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February 13, 1992 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-02-13

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The Michigan Daily--Weekend etc.-February 13,1992-Pagg5,

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Love in an elevator:
Learning to Push the Right

in ie. }ands On Musfeurn...



pp ® 0 0
By Belle D'A
The game of love. This wasn't the cove
It makes you feel to occur in my sister
great, but why? pleasure was in the
No scientist can observation. Just admi
yet explain it, but be found in others is r
you know the to make your heart rac
rules. Maybe you less treasures in a mus
feel like you're playing without a visions can inspire w
game plan. ing the feel-good ba:
One sure-fire way to get up and already established
going in the morning is to feel good Master.
about yourself, and the rest will Of course, if Moi
follow. Honestly. Flirting with you, or David stepp
someone is fun, but only if you're shower, the art would
basking in the glow of self-worth. a more personal leve
So, toss your insecurities aside. Find essary (although it's
something personal to embrace, and fun) to be physical wi
then go out and be, well, friendly. love. Before full-body
If you don't normally wake up good idea to talk to
until it's absolutely essential, try a your eye's apple. So, h
radically different idea. Let the verbal?
alarm sound early, and then do Easily answered,
something about it. put into practice. Ope
Make a breakfast date - or and let the words flo%
throw a weekend brunch at your ter for academic crush
place. Be one of the first people to a discussion versus a
open up the CCRB. Write letters to classroom level (the s
those people you've been meaning to good relationship), cha
respond to since the holidays. Wear that you have some
something nice to class without about, mainly the cou
having a reason. After choosing advised for those wh
something that makes you happy, go bought the books).
out and be social. Personally, I'd to
Being in love is a wonderful verbal debate over bar
emotion (beats jealous rage) and it's sation. Case in poin
the best feeling to carry you rather see someone pa
through the day. Fortunately it can to trounce your argu
hgppen to just about anyone, at any you want to inform
time. For instance, I fell in love with no proven mem
three times this morning. of the classes you'r
Once it was with the fuzzy (I healthy to not keep
didn't have my glasses on) shape of a up inside, so channel t
guy waiting for a printout in the positive, potentially
computing center. Didn't meet him; sation.
didn't get his number. Didn't mat- Which leads to th
ter. fell in love this mor
I fell in love with a woman's brutal argument in
sweater while crossing the Diag. class, where intellec
]EATING can hide their eating
Continued from page 1 as easily. "Women li
may all be dieting, so n
that someone's diet
every time I workout - whether it far," Murasky said.
is in the morning or at night, she is Thomas said she be
always there," Verona said. "Her lege lifestyle can ma
skin is just a covering stretched over disorder-related behav
her bones. You can see the veins and pressure from peers to
muscles in her legs." certain way. In her exf
LSA senior Karen Kalat said she University of Arizona
frequently passes women on campus dents often enabled
that look "unnaturally thin." dysfunctional eating f
"Today I walked by a woman is this whole phenom
that was unattractive because she nights" in sororiti
was so skinny," Kalat said. "Her where everyone ea
skin looked icky and her hair seemed throws up," she said.
dead." Murasky said tha
The classic characteristics of a women come to her f
woman with an eating disorder in- because of nagging
clude having low self-esteem, striv- family, many come on
lag for perfection, and coming from "Often times won
a family where the children feel because people begin
powerless. While men also exhibit ments about how thi
these characteristics, they are social- she said. "But lots c
ized to express them differently. have had a frightenin
"Lots of symptoms of an eating like passing out or blo

disorcer stem from dealing with because they couldn't
pain or conflict. While a male might Bulimic women es
be a bully as a way to deal with this, rience shame and gui
it is less accepted for a woman to be quence of their eati
aggressive," Murasky said. A wo- Thomas said.
man's socially acceptable solution "Bulimia is consid
is to internalize her aggression, normal than anorexia
damaging her own body rather than wanting everything a
others. something that is unn
Murasky said bulimic and feminine," she said.
anorexic college women often de- Thomas, who is
velop elaborate schemes to hide master's degree in Wo
their disorders from friends. said that society has t
"Many games go on to prevent to not eat just because
others from knowing. If a woman gry. "Our culture says
lives in a residence hall, it is a big moral issue. You c
place and no one knows if you have something because yo
already gone down to the cafeteria it, you have to ask yo
to eat," Murasky said. "Or, women been good enough to e
will go to the cafeteria with friends Because anorexia h
and claim they are not hungry. Ev- sires and alters the m
eryone's life is so busy, the woman Thomas said she find
can easily excuse herself early and anorexics feel they
then purge." the image of a sexu
Students who live off-campus woman. "It is the p

M a

Q 4i



f, e

ting that used
's closet. The
knowledge of
iring the art to
reason enough
ce. Like price-
seum, everyday
hile intensify-
se that you've
on the Stair-
na Lisa kissed
ed out of your
be elevated to
l. It's not nec-
certainly more
ith the one you
y contact, it's a
the person in
how do you get
but not easily
n your mouth,
w out. It's bet-
es if you're in.
lecture. On a
site of many a
ances are good
thing to talk
urse itself (not
o haven't still
ake a sweaty
nal bar conver-
t: would you
assionately try
uments, or do
a blank wall
nory retention
e taking. It's
things bottled
hat energy in a
lusty conver-
e third time I
rning. After a
my English
tual heat was

running high, the most satisfying
conclusion was to smile at my op-
ponent and say, "I think we've hit a
After you've gazed, after you've
spoken, then there's the question of
what. comes next. Often you can
wrangle a friendship out of the base
of your crush. With this new friend-
ship, you might decide that it's best
left at that. However, it might not
be enough to just meet for lunch or
coffee on alternate Fridays. At this
stage, something's got to give. Make
it known that you're looking for
something a little more (remember,
it's not heart-wise to suffocate your
emotions) but do it delicately.
Suggest meeting this person for
an atypical activity, whether it's go-
ing to the Hands-On Museum some
Saturday morning (most romantic
spot in Ann Arbor, from an arts
perspective, is the empty room
demonstrating a camera, second to
the Planetarium at the Exhibit Mu-
seum) or taking in one of the free
University concerts around campus.
Above all; though, take care of
yourself. If a person isn't interested,
it doesn't mean that you aren't in-
teresting. Remember the identity
you picked up with that grapefruit-
half this morning and don't be
afraid to fall back on it.
If you're past all of this wide-
eyed innocence, refreshing as it may
seem to some, let's talk about sex,
baybee. All the good things and the
bad things that could be. Sex is the
ultimate in health and fitness if
done properly; there's a lot that
could be said about birth control
and disease here, but I hope you all
use common sense when you do
what you do. Anyway, there's the
topic of sex, or deliberate
abstinence. What you choose to do is

your business, although I have some
friends who definitely think it's
their business as well.
In my years I've seen that sex and
love can be mutually exclusive or
inclusive. Do something different
with this new person you like, or
the same person you've been liking.
Being in touch with yourself lets
you see what you want to get -from
others. Ignore all pressure -so-

cially, parentally or wherever the
source is, and be your own superego.
You might find yourself kin-
dling some renewed passion, or per-
haps there's happiness to be found in
sleeping alone. Use your judgment,
but don't get too rational about
love, one of life's most illogical,
unfounded emotions.
Any attempts to dissect love are
often futile. What works for your

roommate won't for you. If you
want to be a player in the game, you
have to be willing to take risks. ke-
design the rules this weekend 'With
the most important player as yO-
Save the LP!.

Continued from page 2
In the huddle I instructed my
team, "Everybody block, OK? No-
body go out for a pass. I am going to
throw the ball away." I decided that
potentially making a first down
was not worth spending the rest of
my life in a wheelchair.
As I approached the line of
scrimmage, Mike's team was pre-
pared for the Mother of all Blitzes.
I once again pleaded with my team-
mates to block.
"Hike," I said. In that instant,
my entire team sprinted down the

to the principal's office where I
would be given a band-aid, Man-hal
walked up to me and, using one of
the English phrases that he had just
learned, exclaimed, "Hey, Chait - I
was open!"
The point I'm trying to make is
that sports like football do not im-
prove your physical fitness any
more than being whacked over the
head with a baseball bat.
But at least the sport gives you a
reasonable motive for your actions.
When you run in football, you do it
to avoid serious injury. But in sports
like track, you don't run from any-
thing. It's the same with swimming
or bicycling. When' I see runners

ple engaging in pointless physical
condition improving sports.
In between periods at Michigan
Hockey games, for instance, youag
figure skaters with several quarts of
make-up try to entertain the crowd
in the time period after the Zami;i
machines are done and before ,he
players skate out. The whole efft
could be described as "Tammy Faye
Baker On Ice," and of course it'ster-
ribly unpopular.
What they have to understand is
that people who attend hockey
games are not entertained by figore
skating. My idea is that they bring
the skater out at the same time as
the Zamboni machines. Nobody





disorders just
ving together
no one realizes
has gone too
elieves the col-
anifest eating
ior because of
look and act a
perience at the
, she said stu-
each other's
habits. "There
ena of "binge
es or dorms
ts and then
t while some
for counseling
by friends or
their own.
nen seek help
to make com-
n they look,"
of times they
ng experience,
wing an exam
pecially expe-
Ilt as a conse-
ng disorders,
ered more ab-
because it is
nd then doing
atural and not
completing a
men's Studies,
rained women
they are hun-
that food is a
can't just eat
)ur body needs
urself, 'Have I
eat this?"'
halts sexual de-
enstrual cycle,
s it ironic that
are fulfilling
ally attractive
erfect woman

who has become a little girl again.".
Jacobowitz said she believes
anorexia and bulimia cases would
decrease if realistic looking women
were shown on TV and in
"A company wanted to market a
normal looking Barbie doll, and no
one would buy it," she said. "The
standards set up for women can
never be achieved healthily."
Jacobowitz added that the physical
ramifications can be quite serious,
even life threatening.
"A bulimic patient may have a
ruptured esophagus, dental decay,
and her electrolytes can be thrown
off-balance. If someone uses
laxatives, there is a greater damage
to the kidneys and heart,"
Jacobowitz said.
Thomas agreed, explaining that
after purging she would feel
physically weak and her limbs
would tingle. "If I ever had to run
to catch the bus or something, I
couldn't do it."
Thomas said the root of the
problem stems from the way media
play on women's insecurities. She
partially blames the "multi-
million dollar diet industry," such
as diet centers and health clubs for
women's n preoccupation with
thinness. Women are bombarded
daily with commercials for
products like Dexatrim and
advertisements for workout videos,
she said.
"No matter how much women
achieve, they are still dissatisfied
with their bodies. It is a tool of our
culture to keep women powerless,"
Thomas said.


/ .,
.: Y « f
e. ,
' .

field, going for the bomb. None of
them stayed in to block. And in that
instant, I could also see half the
fifth grade, the larger half, prepar-
ing to tear me limb from limb. I
threw the ball as far as I could.
But that didn't stop them. Like I
said, football is one of those sports
where the object is to harm other
people's physical condition. Mike
hit me. I went -down. Then Paul
jumped on top. Then Chip jumped on
top. Then the rest of the fifth grade,
including my own team, jumped on
When they finally unpiled, I was
nearly unconscious. Both my nos-
trils were bleeding, and I could not
move any of my limbs. As Mike
started to pick me up and carry me

jogging for miles and miles for no.
apparent reason, I always think,
"Take it easy. Nobody's chasing
I think that's the same attitude
that all of us recess football-types
have. We don't like to see other peo-

would leave their seats - we
would root for the Zambonis to
flatten the little twerp. And if she
managed to survive the entire period
we would give her a nice round of
applause, just as the players skate
ont and smash her into the boards.



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