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October 15, 1992 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-10-15

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Page 8- The Michigan Daily - Weekend etc. - October 15, 1992

Seagal cooks
another turkey

by Michael Thompson
On October 9, 1992, the Oscar
race began and ended. The best actor
award goes to Tommy Lee Jones for
"Under Siege." The reasoning? Be-
cause it's obvious that when Jones
lost the Best Supporting Actor Oscar
for "JFK" in 1991 he also lost his
mind and agreed to star in this abys-
mal Steven Seagal turkey.
Under Siege
Directed by Andrew Davis; written by
J. F. Lawton; with Steven Seagal and
Tommy Lee Jones
Here's the blowout story in 25
words or less: A group of terrorists
hijack a big boat and Seagal beats the
living shit out of them. So what was
probably the idea of "Die Hard III:
Dead," is now the fascinating drama
"Under Siege."
Why does Tommy Lee Jones put
himself up on screen with Steven
Seagal, better known as Captain Cha-
risma? Jones ("Lonesome Dove") is a
capable actor, and if he's smart, he'll
have another Oscar chance. The only

logical reason can be the money in-
volved. And I hope he got a lot, be-
cause he was the best thing about the
movie. He even has the funniest stunt:
he falls down. And it's hilarious!
On a more serious side, this film
has more holes in it than most of the
battleships after Pearl Harbor. Char-
acters disappear for half the film only
to show up when needed. The heroes
sneak around for the first half of the
film while in the second half they
casually stroll around the deck of the
ship. And in terms of martial arts
action, forget it. See a Van Damme
picture instead.
To simply say this movie sucks
just isn't enough. It's boring and dull.
Anyone could have saved this boat.
Everyone is an idiot except Seagal.
And remember he's just a cook.
This film might have had a chance
if John McTiernan ("Die Hard," "The
Hunt for Red October") had directed
it; instead we have Andrew Davis,
who probably couldn't make a suc-
cessful Energizer Rabbit commercial.
The sad truth here is that this film will
probably make millions.
UNDER SIEGE is playing Showcase.


Above the law and as hard to kill as ever, Steven Seagal is out for justice once again in his latest money-makin' machine, "Under Siege."
From Moscow to Toronto to us

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art of direct message, like political
message or social message, whatever,
it cannot be like this."
According to Mirzoev, modern
theater is a completely different art
form from what we generally think of
as being theater. He puts modern the-
ater in a catagory all its own, a cat-
egory devoid of musicals and other
not-so-serious productions. Pinter is
a prime example of what Mirzoev
considers modern theater.
"So if we're talking about modern
theater, I think it should be compli-
cated and it should challenge people
to think, to experience very new things
or all things. Let's say it's never direct
message. It's always something else.
It's always more complicated,"
Mirzoev said. "So, that's why I think
if we're talking about directing, the
artof interpretation, even though your

working with classical piece, like
Chekov or Shakespeare, you should
introduce your own vision of this.
Only in this case will theater be alive.
It's impossible to transfer, literally
transfer, text into theater art. It's not
art anymore."
His visions of these already avant-
garde works are sometimes seen as
strange and innovative.
"When people ask me why are you
doing with Pinter such strange things,
it's not Pinter. Everybody will say
that it's not Pinter. Absolutely right,
it's not Pinter. It's not the play 'The
Birthday Party.' It is production 'The
Birthday Party.' It's another art."
Mirzoev totally immerses himself
in his work. He refuses to direct plays
that he does not like, not because of
arrogance, but out of a deep need to
feel connected to his productions. He
explained that if he could not see a
vision of the play, it was pointless to
try and direct it.

"It's very much spiritual art for
me, spiritual experience directing of
each play. Even though there are skills,
there is professional skills and there
should be and I am still learning and
it's constantly like this. But choice of
the play, or choice to direct some-
thing, should be absolutely connected
with my state of my soul and my
mind. Otherwise I cannot do it. It's
like asking poet to please write some-
thing about geese. It doesn't work
like this."
Mirzoev's decision to direct "The
Birthday Party" was spurred by a sug-
gestion from the University that he do
a play about utopia.
"Actually, I had in mind this play
constantly. Itjust didn'thappen. Prob-
ably I felt I don'thave therightpeople
or something was not completely de-
veloped in my mind about this play.
And when University suggested to
me to find play with utopian context,
I remember "The Birthday Party" and

everything came together."
Mirzoev hopes to return to Mos-
cow this May to direct. But this is not
an easy feat to accomplish with all the
political changes constantly occuring
in the country. Money poses the big-
gest problem getting his show pro-
duced there.
"(The recent political upheaval)
makes everything much more diffi-
cult and complicated," he said. "This
is paradox. It was lack of political
freedombefore.Now, there isnoprob-
lem. There is no censorship. There is
no, political persecution. But there is
absolutely destroyed society, not just
in economical sensebutin moral sense
also. Absolutely destroyed fabric of
society means that there is no money
for art and there is no need for art.
Actually in Moscow, it was abso-
lutely unique situation, like artistic
world, it was huge world enormously
connected and almost isolated from
rest of society, almost like utopia."


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and your no-good friends. People of
the nonconfrontational persuasion
should refrain from complaining about
nitpicky minutiae, like getting the liver
and onions of the geriatric behind
you. English is definitely a second
language at Frank's, and hostility is
the discourse of choice.
Nonetheless, regular patronage
definitely has its rewards. Once while
eating at the counter, the cook put a
plate of food on the empty space next
to me. I contemplated conscripting a

few choice morsels of ham, but mo-
ments later a regular walked in, sat
down in front of the food, and com-
menced ingestion of the aforemen-
tioned grub.
Most of Frank's University crowd
consists of upperclasspeoples.
Freshpeoples and sophpeoples are
probably not disenchanted enough
with Denny's. The atmosphere is
hauntingly set by the endless repeti-
tions of lilting Kenny Rogers ballads
set to Muzak. Conversations run the
gamut from the moronic ("I can't
believe I puked in class") to the intel-
lectual ("you think puking in class


te. r -


affects my grade?")
The next time you pass Frank's,
look in the hazy, grease-spackled win-
dow, contemplate the pernicious aro-
mas emanating from within, make
sure you have three bucks, and get
into the action and out of the cold. The
phrase "acquired taste" has no mean-
ing at Frank's, but "tongue-numbing
gut-bomb" does. Look for me when
you get there.
Frank's Restaurant
334 Maynard
What to bring: Formula 409.
Who to bring: Formula 409.
Faux pas phrase: "I think I'll have
the Egg-Beaters."
What to wear: Last night's jeans.
Dumb query: "Are there any cleaner
What to order: Not bottled water.


1(. '
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