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September 14, 2000 - Image 20

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-09-14

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4B - Th~eichigan Daily - Weeken, etc. Magazine - Thursday;eptember 14, 2000



&The Michigan Daily - V kend, etc. Maga

Continued from Page 3B
External infrastructure renovations
to the Rackham Building started in
June will continue into next year and
are expected to be completed in the
The Burton Memorial Tower will
undergo renovations to brin the tower
up to building code compliance. The
completion, scheduled for fall of 2001,
will include a new entrance on the cast

side of the tower and restored windows.
The Dana Building was expected to
begin renovations in August, but con-
struction was delayed due to the need
for additional planning and budgeting.
"Some (projects) are quite on time
and some get delayed for a variety of
reasons," Brown said. "The other pro-
jects are pretty close to the original
The Forest Street parking structure,
for example, is expected to be complet-
ed in time for the 2001 summer art fairs

and will create 277 blue parking
Reconstruction of the tunnels on
State Street is neaiing completion.
Everything visible to pedestrians and
drivers has been completed and the
remaining few months of work will
take place inside of the tunnels.
The medical campus will see the
arrival of a new building named the
Biomedical Science Research Building.
A former party store and bank on Zina
Pitcher Place will be torn down shortly

to make a temporary parking lot while
the final drawings of the building are
drafted by the architect.
Although these are some of the major
construction projects going on around
campus currently, there are hundreds of
projects in some phase of construction
management, Brown said.
Brown said many upperclassmen are
seeing more construction this year than
they have in the past, but the amount is
not unusual. "It's a bit more than the
previous three years," she said. "There

tends to be peaks and %allevs over the
The current projects will continue at
full speed even with the impending
"They'll continue throuch Whatever
weather condition they can." Brown
said, adding that there are many interi-
or renovations that can be done during
the winter months.
"It's no real big deal.' Sawyer said.
"There's not really much we can do
about it."

Union S Magic Wok serves
up inexpensive meals fast

CALL 763-0374

E From the Vault

By Darren Ringel
IDaily arts Writer
All students, particularly those who possess the
luxury of entree plus on their M-Cards, will be
very pleased to hear about Magic Wok, a new
Chinese/Japanese restaurant located at the food
court in the basement of the Union.
This restaurant, smaller in size than the typical
residence hall room, provides quality fast food for
any student craving a quick, healthy, and tasty
meal. When I refer to the term "fast food", I mean
that this place serves your fresh, made-to-order
food in a matter of seconds. I don't think even the
quickest McDonald's restaurants can serve food
with this level of efficiency.
Although intense speed is one aspect that struck
me while eatinre at Magzic WVok, the other was the

freshness and quality of the food. I've been to way
too many fast food Asian restaurants that smother
their entrees in thick, heavy sauces. This takes
away from the balance of the taste of the food and
the flavor of the sauce as it also makes the vegeta-
bles soggy. Magic Wok's sauces are very light in
flavor and in quantity and therefore keep the veg-
etables crispy and do not overpower the taste of
the food.
Finally, as mentioned before, Magic Wok is one of
the few restaurants on campus that allow its cus-
tomers to pay with Entree Plus. Although this
restaurant is inexpensive, if I'm low on cash or don't
want to run up the bill on my credit card, I just swipe
my M-Card at a restaurant like Magic Wok and sim-
ply thank mom and dad. Magic Wok is a great addi-
tion to the many student-budget restaurants on cam-
pus and I definitely recommend it for anyone.

SA n1(
Color & DesignGroup

blends jazz,
hip hop
When "Jazzmatazz Volume: 1"
was released in 1993, the rapihip-
hop world w as becoming divided



Sae& a, SC404e

Offers top quality spa
Manicures & Pedicures

etc Weekend, etc. Column
Normalgiris win out on "Sex

208 E. Washington
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Schedule a manicure and pedicure and receive 1/2 off the manicure
Special good through Oct. 31, 2000

into two prima-
ry camps. The
west coast was
still vibing off
the hugely pop-
ular "Chronic-
album and
'gangsta" rap
cenre. Out east.
the sound was
d i f f e r e nt.
Groups like
Us3 and Digable

Volume 1
Chrysals EMi 1993
Re. v. e by
Daly Arts wtier
W:Jacarc Meton
Planets beuan creat-

All of my life, I have noticed two
types of female: Boyfriend Girls and
Normal Girls. That's not to say that
Normal Girls are without boyfriends.
In fact, they could be just as attached
as the former. It's the attitude and
trends of the Boyfriend Girl that
make her so.
You know Boyfriend Girl. She has
not been single since the fourth
grade (her awkward year). These
boyfriends have overlapped. Her

_-- -- ----_








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ng hip-hop with a heavy jazz influ-
ence. This newly found interest in
jazz by the hip-hop generation
helped spawn the project that GURU
of Ganstarr deemed an experiment.
an experiment that proved to be an
innovative success.
Unlike prior hip-hop jazz collabo-
rations. GURU set out to introduce
young hip-hoppers to the people-who
created those samples they loved. He
recruited '70s funk jazz luminaries
like Roy Avers, Donald Byrd and
Lonnie Liston Smith to lend their tal-
ents to the project. In addition, he
brought in acid jazz stars like N'dea"
Davenport and Ronny Jordan to
showcase the jazz sound of the '90s.
The music created was like very
little else out at the time. Just imag-
ine, hip-hop you could sit back and
listen to without worrying about
curses or gangster tales. Tracks like
"Loungin" and "Trust Me" could
relax the most tense person. Also,
GURU gave loyal US hip-hop fans a
taste of how emcees flow in other
countries. MC Solaar, a French rap-
per, showed that hip-hop had defi-
nitely become a worldwide phenom-
enon when he rhymed on "Le Bien,
Le Mal."
Looking back, the influence of
.Jazzmatazz" on hip-hop can been
seen in many areas. The most impor-
tant, though, was that hip-hop fans
gained an interest in jazz, a genre
that until then, seemed to be dying.
This project helped forge a musical
partnership that is still thrivingt

are many; her
real friends are
few. She has
little or no
ambition. At
M i e h i g a n,
these girls are
after their MRS
degree. She has
a constant need
for male atten-
tion. So, like
Quinn of
M T V ' s
"Daria," she
prefers a harem
of willing boys
about. Yet she is

hopelessly devxoted

Angeles for an important business
trip with her two friends. This simple
act declared her a Normal Girl
because it showed that she has tight
girlfriends and a flourishing career.
In fact, she makes enough money
writing her sex column to be con-
stantly clothed in Versace. And she
left the two leading men in her life at
home. Carrie i.s making her way
through the tough New York City
streets (read: Dating scene) and
looking fabulous while doing it. She
is the woman that every Normal Girl
strives to be. Successful and sexy,
Carrie is Super Normal Girl.
Miranda, one of Carrie's friends,
embodies the ambitious side of
Carrie. She is a lawyer with a no-
nonsense hairdo. And in this episode,
she whines about being tossed aside
for breastier, sexier, more confident
Samantha. Carrie's other travel
partner. epitomizes Carrie's promis-
cuous side. She epitomizes sex itself,
actually. She has done it with a fire-
man, a rock star, a younger guy, a
very old man, (the list goes on and
on) and this time she shacks with a
dildo model. Samantha is an interest-
ing character in the fact that for the
most part, she gets away with, well,
being a slut. She doesn't have any
STDs and her friends laugh about it,
as does the audience. She is encour-
aged to fulfill any sexual fantasies
we (as Normal or Boyfriend Girls)
have ever had, without the mess.
There seems to be a trend of larg-
er-than-life, sexpot, successful
chicks. Take the blockbuster movie
"X-Men." Halle Berry, Rebecca
Romijn-Stamos and Famke Janssen
were undeniably hot and played
mutants, a whole new take on power
And "Coyote Ugly" was arguably the
worst movie of the summer, yet the
stars were in-your-face sexy and did-
n't take shit from anyone. Plus, they
knew how to blow fire on top of a

bar. Not only did guys like 1
of powerful women in tight
they put these girls-on the J
August covers of their
Carrie, like these girls, is i
and confident. Mirand
Samantha deal with real-lif
tions and could be labeled
Girls if not for the fact that
typecast into these roles.
But I've forgotten all al
fourth in "Sex and the City
some. Charlotte is an extr<
Miranda and Samantha.
Wannabe Boyfriend Girl. I
episode, she was so laugha
band-hungry that she bough
on how to utilize one's
skills in the dating world in
find a husband.
When Charlotte finally
down that much-anticipate
was there a warm, satisfied
ever after feeling? No, c
emptiness resulting from h
tence, the worst thing
Manhattanites could imagin
again doomed for singleho
Yet Charlotte says what th
thinking at times: Will I e%
down? At the end of one
Carrie calls this feeling
ness." The feeling that mayl
cessful career, sexcapades
other are not enough. Man:
feel the same way, seei
according to a TIME maga
vey, 25 percent of female
the City" watchers most
identify with Charlotte.
These feelings resonate i
the most talked about book
year, Helen Fielding's
Jones's Diary," which ht
birthed a sequel and is soo
movie. Bridget is constant
as smart and funny, yet all s
doesis nag, nag, nag abou
lack thereof Similarly, la


to her one and only, just as she was to
her last boyfriend. What's more, she
is willing to mold her life and her
interests around him and his. One
such girl that went to my high school
filled out a questionnaire for the
yearbook and under "hobbies" she
wrote ice fishing and surfing, activi-
ties she had partaken in only a few
times, and always with her boyfriend,
who had grown up ice fishing and
Television provides us with plenty
of this type of girl (Dharma of
"Dharma and Greg," for example),
but not enough Normal Girls. In this
week's "Sex and the City," Carrie
(Sarah Jessica Parker) proved herself
a Normal Girl by traveling to Los


U ed I
: id C


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