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February 17, 1992 - Image 25

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-02-17

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Life and Art
Long-distance love Presentswtake
It's aworld ofhigh phone bills and lonely nights creatt, not cash
for studentsseparated frl msigni 'ant others College HeOgsHeraKd Western Kentucky U.

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The Lumberjack,
Northern Arizona U.
Valentine's Day for Kelly
Kramer will consist of a
quick call at 6:30 a.m. from
her boyfriend, Jeff
Deitenbeck, a freshman at
the U.S. Naval Academy.
But Kramer, a junior at
Northern Arizona U., isn't complaining. She's used
to talking to Deitenbeck only about once a week and
seeing him twice a year.
Like other college students who carry on long-
distance relationships, the couple copes with dateless
Friday and Saturday nights, outrageous phone bills
and the blues.
That's part of the package, Kramer believes.
"Jeff and I have loved each other for years ... I
don't worry that he doesn't love me or there's
someone else," Kramer said. "But you can get
to feeling insecure, and there's nothing you
can do about it."
While the emotional price tag for the
relationship can be steep, the financial
aspects are every bit as high. Just ask
Joshua Stafursky.
Stafursky, a senior at the U. of
Missouri, and his girlfriend
JOE CEPEDA, Karen Mularadelis, a
THE UNION, recent graduate

living in Bay Shore, N.Y., talk to each other about three times a day.
"Believe me, I have the phone bills to prove it," said Stafursky, who
spends $150 to $200 a month to reach out and touch Mularadelis.
While many of their friends can't understand how they do it, the
couple has carried out their three-year relationship on a long-
distance basis since Mularadelis graduated last year.
For Stafursky, the relationship is ideal because of his hectic
schedule. "I don't have to feel guilty about fitting her into my
schedule," he said. "Of course I miss her, but I wouldn't have a great
deal of time to spend with her if she were here."
While challenging under any circumstances, long-distance rela-
tionships work best with well-established couples, said Ann Weber,
Ph.D., professor of psychologyat the U. of North Carolina, Asheville.
"It can even be an intimacy enhancer," Weber said. "When the
couple is able to be together, there is a real, clear focused attention
to the relationship."
Weber said many students map out a specific plan to help ease the
anxieties of being apart. This includes discussing phone calls, who
pays phone bills, writing letters and dating other people.
"You have to have those rules set up beforehand and you have to be
true to them," she said. "Long-distance relationships that succeed are
more than a matter of good intentions. They are a matter of strategy."

Dancers make big bucks in the buff


eg me




Do you have a telephone? (01) O Yes i No Do you have a
lso sendvrmyrfirst selectivnfor upitoac60vTisdi
dicountfor whihiamamesoenclosingadditional v
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MY MAIN MUSICAL Van Helen, Michael Bolton,
INTEREST IS ZZyTop Gerge chael
Besue tectaenwhth~er 0 Heavp Metal 0 R&BSftut
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you may alwaysrchoose Warant Gauy
fomanpategory. OJazz QCounry

TheDaily Campus, Southern Methodist U.
Talk about moonlighting.
A high salary is the calling card, but most students won't be
writinghome about the increasinglypopular job of stripping.
In cities such as Dallas, Reno, Las Vegas and New York,
students are shedding their clothes and taking to the stage.
"It's purely financial," said Beth, a student at New York U. who
spends weekends as a topless dancer. "I work in a place I wouldn't
normally walk past, let alone go in, if not for the money."
"Basically, everyone in there is there for the money," said
"Kelly," ajunior English major from the U. of North Texas who
dances at a gentleman's club in Dallas. "I don't think anyone is
there to further her career in dancing."
Only her good friends know where she really works, and she
will not tell her parents about a job where she earns $3,000 a
month. "It's a bad stereotype to have," she said. "The
perception that everyone gets is that strippers are trashy people
and that's not true. It'sjust easy money and I need it."
Such situations are common, said Chantal Menis, owner of
the Wild Orchids Gentleman's Club in Dallas. Most of her
dancers are working to earn money on the side and can make
from $2,000 to $9,000 each month.
The money definitely is a big draw, Menis said, especially for
students struggling with steep tuition bills. "College is very

expensive, and a lot of parents cannot afford it," she said.
Las Vegas, with its legalized gambling and around-the-clock
nightlife, offers plenty of opportunities for students willing to
show some skin.
April, a student at the U. of Nevada, Las Vegas, performs in a
cabaret-style show to finance her education. "I might feel un-
comfortable if I were in Kansas or something," she said. "But
this is Las Vegas. It's a different atmosphere. Plus it's great
And it's not just women who are lured to dance. "Ladies
Only" clubs make stripping an equal-opportunity profession.
Rick Unholz, a senior at Southern Methodist U. who dances
at LaBare, a Dallas club that caters to women, calls stripping
"just ajob." He said he doesn't let the attention go to his head.
"I don't look at it as an ego trip. I don't think I'm so hot," he
Unholz said he uses a stage name, "so people don't think it is
mylife," buthe hasencountered SMU women at the club.
Aside from the possibility of baring all in front of classmates,
there are other drawbacks to stripping, said Unholz, who
wouldn't recommend thejob for everyone.
"It depends on the person," he said. "It's good money if you
don't have any qualms about taking off your clothes."
"Jim," an SMU student who used to dance at LaBare, agreed.
"It's kind of fun to do for awhile, but there are better ways to
make money," he said.

SMiss (it First Nam


cay state
APO, FPO, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rio; write for details of aftemative offer. Canadian residen
TorontoApplic"be sales tax added to all orders.

Taking off their clothes is a bare essentiai for students
who have taken up stripping to supplement their incomes.

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