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January 31, 1992 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-01-31

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Page 4 -The Michigan Daily- Friday, January 31, 1992
ib i~~z &I

420 Maynard Street
Ann4Arbor, Michigan 48109 x - ANDREW K.GOTTESMAN
Editor in Chief
Edited and Managed STEPHEN HENDERSON
by Students at the PiNionEdtSo
University of Michigan Opinion Editor
Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.


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S( >
MG1- i efl J D t sY l -/. ~f 1 ' -


Hello, is Ralph there?
(2llective fines for damaging residence halls are out of control
VIN DIVISIONS OFTHE ROMAN ARMY MADE MISTAKES the maintenance director to forgive the fine.
-' showing cowardice in battle, for instance - This sobering anecdote demonstrates tha
their superior officers would force them to draw dents must often take responsibility for preve
lpts, and one in ten soldiers would be executed. collective punishment. Inaccurate vomiting
While this may sound cruel and barbaric, residence instance, a leading source of hall damage, c
halls here on campus utilize even more unjust prevented through training and practice. I
methods of collective punishment. dents imbibe large quantities of alcohol on a
In every residence hall lease, the University lar basis, rather than sporadically, they ma
rpserves the right to fine every prove their vomiting acc
resident in the hall in order to to the point where they car
replace any damage done on sistentl y hit the toilet even
the hall. Residence hall direc- under the influence of en
tors often invoke this clause at alcohol to kill a large cov
even the most trivial damage as And speaking oftoilets
4n-excuse to enrich dormitory defecation is anotherr
coffers without making the source of hall damage.
slightest attempt to find the ac- dent Advisors must be sui
tual culprit. students get this message
--One particularly galling ex- ecating near the toileti
ample occurred in West Quad enough! Students must
last year. A pair of fraternity ' sure that the entire bowel n
members, displaying the intel- ment is completely insid
ligence of cauliflower, decided toilet bowl. Those who f
to ,paint rush signs out in the do so probably had treme
hall without placing newspa- difficulties during the
pers (such as the Daily) under- training phase and shou
heath, vWhich of course resulted turned over to the Psych
in;paint stains on the carpeting. department for experim
This was in the fall. tion.
.The entire year went by, and While students must
too effort was made to erase the responsibility for accura
4amage. Then, at the end of the pulsion of bodily waste
year, residents of the hall were unfair nevertheless for th
fined fifty dollars each to re- Even the door signs are unhappy be held responsible for t
place all the carpeting in the about excessive dorm fines. tions of others. As the s
hail. The maintenance director goes, you cannot trace forN
eplained that the paint could not possibly be Even the Bible teaches us that collective
(e&ioved, and thus the entire carpeting must be ishment is wrong.
replaced. When God threatened to destroy Sodoi
Several residents, using cleaning supplies pur- Gomorra for the actions of some of the resi
6iased with their own money at a local drug store, Abraham objected, "Wilt thou indeed destri
proceeded to completely erase the paint damage. righteous with the wicked?... Far be it from t
Nevertheless, the maintenance director still in- do such a thing, to slay the righteous wit
sisted that the residents pay to replace the carpet- wicked, so that the righteous fare as the wic
img. . Genesis 18:221
At this point, the residents covered the hall with Residence halls must not punish all ft
signs stating that they would rather perform acts of actions of a few. The Romans knew it, the a
oral sex upon their residential director than pay the Hebrews knew it, and now our Residenc
fine. This tactic, surprisingly, succeeded in forcing directors must know it also.
Se Lndon run!

at stu-
g, for
an be
f stu-
y im-
n con-
, poor
re that
: Def-
is not
de the
fail to
ild be
t take
te ex-
it is
em to
the ac-
e pun-
m and
oy the
hee to
th the
or the'
e Hall

Flier was sexist

To the Daily:
This letter regards the flier
distributed by Theta Delta Chi
Fraternity for winter rush. The flier
attempts to promote the idea of
brotherhood with a picture of a
scantily dressed woman leaning
against a keg of beer. I,.for one, do
not see the correlation between the
picture and brotherhood. For a
woman viewing this flier, beer and
men and a half-naked woman can
only mean rape, and rape is not
something to be promoted and
This flier also taints the image
and reputation of all other existing
fraternities on campus. It fuels the
stereotype that fraternities are
concerned only with beer and
women. If this is an unfounded
generalization, and the real objective
of fraternities is to promote
brotherhood, then they should not
use the objectification of women as
a tool to do so; the two ideas are in
no way related.
Maybe the members of Theta
Delta Chi should focus their
collective brotherhood efforts on
something other than the
degradation of women.
Cinzia laderosa
RC sophomore
Frats are cool!
To the Daily:
In the editorial "Babes and beer"
(1/29/92), the Daily posed a very
pertinent question: What is a real
fraternity about?
As the Kappa Sigma Fraternity
core values reads: The ideals we
pursue determine who we are, and
what we will become. As an LSA
senior, my experiences with Kappa
Sigma have shown this to be true.
Kappa Sigmas, first and
foremost, believe that fraternities
should complement and enhance the

educational mission of the academic
institution. Kappa Sigma promotes
academic achievement and assists
each memeber in realizing his
academic potential and goals by
helping members adjust to the
college environment.
Kappa Sigma promotes its own
idea of brotherhood. The creation of
lifelong friendships is the primary
benefit of membership: As brothers,
our members have an obligation to
have a caring concern for the
welfare of each other, as students
and then as alumni, because
brotherhood is a lifetime
Kappa Sigma actively
contributed to the personal growth
and development of its members.
WE teach young men social skills
that benefit them throughout their
lifetime. The multitude of leadership
opportunites in the fraternity
prepares members to succeed in life.
We organize well-rounded programs
and strive for excellence and quality
in al undertakings.
Kappa Sigma promotes ethical
behavior. Kappa Sigmas are
expected to be gentlemen at all times
and the fraternity demands the
highest standard of personl conduct.
Kappa Sigma instills in its members
a sense of responsibility. The dignity
of all persons is always respected,
and intolerant or abusive behavior is
not tolerated.
Last but certainly not least, kappa
Sigma encourages service to others.
Members, individually and
collectively, work to improve the
campus and community, and by
doing so, improve themselves.
There are both good and bad
qualities in all things, including the
Greek System. My fraternity, as well
as the 37 others on campus
continually attempt to better
ourselves, the University and the
community at large. The raising of
tens of thousands of dollars annually
during Greek Week is testimony to
that. Above are but a few of the

ideals that, I'm sure, all Greeks
strive to achieve. I hope this
provides the Daily and its readers a
better understanding of what a real




ernity is all, about.
Monik Sanghv
LSA senior x
ey Jeremy!
the Daily: *,
In regards to Jeremy Katz's
7/92 letter: "CHA-CHING! ! ! !"
Amy Quick
LSA senior
the Daily:
This is in response to Jeremy
z's 1/27/92 letter: "CHA-
Bob Chen
Engineering first-year student'


To the Daily:

In regar
1/27/92 lett

ds to Jeremy Katz's
ter: "Cha-Ching!"
Christine Kloostra,
1 CA i

To the Daily:
In regards to Jeremy Katz's
1/27/92 letter: "CHA-CHING CHAS'
Sheri Haga
LSA junior
Ed.'s note: Please don't submit
any more letters abou.t the
controversial yet catchy phrase,
Cha-Ching. Your cooperation is
deeply appreciated.
- The Eds.

ACLU was right to challenge LaRouche's exclusion from the vote
AN INGHAM COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE RULED LaRouche had not passed the standard of genera
Tuesday that the Michigan Secretary of State Rich- consideration. This is clearly absurd. Given th
and Austin had to place Lyndon LaRouche's name massive documentation, there is no question tha
on the ballot for President of the United States. In he has passed the vague standard of P.A. 275.
response to Austin's earlier denial, the Michigan The Michigan law is restrictive and vague; i
chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union places too much powerinthehands of an unchecke
(ACLU), had filed suit against the State of Michi- Secretary of State, to exclude candidates deeme
, on LaRouche's behalf, saying he has been nonessential by the natio.nal media. LaRouch
denied his constitutional right to run for the Demo- must be allowed onto the ballot.
d'atic nomination for the presidency. He has passed the vague standard, and must be
LaRouche is currently in jail, serving a sen- allowed on the -ballot, just as surely as Sen. Tom
tence for income tax evasion. Earlier this year, Harkin (D-Iowa), Gov. Bill Clinton ofArkansas, o
LaRouche paid his $1,000 filing fee and entered Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.). If LaRouche had beei
the race for the Democratic nomination the presi- left off the ballot, the Democratic process woul
dent. He is already on the ballot in 17 states. fail to extend to all political philosophies, bu
Under Public Act 275, passed in 1988, to be rather, to mainstream, more readily acceptabl
placed on Michigan's ballot, the Secretary of State ideas.
must believe that you have been "generally advo- If States, such as Michigan, decide to mak
cated by the national media." moral judgements based on the ideological legiti
A recent 6th circuit court decision defined ad- macy of campaigns, then the political process ha
vocated as recognized, rather than the media "ad- been subverted. P.A. 275 is a poor standard tha
vocating" particular candidates. On Dec. 13, 1991, should be reconsidered by the state legislature. Th
the Secretary of State's office concluded that, ACLU's successful suit on behalf on Lyndoi
despite hundreds of pages of clippings complied LaRouche is a good sign that oversight of the
ly the State election bureau, as well as documen- process through public interest groups is working
tgion submitted by LaRouche's attorneys, to correct the flaws of the status quo.
'For better or for worse, today is the last day of Stephen Henderson's "reign of terror" over
the Daily's Opinion Page. For the next year- at least -Geoff Earle, Ainitava Mazumdar and
ael Citro will control the content of this page. We want to wish them luck - they will need
.'yvannnrn nl rl d t koo thr nth gi mmwth erthin Ietters a1 nd obnous


Green blasts Polk, liberalS
by James Green constructive leaders this commit- were not pleased with Polk's
Sometimes the hypocrisy of tee has ever had. Following the leadership in this position.
the radical left on this campus South University tear gassing Finally, I find it sickeningly
really makes me crazy. Recently, incident, his committee produced hypocritical that while Polk is
Amy Polk wrote (MSA appoint- a comprehensive fifty-page report decrying the state of party
ments political favors 1/15/92) complete with recommendations politics, representatives of her


it- and encourage au rea ers tO Keep MeM Urt cuei- ir o.I esa w..c i sca& nUMgL6
phone cafls. Letters can be addressed to 420 Maynard, Ann Arbor, 48109, or via MTS to "The
Michigan Daily." In keeping with Steve's tradition, Geoff Aimitava, and Yael reserve the right
to edit all letters for style, content and Political Correctness.

about her surprise and anxiety that
Conservative Coalition, after
winning three straight MSA
elections, would be so presumptu-
ous as to elect its members to the
committee and commission chairs
at MSA. Without getting into the
obvious countercharges of "sour.
grapes," I would like to challenge
the contention that any of those
elected were somehow unquali-
While it is true that Sejal
Mistry, the new Budget Priorities
Chairwoman, is an LSA sopho-
more, not a second-year MBA
like her opponent, Sejal has more
experience on the Budget Com-
mittee having served for over a
year. The same is true of her vice
chair, Brent House, an engineer-
ing sophomore, who faced an

I would think Polk and her cohorts would be
pleased. The pressure is now on us. The
student body has given Conservative Coali-
tion some big victories.

and an action plan.
The Ann Arbor Police have
agreed to incorporate the recom-
mendations of the report into their
training techniques, the Ann
Arbor City Council is considering
endorsing the plan, and the
University administration must
listen to Students Rights Commis-
sion for a change because
someone responsible is pressing
them for action. While the Daily
refuses to report it, this year's
SRC is getting more results than
any in recent memory.

little cadre on the assembly are
approaching me with suggestions
of backroom political deals
whereby I would use my influ-
ence to appoint their partisans to.
vacant LSA seats in return for
their influence in other appoint-
ments. In case anyone is wonder-
ing, I rejected the suggestion.
I would think Polk and her
cohorts would be pleased. The
pressure is now on us. The
student body has given Conserva-
tive Coalition some big victories.
We need to prove that we deserve


Nuts and Bolts
. -


V 2T-K

by Judd Winick
To ALL. or oM)wo srAJT
54D~, THANKS. 2T is. HLJct
4HI 'IAI.. ,IA

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