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April 13, 1993 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1993-04-13

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4-The Michigan Daily- Tuesday, April13, 1993

bE Ahdir n aig

420 Maynard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

r ..

JOSH Dul3ow
Editor in Chief


liitnA AnA mhn-%t gA

reaI a1 managedi ERIN LIZA EINHoRN
y students at theO n
versity of Michigan
Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Daily editorial board.
All other cartoons, signed articles and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

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'U' must investigate professors comments
U NIVERSITY STUDENTS HAVE the unique subjective. However, Goldbergredistributedthe
opportunity to experience a concept al- cartoon toward the end of the term with a
most as old as the United States itself- caption on top reading, "AND DON'T FOR-
the "marketplace of ideas." But inthe classroom GET." Since many students had previously told
setting, this term becomes tricky to define when Goldberg they felt the cartoon was extremely
the line between academic exploration and the sexist, the second distributionof the cartoon was
creation of hostile environments blurs. insensitive and made many students uncomfort-
This important and controversial issue lies at able.
the heart of a disagreement between University The authors cited a myriad of other examples
Prof. David Goldberg and several campus orga- condemning Goldberg. When discussing the
nizations including Rackham Student Govern- SAT s, Goldberg allegedly said he would as-
ment and the Baker-Mandela Center for Anti- sume minority students' SAT scores are 55
Racist Education points lower than
(BMC). Students in white students and
Goldberg's Sociol- Students chargeGoldberghas created that "it should be
ogy 510 statistics anatmosphere of tension nd hostility more like 100."
class have charged inside the classroom that hinders the When a student
that the professor learning experience of students." questioned whether
repeatedlymaderac- the inconsistencies
ist and sexist com- in SAT scores could
mentsinclass andhas created"an atmosphereof be attributed to a cultural bias, Goldberg alleg-
tension and hostility inside the classroom that edly commented; "If SAT's are culturally bi-
hinders the learning experience of students." ased, why do those Chinese do so well? Is it
The students have written to the Department biological then? After thousands of years of
of Sociology, the' Affirmative Action Office, inbreeding, anything is possible."
and President Duderstadt requesting that Goldberg responded to these and other
Goldberg be barred from teaching required So- charges by posting a scathing attack on the
ciology courses. In addition, they have asked accusations: "These comments are not made
that the University and Department of Sociol- lightly since I was-asked 'How do you intend to
ogy take action against Goldberg based on an change?' before I had even seen a copy of the
investigation into his past conduct. Many of the accusations. Charged. Condemned. And prob-
student s'charges against Goldberg are ambigu- ably never able to crawl out from under this
ous, and punitive action should not be taken nightmare." Moreover, Goldberg presents em-
unless itis demonstratedthat Goldberg harassed pirical data intended to demonstrate that no
or intimidated groups or individual students. relationship exists between gender or race and
However, enough evidence has been presented grades in his class.
to justify adetailed University investigation into It is extremely difficult to judge whether
the situation. Goldberg has harassed certain students or if he
The authors of the letter accusing Goldberg just represents a different political perspective
present several instances of his "offensive and than what University students are accustomed
insensitive" behavior. For example, Goldberg to.Whileimposing a"speechcode"onGoldberg
gave the class a cartoon depicting a caveman would severely restrict academic freedom and
carving dice - the dice represent statistics. violate his First Amendment rights, the Univer-
Hovering over the caveman is a cavewoman sity still must examine the matter closely.
who exclaims, "What kind of childish nonsense Unfortunately, the University still does not
are you working on now?" Goldberg explained have auniform faculty harassment policy to deal
that the cartoon was intended to make fun of the with these issues. The university should first
triviality of statistics, and in essence, himself. develop acomprehensivepolicy-with student
But the authors of the letter - many of them input -to handle these matters and then launch
students in his class - disagree. They charge an investigation into Goldberg's activities. Un-
that the cartoon shows a nagging and ignorant til such a policy is in place, the conflict between
woman who can't possibly understand the intri- academic exploration and harassment will con-
cate nature of the man's work. Goldberg'sinten- tinue, and - as in the Goldberg case - every-
tions and the meaning of the cartoon are highly one will end up as victims.

There are brothers ... down to swing if Reed be.,

You simply will not believe this. It was
two weeks ago. Typical day with a not-so-
typical Ann Arbor sun bearing down upon
my brow. Trucking down the street, my feet,
my fingers responding to that beautifully
immutable urban drum ( Look Ma! No
headphones!) that invariably pounds through
my head. Again I'm procrastiiating (my
forte), trying to plug my wintery counte-
nance into a gorgeous day. You know,
checkin' the vibes around this place. Mind-
ing my own business.
A blaring, screeching sound enters my
own sphere shoving my own "Mental Hip
Hop" (gotcha!)outof the frame. Along with
a few other cars I see two white guys idling
in an old beat up Palamino.
They didn't look like your typical col-
lege students. In fact they looked like they
were straight from the Louisiana Bayou.
Both of them were wearing bandannas that
clung sweatily to their foreheads. One even
had a pack of cigarettes rolled (I'm not
lying!) up into the sleeve of his t-shirt. And
for my glorious ears their stereo system
served up a nice heapin', helpin' of some
southern fried country music. Everybody
tunes into something. So what. Cool. Big
deal. I averted my attentions elsewhere.
Then I heard it. A word. That word, loud
and clear, wafting over thedin of the voices,
the music,and revving engines right into my
perking ears. "Boy."What?!! Ispun around
thinking to myself it must have come from
one of the car stereos. Nope. That was
clearly someone speaking. I looked at all of
the occupants intheir cars to see what was
going down. Nothing. I turn away again.
content that I could find no speaker but a
little more than alarmed.

Than T ho,%rA anrvathtnrr orrnt" ¬ęTTair n ~+

S nen i neara sometnmg uaam. ny,
Boy!" Racial flashback. I look at the cars
and my eyes settle on the two guys in the
Palamino (Neanderthal Man and his faith-
ful corn-fed companion Cro-Magnon Boy)
and the sickening sneers on their faces.
Asinine grins and those sloping foreheads
told me all that I needed to know. I didn't

T Brien Meeks
say anything but simply glared at them.
One of them tried to emulate my facial
expression. Hecameoff laughing and look-
ing something like an ape. But in his eyes I
was supposed to be the ape. After that I
damn near lost it.
I dropped my bag, told them to get the
"fuck out of the car and say the same shit to
my face." After hearing this they peeled off
inastinky cloud of sweat, dust,andprofani-
ties; their Confederate Flag (I'm not kid-
ding) waving senselessly behind them.
Inreplaying allthisin my mind ananger
gripped me.-consumed me for the rest of
the day. I know exactly what I would have
done. If they had approached me Iprobably
would have tried to beat the fuck out of
I would have liked to leave 'em lying
broken, bloody, bruised and senseless on
the asphalt. Or maybeeven worse It's scary
sometimes to find out what you are capable

Deep down I know that such action
wouldn't accomplish anything. Iknow that
I would end up with some heinous police
record. I'dcomeoffasjustanother enraged
Black animal lashing out; a mindless beast.
And people like Neanderthal Man and Cro-
Magnon Boy would have my angry dis-
played as fuel for their fire. I would be just
another brother behind bars; with nothing
to do and nothing to say. What good would
all of my anger do me then? The strongest
of words just can't penetrate a five-by-
seven foot cell.
I ck n't know if I'm just desensitized to
violence or if methods like Dr. King's
seem archaic and outdated in this violent
society. I understand that violence doesn't
work all of the time. Most times it's a
disgusting display that equals nothing but a
rage that feeds upon itself.And it almost
never solves anything.
I know, I know. Brothers need to know
how to move; how to organize anddealwith
problems correctly. I realize that these is-
sues require a unified movement on a large
scale; skirmishes and confrontations don't
solve a thing for Blacks. Yet I'llbe the first
to say that you won't find me singing "We
Shall Overcome." You will never see me
flicking up my hand, peace sign in the air
and shit, praying while my bloody head gets
split open by someone's club.
Most of us do not roll in such a way in
this day and age. Many of us are committed
to avoiding a repeat of the shit in L.A. But
beneath many an exterior there are brothers
that are'down to swing if need be.
Meeks' column appears every other
T useday on the Opinion page.

Merely condemning murder not enough, take a stand

?ecruitment efforts, financial aid must continue
Fe rit n ef n NUMBER OF applications from of 1993, the University has taken only atiny first
underrepresented minorities for the Fall step toward achieving a diverse, multicultural
of 1993 increased by 13 rcent, accord- campus. Although sincere and successful at-
to a report released by the fice of Under- tempts have been made to encourage minorities
iduate Admissions last Wednesday. In addi- to apply and attend the University, there still is
n, minority student admissions increased by no effective follow-up plan to ensure these
.3 percent last year. These statistics show that, students stayoncetheyenroll. Although Admis-
r once, the University is on the right path to sions Office officials claim the University has
hieving a multicultural community. maintainedhighminority student retentionrates
These increases reveal an aggressive recruit- thus far, with even more minority students on
:nt campaign aimed at encouraging minori- campus,the University mustintensify its efforts
s to apply to the University. In the past, the to keep the students in school through gradua-
imissions Office has struggled to reach out to tion.
norities in cities around the country. The Financial assistance plays a large ,roll in

To the Daily:
I believe Peter
Thompson's commitment tc
upholding the sanctity of
human life, as expressed in
his Perspectives column
"Doctor killed by one man,
not all pro-lifers"(3/25/93).
Mr. Thompson, co-director of
Washtenaw County Rescue,
distances himself and his
organization from the murder
of Dr. David Gunn-in
Pensacola, Fla., and asserts
that Dr. Gunn's murderer,
Michael Griffin, is not
representative of the move-
ment. Mr. Thompson depicts
Griffin as a violent, frustrated
man who acted alone.
While such a depiction
may be true, it ignores the
rhetoric and action that
characterizes the pro-life
movement; rhetoric that
legitimizes the sort of
extreme violence that
occurred in Pensacola
Of course, most pro-lifers
are not fanatics who advocate
murder to furth, r their cause,
but this doesn .solve the
more moderate aui.,vists from
responsibility. Unfortunately,
such moderates respond to the

violence of their counterparts
by denying any complicity
and distancing themselves
from the Michael Griffins of
their movement rather than
acknowledging some respon-
sibility and working to avoid
such violence in the future.
Mr. Thompson, if you are
a moderate and non-violent
voice in the movement, where
were you when your compa-
triots in the movement;
distributed "Wanted".posters
depicting Dr. Gunn - as
they've been doing to
physicians throughout the
Where are those moderate
pro-lifers when the families
and homes of physicians are
targeted for harassment? Are
you working to stop the
bombing and burning of
medical clinics in the name of
your movement? Where are.
you when your compatriots
attempt to justify Dr. Gunn's
murder by telling us how
many "babies were saved?"
Where are you when all this
baby-killer rhetoric fuels the
frustration and violence of all
the Michael Griffins of your

movement? Do you assume
no responsibility for an
environment that normalizes
and legitimizes bombing,
arson and murder? The time to
distance yourself was before
the killing of Dr. Gunn, while
the "radicals" of your
movement were creating this
charged and violent atmo-
Wr Thompson, you and
your organization are a part of
the pro-life movement. By not
taking a firm and active stand
against the rhetoric, the
harrassment, the behavior that
many people do consider,
violent, you are allowing the
more extreme, the more vocal,
the violence-prone people
among you to represent you.
Those who created this
movement and who take an
active role in its progress bear
responsibility for the actions
done in its name.
Ai this point, just saying
that Griffin doesn't represent
you isn't good enough.

Kight responds
to Daily
To the Daily:
A recent editorial,
"LGMIBi taskforce; MSA
moves forward; must avoid
pointless debate," erroneously
reported that I had opposed
the establishment of a lesbian,
gay and bisexual MSA task
force. For the record, I voted
for and supported the estab-
lishment of such a task force.
I made a point of order
suggesting that the part of the
task force resolution which
created two co-chairs may
have been out of order.
Although I agreed that
establishing co-chairs for the
task force was both beneficial
and necessary, I felt that
MSA's rules should be
amended rather than conve-
niently ignored. I will offer
amendments to the MSA
Compiled Cde at the earliest
opportunity to explicitly allow
task forces to be headed by

Below: The growth in the number
of underrepresented minorities that
have applied and been admitted to
the University for the Fall 1992 and
Fall 1993 terms.


retention rates.
Financial con-
straints and the
burden of huge'
debts serve as one
riers for top out-
of-state minority
students. Fur-
thermore, this
campus has yet
to establish an at-
mosphere free
from racial ten-
sion. The Univer-
sity has made
nominal attempts
to improve this
through efforts
such as the Race
andEthnicity Re-
quirement and
Martin Luther
ties. But there is

Applications increase Admissions increase

'UC insensitivity brins financial consequences

To the Daily:
Over the last four years, I
have grown increasingly
disgusted with the attitudes
that the University's adminis-
trators and Regents seem to
hold toward students. Where
to begin? Two years ago, an
incredibly expensive campus
police force was deputized
without regard for student

held during exam times,
vacations, and holidays.
Today, the University is still
fighting to justify its closed-
meeting search for President
Duderstadt. And for three
years in a row, the University
has demonstrated its commit-
ment to free speech and
diversity of opinion by

still a long way to go before the minds of every

l n stirzr trti


akinor then I encourage vou ___-

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