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January 13, 2000 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-01-13

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quman Rights:
The Middle East and North Africa
1pm, 1636 SSW"
For more information
Ma E Motagim,7640350
ern and NothAfrcan Srtudies and-
Department of Near Eastern Studies
adcrer lYrQesoIrinerna tonal
aio sat n riaIntem aeina
urm n te i Rd a an
l insideration: Film Screening
and Discussion of Eyes on the
Prize and At the River I Stand
1pm, Michigan League
Michigan Room (Second Floor)
For more information
please contact James Toy
764.5191, ayetfm~umich.edu
ens redbvr.Office of Equity &
e rstyaefices
curentaries ta hoi ii
ismar f}s Ch' ~
auhr n J~nr ~~~akinri
i 1M f ~ep sgetan wori er
ionvatte nainal and locai
B'uilding Brides
Deflectory Division Workshop
lpm, Angell Hall 2271
For more information
plas contact Audrey Jackson
agnsored tiGloheth
muncaona rup
C uidngBries, Petecting Divisin
Awor io fo racial ju tice advcate
ho n prrsip wrtnitheorgan
tins)bida ustaa Inleracausie
mement th is racial! inc tsve.
Fpa kers-Au r yJ ca. S .
om ~i~Ac ivst a cKPet
ls . recfor; an u tnr
~pus Aawn.
C elebration of a New Era
1 :30pr, Rackham Amphitheatre
For more information
p lease contact Marie Moorhouse
936.6729, moorhous@umich.edu
?xnored by Women of Color
The W en ot Color Ta~ Force
a vit e tuic to its' t r uteo
thevca talents of e Ambassad s
on Martin Luther King, Jr.
and Equal Rights,
featuring Carole Simpson
fpm, School of Business
Hale Auditorium
For more information
please contact Doris Sanford
936.3515, dorissan~umich.edu
Sponsored by School of Business
Dean's Office
(arl~ Simo.on i ananchorof "WVrd
on un an mmy Se t fr BC
is avocal SW pxer osoc Il j tice
issuesand W ieture on r. King
and te struggle r equal rghts.
~LK and the Future of Ethnic
Relations in 21st Century
2pm, Michigan Union Ballroom
For more information
9lease contact Martin L. Knott
764.9361, mlkday~umich.edu
p ponsored b* Uhnvel riyjrarj,s~
anath coo~ofnrnation
D . arl 0 ati H tchi so , aut o6
i!the cclai o n ___ J:__

ATestament of Hope;
Reflections on the legacy of
Martin Luther King, Jr.
2pm, Rackham Auditorium
For more information
please contact Faye Burton
615.3734, fayeb~umich.edu
Sponsored by School of Music
Wpents a nd fac I in t hool
usi jw VIA wo that corn-
memora~e or. ig lite and legacy.
and the Fight o lck equality
2-4pm, Wolverine Room
Michigan Union
For more information
p lease contact Jessica Curtin
996.2398, bamn~umich.edu
~oned C10 totoef end
sayThis event will .address, the .historyr
oet regatioinit 1o b'ig~e ra tY~,
ue iC rhna Driver ' ional
Nnoortrn torot the 5t dent I nierveption
ithe aAffirrati/.a Action Lawsuits.
J7lam Who I am Workshop
3-4pm, Martha Cook Building
Gold Room
For more information
please contact Antonia Henry
or Marion Scher, 647.6859
or 763.2084, henrya~umich.edu
or mscher~umich.edu
Sponsored by Martha Cook Building

W hen is a Small Number
Too Small:
with Sylvia Bozeman
3:30pm, 1360 East Hall
For more information
please contact
Prof. Karen E. Smith, 763.5048
kesm ith~umich.edu
Sponsored by Math Department
Pr. isylviTiBceman, Assoct e tc
n dro esso ?Mtematics wl
repreentjon Qp African Americane
s tudets. inc anuddmatn eima.1{cs.
Arecep Ion or Dr. lozeman willfo low.
W ake Up Everybody -
It's a Brand New Day!
3:30-5pin, Hill Auditorium
For more information
please contact Deborah Orlowski
763.4042, orlowski~umich.edu
S nsoreb~b 1B.siness nF' nce
ecu e ident and Chef
ni~anciag UIcer, usiness and
Apro rae featuringteU i1 o
lentnm dmi f
spc Wi hat 1rga fla hh


lagnfyng the Issue:
Violence in Schools
and Understanding the Climate
of Popular American Culture
Double Lecture
by Dr. James Garbarino
and Dr. Pedro Noguera
3pm, School of Education
For more information
Slease contact Damon Williams
936.1055, mlkteam~umich.edu
Soonspred by MLKSympoum
pnningCmmitee, Sh of
Educatin, and chool of ocial Work
This double i cture 11 examine
the ro in cli ate otuvlened
n Hum' nerbeloarmenrstiCor e)o
ln iversi an I o c~~clf
acclaim f.,bootK e .leby. in1
an rote?$ucribs an lau norod
an ut hrnuerous article on telso lal an
culture. Dr. on asorQine cprV
ol aton an d ocialI or will
actae qu st o an an wer
ietion to direct y o ow hendouble
W hat's Really Going On? Part 11
5pm, Michigan League
Michigan Room
For more information
9lease contact Shandra Adams
763.0733, adamss~umich.edu


Tbac c hemists and 8heirca i
Pr. Trevy MG onald will examine
o'w media influencs our view about
ender and race in contemporary
merican society.
7 'riends of the Michigan League
Pre-Performance Dinner
6pm, Michigan League Buffet Dining
For more information
please contact Susan M. Johnson
647.7463, smjohns~umich.edu
Spnsored by Friends of the
Michigan League
Before th .,Take Six concert, ova
°on r metd in rW/achoice ao~re re
bthie hstoricMichiga n Lague butet
in n 11 ~, cQveT enIttiyo per
next i ui ditorium. iost2~e
oerson icuin tax an a 6
Rteservetions re.u7red
or email smohnsrsumich.edu
I~r Voices Will Be Heard -
The Students Intervention into
the Anti-Affirmative Action
6-9pm, Pond Room, Michigan Union
For more information
please contact Ericka Dowdell
SpanA fredt~veJ tr.dor Equality
This ev nt ill feature a presentation
on the legaland political strate o01
thestude # iptervention into thee otM
laws its ai nst attfirrna ive fiction.
v nos andlegal couselalor interven-
A rts Break-
Her itage Crafts Workshop
7411pm, Michigan Union- MUG
For more information
9lease contact Deb Mexicotte,
63.3202, dimexico~umich.edu
o rd M~ichigan Union
WFree workshops fj adiff erentg
olucalJ~ nuar-1 irough~usay,

ludetsLearning, and the
Struggle for Racial Equality
10pm, Markley Hall
Angela Davis Lounge
For more information
please contact Char'ly Thomas
647.4860, crt~umich.edu
Sc onsrdbyrMihigan Community
The f lm tHiger earn r ws wrt
an t to oI sieon.
rlatons a'aredom n n ct e
rUn vrse u aiitoria ands ars
nga Diverse Student
Populaion Workshop
1:30am, Parker Room
For more information
ease contact
Melita Pope Mitchell
763.5900, popem~umich.edu
Sponsored by Student Activities
and Leadership in conntn
w/ the Winterfest jnto
This r~shop gill fature
At vi iesfand Lead rsn ipehe
r~slo istousedon im rovin, the
c aiveess of studen o anizaltons
and htelpinmthem deveoP bundary-
~rosing rer tionsipswit oter ro s
ar mci ants will ex e .stratgfeSTr
wors rren ope n to tfe public.
l eadership Across Cultures
and Context Workshop
1:55pm, Parker Room
Michigan Union
For more information
please contact
Melita Pope Mitchell
763.5900, popem~umich.edu
Sonsredb tdn Atvte n
soe h icnjuncton wi n
anAdams Asistant Direcoro
e derf ua nis fea e
inatti intrctive worksho . he
crss-ctura I reations nt eir
lmplica ions for leaers i in n
crasinis in 1 dicluraCorh
~ er}~jicussho e
event is tree ans open to fhe pulc
14he Invisible Fiht
1pm, Chemistry Building 1210
For more information
please contact taymah Bonds,
213.8384 or 507.1093
Msgled(ch igan Student
The letre will rest information
about the absen e o African-
Americatn women ad other worn of
evetw I a emtl? esoluti nsae
thuibl . aem er ad ofe i0ne Mais,
sA' i ronessor otP C'oogy.
1Loial Change from the
Inside and ut
3:10pm, Parker Room
Michigan Union
For more information
please contact
Melita Pope Mitchell,
763.5900, popem~umich.edu
Sponsred by.Student Activties
wtwiepr~rest'i99 nunc ion i
This diaogi3u ill challenge students
tobserv wi social ch neans
to hem. ~hat persona lrespdlsibii ies
arse and how do our iea ar~ ncl
cial chagecc t vours
sisan' irecor ampus ctviies
E nvironmenta Justice
with Mr. Charles Lee
5pm, 1040 Dana Building
For more information
Deborah So owczuk
764.6453, dsolo~umich.edu
ponsored y cv ol of atural
Ir~unissfr nvironmental Justice
Mr Ch tes ee,Associate Drec
itceof troitnmental~lc
in ahin onvC rC wilii res e
a lecture n te fuure 01te

En}rvirometal Justice movement.
1?nantomy of The Witchhunt
Against Anti-Racists in Ann Arbor
5pm, Michigan Union Wolverine Room
Caroline Wong, 313.330.5073
Fnpredz f~i i psRights
Come to th's vent to he am bt the
toeacs ndation tcflnunfea ant
antiracist n nrbrtsm~
ra y in ad 1 i e resent tp
Iprn o 'eisc ns once nrng
and oter ex-de enda nts.
Buldn a Global Community
for the 21st Century
6:30pm, Rackham Auditorium
For more information
plase contact Angela M. Locks
on Opportnityrogram
heU deraduate rche$7
tlfl a ~,Inuer Kin , Jr. vot~e'
p witry. n
1ttino Immigants and Labor Law
Ms. Jennifer Gordon, Speak~er
7:30pm, Rackham Amphitheatre
For more information

M~ovie Screening
of When We Were Kings
8pm, Michigan League
F or more information
please contact Murel
763.4652, bmurrel~umich.edu
ioniso §h ian
s Wpheht be een u mmd Ali no
e esona ia~o uha ma mi ad
' m soial Lstce aa., rcia
issuesinmf e f1 6's and1 I Ys.
2 Multicultural Issues
in Clinical Practice
8:30am, East Hall
For more information
p lease contact Jerry Miller
764.9466, jmmiller~umich.edu
fa n r yity Center
The niv rsitraeter fr Chi n
and amiuyt i C~wll fota a-day
rksh n Mu tcutur l Issuei
hn'r-a . ractice. Iw rshp tc uses
,Iidten, amifjes a. communitie.
iimi t uitovAcena0igraduate
studentso h ~k
2 etSteps
Diversity and Affirmative Action
in Higher Education
Panel Discussion
with Dr. Jamie Merisotis,
Dr. Gary Hanson,
and Ms. Dee Wood
4:30pm, University of Michigan
Museum of Art
For more information
p lease contact Damon Williams,
936.1055, mlkteam~umich.edu
tonsnndCrnittee anite
niversi y o iichigan useum of Art
D. Jarni.Meristis is the dirctor
Qtthe iance orE ity n gher
tio s and ati er can 11lees
an Uiverities. r. lann isa
ro essor o ed uca iop at Arizona Sate
inn the~a1othiew od ciion
hias wormed as ons anpon u e od f 5rt ndi fr
jive. td pger at GenralrEectric
in dcoctora Icanl tateatthCenter
tSecondary duc ti ne C HP) ill
enga e thie nel on next steps in
the a'termatn pt numerous attacks on
atirmative action across tle country.
211ternative Possibilities
of the Human Mind:
Viewing The World Through
the Languages Indigenous
to North America
4pm, 2011 Modern Languages Bldg.
For more information
pleae cntact Carol Aldrich
Prfesso r a ianne Mithu will
resent a cure n miorit
a hbarl~ r o m a~
cpn tivaAmerican li is scs,
2~Multi-Ethnic Retreat Aimed
at Bridging Communities
and Achieving Social Justice
6pm, William Monroe Trotter House
For more information
and Ann Kim Phamcipe
763.9044, Imcriple~umich.edu
~pnso~lre 0 fice of Mt-Ethnic
rexuaj and rrans bisbeo unerRnftairs
A three-day reteat involing University
students an sa to affrm huan
u rkigo ll boRaige' f o iaI
attneirotter ~useatgpm.
2 Ilpen Rehearsal
and Question/Answer
for Colored People's ime

7pm, 1550 Frieze Bldg.
For more information
please contact Kerianne Tupac
647.2277, kmtupac~umich.edu
Sponsored by UM Dept. of Theatre ,
fI~~ oejirehaisl or the Dept.
off Lesli re qNm srti tr
at African-Air nc ns toldrth the
eriocao Ievents reating a ric~h
andtt.sonig Colo1 red epe s i& dra
aadispiritof the rnicap-Americans
peop e.A uestion-an answe~ se -
lwifth poduction personne will
2Lwitational Film Preview
for Student Leaders
4-6pm, 1324 East Hall
and East Hall Atrium (north)
For more information
please contact Deborah Greene
763.4008, greenedm~umich.edu
Sonsored. ,ra I esQnDiversity,
sident va Ige u ti'one
MKym posium lPlanning cmmi ee
The 36-minq.otevi eo Towards an
M{uni vers Store anrm~h
H'rofDiversi at he niv rsi1"'
ofi Mi~n was rod uer,writt n,
Ond ire ted vt i.en s an
1 3c. o' Jasto iniwen r Term
student eaC ers n her uesth 'l
icance an usto0{'-lstude
cmnwnitvRf restiments provide
tollow ngthe ilm.

2j nouncmentof the Minority
4:30-5:3Opm, RM 1000, 10th level,
300 North ingails Building
For more information
9please contact Restrick
764.2443, restrick~umich.edu
Somred by IOffice of Human Growth
b th cele r ion 4f the life of
r. MartnLter ien , roudly
1nty o n n e t nR a r s l o r . h e i s t y e a r
0 eew mi Ienniu.


Z2adical Revolutionaries
Different Goals Similar Visions
Panel Discussion
with Dr. Barbara Ransby,
Dr. Carlos Munoz,
Mr. John Sinclair,
Dr. La Nada Boyer,
and Mr. Geronimo Pratt
4pm, Michigan Union Ballroom
For more information
V ease contact Damon Williams
36.1055, mlkteam~umich.edu{
Sonsore "byM.LK Sy n posium
Cuiure -LKProgram ornmitte
Native gqmer' an tuea i~s alion,
9 u e t Af a r tc l l tr t niES)Ar c a n yt taiesa ft th e U fiv ers ity
o ln is ndwas eavitvinvolve d ind
th VQi mveettheU irin
on chi n inehet9 O.r. 1Munoz
as pu ~c r.tthefirMica
American atu res de e n
N .nai at te aiTrna I at
ani~ as rin ,eros ooks and
Mr.00 onSinclairfou nded theri'Phie
Panther Pa rty and was an active mem-
otte late l~i s an d el 19iusn
lerkeley in the *~s anj wast3
insruceaio a o ailsation
ati eamerican ctlvrsts. r Patt,
e a1lornia leader ohe lack
ant ers, as unjustl yacused f
mas ewa s resd in VJ,.ineist
ersctives hi estrc adcot mray
fustlce. so h tugetnsca
2 Education, Research, and Race
4pm, Rackham Auditorium
For more information
plase contact Pat McCune
Sponsored by Dialogues on Diversity

This pel discussion focus on
-e e reseachfered rin
veal ce of emsci al i a rr
lees WiUanirenrfyiln el
an Shana Levin.ntJefy
24he View:
Youth, Leadership, and Diversity
at the Millennium
with Mr. Danny Seo,
Ms. Mitzi Tolinu,
Mr. Ayinde Ba'histuden
University of MicigranStdn
Leaders, and hosted by
Ms. Lisa Ling of ABC's The View.
6pm, Rackhamn Auditorium'
For more informationw
please contact Damon Williams,
936.1055, mlkteam~umich.edu&t"
AA rganizatipn,Atia
and te PNativirmericln tudente
Ms. Lia kngof ABC's Tke View will
t a ofra su Nwit ouP ea rsorta.ontei
Fa rtiatnrieeotl 2 an erNironmental °
acio noRaniation tha t bin yars
te~nrs nNaround.tfhevori. s. JJIt iiin u
itrginas '.Indian .World Tp
n~tina ~pk~sers n on is ues ot
Pe at ve America cu lurean. youth
laership. Mr yin. et iste was#
Ii~ita~th yoth pe p rson at the
195illi on-Man Marcni.M s-in
will engagepartieri.ant . and the audi,
ence i hiniteractive discuss on 0of
leadership, diversity, and youthi issues. ,
idwest Association of
Filipino Americans (MAFA)
5th Annual Student Conference
MAFA: No Day But Today!
3-6pm, Michigan Union
For more information
please contact Mary Deleon
or mafa.core~umich.edu
Group ofn ror MS NP
M~AFA trives to bring t ether college
le ae rn a nr t e I i o a ci rohr n i n a n e W t e i
]'e4 A. cone ence feau re a range
oe ucairon,cu tr ro essional
~eve mien tand nt m events.
aver~e cost f v k eelecture f
nd foraces wil e iveby
1 hndReresn atjVe oott e
Ft t e:y X~m ericti ke
it gIpiosi iia hits sso atio
ra m Ann Arbor.




Take 6 Concert
Hill Auditorium
University Musical Society
For more information
please contact 764.2538

JFj Ce Ui easiMusical
L I nLU i ive~,tutzel Long,
IU epublic uank
Without question, Take sa Ca ppella
singg has had unparallel led lnien e
?n hern po rm ic. Teir spirituaI
terministerinuirttan atrusic
edebistrm, asevi elcei seye
amin awsre fiveoe
m wrs fv ysusic wares ari est .Jazz cal
oors (or touraonecuiver
yncewts are a marvel O expression,
fner pretation, arid instrumnentation,
tc Iivoice andisP]rat 1toundat ion.
Celebrale th e Rev. 'D. rtin Luther
Kin Jr. s birthdiay th ties Gaap-
nel a superstars Fn tfleii a e aut.


'Qolored People's lime
8pm, Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre
For more information
p lease contact
League Ticket Office
S~ni1gored by UM Dept. of Theatre
r a it t e ie n .,,n ed A ri a n - p e' i as a m r g m ot ul I lc er a
enslverrrent e reencenof
pcir~onicl sat recso
ort ina A rican ierican. at various
mame s nfsocii cian e in American

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