr
36 Brian rater W 1150 .7 F
37 Zack Kauiiaii 50 61 222 ci
37 JffRih LB 5 1.1521,0 cr
38 Blake Nail Dian0 189toS
38 tevin Dudley FO 60 208 ci
39 Svat Coleman L0 6 0 269 Jr
'0 ric ossl T 63 20 Jr
41 Timmity Braken 1R5-510 203 r
d2 John Spytek L0 6 3 23 yr
43 Carl igs 50 61245F
dl ate Aristion'g FB 63 2-4Sd
45 JeffDel Vernae t'o5-ii 21Sr
d5 Phillip Brackins 50 6422F
d6 Andty eciler 50 61i 23 Si
d9 Kiik Monrat ro 62 237 Sa
459iMichael iWilliaiistLB060 230 r
50iJo Sgroi 50 511 216t So
Si ric Boiakint 50 6225J
52 hott Maiit S562 -3 ci
53 Satee Sr SOGI 1 15 F
64 Marice Williirs O05 6o = 5Sr
5S Andy Clristoltel 05 63 F
55 Jeirmy Read L50(, 1 sFr
566Dwight Moley Lii 61 2:0 So
52 ave t'eason 55 6224F
585Roay- Mainig L0 62 213 Fr
S58 Michael Kasibovski 5 62 0F
60 GrantBovan DL5 6 12 iFi
67.Ct 0Yong N '6- 5---Jr
61. Joshl Blacknan OL55 F 6
62 clodyIilin 515 C J
62 Couirtey Milvy L iS
63 ECicWre OL S
63 1.JCwva L
6d Jfr' tn 1 ! F
6-i Stepe ae B S
65 Atd rw L 6F
66 CaeeTne B51 0F
67 Daidi rnt O 427S
68 JohnWo L6423S
70Oerwc Mile L 60 225J
21 Kurt Andrson L 4Ci 9J
722 enast 55Lt6-4 285Jr
73 JoeDna L6 7 2'i8 So
74 Deeiuts SolomonOL 6 27Fr
75Daidias -a ,5 2-9 r
76 Stevi Hutchiiisoin OS -529 S
77 Tony Pape hiS 6 6 16 cr
28ioathan Goodwin 55L 1--I 2-13Jr
79 Jellf0Backs O5 66 24Si
85,0Bil Syimvor CT 3 22Ji
82 RutySmSiithi W550 63 ; iiJ
82 Joe Chasirami PIG CO 51
83 Bennie Jopo' a TC 6,41 235So
8-4 ShawsitThoimsio EIC 4 -1
85 TlrEkr TE6616l
86 Jn ihr E65 F
88 Gary ose DJL 6- Jr
88 AdamiitCnly PI3' F
89DetantDibuc TC 61 21So
90 NoriianBOelert DOS F
9t1DEimanuel Ca3sosi7l F
52 anri holek D iS3 77S
d4i cviWilson 55 64 282 Si
95 AlairtKastaii DL556-4 236 Fr
nn ays Petroiello SC 6 4 283 So
97 SawnSazars SC 63 278 So
07 Lk Pei K 60 13 r
' 05 Jke rysinger DSt 064 27 5'
5 9 Andy teiskal - We; -na so1.7.Ci


Joint LSI 20 com panies support 'U1i lawsuits
d i r e c t o r s By Lisa Koivu af \Ihi i t l, is suppaorted by co iporation s st suc h se s,"H vc r it s usuls li l to a e ai us his1
Da1 iySt tltS1 liii 'Ilici ositti Itesh Steelcassisc.,Bantk OtisCot ,at athilis stage;'Bariysasiii. "But that'is a reflsstionit vattn


By Lisa Koivu
tails- Sidiltc lnitr
The University aitioiiicedh yesterday
lhit thafou fndsot oiily onic.bit twto
peopllle, to direct the Life Sciettces
hIitiaite after a scar of scarchtitte.
The ne iversity' choise Jack Bixoai,
chait of the biolouis I cheistst
departmenst ithlb Lnitsisitys s 'stiical
Schoolatad Scott h-its a csllular attd
msoleeiilar biology profssorat the
Unitversits' of Cailifornia1 at SatsDteiro
meadical school 10oIjointly dirsct the LSI.
Unisesity President LeccBollinger
taid boils Bison anilFittiriquested to
direct lbs center togethter. The two met
fits seats ago and tate deteloped a
profsssional telationshtip through
tworking togsther at setveral semnsars.
"Both pcople are higly comspetent
attd botihttwatted to do it together. I'm
not sure I could hate gotteis eithter one
of teisatithout Isatitag ttwo of theis
share the burden," Bollitiger said.
"I felt it wtould be really best overall'
he added. " I vers'tamuch tantt active,
practicinsg scientists to lead the iniia-
Dixots said that 1te and Lisr ttatto
Son LSI, Pagn 10

aivicus tbriet in slIhpatfth le Lt etsitv's pliitointsu
lie ttwo IeltlinlSItshlleningsLattSchsosal aisd
tnliiicladiiatc admtissioiisprncesses.
Thte 'friendoitthle court' brief, tiledh Isodav after-
lootn intshIe .S. District Ciouit for thse Easterit District

Mills. 111e.. iThe Pioteri6" C' iiiilhcCciitn,an d i
Texaco'. 1ite. IIidy.itlscncir hal trs Corp. becaime the
fitrst mtaor compaytos lt tisch Ialarief itt suppoalrt of
rice at a factoir inl Cus islis ashitiissiotts.
Lie Barre, ULivtersitsydepautyt "cucral coaiusel. saidt
it is cttaomms to litve theserbieIs tsfiled ini tse appeals

.-ccriinito ha e brief. thac cl~ororaionis saidl ts'v
lCch lie tlnisci'sit titoild lae less diterse stitliosit attil-
itatite activon. -Tiis is a strong statemaettt froi the cor-
poate comutttiv:DowttChemticals spokestwsiman
Rebsecca tEvains said. 'I is critical to parotect ite ability
Sen COMPANIES, Page 10

Green with envy

-Over 25 Beers on Draft
Including:. Bell's, Newcastle,
Guinness &Boddingtons
r One Of Our Many Single Malt Scotches
Showing All NFL games
10 Games Simultaneously!,

Spartan fans showcased their graffiti skills this week by painting the Rock at
the corner of Washtenaw Avenue and Hill Street green and white.


A L se o C kiciq , rikI re i An Arkrl18 Church Street near 'S. University.
aS wa For a map go to www.pizzahouse~com


Good Food, fJ JT
Good Drinks,
Good Prices...
Good Time iCharley's After 11 P.M.
Every night from ilpot. until close, Chorley's feotures...
Bud Light, Molson, Killian's, or Honey Brown
Margaritas ................$2.25
Regular or Strawberry Margaritas
Beer .....................$2.10
22 oz. Bud Light, Molson, Killian's, or Honey Brown
Iced Teas.................$3.25
All of our Iced Tea varieties, 22oz.
Also featured ofter 11 inm is a limited menu of oppetizers,
burgers, and sandwiches ot special midnight hour prices.
Good ime Charley's
1140 South University at Church 6b8-841 1 -

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