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September 25, 2000 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-09-25

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Tuesday in Daily Arts... -
lBreaking Records will featurc a review- of
Madonna's nw release, 'Music,swhich
not only makes the people come togeth-
er, but makes the ourgeosie and a rebel.
nihigandadiy.com/arts SEPTEMBER 25, 2000 J.L

'Final Cut' sequel
should have been left
on editing room floor

Perlman gives virtuoso
performance atHl

By Jim Schiff
Daily Arts RWriter

By'yl'e Henretty
Day Arns Writer
All right, I know, what exactly did
I'Cexpect? It wasn't as if the world had
been' waiting with haited hreath for
the return of Reese Wilson (Loretta
Devinef, the
- only character
held over ftrom
Ubn the original
Uregen "Urhan Le'gend."
inaI Cut She played thxe
Grade: D- head of security,
Ashwae remember'? No,
ant SQuase1 neither did I, not
un a~yS until her charac-
ter reminded me
by retelling the
original story.
But I checked,
and shte really
was in the first
one. She should have takett the hint.
When Robert "Freddy Krueger"
Englund is too busy to do a sequel,

it's time to jump ship.
It is often the case, though, that
most horror ntovies, even the good
ones, get pont reviews. Even
'Halloween" and "Night of the
Living Deaxd"sscre written off as
trash when thcy first debuted. Allow
me, thetn, to justify nty response to
'Urban Legcnds; intal Cut. I truly
enjoy horror movies, even ones most
people write off' as badf (hcck, I own
a copy of "Wishmaster 2").Antd I
still found this film sos offensively
bad that I almost walked out (as
about 1 5 people did at the screenitng
I scent to), and ottly thxe writing of
this revie'w prevented me from doittg
The basic rutndowvn is thtat a filtm
studett(Jenni fer Morrison) at a
prestigious film schtool decides to dox
Ier thesis film ott (as suggested by
her friettdly tteighborhood security
gTuardf urban legends. Thett people
begitt to die. Itn fact, the ottly sue-
prise inth le enttire tmovie' is thtat tone

Courtesy ofCoxtmba/Ponxx
A masked maniac stalks hapless college students in 'Urban Legends: Final Cut.'

of the killittes (outside' of tite one
excruciatttnly tacked on otte thxey
shtow in thte prevtielhav anythittg
tox do witth urbatt legentds. Thaxt is
basically it, a lot of pcoplc die.
Int an utgly attcttpt to squeeze thte
last drotp of ( sotrtyv blotod romtthtle
"Scrv'am"ttilogythte ftlmx atte'ttpts
t pintthe ctrttmts ott scsveal scape-
goats, keepitg the axudiettce gutessintg
unxti tte vctry cttclAppatcently te
fi lntnaketrsssetre gotttg ontthle'
assutoption thtaxtnoxtne in thte audi-
ence tad seett a htorrtr film. Itf yout
cattt guess the killer by thte ettd of
thte first act, thaett ithter yttum're nt
payitng attentiontx futncerstatncably) i-et
yttuve tever heard tof R. L. Steitt.
If'you still thintk thtat thtis filtmt may
be wvorth your titte attd mone'y,
pleatse consider the folloswittg.
The Cast: Rettember how thxe first
movie was full of up attd cotmers
front fine WB progrants'? Yeaht, well
esventthley rcfmused to return for thte
sequel. ITe ottly tecogtnmzable face is
Joey (wsho 5i t atpttentlv tosw'goittg
by Joseph) Lmuwtettce. Whtettsse left
thte thteatetrttmy ftrtcttccttttntted ott
tows "that guv ftremtx Blossotm' is a
real Itottie,"buxtsee both axgreed thxat
he shoutld go batck to stttgttg. Int fact,
by thte titme Rebecca Noxzema Girl"
Oxtycheart tmakes a sutrptrtse camneo
durittg the fitnal credttsthte audiente
seas glad to finally see t treal" actor.

They kept invokittg Hitchcoack:
Yes, seetal movis c have chttte thtis
before, but tthistfttm tctual ly admit-
ted tiftc.heftiltttstudcttts intthe tmovie
atre cotmpetintg'for thxe coveted
H-itchcock taswttd.IThe filmtxtschooxls
creepy bell towertis right out ttf
'Veetoomand they esvett played thIe
"AlfredHilttchcock lttcsettts" thxeme
toser tte cttd cteditts.IThis is (rndtis
fcor executtott,tttd xx', studenxtctf thte
suspette1acttt -tt swilprotbablv try tot
tear out thteit ossnttvs vsif' they hppenx
tutpottthts tot c.
iTe M-ustyic:Tefitltt's.cotttptoser
(JohntttOttttttttsstivo Ialto Iappens tot
Ite thte cditrectort) steals icrottt
"IlallOsecxx sto xxuclh thxat Ikept
topin"g= elshmel Myers seotuld shtot
uip anxd just put att end to thte sehtole
fiasco. I undetstamnd paying Itontage
to a patttculart stylIc but I thtittk thtat
insvolves chtangtng tlse origittal itt
sotme way.
Thte dialoue: iTe film tctuatlly
contattted thtclitne "I'mtax TrettIt rt
I'tt htts tdetttcaI twin Trits." Anxd
thte spyaket wss nttt t3
So, setriousl', asoithtfi'ttsmove.It
mtakes Kle ttmtoes' Eat
France'"lotok like I"Te Maltese
Falcotn. ITte ottly treamstot"Urtbamt
Legetxds:inttal (Cut" escapcd att I
ssas I ssatedtt s-mes-csxtmethtttg"form
thte Blatr Wttcht sequcl co~mingt out
nes xtonttht

Artistry. Sty'Ie. Grace. Emotion. Thxese
are setrds that describe the world's great-
est virtuoxso of the viotin, Itzhak Perlmnt. In
"A tribute to jaseha EtIeifetz," commemorat-
ing the 100th
a: ' anntiversaryof lts
birth, Perlman
delivered xa delight-
Itzhak fitl and versatile
Penman perforxtanee shtts-
ittg tnce again why
Hill Auditorium hses the mmaster
Fomur notes into
Septenber 20. 2000 the ttpenitng piece.
a giant gesp ertpt-
s ed fretm the amd-
ettce. The large
vase otf floswers set
oxn the stage totp-
pled moer, settimng
xflssaves of laughxter bhtontt stage and off:
Instead tof' Iositng Itis cotncentratietn,
Perlmanx simply sltotok lts heaxd atnd said
"thtesv are determtined t stal" Thittcidett
set the totte fxorswhat ssould he fourteemn
aices'emll tf jtty atndhumotr
Aftet the false start, lterlmanaa's hrillianmce
shotssn thrttuglh in this first nuttber,
"Chlaconmnme" Its' Thxxennasxt Vitali.
"Chtactttntc" like tmuchtofthte otther swotrk~s
prtescttted, tssvexy romatxic and syrieal itt
natre.Iterltman hanxdles lotnghetssitng ssell,
attd is tne ts superittr to antythintg Ive
he'r dotn a strtnged instament. Eater in the
ptece, Perlmanm hxndles the short notmeswith
tincredthle ease, altertng betes-en sixtenths
and thtrty-secttnd notes with his nimble
Next, tn Bachamed Strauss's "Sotnata in E-
flat Mator fttrNtttlttt and Piano," Perlmans
futhlet demxonsntrtes his ability ttt feel the
ttusic. One can see hts facetal expressionxs
chtange ssith tmovtetaents tn thte muste Itt
thte 'allegr-o' sectito hts esebrttss ate
raised. anxd in the "and-woe catntabtle" see-
tiott he plays into his svtolit, swsayttng ssth
eacht ststained totte. Tfhe poswerful "finale"
alterntes betsveen a fest-paced, call and
answer sessittt, amd franttc svtoltn swork
frxxmn Perltmanm. Thxroughot, he tnakes thse
difficult look effitless.

Itzhak Perlman put on a masterful violin
performance at Hill Auditorium yesterday
ic remaimtder tof thte concert wssm dedi
cated ttx Jascha Heifetz, a Russian- ealil
legenxd feoinmth le earlytwventtcth cuf
Perlttatn chotse t honttr thttt by seleoln:
Itieces thsat seere wrxtttettbyItshxler
posers and arrantgedf bsy 1-extemstzor a t
put it,'Ctloredf itt tsxtle s% vv."Als
Perlmn chtose thte pieces as thte ctottei
protgressed, mtakinxg tokes ttt hms piatno plusy
er and te audience abtout lhttsedsorg'
nixed he is.
Like "Chacttmne" aet "Stnt xa,"-Pelngai
largely selected pieces tha t reflected hi
persoxnal xxy atd ad i on tttfore mnum%
"Ronmdxx" is the onlys'tunmber thcat mvolst
a cadenza sectiont, ttn swhtchhb shxxsve6
lxis short, rapid bowttng techntque. ,t
Mozart's "Mintuet," the tudtence could se+
the hutaxor in his taee as he dtd the pityc't
to seork. The othetrtntne tn the set -W
fxolloweed the gleefuml tone but thxe w'r
twso ntxable exceptuitns. Debussy
"Bxxnssxa" sas surprisingly tqutetmaystT
ous, andt a tit daxtkexthautntterest. 0On..
the Ilst pxeces by IFtster textured a repexi
tive, xxxeepinxg thxette clharacteritictt
taovte sectres.*
Like Ixerltaaxccddtomtxtist RxxaImai
Silsva broughta mgreat deal of sO tin to ta
cottere. Hms pmitno swotk xxas y pec
lbackdroxptontthe xviolit, tevcc overcoming
tins partner but alwsays mangmh'isx presegc+

Isthat Joey, excuse me, Joseph Lawrence getting his sass on? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

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