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February 09, 1995 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1995-02-09

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6 - The Michigan Daily -- Weekend etc. - Thursday, February 9, 1995

Richie Hawtin blows up like plastik explosives


By Ben Ewy
Daily Arts Writer
Regardless of what you've heard,
techno started in Detroit. The dark,
minimal sound of Detroit Acid-House
has influenced electronic musicians
all over the world. One of the most
popular, well recognized DJs in De-
troit and the world is Richie Hawtin.
At the precocious age of 23, Richie
is slowly becoming the spokesman
for the Detroit sound. Richie is per-
aaps best known for his projects un-
Jer the Plastikman moniker. In addi-
tion to the Plastikman title, Richie
Also works under the FUSE name as
well as doing various re-mixes under
bus own name. Richie's current Dis-
:ography is two pages long and reads
ike Techno's Greatest Hits. In addi-
ion to being a musician, Richie, with
)artner John Aquaviva, owns and runs
t8 Records. Richie's fame is not lim-
ted to Detroit; he is internationally
ecognized and spent part of last sum-

mer re-creating his now historic
"Spastik" parties in Europe. I was
recently afforded the opportunity of
talking with Richie and what follows
is excerpts from our conversation.
Richie was introduced to the De-
troit scene in late 1987 when he and
brother Matt infiltrated the mostly
Black Detroit scene and became
known as "those White techno kids."
Richie is very appreciative of his early
"I wouldn't be here without going
to clubs in Detroit in the late '80s and
listening to music. Without Jeff Mills,
Blake Baxter, Derrick [May], Kevin
[Saunderson] and Juan [Atkins] and
all those kids who used to go to The
Music Institute, the Shelter, the
Majestik or the City Club, I wouldn't
have gotten into all of this. Those
people showed me how special this
music is, how special Detroit is and
how special the artists are here. These
people pushed me to DJ and finally to

make music."
Richie eventually began to make
his own music after being exposed to
"anything from New Order, to
Kraftwerk, to Severed Heads. I started
listening to the Chicago House and
the Detroit techno stuff. I liked the
Acid-House from Chicago but when I
first heard, the future Detroit Acid
tracks, I knew that this was it. Detroit
techno is futuristic music, it's elec-
tronic, it doesn't rely on vocals, its
really stripped down; that's what
pulled me in from the beginning. That
sound is why I got into (making music
and DJing)."
Being both a DJ and a musician
affects the way Richie spins records
and the way he makes his music. "I
love DJing and making music; they're
both really important to me and I
wouldn't give either one up. It's cool
to be able to understand what works
on the dance floor and then under-
stand what could work on the dance
Richie's music is unique for
Technobmusic because it can be en-
joyed either at parties or at home.
"Sometimes DJs just want to make
DJ records and make thing they know
will work on the dance floor in a
typical way. For example, things on
my album like "Plastique" I play in
Detroit and people fucking wig and
dance real hard to it, because there's
lots of rhythm and its a really dancey
record. But, you can also listen to the
track at home because its not a typical
dance record."
When asked about the interna-
tional success of the Detroit scene
Richie pointed to the individuality of
the Detroit artists: "Detroit is weird,
it's sort of off the beaten path for
people from Europe, they always stop
in New York and LA; not everyone
goes to Detroit. So, Detroit is a bit
isolated and I think people from here
have always stuck to their guns and

done what they wanted. You have
Derrick, Kevin and Juan and they all
have really good music, but they don't
sound like each other. You also have
Kenny Larkin and Underground Re-
sistance. We all have our own sound
but we all have the Detroit tinge in our
music. Whereas a lot of other places
you go, they have a sound and that is
the sound that everyone is doing.
Detroit has a really individual sound
and all of artists have individual styles.
I think that makes Detroit really spe-
cial and I think that is what helps
myself and all the guys from Detroit
do really well."
The new Plastikman album
"Musik" is a huge success. It has a
very distinct mood: "I tried to draw a
line down the middle of the album
where it's never really evil, or dark
and it's never happy. The listener is
kind of on a tight-rope. You're al-
ways falling to one side of the spec-
trum, but you never fall off."
Richie is a perpetual workaholic
and currently has many new projects
in the works: "Musically I'm work-
ing on a new FUSE album. I would
like to do a video with brand new
tracks so you can play the video at a
club; you can chill out at home. On
the +8 side, we've signed this new
band called Legion of Green Men.
We're also putting out a new album
by Speedy J. We are also, of course,
going to be throwing more parties."
Richie disagrees with the notion
of keeping his music "underground":
"I think that is stupid. If you make
good music, you're being disrespect-
ful to yourself and the people who
want to hear your music. I make my
music basically for myself and my
friends from Detroit. If anyone else
want to hear my music they are free
to; I'm not going to change it for them
though. If they hear it and like it,
that's cool. If they hear it and don't
like it, that's cool as well. To each

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Richie Hawtin, also known as Plastikman and other things, looks inward.

their own."
You can expect to hear Richie
playing regularly in Detroit. Richie's
next party is February 11th; you'll
have to find out for yourself though
where it is. Additionally, Richie will

be embarking on the "Fuk" tour where
he and John will be doing live techno
PA's. The tour will end in Detroit in
March. Now remember kids, keep
your eyes to the future and your ears
to the underground.

Keeping love alive could all just be a matter of more romance
By Liz Shaw here's your chance to get in good with - those who live in the dorms may sonal one is don't break up
Daily Weekend Editor them until at least July. If there's want to take a rain check on this one significant 2 days beforeh
With Valentine's Day just around anything thing that's bound to help for a while). they would be timely.
the corner, all you fortunate / unfortu- you get back that lovin' feelin', it's a If you're in a hurry, Godek has an u Buy a kind of flowers
nate folks with significant others need little romance and a few tips out of index in the front of the book that tells roses - be unique
to get on your toes. Has your boy- Gregory J.P. Godek's "1001 Ways you where to look for the kind of ro- *Write a poem or love
friend /girlfriend been complaining To Be Romantic" ($11.95, Casablanca mance you're interested in, including Make it into a real ho]
that your relationship just doesn't have Press). categories on romantic games, love the day off from work (or c
the same punch, the same verve, that Godek's book, which is designed songs, and specific things for men or stay in bed, go to the movie
it once had? Are you lost as to what it both for couples and single romantics, women to do for their loved ones. So dinner, or make love all da
is that punch and verve is? Well, then has over one thousand and one sugges- here's the deal: we'll supply you with a What about birthdays?

with your
and), since
other than
liday. Take
sgo out to
Hey, I'm


tions for ways to keep your love life on
track and interesting. The suggestions
range from the obvious (#6 Listen) to
the silly (#320 Mail him/her a book of
matches with "I'm hot for you" written
inside) to the sexy (#245 Make love in
every room of your house or apartment

few, because we know you have trouble
thinking of this stuff yourself, but for
goodness sake, do a good job. Remem-
ber, the book is dedicated "the millions
of men who desperately need it."
I suppose we'll start with
Valentine's Day suggestions (my per-

Studies in Safety 201:
Let's face it, the world around us is not as safe as it could be.
And whether you're a woman or a man,
safety is always a concern.
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--------- X

. .



telling you, these are prime romance
Send 20 cards to him/her on their
20th birthday
Send 21 bottles of beer for their
21st birthday
Send 30 roses on their 30th birth-
day (you get the picture)
. On your lover's birthday, send
his/her mother a "thank-you" card
Celebrate half birthdaysr
And you know those gamesJlmen-
tioned? None are quite as good as one
I borrowed from a friend a few months
ago, that is also, by the way, mtqntioned
in the book. "An Enchanted Evening"
is a board game for couples *out the
disclosure of love secrets and the re-
wards to be reaped through giving the
right answers. Look into it ifyou have
a free evening and you want to spend it
in the comfort of your abode. Person-
ally, we didn't make it past the third
card, so it's a good game if you don't
want to admit you're in the mood (with
a vengeance).
Other games that Godek suggests
Car games like kissing at every
stop light, kissing every time you see a
certain type of car, and making love at
rest stops (he doesn't say if he means
all rest stops . )
"All Day Foreplay,"' for those of
you who have early classes and work
late into the night, the sheer frustration
this one may keep you from attempting
it. You and your lover should plan in,
the morning to have sex that night, then
call each other with reminders and sexys
suggestions all day.
.Pickasmall, inanimateobjectand
take turns exchanging it back and forthi
in creative and /or funny ways. Song
couples wait a few days in between
giving, some wait months. Try to be.
truly creative (or else this is just truly
What is one to do if they are single,
you ask. Well, cry a lot and complain
about it, I suppose. Okay, really, there
is a section for singles as well (married
folks and marrieds with children, too).
0Mail the person you're interested
in a copy of your resume with a note
attached saving "I'd like you to get to


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I help you sleep a little
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Pasant dreams.

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