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March 09, 2000 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-03-09

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The Michigan Daily - Thursday, March 9, 2000-13A

Films opening

Mission to Mars Brian DePalma directed
this - so, come on, it has to be good.
Wait a minute, didn't he do "Snake
Eyes?" Look at it this way: He's gotta do
a better job of filming a Kubrick imitation
than Kubrick's. At Showcase: 12:30, 1,
1:30, 2:50, 4, 4:30, 5:10. 6:45, 7:15,
7:45, 9:15, 9:45, 10:15, 11:40 (Fri. &
Sat.), 12:10 (Fri. & Sat.).

The Ninth Gate Roman Polanski takes a
break from his busy child molestation
schedule to actually, you know, direct.
Meanwhile, rare book dealer Johnny Depp
makes a deal with the devil - again.
Johnny-0, please, please, please stop
dancing with Satan. Leave that to Sad-
dam. At Showcase: 1:15, 1:45, 4:10,
4:40, 7:05, 7:35, 9:50, 10:20, 12:30 (Fri.
& Sat.).

Films holding

A A Classic
B Excellent
C Good
D Fair
F Not Worth Your Time, or Your Money
All About My Mother (B+) What was that
you just said about my mama? Shit. At
State: 4 (Sat. & Sun.), 9:45 (except
American Beauty (B+) Pass the aspara-
us. At Showcase: 1:10, 3:40, 6:40,
:10, 11:35 (Fri. & Sat.).
Angela's Ashes (C-) Angela Lansbury of
"Murder, She Wrote" and "Manchurian
Candidate" fame tries to quit smoking.
Will she succeed? How about a game of
solitaire? Angela Bassett, Angela Chase
and Angela Hayes costar. At Briarwood:
Boiler Room (C+) Buy low, sell high. Siz-
zle up with Ben Affleck, the next MarIon
"Jabba the Hutt" Brando. At Showcase:
9:05, 11:25 (Fri. & Sat.).
The Cider House Rules (C) The cider
house RULES? News to me, Harv. Maybe
if you buy enough full-page trade ads in
Variety it'll make it true, though. At
Showcase: 1:05, 3:45, 6:30, 9:20, 11:55
(Fri. & Sat.).
Drowning Mona It's like this: everyone
hates this bitch, and she gets killed.
Everyone's a suspect. Too bad it's not
Britney Spears or Christina Agagaga. At
Briarwood: 1, 3:10, 5:20, 7:30, 9:50. At
Showcase: 12:55, 3, 5:05, 7:10, 9:30,
11:30 (Fri. & Sat.).
*he Green Mile (D) D is for Darabont,
that's good enough for me. Everybody
sing! (Preferably in that barely compre-
hensible yet whimsical growl we all know
and love.) At Showcase: 9.
Hanging Up (D) Early line has Meg Ryan
as odds-on fave to pick up a prestigious
GoldenGlobe for comedy in 2001. P.S. -
Kay, Michael would not approve of your
directing job. And lose the gloves. At
- Showcase: 6:15.
Holy Smoke Fourth in a series that
ncludes "The Insider," "Light It Up" and
'Angela's Ashes." You oug hta know. At
State: 2 (Sat. & Sun.), 4:30 (Sat. &
Sun.), 7, 9:30, 11:45 (Sat. only).
My Dog Skip (B+) Sit, Harvey, sit. Good
dog. Want some snausages? Do you.
boy? Well, okay, just one. At Showcase:
12:15, 2:20, 4:35, 6:55.
The Next Best Thing (D) My idea of the
next best thing is not hanging out with
Rupert Everett. It would be Madonna
hooking up with some chick. She must
miss Huh-huh, lesbians are cool. At Briar-
wood: 1:40, 4:30, 7, 9:40. At Showcase:
2:10, 2:30, 5, 7:20, 9:40, 12:05 (Fri. &
Pitch Black (B-) It couldn't possibly be
worse than "Mission to Mars Bars," even
if it does lack Buck Swope. How's my lit-
tMe kung-fq fighter? At Showcase: 12:45,
3:15, 5:40, 8, 10:30, 12:35 (Fri. & Sat.).

Sweet and Lowdown (B+) Woody Allen's
latest stars Sean Penn as an extremely
likable fellow (Gad, but you readers are
gullible.) At State: 1:30 (Sat. &Sun.),
3 Strikes Baseball season is upon us,
but unfortunately Gabe Kapler is wearing
George W. Rangers red. Dub has
promised that if he wins the election not
only will he reclaim Sammy Sosa from the
Cubs, but "Pythons" Kapler will be sent
back to the Tigers post-haste. Not that
we are making any political endorse-
ments in this space, becuase we don't
want the Edit gremlins to wreak their
vengeance in our sleep. At Showcase:
1:20, 1:25, 3:20, 4:20, 5:35, 7:40, 8:10,
9:55, 10:25, 11:50 (Fri. & Sat.), 12:20
(Fri. & Sat.).
Reindeer Games (C) Y2K did not go as
smoothly as certain media outlets
thought, given that Christmas has now
arrived with blue skies, warm tempera-
tures and the advent of everyone's
favorite Santa, Paul Thomas Anderson.
Santa PT is coming to town, kids, so
you'd better have your naughty sauce
and nice hardbodies ready. (What, you
want to know about the movie? Why?) At
Showcase: 12:40, 3:05, 5:30, 7:50,
10:10, 12:25 (Fri. & Sat.).
Scream 3 (B) Harvey5Weinstein did it. At
Showcase: 1:40, 4:25, 7:30, 10, 12:30
(Fri. & Sat.),
The Sixth Sense (A-) "I see Harvey Wein-
stein." "In your dreams? When you're
awake? Harvey Weinstein, like at McDon-
ald's and Wendy's?" "No, walking around
like.. .a moral person. He can't see how
evil he is. And he doesn't know he's fat.
Please make him go away." "Spielberg's
working on it." At Showcase: 12:50,
3:10, 5:25, 7:55, 10:05, 12:15 (Fri. &
Snow Day Chevy Chase is da man of da
house. At Showcase: 12:20, 2:35, 4:45,
The Tigger Movie Could be cool, could be
lame, we're not saying. Bounce on over
and check this bad boy out. At Show-
case: 12:25, 2:15, 4:15, 6:10.
The Whole Nine Yards (C+) Bruce Willis
actually succeeds in a comedy. Either
-that or nothing else out is any good. At
Briarwood: 2:50, 3, 5:10, 7:40, 10:10.
At Showcase: 12:35, 2:45, 5:15, 7:25,
9:35, 11:45 (Fri. & Sat.).
What Planet Are You From? (D-) Garry
Shandling having sex? Yeah, that's what
I want to see. It's almost as appealing a
mental picture as Harvey Weinstein dat-
ing little Gwynnie, which we hear is in
the works. All in the family, Harv. At
Showcase: 12, 2:10, 8:05, 10:15, 12:20
(Fri. & Sat.).
Wonder Boys (B-) 2612 pages and count-
ing. Is all of that single-spaced? Or you
can march right down to the Fishbowl
and print it all up again, Mr. Cradle-Rob-
bing Tycoon. At Showcase: 1:20, 4:05,
6:50 (except Sat.), 9:25, 12 (Fri. &

Temptress Moon (1996) A sensuous,
visually engaging depiction of China
in the 1920s. Banned in China for its
controversial themes, this film fea-
tures Chinese superstar Gong Li, as
well as lots of Opium, sex, and hus-
tlers. This is what I thought I was
going to see when I rented "China-
town." Michigan Theater, 603 E. Lib-
erty. 7 p.m. $5.50.
Those Bastard Souls, The Original
Brothers & Sisters of Love A little
Appalachia, some rock and roll -
look, just get drunk and go because
you're still upset you missed The
Chieftans. The Blind Pig, 208 S. First
St. 10 p.m. $8. 996-8555.
Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra Youth
Concert Grownups fondling instru-
ments of wood and horsehair slated
to play music by some dead white
guys with names like Tchaikovsky
and Borodin, and you tell me it's for
the kids? Michigan Theater. 12:30
p.m. $5. 668-8463.
Lady Sunshine & the X Band Not very
well known sister group to KC and
the Sunshine Band makes local
appearance! (You know, like Ann
Arbor is sister cities with Belize City
and Dakar, Senegal.) Karl's, 9779
Gotfredson, Plymouth. 9:30 p.m. $3.
Keeping Brothers Basement Arts pre-
sents student Jonathan Gentry's
hotly anticipated new play about two
brothers' reunion (one of whom
returns to visit the other's home after
long separation), the disruption of a
successful Hollywood career, deceit,
crime, paternal issues and a small
but quirky female presence. Sam
Shepard has not announced plans to
sue. Arena Theatre, Frieze Building. 7
p.m. Free. 764-6800.
Wyatt Prunty Founder and director of

the Sewanee Writers' Conference
reads from his latest collection of
poetry, "Unarmed and Dangerous," as
part of the U-M Visiting Writers
Series. Rackham Amphitheatre, 915
E. Washington. 5 p.m. Free. 647-
Rob Pasick Ann Arbor psychologist
and poet reads from and signs copies
of "Conversations with My Old Dog."
Borders Arborland, 3527 Washtenaw.
7 p.m. Free. 677-6948.
Barry Wallenstein Accompanied by
M.L. Liebler and the Magic Poetry
Band, Wallenstein reads from his
book "A Measure of Conduct" and
chats with his public. Shaman Drum
Bookshop, 311 S. State. 8 p.m. Free.
Ballet d'Afrique Noire The company
presents "The Mandinka Epic," the
Senegalese work depicting the histo-
ry of the Mandinka tribe, through
UMS. Power Center. 8 p.m. $16-34.
Space of Memory/Site of Redress:
Museums and the Performance of Cit-
izenship Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gim-
blett of New York University lectures
on museums' efforts to represent
two distinct cultural points of view in
formerly colonial nations. Museum of
Art apse. 7:30 p.m. Free. 764-0395
or 764-UMMA for recording.
Besieged (1998) If you've got
Bertolucci on the brain, just as the
Michigan Theater has for the past
month, this is the film for you. An
African woman flees from persecution
to Rome, where she gets romantical-
ly entangled with her employer.
Michigan Theater, 603 E. Liberty. 5
p.m. $5.50.
The Cup (1999) lIf you love soccer,
you'll love these wacky yet aerody-
namically coiffed monks. Michigan
Theater, 603 E. Liberty. 7:15 p.m.
Magnolia (1999) Can't get enough of
that naughty sauce? Come see P.T.

courtesy of Artisan Enterainmen
Johnny Depp runs from the dark side in the hellfire thriller "The Ninth Gate."

Anderson's ensemble masterpiece on
the big screen one last time. Let's
hope Tom Cruise picks up that Oscar
he so truly deserves. Plus P.T. Ander-
son is the royale with cheese. Michi-
gan Theater, 603 E. Liberty. 9 p.m.
Rain Man (1988) Tom Cruise anu
Dustn Hoffman star in this '80s clas-
sic. W inner of four Oscars, including
Best Picture. This is dancing. At the
North Campus Chrysler Center Audi-
torium. 7 p.m. Free.
Rosetta (1999) A big winner at the
Cannes Film Festival, this film is
about a film struggling to free herself
from her alcoholic mother. It is as
intense an experience for the viewer
as it is for Rosetta. Michigan The-
ater, 603 E. Liberty. 7 p.m. $5.50.
Tumbleweeds (1999) Basically your
typic al mother-daughter road trip
movie. Or something like that. Michi-
gan Theater, 603 E. Liberty. 9:30
p.m. $5.50.
Jimmy Dillon He plays Chicago blues
and, no, he's not related to Bob
Dylan. Cavern Club, 210 S. 1st St. 10
p.m. $5. 332-9900.
Indigo Swing Dance to the shades of
an anomalous color. The Blind Pig,
208 S. First St. 10 p.m. $10. 996-
Jazz and Painting Circus Extravagan-
za Do the clowns play jazz? Do the
musicians paint? It's an extravaganza
in the street, so all bets are off, 212
Fourth Ave. 8 O.m.
BR5-49 Nashville sound and digits.

Music City goes postmodern? The
Ark, 316 S. Main. 8 p.m. $14. 761-
Ultro Manto Some guy named Curtis
is in this band. Lonely Hearts Club,
211 E. Washington. 8 p.m. $2. 913"
Keeping Brothers See Thursday. 7
p.m. and 11 p.,m.
Empatheatre Performers use improvi-
sation to deal with psychological
issues suggested by audience mem-
bers. Kerrytown Concert House, 415
N. Fourth Ave. 7:30 p.m. $10-12, $7
for students. 768-2999.
Thelma Thomas A publication celebra-
tion for Thomas's new book "Late
Antique Egyptian Funerary Sculpture:
Images for this World and The Next,"
Shaman Drum Bookshop, 311 S.
State. 4 p.m. Free. 662-7404.
Leslea Newman Author of "Heather
has Two Mommies" and "Little Butch
Book" reads from "Girls Will Do
Girls," her latest collection of short
stories. Common Language Book-
store, 215 S. Fourth. 7:30 p.m. Free.
Neutral Zone Poetry Reading An hour
of poetry by members of the Neutral
Zone, Ann Arbor's teen center, which
publishes the nation's only magazine
dedicated to teen poets, "No Com-
ment." Barnes & Noble Bookstore,
3245 Washtenaw. 7:30 p.m. Free.

courtesy of New Line Cinema
Come see Jim Kurring (JCFR) and the year's best film, "Magnolia," at the Michigan on Fri.

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