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January 12, 1994 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1994-01-12

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, January 12, 1994

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Music reviewer has a
lot to learn
To the Daily:
This is a letter regarding Matt
Carlson's review of Green Apple
Quick Step's album "Wonderful
Virus." (1/8/94) Matt, are you a
college student probably nineteen or
twenty? You would never be able to
tell with your immature labelling of
this band. It must have taken you a
few hours to pull all the nicknames
out of your ass. "Gross Apple Quid
Stew, Green Asshole Quiche Seep,
Grave Affront Crap Stew" to name a
few. A few wasted hours that you
could have spent listening to the
album instead of trying to figure out
another way to put down an aspiring
Do you think that the Seattle
music scene died just because the so-
called "grunge" style is past its
prime? You are probably right and all
the people in Seattle no longer listen
to music and instead have returned to
their homes to Pearl Jam, Alice in
Chains, and Nirvana records and try
to remember the good old days. You
are probably right in saying that
because "grunge as a legitimate style
died," groups in Seattle should stop
playing the music they want to play. I
am sure that all people from Seattle
would like to thank you for providing
them with insight that their city's
music means absolutely nothing.
Did you actually see them at the
Blind Pig or did you just ask
someone what they were wearing?
Are you that shallow when it comes
to music? Do you buy all of your
music at Tower based on their hot
picks? Sure sounds like you did. The
best music out today is the music that
is not heard on corporate radio but
heard about by word of mouth,
magazines, and college radio
stations. This is the music of the
future. These groups are the ones that
people will be sick of hearing about
in a few years. I do not think that
Green Apple Quick Step is the best
band in the world but they have
talent and enough guts to release an
album "two years after Nirvana...and
two years after Pearl Jam." If they
had released this at the same time,
maybe there would be some basis to
your point that they jumped on the
"bandwagon." As far as the idea that
the clothes they wore at the concert
"show they know fashion," just
proves that you are all set to jump
into the melee of corporate rock
where how you look and where you
are from is more important than what
you sound like. They were wearing
flannels. Wow, imagine that a group
who lives in Seattle would wear
flannel. Do you think that groups
such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana wore
flannel to start a national fashion
craze? Do you think that a band
would expect to make it big just

because they wear the right clothes?
Obviously you do and this is why
there is no place for people like you
in the music industry. By the way,
Matt, take a peek at the inside covers
of Nirvana's "Nevermind" and Pearl
Jam's "Ten" and tell me if you see
any hint of flannel on the boys. I
would tell you to look at "Bleach"
but you would probably go under the
sink and pull out a bottle.
I did see them open for X at the
Blind Pig and I liked them. I had no
clue where they were from and didn't
really care. They rocked the Pig and
the lead guitarist, either Daniel
Kempthorne or Steve Ross, I'm not
sure which one, was the most
entertaining guitarist I have seen in a
while. By the way, having a female
bassist/vocalist, Mariann Braeden,
sure does put them in the same
category as Pearl Jam and Nirvana.
Thank you for clearing up for me that
Chris Novoselic and Jeff Ament are
female. I would have gone through
life confused.
Hey Matt, why not go talk to
Heather Phares or try to find Scott
Sterling from last year and learn the
trade of music reviews.
LSA sophomore
Men should recognize
victimization of
To the Daily:
I am responding to David Seto's
letter, "Don't blame all men for the
actions of one man," (1/6/94) which
itself was a response to another letter
written by a Ms. Hollenbeck.
Mr. Seto took great offense to
Ms. Hollenbeck's statement which
suggested that men begin thinking
with one head (upper) rather than
with the other (lower). As crude and
ill-chosen as this statement may
seem, it voices a certain truth.
Whether men can't stop thinking
with their lower heads (personally, I
think it's impossible) is not really an
issue. Nature will generally have its
way in the long run. It is the thinking
in the upper head that needs to be
increased. Mr. Seto is a prime
example of how those who are not
commonly victimized are completely
ignorant to the viewpoints and
perspectives of the victims. I say
"prime" because he and all men who
believe that the world is a place
constructed on the basis of individual
choice and freedom are ignorant to
the existing rules and roles that
society dictates for us.
Come on little men, the first truly
progressive step in change is for
those who are in control to admit that
they do indeed have this control at
their disposal. Check criminal
statistics since this country's
conception and you will see who has

consistently been violated..
Understand, little man, that it isn't
you who walks out into the night in
fear of being groped and even raped
by someone acting freely and
through his own will. He is a man
and his victim is a woman and this is
all that need be known for a
revolution to begin.
LSA junior
Lack of observance
makes MLK holiday
To the Daily:
Martin Luther King was truly a
great man. He tried to show a racist
America how to love, not hate, by
example. Though I sincerely
appreciate his accomplishments, I
don't think taking a day off from
classes to pay homage is such a good
I read of when we needed a day
off, when blacks were more unified
on campus because they had to be.
We got together and studied our
history and current situation, which
was academically and financially
terrible. Now, discernible racism in
the classroom, on campus etc. is
basically gone. Plus, we are in a
liberal University that is arguably
interested in our welfare, and
financial aid compensates for any
economic disadvantages we are faced
with, so why do we need a special
Many parents work hard to send
their kids to school, and the day off
for Martin Luther King day is, in a
sense, a waste of time and money.
The average day of classes costs $40,
or $100 for out-of-state tuition. This
money is thrown away for just a
handful of festive marchers. Tolled
together, students lose an aggregate
of $2,320,000 in one day!
No one even attends the day like a
few years ago, when we first got it.
Why have a day of unity for blacks
when most blacks are laying at home
popping Tylenol because of a
hangover; or sleeping in from
partying too hard at the Dymonz gig
the night before. The University
finally let us dedicate a day to hear
our politically active leaders address
movements and oppressive situations
in our communities. This will
probably the only opportunity of the
year to find out what's really goin'
on at the "crib," and we see Monday
as the perfect study day. The
University has shown black students
a lot more support for our struggles
and needs than we have shown
In conclusion, we don't need it,
we don't acknowledge it, so let's nix
LSA first-year student




Put tuition waivers on hold at UMN

The University of Minnesota
administration's decision to pay tu-
ition for two student government lead-
ers is an example of right idea, wrong
method. These tuition waivers must be
put on hold until students can have
input into the process. Otherwise, the
idea ofstudent self-government on this
campus will become a farce.
Last quarter, administrators ap-

After six months of consideration,
administrators decided the two student
leader positions deserved free tuition.
While they were at it, University offi-
cials decided they'd cover the cost of
the tuitions this year and then turn
funding responsibilities over to MSA
and GAPSA. Only then will students,
in the form of the Student Services
'Fees Committee, have a say in the

the student fees committee to do its
job? Would University officials have
felt the same sense of responsibility for
student leaders who were more con-
frontational with the administration?
Perhaps University administrators
thought no one would notice or care
about their backroom tuition waiving.
After all, only a few thousand dollars is
involved and out of 38,000 students, a

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