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November 15, 1991 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-11-15

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Page 4 -The Michigan Daily- Friday, November 15,1991
G{b 3 C4janiUI

420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Edited and Managed
by Students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Opinion Editor

In the past two weeks, the Daily has received more letters per day than at any other time in
recent history. Unfortunately, though, the sudden increase in the number of letters has made
it near impossible to print them all in our traditional letters space. Moreover, it has created
a considerable back log of letters; many that were sent two or three weeks ago are just now
being printed. Nonetheless, the Daily staff remains committed to making every effort to
publish every letter it receives. This policy is a great source of pride for the paper, and has
made the letters section of the Opinion Page a true forum for campus debate. It is in that
spirit that we dedicate our entire Opinion Page for this day to our readers and their





Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

RSG elections

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To the Daily:
Together with MSA elections
on Nov. 19 and 20, there will also
be elections for Rackham Student
Government (RSG), the elected
representatives of graduate
students at the University.
| The deadline for prospective
candidates for office to apply is
today, Nov. 15, and application
forms can be picked up outside
the office of Rackham Student
Government, room 102 in the
basement of Rackham.
There are vacancies in all
divisions. I strongly urge all
interested graduate students to
At election times, the higher
profile MSA elections often mean
RSG elections are forgotten by
the Daily. Yet they remain of
great importance for graduate
students and their government.
Mark Buchan
RSG President
Daily slides lower
To the Daily:
With each passing day the
Daily slides lower into the depths
of humanity. In a seemingly
endless attempt to justify its own
unjustifiable actions, it continues
to support anti-Semitic, and anti-
humanistic standpoints. Was the
fact that Duke printed the same
reprehensible and false advertise-
ment any justification for the
Daily's blunder.
The paper's latest venture is
the "Insight" on Nov. 13, 1991.
Thomas Marcellus, the director of
the Institute for Historical
Review, continues to push
Bradley Smith's hate-mongering
point of view. Pushing the same
rhetoric, this time in a column
form set off with the honorable
title of Insight gives it a facade of
In fact, credibility is the one
thing missing from the article.
False assumptions and red
herrings are the only things we
ae presented with. He is trying
from the outset to ride on the
recent popularity of the anti-PC
movement. His first sentence
applauds the Daily's courage to
print a politically incorrect
statement. There is nothing
pblitical about the issue, it is
simply incorrect.
The Daily's editorial integrity
is in serious question, and
contrary to what the paper might
wish, this issue will not die. It
will not disappear like the six

million Jews whom revisionists
claim did not die.
Bradley Rochien
LSA first-year student
Article incorrect
To the Daily:
. Did I go to the same Student
Soapbox last Tuesday? At the
Student Soapbox on Oct. 29 at the
Power Center, Moses Stewart
spoke first and Al Sharpton
second. Yet, the Daily article
reported Steward spoke after
It also quoted Sharpton saying,
"... when someone dies in my
community you expect us to stand
around and hold hands." The
complete quote is "stand around,
hold hands, and sing songs." The
phrase "sing songs" is essential to
the quote, because it vividly
depicted the stereotypical Black
Though these errors may seem
inconsequential to many, the
chopped quote and reversed
speaker order is testimony to
Sharpton's assertion of the
media's indifference and inaccu-
rate reporting.
J. Peter Liao
Second-year Art student
Daily nonsense
To the Daily:
I am writing in response to the
nonsense printed or page four of
the Oct. 10 issue of the Daily. In
"Doing the Right Thing," the
Daily's Editorial Board argues,
"Why do we continue to study
European-centered history when
by the 21st century a majority of
the United States population will
be compilation of the different
ethnic minorities?"
I had previously believed that
history was something immutable,
but the Daily now sheds light on
the subject by announcing that
what has happened in the past in
subject to change in accordance
with current census results!
It is one thing to say that
history books should be modified
for the sake of historical accuracy,
but it is quite another to argue that
they should be modified for the
sake of egalitarian accord with the
current ethnic composition of the
population. What if by the 22nd
century, whites again comprise
the majority of the population,
should we then switch back to a

European-centered history?
Rewriting history can indeed
be used as a tool to boost the self-
esteem of ethnic minorities, but it
must be realized that the founda-
tion of this self-esteem is intellec-
tual manure.
Rony Guldmann
LSA first-year student
What about
To the Daily:
The reaction to the advertise-
ment concerning the Holocaust
(including the "horrified"
response of President Duderstadt
in the Oct. 28 issue of the Record)
should bring home to everyone
how Armenians feel when the
reality of their own tragic
genocide is denied.
Duderstadt is particularly
pained by the injury to colleagues
whom he knows and, one infers,
believes. What am I to say about
my own mother tearfully telling
me, from my earliest childhood,
about her own travail and the
irreparable injury caused, among
countless others, to my own
family, including the death of my
three little sisters?
I do not intend to accuse; only
never to forget.
Avedis Donabedian
Nathan Sanai
Distinguished Professor
of Public Health
Frivolous fashion
To the Daily:
I returned from theDiag on
Wednesday, where a fashion
show was taking place. It saddens
me to see that this is where the
students' priorities lie. When
there is a rally for something like
police brutality, gay/lesbian
housing rights, etc., 50 people at
the most show up. When there is a
fashion show, the diag is full, and
everyone is paying attention as if
the television were on or some-
But then again, a fashion show
is safe, and television has pro-
grammed us into faithful consum-
ers, so my concern should fade in
the amount of time it takes to
watch a Girbaud ad.
Brian Feller
LSA junior

Missing the bus
To the Daily:
I would like to thank the
dedicated individuals that helped
make this year's alcohol aware-
ness program a success. The
committed students, staff, faculty
and community members who
gave their time and expertise to
build this program should be
commended for their efforts.
I do indeed hold alcohol
awareness week 1991 a success.
This program is the beginning of
a strong Michigan tradition that
will undoubtedly grow as the
years progress. Though this year's
program may have drawn small
student numbers, it has contrib-
uted much more in other areas not
so obvious. This program has
paved the way for stronger,
improved programs in the future.
Contrary to the misrepresenta-
tions of the Daily, publicity was a
high priority of the Alcohol
Awareness Coordinating Commit-
tee, comprising a major portion of
our budget. Publicity included
banners on the Diag, more than
500 posters on boards around
campus, literally thousands of
fliers handed out daily on the diag
and in the residence halls,
numerous Daily advertisements
(at significant cost), announce-
ments at sporting events and on
computer conferences, personal
letters to a number of organiza-
tions on campus, and much more.
In addition, a University bus
was provided to students as
transportation to and from the
Mocktail party at Ruby Tuesday's
of Briarwood Mall, which was
advertised in the Daily itself. We
can not force attendance at our
events. The fault for the low
turnout at many of the events this
year does not lie with the pro-
grammers, but with an apathetic,
perhaps overworked, student
This year's successful Alcohol
Awareness Week Program can
and should serve as a foundation
for future programs. We encour-
age input from everyone, includ-
ing the Michigan Daily, as to
improvements we can make in the
Scott Gast
Health issues
Commission Chair
Don't be 'butches'
To the Daily:
In recent weeks, the Thomas
confirmation hearings have
highlighted certain issues in the
nation's conscience, most notably
those concerns which could be
grouped under the heading of
"women's issues."
More is being spoken and
written about women's issues
presently than perhaps at any time
in the history of our country. One
such issue being re-evaluated is
the role of feminism in our
society, its history and myriad
forms. This letter is intended to
address one aspect of the feminist
movement: the behavior of certain
radical or militant feminists.
In recent years, it seems that
certain groups of feminists have
grown angrier and angrier about
their status in society. They
openly revile the "white male
power structure" and make a point
of appearing aggressive, angry
and decidedly unfeminine of
In their appearance and
behavior they say to all onlookers
in effect: "I will not behave, act or

dress the way you want me to. I
will not succumb to your de-
mands of femininity and all of its
Political statements are
encouraged and appreciated, yet
this particular manifestation of
feminist attitude has some
interesting and perhaps harmful
It seems peculiar that the
women who openly despise white.
macho men come to adopt the
very characteristics of these men
they abhor. In appearance and
behavior, these women are
decidedly rude, bellicose,
domineering and chauvinistic.
Thev have seeminlv emulated

the psychological defensive
phenomena described by Anna
Freud as identification with the
aggressor, in which the victim of
abuses comes to identify with the
abuser in an effort to master the
conflicts brought about by the
Regardless of the cause, the
effect is most unpleasant and I
would add inimical to the goals of
the feminist movement. This
commentary is not intended to
condemn feminism, nor is it an
appeal to women to dress and act
in a traditional feminine manner,
it is an appeal to decency. Quite
simply rude behavior is not
appreciated nor taken seriously,
one can be politically and
argumentatively forceful without
being rude.
Matthew Berki
University graduate
Letter was wrong
To the Daily:
I ask the Daily's indulgence
and allow me to respond to
Gwun-Jin Lin's letter of 10/21/91.
Lin's letter was a response to a
letter I originally wrote to the
Daily on Oct. 7, 1991.
There was nothing at all
misleading about my letter, as Lin
claims. What I wished to point out
was that the article the Daily
published on Sept. 6 ("U Taiwan-
ese students protest Chinese
interference in Taiwan"), was
factually incorrect. Because of
bad reporting, the article made it
appear that the protest was aimed
at The Center for Chinese Studies,
which it was not. Moreover, the
article implied that the KMT led
Republic of China on Taiwan
wanted closer relations with the
mainland, which is untrue. The
ROC government, in fact, wants
to return to the mainland to
reestablish control over all China.
Furthermore, in his comments
on Taiwan independence, Lin
gives the impression that the vast
majority of Taiwanese, laboring
under the occupation of the KMT,
are desperately yearning for an
independent island republic.
This is simply untrue. Every
survey taken on the island have
shown that the vast majority of
Taiwanese do not favor indepen-
dence or have no opinion on the
matter. What the Taiwanese do
want is the freedom to enjoy the
fruits of their economic success.
Taiwan faces enormous
internal economic, environmental
and obvious political problems.
Infrastructure has not kept pace
with Taiwan's economic growth.
Industrial development has given
rise to incredible environmental
degradation. Political debate
between the KMT and the
opposition Democratic-Progres-
sive Party (DPP) is usually carried
out as fist fights on the floor of
Taiwan's legislature.
While independence activists
are also concerned with these
issues, their movement does not
offer the prospect of solutions.
Indeed, the divisive situation an
independence movement would
create among unenthusiastic
Taiwanese, could only exacerbate
current problems. Lin's own
insistence on the need for an
independent Taiwan is therefore
misplaced. Truly, Taiwan has had
a very uique and, in many ways,
tragic history. That unique
historic circumstance does not, in
itself, justify independence. Nor,
is the assumptions that only an
"independent" Taiwan can ever

have a true democracy, based on
sound reasoning. Does indepen-
dence really preclude the possibil-
ity of oppression and injustice?
Peter Davidson
Graduate student,
Center for Chinese Studies
History can't
be rewritten
To the Daily:
Although I really believe that
a lot of ink will still be spilled
(redundantly) over the debate
between those who remember the
~1 ~I.*.

One lost cousin's letter cannot
seriously challenge overflowing
archives of authentic documents
and pictures, apart from all
testimonies given by living
people, many of whom are non-
Therefore, any attempt to put
the Holocaust in doubt cannot
mean a thing about the Holocaust;
it does mean a lot about the
character of the revisionist, who
may find room in the hall of
infamy, together with many
others, who tried to do the same
thing: rewrite history. A respect-
ful newspaper as the Daily should
not participate in promoting those
Zvi Barak
Scholar visitor
Play review
was incomplete
To the Daily:
First of all, I want to say that I
saw Les Blancs on Nov. 10,
and as an African-American
woman who struggles constantly
with the issue of self-determina-
tion, I thought Lorraine
Hansberry's play was wonderful.
The execution of the play was
complemented by the perfor-
mances of Jiba Anderson
(Tshembe), Joniah Martin
(Abioseh), and most stunningly
Damon Gupton (Peter), who was
not once mentioned in Austin
Ratner's review in the Daily.
Peter played the most signifi-
cant role in the play and neither
his character, nor the actor who
successfully executed the role
were mentioned in the lengthy
This character represented the
resistance of the struggle of Black
people throughout the world...and
their pride!
I was taken aback by Ratner's
lack of cultural awareness and
sensitivity in his review when
commenting on the author's
(character's) use of metaphor in
the play.
"Tshembe discussed his pain
in abstract political terms - 'The
scars in the hills' of Africa from
European mining ... But has
anyone really known scars in their
This last statement is naive
and misleading. It not only speaks
to the actual scars from diamond
mining and oil mining in Africa
by colonial activity in Africa, but
the mountains are the people of
Africa. Ravaged by white
soldiers, beaten like slaves.
As the contemporary poets of
popular music tell us, "History
will teach us nothing!"
Kyra Gaunt
Ph.D. Student
False insight
To the Daily:
Although David Shepardson's
"Insight" piece about New York
Times v. Sullivan pointed out the
importance of that Supreme Court
decision, it also contained some
inaccurate statements about it.
Shepardson says public
officials must prove "actual
reckless malice" in order to sue
for libel. The correct term is
"actual malice," defined as
reckless disregard for the truth or
knowledge of falsity.
The distinction is important
because many people erroneously
believe that public officials must
prove reporters or editors acted
with malice - spite or bias

against a person.
This is not what the Supreme
Court meant to convey.
Shepardson also missed the
boat in comparing the New York
Times ad to the recent Nazi
revisionist ad in the Daily.
Shepardson says, "The Bill of
Rights guarantees the right to
publish advertisements as an
appropriate forum for ideas, no
matter how offensive or factually
incorrect." This is not true. The
Federal Trade Commission
regulates false and misleading ads
about products. False or mislead-
ing ads do not receive First
Amendment protection.
The Supreme Court has
limited First Amendment free-
doms for commercial speech
since the 1964 Sullivan decision.



Readers respond to AIDS crisis,

To the Daily:
As much as I can understand
that the world and the sports
community is shocked by the
disclosure that Magic Johnson is
infected with HI*V, I am hurt and
angered that it has taken this
event to bring home the AIDS
grisis to millions of Americans.
M Although Magic is a hero to
iillions and a symbol of an era,
we grieve for the families of
others afflicted and for those who
know sufferers or are suffering
} Despite the intense image that
Magic has created regarding
AIDS and the HIV virus, those of
is with family, friends and loved
ones as well as those with a social
Conscience cannot help but help
question the hypocrisy of a public
that can only respond to the most
blatant of messages.
The media has been quick to
eulogize this man but what of the
millions who have died across the
world from AIDS? Have they
suffered less because they are not
athletic superstars? Should we
teceive less of a message from
these men and women?
We understand that Magic is a
role model to children and adults

alike. We realize that he embodies
an excellence that the rest of us
can only hope to attain ... but
now he is just a human ... a
human with HIV. And we should
save the eulogizing for every man
and woman afflicted with AIDS
and HIV.
Thomas Shelton
RC Sophomore
Sarah Carlson
RC senior
To the Daily:
The recent news that Magic
Johnson has HIV, the virus that
causes AIDS, has led to a greatly
increased public desire for
knowledge concerning HIV and
AIDS. However, we find it very
disturbing that "safe sex," the use
of a condom during intercourse, is
being advocated as the primary
way to prevent HIV infection.
AIDS is 100 percent prevent-
able, but not by using a condom.
Exactly how "safe" one is when
using a condom during inter-
course with an HIV-infected
partner is not yet clear. Prelimi-
nary studies indicate that the rate
of transmission of HIV from an
HIV-positive partner to one not

infected with the virus when using
a condom can be as as high as 10
percent. What is clear is that
there are only two sure ways not
to contract HIV: a monogamous
relationship with an HIV-negative
partner and abstinence from
intercourse and other high-risk
sexual activities. This is not being
emphasized enough.
Very few public figures and
members of the media have
advocated monogamous relation-
ships or abstinence as the sure
way to protect oneself from HIV
and AIDS. Instead, we are told
that by wearing condoms, we can
continue unlimited sexual activity
without any risk of getting AIDS.
We propose to Magic Johnson
that he change his message from
one of advocating "safe sex" to
one of encouraging either sexual
abstinence or monogamy.
Abstinence and monogamy
should not be too readily dis-
missed as outmoded or impracti-
cal and need to be given a fair
chance in the fight against AIDS.
Jonathan Uy
Chad Furness
Medical students




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