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December 14, 2000 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-12-14

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2 - The Michigan Daily - Special Edition - Thursday, December 14, 2000

Edited and managed
by students at the
University of Michigan
420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

4 4 Editor in Chief Editorial Page Editor
Cbe S id ii u u u g L iiin otod, r rtinsietd editorials reflect tte opittiott ot/ie
Iciti ot itt or/i' te iii :s'vtlitoiuialwotd. i4 a t/ervuticlcs, Itettve-raid
ct n < tOOi t tt ttoneceas itreflect the opinion of i/e tichigan Dai/v

Ruling protects academia
University's stance pays off as the need for diversity is affirmed

I n a decision that reaffirms the very
foundation of the University, U.S.
District.Judge Patrick Duggan upheld
the University's use of affirmative
action in its undergraduate admis-
sions policies yesterday.
The ruling cannot be viewed as a
clear and unwavering victory for
affirmative action; not only are
appeals inevitable and the case on
against the University's Law School
admissions still pending, but even
Duggan offered the vague critique of
"any use of race must be narrowly tai-
But Duggan did write that he
hoped a day would come when "uni-
versities are able to achieve the
desired diversity without resort to
racial preferences." This is in fact the
exact goal of affirmative action -no

one intends it to be permanent. It is
less of a legal issue than a reflection
of our social climate. If affirmative
action is not needed, it means that the
playing field has been leveled and
affirmative action has solved its own
Diversity is one of the reasons this
is a world-class institution of higher
learning. The opportunity to examine
ideas from as many viewpoints as pos-
sible is indispensable to a quality aca-
demic environment. How can one
better understand the world when sur-
rounded by people only like them-
Our admissions policy is not per-
fect, but it is fair and effective. These
policies provide the University with a
hly qualified and diverse student
body. Neither goal is sacrificed for

the other. The admissions policies decision affecting the race-based
simply acknowledge that race affects policies at many other institutions.
the opportunities peo- The University should
ple have. The court has ruled be commended and
The 3-year-old thanked for defending
case, which the Uni- not ustin favor of our academic atmos-
versity has spent $4.3 phere with a staunch
million defending, has the University and and intensely commit-
been under tremen- ted defense.
dous scrutiny by both affirmative action Garnering the
the media and colleges judge's attention was
and universities but in favor of the University's com-
nationwide. When two pelling evidence docu-
white students filed equality and menting the importance
suits against the Uni- of affirmative action
versity arguing that the academic freedom. and thus diversity in
University's use of supplementing a learn-
race was unconstitu- ing environment.
tional and discriminatory against The University has empirical evi-
whites, the eyes of academia turned deuce on its side: The Journal of Eco-
to Ann Arbor. Our case would be a nomic Literature recently published a

review of more than 200 studies
affirmative action. The study speci
cally found that black students
select universities graduate at high
rates than blacks at less demandi:
institutions and that Hispanics a:
blacks hired under the program pc
form on par.
In a case that could easily affe
the long-term future of diversity
higher education institutions, this vi
tory serves a major endorsement
the principles the University uses
promote quality education. We c
only hope that in the inevitab
appeals that will follow, judges cc
tinue to see the merit of the Univer
ty's system.
The court has ruled not just
favor of the University, but in favor
equality and academic freedom.

Election 2000 results in insult and injury
As Bush claims presidency, democracy is called into question

After a month-long mockery of
democracy and the electoral
process, the majority of American
voices lost out. Vice President Al
Gore, despite winning the popular
vote, chipperly and cheesily conceded
to the electoral college, to the less-
than-trust-inspiring legal wrangling
in Florida and to Texas Gov. George
W. Bush.
What are we left with? Gore asks
that we put citizenship ahead of parti-
sanship. While it is warranted to
think partisanship is often a counter-
productive source of energy, there is
no need to rally behind Bush for the
sake of "unity.' If anything, the Bush
administration should be a call to
arms for activists who slipped off the
scene during what will prove to be the
comparably more tolerant Clinton

administration. Thankfully for the women's rights - just to name a few
balance of power, Bush will not be - is abominable. His short and dis-
able to do any- mal resume falls far short of
thing immediate- Suddenly, the qualifying him for the high-
ly drastic, but it est office in the land. He
is important to democracy we should not have governing
recognize his authority over the state of
influence. He exalt here in the Texas, much less the coun-
will be appoint- try. He will not remember
ing Supreme United States and those that Gore felt he
court judges. He would have fought for as
will be the on foreign shores mentioned in his concession
leader of the free speech..
world. And he is not so perfect Although it is clear that
will be entering Bush should not be presi-
the Oval Office not so flawless. dent because he is so ill-
with an alarming suited for the position, it is
set of precedents also glaring that he may be
under his belt. His record in Texas on undeserving on other grounds than
issues such as education, the environ- merit: Math. Law. Democracy.
ment, the criminal justice system and There is little question that with all

votes counted in Florida, Gore would
most likely have prevailed. But with
partisan politics rearing its ugly head,
a total and complete counting of the
votes became impossible. It is unfor-
tunate that the most basic right in
America, the right we fought to
secure more than 200 years ago, was
superceded by politics and an all-out
attempt to win the White House.
The Bush presidency will forever
be tainted by illegitimacy - without
a popular vote victory, Bush is ham-
pered. But with even the electoral
count in doubt due to the question-
able final Florida vote count, Bush
will have a tough time assuming the
role of president of the entire United
Florida has been a thorn in the
nation's side for more than a month,

and the scars of the election debacl
will be felt for years to come. Sud
denly, the democracy that we exal
here in the United States and on ever
foreign shore is not so perfect, not s
flawless. Bush's presidency will b
impossibly shadowed by the uncei
tainty of his win. But Gore is nc
innocent either. The entire elector,
process is crying out for an overhaul.
Amongst all the outrage, som
things must not be forgotten. Regard
less of who walks out to "Hail to th
Chief," the problems in the Unite
States will continue. Everyone mut
come to grips with a Bush adminit
tration, try to preserve a quality ecor
omy and individual rights, an
remember that in four years we'll g
at this again, and hopefully we can d
a whole lot better.

"It 100 percent ruins their credibility. "The most heartening thing to me "Being a little bit racist is as
The Supreme Court is the real loser was that both Al Gore and George impossible as being a little bit
here." Bush respectfully ended it." pregnant."
- Heather Brownfield, Public Policy student - Pete Schilt, LSA sophomore Sen. David Jaye, (R-Washington 1p
"I've been pretty exasperated over "It's an honor to have a president "I'm surprised It went the way It did
the past week because this wasn't who Is a drunk-driving criminal with , because It seems that the trend has
ending. This is the fitting end." an arrest record, lost the popular gone against affirmative action."
- Bush supporter Cortney Robinson, vote and called a New York Times -.Jim Herron, Rackham stude
Public Policy student reporter Adam Clymer a major
asshole when he thought the
"The last 36 days were really hard to microphone was off."
study ... I think (the Supreme Court) -David Boyle, Law second-year student
really dropped the ball." tM gv a s 4 s o iFnd aydung the a and wntertermsby

Jason edlick, LSA senior

sometimes you can lose and still be

- Gore supporter Paxton Williams,
"I think (affirmative action) definitely first year Public Policy student
helps'keep the diversity of the
school and that's important." L "This Is an unequivical victory for
Eric KruegeLSAseniorus."

"I heard in the background that
(Gore) conceded and that's really all
I need to know at this point."
- Caran Scott, LSA sophomore

- Nancy Canto, University Provost
"Neither candidate was wrong by
pushing it this far when the count
was this close."
- Nick Kuhl, LSA freshman

=. ii ti i "e iii zziriS .sisiritiE/ DO/iiFi/i. F' / 'si
r lSe n u'sii c Pi/ S S /u . Ji"s/iaR ,sii.ii /F / e OS isi5 Ca" /,Or
is','is LE C ii. 5/ . S /5/55/ ORP//St us/i u /s
EDITORIAL Emily Ahenbaum, Managing Edito
ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Peter Cunniffe Ryan DePietro e Josh Wickerham, Nicholas Woomer
e.i5/tC//53ri5 i/SDa'/i .// ,// S ' -!Le /rs./ Jesia ;.
SPORTS David Den Herder, Managing Editoi
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Shann.S/S / 5s.Be i -\es i'isR // ii. / isiRiE is.J3" S /

"Maybe now I can get some
studying done ... it's history in the "It maintains a University of
making." Michigan policy that benefits all
- George Avila, 3rd year Law student students, not just minorities."
-Jim Secreto, MSA vice-president

ASiOC/ATEEITORS: David Katz. M8,iuu,/ Marshi
ARTS EDITOR: Petor Cornue
'-iFL ' / /S/5Ok , %1i6 'iS

.ouis Brawn Jessica Johnson, Edtorl
Rachel BaErger, Paul Wong, Managing Editors

"I think Al Gore's a sore loser ... the
highest court in the land had to stop
- Ben Roth, LSA sophomore
"It was interesting to me to hear
Bush acknowledge that and it should
be interesting to esee our, nation
- Natasha Verhage, Public Policy student

"They're putting a good face on a
good defeat"
- Prof Robert Sedler, Wayne State University
"I believe affirmative action got rme
here ... if I mess up on my finals, I
won't be here to fight for
affirmative action."
- Meagan Pitts, Education junior

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