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January 23, 1995 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1995-01-23

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Heaven fun with nuns

By SHEILA WISELY Sr. Mary Regina, Kim Fletcher, is not
The laughs in the Wayne State the most talented either. Her perfor-
University's production of"Nunsense" mance, although not entirely bad, is the
(running Jan. 26-29) are nonstop as the weakest of the five women as far as
Little Sisters of Hoboken present a singing voice and line delivery.
musical revue talent show unlike any Sr. Mary Hubert (Cheryl Ross) is
other. It seems that a "small disaster the Mistress of Novices and an aspiring
back at the convent" has left the sisters Mother Superior. Sr. Mary Leo (Stacy
in need of some quick cash, and the Stoltz), the youngest of the group, is a
Reverend Mother Superior decides to ballerina and wishes to dedicate her life
raise it by showing off the abilities of a
few select sisters, including, of course, b
Director Philip Fox couldn't go Nunsense
wrong with this lighthearted script by Studio Theatre
Dan Goggin, and the Studio Theatre's January 21, 1995
own additions make it all the better. ~
The intimate atmosphere of this the- to God through dance. Cheryl Ross and
ater, located in the basement of the Stacy Stoltz give commendable show-
Hilberry Theatre, make it possible for ings, although the two bestperformances
the sisters to scope the audience for are those of Sr. Mary Amnesia (Abha
prospective postulates as well as catch Mangrulkar), who was hit on the head
naughty gum-chewers, allowing the with a crucifix and can't remember
viewers to take an active part in the who she is, and Sr. Robert Anne (Shanna
"Nunsense." The modest scenery and Peterson),astreet-wise sister who longs
lighting effects are more than com- to have her day in the spotlight, but for
pensated for by the distinctive per- now drives the convent car.
sonalities and endless amounts of Sr. Mary Amnesia, played by Abha
energy displayed by the actors. Mangrulkar, has the best voice and
The cast consists of five nuns with her ventriloquist number, "So You
secret wishes to become famous per- Want to Be a Nun," is one of the
formers. These fun-loving sisters are show's funniest highlights. Sr. Rob-
not your average penguin-suits, and ert Anne, played by Shanna Peterson,
their "convent humor" exceeds the gives the most natural performance
church walls. The Mother Superior. Sr. and her comfort on the stage suits her
Mary Regina (Kim Fletcher), is the laid-back character perfectly. These
mastermind behind the show and isn't two steal the show not only because What could be wackier than a nuns' talent show? 'Nuns On the Run,' natch!
afraid to remind the others of her"supe- of their excellent performances, but performers put on a production that Theatre). Performances are
riority," so to speak. She tends to be a bit also because they have the best lines. keeps the audience rolling in theirpews. Thursday through Saturday at 8
of a show hog, despite the fact that she Overall, the one-liners and down- NUNSENSE is playing Jan. 26-29 p.m., with 2 p.m. matinees Saturday
is definitely not the most talented of the right playfulness of the musical are at Wayne State University's Studio and Sunday. Tickets are $10 ($8
nuns.Unfortunately,theactor whoplays tough tofoulupandtheStudioTheatre's Theatre (located below the Hilberry students). Call (313) 577-2972.

I'm the Crypt Keeper!!! I'm the new Martin Scare-sese!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Demon a knghtmare

Hello my pretties. Are you ready
ra little "sharp" wit? HAHAHA...
OK, that's annoying. Now spread

Demon Knight
Directed by
Ernest Dickerson
with Jada Pinkett
and Billy Zane
out humor and cheap thrills like that
for 90 minutes and you have "De-
mon Knight," the first of three
planned movies based on HBO's
"Tales From the Crypt" horror an-
thology. Much like the TV show,
"Demon Knight" never pretends to
be clever, unique, or anything more
than a good-looking blood bath.
* Iexpectalittle more from a movie
than something this "terror-ble."
The annoying mad cackles are
courtesy of the Crypt Keeper, a sort
of rotting vaudevillian zombie that
hosts the movie (think of a less
ironic, more dead Conan O'Brien)
and drops in to unload a clever pun
or two. "You're no 'Gory' Coo-
er!" he shouts at John Larroquette
n the beginning, setting the tone of
cleverness to come.
It's too bad the Crypt Keeper (who
gets top billing) spends so much time
stealing from other, better films; or
should I say it "rips-off" their heart
and soul...HAHAHA... never mind.
Mr. Blocker (William Sadler) is
on the run, ending up in the town of
Wormwood to escape the Collector
'Billy Zane). It seems Blocker has the
seventh key (see "The Seventh Sign"),
the key that could represent the com-
ing of evil if the Collector gets his
hands on it (see "Evil Dead").
After a fiery car crash and a quick
getaway, Blocker ends up in a hotel,
where he meets a whore with a heart
of gold, a disgruntled mailman, the
to-break-out (played for no reason by
Jada Pinkett, who wastes her talent
here), the town drunk and the

whore's boyfriend. Before you can
say "Stereotype" there's several te-
dious moments of establishing char-
acters. Try not to laugh at this
"Three's Company" style of misun-
Whore sits on table. Cat jumps
up next to her. Hotel owner walks
by and yells, "Get that pussy off the
table!" Whore jumps off. Hotel
owner exclaims, "I was talking to
the cat."
Even the Crypt Keeper wasn't
laughing at that one.
Meanwhile the Collector locates
Breaker and demand the return of
the key to unleash their evil (see
"Hellraiser III"). When this doesn't
happen the Collector gets angry and
unleashes an army of demons that
spring from his blood (see "Grem-
lins"). Zane also tries mind control
(see "The Thing"), sends gruesome
creatures to tear out various body
parts (see "Dead Alive") and then
must fend off the one woman as-
sault of the buff Pinkett (see#
Director Ernest Dickerson
wastes the talent he was given as a
Spike Lee proteg6, showing us noth-
ing that hasn't been done before and
better. But the worst crimes of hor-
ror movies are the coincidences that
let the hero escape (see "Friday the
13th Parts I-IX"), and "Demon
Knight" is chock full of convenient
plot devices.
I don't expect a horror movie to be
subtle, but now it seems there's fi-
nally a movie for people who thought
"Dumb and Dumber" was a little too
pretentious; this is the audience that,
after a woman's arm was torn off and
five minutes of gratuitous gushing
blood later, I heard someone say, "See,
the demon just ripped her arm off."
Still as far as braindead entertain-
ment goes, it's nice to look at and has
a great soundtrack. "Frights, camera,
action," the Crypt Keeper mockingly
screams at the beginning. Man, that
guy "kills" me.
In space, no one can hear you
DEMON KNIGHT is playing at

'Home:' better
With a name like Yellow, you've
got to wonder just what the producers
of this kiddy flick were thinking of.
Were their thoughts set on jaundice?
Were they trying to capture the es-

than Benji, La
time caring for his dog is absolutely
Dakotah, as Yellow, is phenom-
enal. He times his weeping and bark-
ing perfectly, expressing courage and
fear, and his love for his master, which
is truly genuine. As their number of
days stranded increases, Dakotah of-
ten looks weaker and more weary
than Bradford does.
To provide a splash of dramatic
tension, the parents, played by Mimi
Rogers and Bruce Davison, cry to each
other, go on searches with the Coast

ssie and Old Yeller combined

Guard, and remain largely irrelevant to
the story. The same goes for the two
minutes dedicated to Angus's love in-
terest, played by Margot Finney. These
scenes, while filling in the story, dis-
tract from the bonding of the boy and
his dog.
And they bond together beautifully,
magically complimenting each other.
Angus provides food, Yellow provides
protection (in a somewhat scary scene
involving wolves,) and both provide
love. It's a love rarely expressed so well
between species.

It's at the top of the list, right beside
such classics as "Black Beauty," "The
Yearling," and even "Free Willy."
Don't .be fooled by the title.
While this movie is intended for
kids, keep in mind that it has a PG-
13 rating. The content is intended
for mature children, which is just
about anybody who has ever had a
dog and dreamed of an adventure
more tantalizing than a walk around
the block.
FAR FROM HOME is playing at

1W Far From Home
directed by Philip Borsos
with Jesse Bradford
and Dakotah
sence of that good old "Yeller?" It's a
clever way to market this product as
another "Lassie," which it really isn't.
In fact, it's a lot better.
The dog does have a prominent
role in the film, but the true star is
Jesse Bradford, who portrays a strong-
willed and independent adolescent,
named Angus. He and Yellow, played
by Dakotah, must survive on their
own along an isolated coast after the
boy's father's boat capsizes.
Fortunately, his father was a wil-
derness expert who taught his boy a
thing or two before their accident at
sea. Watching Angus find creative
means of survival while at the same

Registration Datts
Registration Site
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January 23 - February 5
Michigan Union Ticket Office @ 763-TKTS
No mail-in registration
Refunds will only be given it the course is canceled
Use your Entree Plus
Week of February 6
Call UAC @ 763-1107

*PAE j LI IE __
Ake hdxdas lands ftakrg aNmd a s andsight honyn i
a bo~w dwr aiqocasw' Tawsanot hid
Council Travel
1220 S. University Dr.
(Above McDonalis)
" e .
998.0s2p0y0r valbiiypce'
arf oter prig Bea de .111on-

Power Jam
Ballroom Dance
Section 1(I. Abbot)
Section II(11. Abbot)
Section I
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Shawna RedCloud
Intro to
With Clay
May Oppenheim


Mon/Wed Anderson Rm-Union 5:30-6:30 2/8-4/12
An Intense Cardiovascular exercise incorporating Cardio-Funk. Hip-hop and Tubing will be avaiable
for specialty sculpting. A FREE week long membership at One-on-One Athletic Clubs will also be
provided to all enrolled Aerobics students.


Thursdays Anderson Rm-Union 7:00-9:00 2/9-3/30 (no class 3/16) $45/couple
Mondays Anderson Rm-Union 8:00-10:00 3/6-4/10
Put on your dancing shoes! In this course for beginners and intermediates. you'll learn various
dances such as the Rumba, Fox Trot, and Cha-Cha.

Mondays U-Club-Union 7:00-9:00 2/13-3/27
Thursdays U-Club-Union 7:00-9:00 2/16-3/30
Amaze your friends, annoy your parentsl Learn how to mix over 100 drinks. A certificate of
graduation will be awarded upon completion of the course.
Mondays U-Club-Union 7:00-9:30 2/13-3/27
Wake up your taste buds and learn to cook dishes from around the world, Regions such as China.
India, the Mediterranean, France (pastries) and more will be explored through the culinary arts.
**Note: the 1st class will meet until 10:00 and will include a kitchen safety discussion and a
waiver of liability will be presented. **A $15 lah fee will he collected on the first night of class.
***Students are asked to bring their own paring knife and peelers to class.


Saturdays Artspace-Union 12-3:00 2/11-3/25
Learn to use ceramics as a vehicle for both personal and artistic expression. Techniques include
throwing. hand building, mold and tie making. Creativity and desire is a must.
*A $15 dollar lab fee will be collected by instructor on the Ist night of class.

How would you like to live with your grandfather? What if the cantankerous old
man lived to be 106? Meanwhile, you're trying to get through the University of
Michigan with an English degree (and there's so many jobs out there for English
majors). If this sounds like hell, you might want to check out "Roommates," the
new book from Max Apple that will be a major motion picture (starring Peter
Falk) in March. Better yet, skip the movie and read the book; the story takes place
in Ann Arbor, so you might recognize landmarks such as Drake's (R.I.P.) Apple
reads from his new novel at 7:30 tonight at Hillel. It's $7 for the masses and $5
for students; for more information call 769-0500.

Section I(Barry Ryder) Tuesdays Pond Room-Union 7:00-10:00 2/7-3/21
Section II(jane sierra) Wednesdays Rm 1209-Union 7:00-10:00 2/8-3/22
Ahh...sRELAX...and forget about your worries. Learn the secrets to giving and receiving
massages. Each session, students will practice their techniques. Bring a towel.

Ka;ila Castoldi
Beginning (<&w)
Intermediate (saw)
Garin Homer
Session I
Session 11
Derek Pogerski
Sign Lanuage

Mondays Pond Rm-Union 7:00-8:30 2/6-3/20
This is an introduction to meditation. Registration will be held at the UAC office, 2105 Michigan Union
Mondays Artspace-Union 6:30-9:30 2/6-3/20
Wednesdays Artspace-Union 6:30-9:30 2/8-3/22
Thursdays Artspace-Union 6:30-9:30 2/9-3/23
Learn how to use your own 35mm camera, while discovering the excitement and magic of printing your
own photos in the Beginning class. The intermediate will focus on applying creative techniques for
photographing, film processing, and printing. Types of film, color labs and developing color negatives
will be taught in the Color class. Color prints will not be made in class.
*A $10 lab fee for Begin and Intermed/ $15 for color will be collected on the 1st night of class
Tuesdays Union Games Room 7:00-9:00 2/7-3/21
Tuesdays Union Games Room 9:00-11:00 2/7-3/21
Explore the fundamentals of billiards. Sessions include handouts, demos, and practice time.

F ree

a~.TIM- - l1s Kst Ta RV ®c


:.. / 11C C IG 1 .7 _ v a v v r a. r r v R '


Mondav. January 23 7:00-8:30 pm Rackham Assembly Hall


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