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March 21, 2000 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-03-21

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The Michigan Daily -- Tuesday, March 21, 2000-- 7

em o
COMnInued from Page ±
and we have these bai
w invite people from
hood to come and enj
hal, meeting setting.
in- all of these of th
campaigning. We'r
tesources we need to
ijon and on the rad
message across as wel
' TMD: Are you oppa
Bonlor: At this poir
that ran against me las
out of the race so there
right now. But there w,
cans will never let mes
opponent, so I expect th
The last time two ti
.ent ... four years agt
!llion against me whc
ran against me. She wa
bf the Republican par
and last year with Bria
spent $2.5 million agai
"'ftmoney and hard 11
they keep me busy, I'm
TMD: What kind o
iia there been to gt
elected on the state

r tcrat

esses key

for campaigns,
Bonior: Well we have something
called a coordinated campaign
where we try to coordinate all our
efforts from the presidential office
rbecues, where all the way down to local offices
n the neighbor- and we try to pool our resources
igage in a town and get out the vote - GOTV they
So we engaged call it - by identifying the Democ-
ese pieces of rats, calling them, mailing them
v raising the making sure they get to the polls.
be on televi~ So we coordinate our efforts that
hio to get our way. Through developing a message
,11. that is used from the top to the bot-
iosed yet?- tom and that usually revolves
nt my opponent around the issues of saving and
st time dropped strengthening Social Security,
is no opponent investing in education and health
ill be. Republi- care and the issues that I talked
slide without an about a little earlier that work
hey will have an around those issues - patients bill
of rights and all of the education
imes I ran they issues that I mentioned.
othey spent $2 TMD: Assuming that the Democ-
en Susan Hines rats take the House how do you see
is the chairman your role as House Majority
rty in the state Leader?
an Palmer they Bonior: I see my role of House
tinst me. That's Majority Leader as advancing the
nioney both. So progressive program of the party,
n sure they will which is centered on strong educa-
tional programs, reducing the class
f coordination size in our K-12 school program,
et,~Democrats having a modernized school con-
and federal struction program, upgrading our
teacher training and teacher incen-

U.S. Rep David Bonior (D-M.Clemens) speaks at a panel discussion with Hani Azzam, refugee asylum attorney, and activist
imad Hamad addressing the University's Arab American community yesterday at the Law School.

tive programs so that we can attract
teachers, pay them decently and
give them the respect that they
deserve as the instructors of our
most precious resource - our chil-
dren. On the higher education leve,
we are advancing the tax credit pro-
gram to help people afford a college
education. Also on the health care
front we'll have a strong patients
bill of rights that gives the, health
care decision back to the doctors
and nurses and patients and takes it
away from people who are divorced
from any medical knowledge work-
ing for insurance companies. We are
going to put forward a prescription
drug program for our seniors -- a
benefit program. We are going to
pay down our national debt so that
we can use the interest savings on
the national debt to invest in
strengthening Medicare and Social
Security. And we are going to
advance the cause of civil liberties

and civil rights in this country to
make sure that all minorities and
women are treated with dignity and
equity in the work place. Those are
some of our priorities. And of
course push the environmental
agenda and make sure our environ-
mental laws are enforced and to
address the question of sprawl that
is eating up our prime agricultural
land and causing so many quality of
life problems like traffic jams and
bad air ... So my job as the leader
will be to manage to get these
issues up on the house floor passed
and in a position to get them signed
by the president and to articulate
these issues to the country..
TMD: What about the Senate?
What are the chances that the
Democrats will win the Senate and
if not how will a Democratic House
work with a Republican Senate or a
Republican President?
Bonior: Well we hope we can

win the Senate and the Presidency
but assuming that we don't win the
Senate because we have five seats
to pick up. I think we will gain seats
in the Senate. I'm not sure if we'll
win the majority, if we don't win a
majority we will be in a better bar-
gaining position to get a larger
chunk of the agenda that I outlined
by winning the House and we'll do
the best we can to advance these
issues and causes without overcom-
promising our principles.
I should have mentioned cam-
paign finance reform. It is a very
key piece as well ... its one of our
top priorities to get some of this
money, undisclosed money contri-
butions, out of the system and open
up our airwaves, our radio, our
cable TV, our broadcast TV, the
public dialogue so that these elec-
tions, which cost enormous amounts
of money, don't exclude who can't
raise those funds.

Continued from Page 1
your participation will make sure that
we can' she said.
At this point in their campaigns, both
Bonior and Rivers are running unop-
posed. Nevertheless, both said they were
not letting the lack of opposition take
any momentum out of their campaigns.
"I always worry. I'm that kind of
person," Rivers said when asked if she
was confident she would win.
Bonior again stressed the significance
of grassroots support, particularly that
of young people to retain his seat.
He said that every March he hosts a
student summit in which high school
seniors in Michigan are selected to
participate in a mock Congress.
"They get interested in the issues
and through that, the political
process' he said.
Bonior attempted to engage Univer-
sity students in polities in another way
yesterday as he spoke in a panel dis-
cussion regarding a federal law allow-
ing people to be charged with a crime
based on evidence that the accused
party is not allowed to see.
He particularly voiced concern for
the numerous Arab Americans who
have been jailed under this law.
"The vast majority arrested under
this law, 99 percent, have been Muslim
American," he said. "This type of
action by our government is in direct
violation of our Constitution, particu-
larly the Fifth Amendment."
Bonior encouraged students to write
senators Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and
Spencer Abraham (R-Mich.) and ask
for their support in passing legislation
to repeal the law.
"What we need to do is change the
law," he said. "It violates our most fun-
damental sense of justice:"

'1).)FASHIONED WCE cream parlor has
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s I Il mimim cluesttuitaiie &lg). rin g.
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'~ t it ical inr research backg-routnd. Spanish or
A,.11i? lanenagCe. data llctII mrII ol IwaMV
iinaxl ~c urd prixlIocc~Ssim2 ,and database
na- . :n -aetmiIcktoxxledge is a plus 1.BA
r <1. a alsters a pluos Salary
nul mn.-ttc xxith experience
('AStS Prograinem-
+*Ililm itltet-asistcd tItemcxx'- 1",and

Giala H-allmtark-Brtamxood NMall
ta\, & & xx ekciids 1 P] I =c\ ihlc schcdltime,.
ctintipeitt tivcmittig ypa}. _eCticimistltpII loi\ cc
huot mmniccS~txn.(mitCo'nim nof call ftr apips.
7.;4-MSS-11:51. or las itm 71-1-06-1(l'. attn:
iick i.
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~ttillitilcitx S. cati 58/lu7O '-(-,7
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I i/hr. Please call Allan 996-1 1O7
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xx hipping: xxcediiig' la pickup: ,iih ari
l~oxxei bed cleati-iip prc'patmig:lmfinlplattin
tlmmxxcr5,. Ihlh,: piutim l, U-I mmmtital tines anid
stnS-v remioxval.Pad starts at S58011 per hour:
I1Cx ible seluedo Ic'.ax-at laile
D~esired tt~Ilificaititis: wllIt - mtm ott ttt:
dlcpcndahilmt\: eimtla-'ti. Lectitmie ntrest
lill ciCatiti, C calitiltil arid saIc catiltuisamma
[I'l apply: call 760 5 3in) ill x\1,1ittiut xx ebite
xxxxxx pIaimiI lummmtmctdmiicmom11tis
1:Ipa m mplmm\ m tett )ppmmmlun c, 111111 intltin m btm
1:A NI (itminids I epaitiiictit mnIllcice lmmani
aplicmtmmtihctxx ecit lam-pm xxcckd~ls s
(;rutmndtuls & t Ist Adan Iua cmimnt - Plt
Scvice Bc-'uildingc (h Immf lour)111(0 Palmuer
I )t - t beb tidhc Poxxct (cntCiI \An eCLt1al
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STUD iENT TO'() WORK S ping/Sprimrg
Suline/Snuiiiet <QI-all Termt. Flexible
hbots,(iCticral officc duttes. MAC Ittidlx -
I a lid drixvers license. Respond h\ April
7 xx/ Ictiter. hr,. axvatl.-(Qresumei. ( Ilfice of 1the
ProS-i. :+1)71 Flciitiulttinstratmut Blde..
Annm Arbor. A- 811 M 9- I ',40. Alt mm Atiti
Residential summer camps seek
motivated staff in individual. and
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Tennis, Soccer Inline Hocke , Golf,
Swimming, Sailing, Mountainiking,
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General Counselor Positions, and
Coaches wanted. Hundreds of
-Positions. Located in the Berkshire
Mountains of Massachusetts just
2 1/2 hours from NYC/Boston.
Competitive Salaries - room and
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Co-ed staffs.
Call Ca mp Greylock for Boys
Call Cam p Romaca for Girls
Ptositiomniavailahic for studlents as coutnselors
tIn all Iteam sports. Al l mdisIdital l otitsuc h
aus Tecnni i & Golf., Waterf ront atid Pool
activities. atnd spccililty activities Iriclmdirie
all. d tance, iheat me. gy lntast tcs. nesper
rocketry &, radlio. GREAT SAI.ARIES.
roonmn.hoard arid traxel. Jimme I 7th-Amicust

FULL TIMVE SUMM'ER pitiois- Must lie
18 tor older St. Paul IONrl Childhood
Cceet. Wonkine sswih 3-5yeatr-olds. Lis of
outimdoor i- activities anid ant excellenl
opportntmiity to yait) expertice wx-ork ig with
youm-,itcehildi-eii. GGreat for psych. nursing. pire-
titem atnd educationi s uidetts. Call 668-01887.
L.IVE OUT)1 NANNY P/It mm care for our two
smutsr. ;tc.'stroand -2f' \ risniiA2 NInii
he ai-siikr anid has e oit tu lam r, Ilni
cxpetrice catid tmusical itueie'.ia 1plus
Reci-etices rccj sExc. iv ' 7 '14-00)"i-2159t
-'.tin)11 I'R \a XEI.S- O('('. 'm et t t Child
I,"t-. c"lti-ihayl ix Nar imtmth -caitius
N 5 N Vi I'IEI) Bl"G. Sprnt i01.r smin
; .ill N\%keoif fIiret 1 24-il-..,'j78
'is \NI\G YOU)R Sutmier" 'Irilcai-e
iii 4 r moIls andI -1'tr. motd lmmvs. yiitm
-'-i:and base Ion. -4 tlas'.wxk C-
.:r I\\ ii cainCall somnif


Nse iriim' il illm11Ce
I Niax-Au emist
:;Parking deck painters
:skyli ght washers
$10 per hourt
2N11 Hi Beaser RNd.
Troy. MI 48(184
or e-mail lint applicatomi
batto st heso IIlerset col lect ton .Coil
Eliihulsilistic. respottsible. & Ilexible stuidents
t) wxor-k Ws/ fthe raurlnaiicll\ bIrai itiju ed ill
a sctn-tndcpcndcis-iiviw cnstromitinut W
ilcrIIct lx II-,- CinntipetitiCe xxa ces &
htriltls. PT & i: /A ltsititi ts ail lie ideal
oh lmirCOICNleg tudeniK lutiest edalinltnlait-
cmimacJasonmim .ii Iideii mPIlacemicnt <&
VVANTED: PROBlI ENIS pa~> il2.m tt t in
inor* atltnitnal pimilnhlisas a Cluilutl 'Iye'.. &
N u sitioke. vioutate ticeclddformia studs it
UM NI- ass up toy 5170). Call 763-910. 63t
WA-NTED): WOMEN Sintnkeirs beccii
acm's 25, aidl-t5 needed lIt'nnt - NI stud\
Pay metlof 5220. (C-ll 76',-9()li(). #6 (1()
sui trimder (\Caiimp. Lil'Iegiia s - 58/bin-.
Waterfion triI)itcttur ( wSit - SI1251)/lit- Work
3.5-4 himur", per dclay. Nomia) - Fri-day J utne
26 to August 18. Call 971-0900 (or mote
WORK FOR PEACE amid jistice issues iii
state wide campaign based ini Lansing.
Women anid petople omf color urged tin applIy.
Resumite. reverernces by April 7 Stat April
26. Eixperienice in fumd-raisirig. coimmrunity
out ieachl. anid soliltneer Ithituacetlctt
dlesirable. S51700-S2110 /too - etuc fits.
tepeidtig tontex pctctnce. Peace .Actitotn o
Nliclui'am i248) 54-IS-921). paittninmngauti
tr! carllil ii ne

e t 11I... SiWE ; C l6. GREAT 8. FINAL.
=( ij k. ilidmi Sh5earls h- i isttia A( tlertL
r..",_ mshuiutePmnpki ,. -NileeIloch 'fails.
1;;:w:; n\Bullet. IY.~\nglot. Two :v,. Red
it. ner. Bliiik 182. MHSAA HB-bol:,A.
-.t'm.and tinnic (a' 5l7-35 1.992or
;c rt r.ja tncsthetichctrn t.coYm All mciujr
r,.;e l, ' tt'Ic'(/. inelivers avail.
in-in -ltc-,2 io in/ - taxcs i
in, t ('anibhhcti's 191)- '29 ilti -* tixcst
; t; 1 il F H-EC K OUT1')tlhe-' Nflt.'xtc
in- bbeai ii- .lwiaia 5250 nfmmu dtrip.
- -* . ll tdin- destittntscheap: Book
-.-.... ti-lheo ess dr.;i!'ieb cotin or 81)1-575-

%:K Ml ' tIN ('I-ARGEtint otdenine - T
* -in:-'.1 amil;mtint-s ionrx intir ninrea1ii/ation'
of .j' Idemias. .-
Il I) REIS OP' INS'I*'Vl - N'FS-Nkot just
::mm'-. irta aound the Womeld, s igs
--snicshmoks. 302in l_.Lihctiv. 665-80(11.

i RO(t)m~m VIE NEEVED in 6 per'stn apit.
go muIall 11)00 Close to CCRB. Call Yal~e 0
I RO ONMATE PRE F. it) share
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