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April 10, 1997 - Image 20

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The Michigan Daily, 1997-04-10

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4B - e Michigan Daily Weeken Magazine - Thursday;pril 10, 1997
Dial up the LoveYr:
Doctor a"
TalkC showsdispense relationship advicey

9 9

The Micgan Daily Week

Entertainment News
McLachlan's fair lineup set; Tarantino's

By Use Harwin
Daily Music Editor
In the '80s, "sex, drugs and rock 'n'
roll" were words to live by. Now in the
'90s, alternative radio has picked up at
least two of these terms and applied
them to a talk show format. Though
"sex and rock 'n' roll" isn't asecatchy, it
might explain why call-in radio sex
therapy shows like "Loveline" and
"LovePhones" exist. Whether it's the
musician guests of hosts Dr. Drew
Pinsky and Adam Carolla of
"Loveline," or. the mere fact that Dr.
Judy Kuriansky's "LovePhones"
appears on the music-driven alternative
radio format,
these two shows"""""
align the fron- YounA
iers of music
nd sex like have the
never before.
K u r i a n s k y, question
more affection-
ately known as generati
"Dr. Judy" to her b
listeners, is a before 1
licensed clinicalD
psychologist and Dr.
sex therapist. 'Lo


need to know what we're talking about,"
Dr. Judy said in an interview with The
Michigan Daily. "Having been in the
business for a long time, what I've
noticed is that young people still have
the same questions that the generations
before had. Plus, they have more com-
plications, not only because of diseases,
but because of stresses in life. If any-
thing, they have more problems than
their parents ever did!"
In Dr. Judy's opinion, the show also
plays an important role in filling the
void left by insufficient sexual educa-
tion. "There are problems with regards
to sex education in schools, so there are
escalating prob-
lems with pres-
people sures to be sexu-
al. There's that
same much more of a
reason why!
young people'
would want to
)flS hear a show like.
And, the show is
funny and it:
Judy Kuniansky relieves anxi-
ePhones" host ety."
Though the
show often talks
about sex, with listeners asking ques-
tions about topics ranging from penis
size to abuse, the most frequently asked
questions on "LovePhones" are actually
about relationships and where to find
them. In answer to these curious listen-
ers, Dr. Judy took matters into her own
hands and authored the book, "The
Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating," a
thorough and humorous handbook for
the intimately inept. Covering every-
thing from supermarket pick-ups to
calling it quits, Dr. Judy's book leaves
no subject untouched, much like the

Dr. Orew Pinsky and comedian Adam Carolla host radio and TV's "Loveline," a cai~n advice/talk show.

~ Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair,
which is billed as a "celebration of
women in music," just keeps rolling up
marquee female-fronted acts almost as
fast as Lollapalooza repels them. In
addition to McLachlan,'who will play
all the dates, the Lilith Fair main stage
lineup will feature select appearances
from Fiona Apple, the Cardigans,
Suzanne Vega, Indigo Girls, Jewel,
Paula Cole, Aimee Mann and Mary
Chapin Carpenter, according to the
Lilith web site. And, Neneh Cherry
and Lisa Loeb are expected to drop in
for at least a few dates. Confirmed sec-
ond stage acts include Victoria
Williams, Kelly Willis, the Wild
Colonials and Parisian quartet Autour
De Lucie. Although no dates have been
announced yet, the approximately 35-
date tour is expected to make its way
across the U.S. and Canada in July and
d According to Addicted To Noise,
Fishbone's Norwood Fisher will be
taking his roving, roaming P-Funk-
inspired funk circus on the road from
mid-April through early June with a
lineup of bands that includes every-
one from ska upkeepers the
Skeletones to the reformed
Thelonious Monster. Nuttstalk '97,'
which will feature DJ sets in between
bands, finds Fisher sharing the stage
with Joi, Weapon of Choice, Super
8, former Red Hot Chili Pepper John
Frusciante, the Street Walkin
Cheetas and the supergroup Trulio
Disgracias. This time around Trulio
will include three members of
Fishbone, three ex-Red Hot Chili
Peppers and past and current mem-
bers of Weapon of Choice,
Spearhead, the Untouchables,
Super 8, Circle Jerks and P-Funk.

Sharon Stone will appear In "Sphere."
"Telecommando Americano," will be
released in late May, according to a
Rykodisc press release. The album,
recorded between mid-1995 and
early-1996, was finished, except for
the mixing, before band leader Jim
Ellison took his own life on June 21;
1996. For now, the two remaining
members of Material. Issue have
moved on and begun work with sever-
al other bands. Drummer Mike
Zelenko has been playing with Scat
Records' Specula, in addition to play-

ing live with the Chicago band
Hummer. Bassist Ted Ansani has also
been playing live with kummer and
has joined Chicago's Teenage
Frames, whose punk/pop stylings are
at times even more infectious than
Material Issue's.
~ After taking a break for three
years, acting badly and escorting Mira
Sorvino around, Quentin Tarantino
finally has concrete plans to direct a
follow-up to the now classic "Pulp
Fiction." Adapted from Elmore
Leonard's gangster comedy "Rum
Punch," Tarantino's "Jackie Brown" is
the story of one woman's struggles to
escape her sordid life of sex and the
mob. Tarantino has recruited blaxploita-
tion legend Pam Grier to portray the
title character with support likely from
Bridget Fonda and Samuel L;
Jackson. Look for "Jackie Brown" as
soon as December, according to
Entertainment Weekly.
~ On the same blaxploitation note, a
remake of the kitsch cop classic "Get
Christie Love!" is being furiously

planned in Hollywood.
on cast or director, th
choiceto play the butt-ki
is unlikely ass-kick
Houston. What'll the di)
Always Cap You"? USA
that "Christie Love" plar
summer, sugar.
V "Yeah, yeah, defini
yeah." Hopefully this wil
of dialogue heard when
Man" Dustin Hoffman
briefless wonder Sharor
long-delayed adaptatioi
Crichton's "Sphere." Sl
next summer, says Mov

She and her part-
ner in crime,
Chris Jagger, host
ZIOO radio in New

"LovePhones" on
York and approxi-

mately 30 other syndicated stations
around the country. Featuring two hours
of "frank talk about love, sex and rela-
tionships'" "LovePhones" can be heard
on Detroit and Windsor's CIMX 88.7
FM (89X), Monday through Thursday
from 10 p.m. until midnight.
A former rock musician herself, Dr.
Judy has her own theories about why
her show has been so successful within
the alternative radio format.
"It works well because young people

radio show.
As Dr. Judy has said, "We'll address
whatever anybody'cares about, but
we'll'always be sensitive."
In relation to thenote delicate sub-
ject matter, "LovePhones" has tested'
listeners and found out that talk about
sex doesn't necessarily make
kids go out and db it.
Furthermore, according
to Dr. Judy, "Kids hear
the horror stories
from others on the
radio and then we
give out a lot of
messages not to
have sex too young. ,.
We do a big service."
Of course, as Dr.
Judy would be quick to
remind you, the focus of the
show is not just sex. "It's really about
connecting with people. Opening
everybody's heart. The show is not
about sex. It's called "LovePhones" and
it's really about love. We may talk about
sex, but that's the information part of it.
If you notice, I talk about love, caring
and respecting yourself," Dr. Judy
While Dr. Judy and Jagger may
entertain guests from time to time, the
focus is always on the audience. In Dr.
Judy's words, "The callers are our
guests. They're the celebrities." With
such an emphasis placed on the callers,
it would only be natural to wonder who
they are and where they come from.
Ranging in age from teens to 20-some-
things and from East Coast to West, the
nighttime audience is sure to contain a
crowd with fairly diverse lives and
questions. Or is it?
"I think it's important for people to
know that people all over the country,
no matter what accents they have or
what city they live in or what their situ-
ation is, have a lot in common," Dr.
Judy said. "The particulars may be dif-
ferent ... day shifts, night shifts. But
there's one common denominator:
Everybody wants to love and everyone
wants to be loved:'
Fortunately, for those of you looking


for sex talk without the cheesy "love
doctor" angle, there's an alternative.
"Loveline?" hosted by internist;addic-
tionologist and chemical dependency
department medical director Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew (known as "Dr. Drew") and
comedian extraordinaire AdamCarolla
consists of live phone-in calls,
which range from strange
to silly, and sometimes
even to serious. Heard
on at least 36 net-
work affiliates
nationwide but pro-
duced on Burbank,
Calif's KROQ,
S"Loveline," serves
up advice from its
hosts as well as a slew
of guests including
Courtney Love, Julio Iglesias
and Keanu Reeves.
The history of "Loveline" itself is
rather interesting. Carolla, a morning
show host at KROQ, had always heard
"Loveline" and enjoyed it, but former
MTV VJ Riki Rachtman was already
"Dr. Drew's" (as he's called on-air)
sidekick. But, when the show went into
syndication and Rachtman left, Carolla,
for a short time a "Loveline" third
wheel, became Robin to Dr. Drew's
Batman. Things haven't been the same
since. Now "Loveline" can also be
heard on 89X, and it is broadcast on
MTV. At this point, there are very few
things that Carolla would change.
He just wants "more affiliates, more
guests and to just keep going," Carolla
said in an interview with The Michigan
Daily. Wait, strike that. "Oh no, I don't
like guests actually," Carolla amended.

"l know they add alot to the show but
for me, everything is a distraction other
than saying whatever it is that:I happen;
to be thinking at the time"
While guests'may be distracting, any
listener would. be quick to say that Dr)
Drew himself may be Carolla's biggest
distraction. But; though Carolla loves a
healthy debate, there's not too many
topics on which he and Dr. Drew dis-
"We could debate on drug legaliza-
tion or birth control. We're not really
opposed in too many departments, but
we can argue about it anyway," Carolla
confessed. "We both want the same out-
come though we sometimes disagree on
the best method to achieve the desired
results. We both like people and we're
both concerned about the listeners:'
"Loveline" listeners, like those who
tune in to "LovePhones," are located all
over the country, yet are concerned with
many of the same issues. From
Carolla's perspective, it seems that
"There are a lot of women trying to fig-
ure out men. The sexes don't know each
other real well, especially when they're
16 or 17, so we usually get one sex call-
ing in and trying to figure out what the
other sex is doing" But, what gives this
comedian the expertise to handle these
questions as well as the more painful
"I've never had any divorces or girl-
friends who've killed themselves. I've
never been stalked and I've never
stalked anybody,' Carolla admitted.
"But, I've had my share of rocky rela-
tionships and I'm quite acquainted with
the feelings that go along with those.
See LOVE, Page 12B

/ The

final recordings by
Material Issue,


Alternative Dance.
Tuesdays. Retro, Lad
Wednesdays: Acid Ja
Thursdays: Disco anc
Fridays: Kill Corpora
Saturdays: House an
Sundays: Live Funk
Special guest DJs on
Saturday nights

I Open 7pm - 2am 7 days * 19 & up except Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 21 & up
Roundtree Plaza next to Wal-Mart - 1-94 to Exit 181 " 434-0800
fY K0
605 E. William St. " Ann Arbor
, h. 669-6973 * 669-NYPD

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all those cou
How can yo
What is so u
3 to



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