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April 02, 1993 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1993-04-02

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Page 4-The Michigan Daily - Friday, April 2, 1993

a.1E £kiigzu a1ailg

420 Maynard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Edited and managed
by students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief

Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Daily editorial board.
All other cartoons, signed articles and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

f N


Police, stUdents should exercise restraint
T'S FiNALLY HERE-the day we've all been around and Duke beat Michig
waiting for - March Madness and Hash game, the AAPD stepped out of
Bash, together at last. Students will awake to released tear gas at the entire ma
the smell of pot rising from in an overre
the Diag and mosey through students wh
the crisp spring air to en- at an officer
counter the quintessential Hopefulli
University experience. And be different
when the "high" of the day watchthegai
finally wears off, students TVinCrisler
will run to the nearest tele- party safely
visionto watchtheFabFive Mall - bet
demolishtheinvidiousKen- emLanguag
tucky Wildcats. the Michiga
Everything will be per- dition, Sou
fect. The University will store owne
gain national exposure and Brater, the
students will relish the thrill dent Assem
of attending the country's other organ
greatest sports university. been worki
But then the celebration vent anot
will begin, and the Ann Ar- Among othe
bor Police Department Universityb
(AAPD) will surely be alcohol dur
watching. half of the g
Unfortunately, history suggests that when But some discouraging sign
students congregate for the annual victory cel- AAPD is offering the same rh
ebration and police loom nearby, an ugly clash previous years when asked about
will ensue. plans. The officers must leam tha
But the clash can be avoided. Police were a few disorderly students do r
unprepared to prevent damage to South Univer- indict the entire student body.
sity storefronts during student celebrations in against the masses is not necessa
1989 when the Michigan cagers won the na- measures are taken before the g
tional championship. Last year, however, when students to celebrate responsibly
Michigan made it to the Final Four, the AAPD So when the game is over, anr
did an excellent job of preventing a riot - for atrafficlightseemslike afunidea
the semifinals. But when Monday night rolled responsibility is a two-way street

an in the final
line. The force
ss of celebrants
action to a few
o threw a bottle
y, this year will
. Students can
on the Ingalls
tween the Mod-
es Building and
nLeague. In ad-
ith University
rs, Mayor Liz
Michigan Stu-
bNy, AAPD and
nizations have
ng hard to pre-
her disaster.
er things, South
ing the second
is remain. The
etoric it has in
it their weekend
at the actions of
not necessarily
Taking action
ry if preventive
game. We urge
as well.
d hanging from
,remember that

Subway discriminatory practices uncovered ,
the local fast food chain. Angered, I would another wanted to know what 567 divided
by Flint Wainess usually counter by attacking our low mini- by 23 equalled. How could there possibly
In my world, the ladder of social mobil- mum-wagerateand lackofaffordablehous- be an order of 69 $89 sandwiches?
ity stretches endlessly. The thick walls of ing. I would say that working at "Little The application gets worse. There is a
myglassbubbleshieldme fromtheexternal Caesars," one would never be able to save writing section, asking "which do you con-
realities of the street. A bad day consists of up enough for living arrangements. sider tobe the most important qualifications
getting a bad grade, being rejected by that But I never truly understood the magni- of a Subway employee?" This is followed
"special" girl-of-the-week, or maybe mis- tudeof the discrimination againstthehome- by a reference section.
placing my favorite Ralph Lauren tie. less until last week. A woman approached Clearly, this is blatant discrimination
In her world, the "American Dream" is me on State Street and identified herself as against the homeless. To work at Subway,*
simply that, adream. Nophysical or mental homeless and hungry. I gave her some the only real qualifications should be a
walls protect her from the piercing cold of money and asked her how she was doing mouth.to smile with and hands to cut bread
winter. And the beauty and grandeur of life (an ironic question as she wandered aim- with. If Subway honestly cared about the
is found in the discarded food coming from lessly through achilling mixture of rain and quality of its service, it would require they
the local fast food chain. snow while I headed toward shelter, some- wear gloves while handling your food. But
Twenty yearsago,Iwouldn'thave cared thing I've always taken for granted). that's a whole other story.
and she probably wouldn't have existed; Her answer surprised me. Shepulled out Besides students, most people register-
maybe in a remote section of a New York an application for employment at the "Sub- ing for jobs would probably be the home-
City alley, but not in my backyard. But way" in the MUG. When I asked her why less. Subwayhasinstituteda 1990'sformof
today, Iam her and she is me. she hadn't turned it in (it appeared to be Jim Crow laws and it must be stopped.I9
Although you would never know it, our filled out, references and all), she explained know there is institutional classism that
lives are inextricably intertwined. A bad that she was only proficient in about 6th throws the poor into unequally funded
break here, an interview turned sour there, grade math. schools and keeps them there through a
and I could easily find myself alone, with- And this estimation of her math skills myriad of obstacles - lack of health ahd
outshelter, without food. Youdon'tbelieve was definitely correct. On the math test (no child care to name a few. But I never real-
it? Just ask former corporate executive calculators allowed) that appeared on the ized the blatant attempts our local employ-
DavidNeuman (profiledin theUniversity's back of the Subway application, her calcu- ers make to keep the homeless down.
own Sociology 100); one day arising star in lations somehow yielded an answer of 64 Currently, over 20 percent of the home-
the burgeoning computer industry, the next from 45-49. "Subway" math test, you ask? less population in the United States has a
day without a job or a home. Stop and think about this for a moment. job. Considering the societal barriers, this is
The funny thing about today's society is Subway asks its perspective employees to a miracle in itself. You may not be able to
that although it's soeasy to plunge down the complete a relatively difficult math test. stop the institution, but you sure as hell can
ladder ofmobility, itis almost impossible to Firstoff, and mostimportantly,no math has stop Subway- boycott Subway discrimi-
ascend to the top. The Reagan-Bush era has been needed in fast food chains since the natory hiring practices now.
leftus with an underclass, heldpermanently invention of the cash register. But even if
down by an elitist and classist institution, there were no cash registers, the math on WainessisamemberftheDaily'sopinion
I have repeatedly heard the argument this test would be ridiculous. One question staff
that anyone can Beta lob.,even if it's only at asked for the oroduct of 89 and 69. while

Legitimate reasons exist to legalize maijuana

CH YEAR AT this time marijuana weighs
heavily on the minds of University stu-
dents. Hash bashers of all shapes and sizes
invade campus the first week of April, singing
the praises of the hemp plant. Some of the
'truths' they spout off about marijuana are cor-
rect, but they are also slanted. Marijuana should
be legal, but not for the reasons the National
OrganizationfortheReform ofMarijuanaLaws

their product much in the same way tobacco
farmers do. This product would be made avail-
able to the public under the strict control ofa body
similar to the alcohol control board and would be
accompanied by a hefty federal tax.
Economically, this would lift the burden of
trying to eradicate the 'evil' of marijuana while
bringing in sizeable income fromthe sin tax. This
money could be earmarked for drug education
and health care. In ad-
dition, use of the drug
in the workplace
would be heavily re-
stricted. Professional
associations would
have to define strict
ethical standards for
their members.
If our government
is willing to allow the
consumption oy alco-
hol, then why is it so
hesitant to let people
smoke pot? By label-
ing pot an illicit drug
- in the same cat-
egory with crack co-
caine rather than
FILE PHOTO Crown Royal - the
government has at-
tached an unnecessary stigma to marijuana use.
Alcohol and marijuana are similar, yet the gov-
ernment accepts one "high" and not another.
Although we support the previous reasoning
for marijuana legalization, the people who orga-
nize Hash Bash present a more elliptical argu-
ment. They would have us believe that legalizing
pot will practically save the world.
Members of NORML argue that marijuana
- or, more specifically, hemp - ought to'be
legalized for a variety of reasons. They include
hemn' s userfon nar er.nnte and enerev ut verv

Daily ediltorial
staff slammed
To the Daily:
After reading many of
your editorials and having to
suffer through the various
internal contradictions and
factual errors, we have come
to the inevitable conclusion
that the Daily editorial staff is
nothing but a bunch of
blithering idiots.
Josie Smith
LSA Junior
Roberto O'Brien
LSA Sophomore
Love people
To the Daily:
In response to your article,
"Sexuality and the Supreme
Being" (3/5/93), I would like
to point out that while you
raised many valid questions
and presented many experi-
ences and viewpoints from
both sides, you failed to point
out a few very important
scriptures. Those points:
Revelations 22: 18-19, which
qualifies the Bible in its
entirety, Philipians 2:12
which states 'work out your
own salvation...' and John
3:34, Jesus' new command-
ment to"love one another as I
have loved you" tun-
These passages show that
Christians should accept the
whole Bible, let every
Christian work out his own
salvation with God (using the

Public breast-feeding must have its limits

To the Daily:
I am really tired of
opening up the paper and
finding out how angry some
of its readers are about the
issue of public breast-
feeding. Even more so, I am
tired of seeing Kinsley Foster
bashed for her beliefs. I
would like to help set the
record straight about what
she might have seen.
I do not have class with
Kinsley, but I do have a
friend in the class who
witnessed the incident. After
hearing the story, I too was
somewhat shocked by the
events. I will not go into the
story behind the incident, but
I feel it necessary to say that
this breast-feeding incident
was very abnormal given
some of the facts. The most
convincing factor is the age
of the child. This boy not
only could run around the
room, a feat normally
achieved after the age of nine
months, but he could talk
intelligibly, a feat not
achieved until around the age
of two years.
Now, is it appropriate for
a child like this to be breast
feeding in the first place

when the normal age that
mothers stop breast-feeding is
around the sixth month of the
child's life? To some it might
not matter, but to most it
would seem a little bit
There are certain things in
life that are shocking because
people would consider them
to be abnormal. One example
of this is large, explicit
displays of affection in public.
Another is people who do not
dress the same way as others,
or people who have bright
green hair.
Who are we to say whether
or not these things are right or
wrong? Yet, we must admit
that these things are not the
Let's all admit something
people: we can not help
staring at some things. This is
the case with public breast-
feeding. For the majority, it is
not something seen in
everyday life, nor is it a
comfortable subject for us to
talk about or deal with. This is
why it is abnormal.
I am not saying that I
totally agree with all of the
things that Ms. Foster has
said. I can understand that the

bathroom is not exactly the
ideal area for feeding a child.
However, I do not think that
the classroom is any better. I
think that we all deserve
some respect. For women to
be interrupting classes to
breast-feed is a lack of
respect for fellow students.
Granted, it is an interrp-
tion for the woman to leave,
class to feed the child. Every
single time a person enters
class late or leaves class early
is a distraction. This distrac-
tion only lasts a few seconds
though - only the amount
of time it takes to get to the ,
door. On the other hand, the
act of feeding takes consider-
ably more time than walking
to the nearest door. Would an
empty hallway be such a bad
place to feed a child? There
have to be other alternatives
to a dirty bathroom.
At the very least, mothers
should have the decency to
carry a large blanket to cover
both herself and the child
while breast-feeding.
Is that so much to ask
for? I think not.
Gordon Northrup
LSA Freshman


(NORML) would have us believe.
Marijuana is a variety of the hemp plant
containing the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol
(THC), a psychoactive drug that when ingested
impedes the function of neurotransmitters in the
brain. It is this reaction that causes the feeling of
being "high." People use marijuana to get high,
much like people use alcohol to get drunk.
While the effects and duration of the two drugs
are similar, THC is recognized by physicians as
being less addictive. Yet pot has been illegal in
.he . Tn t Cttmc cir.Pj;thti31 1 OWk

Queer Action news article inaccurate

To the Daily:
I am sure that I can

a queer social group, and
having enjoyed its benefits,
i.. I - -

job. Do Ret your act together.


Donna Bryan


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