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April 25, 1990 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-04-25

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The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, April 25, 1990 -- Page 9


Mior Drama/Screenplay
Heather Hill, first-year RC student - "Anna" - $800
Wallace Knox, LSA senior - Etiquete for Light Sleepers" - $800
Benjamin Lo, LSA junior- "Searching for Unity" - $500
Martin Sweeney, RC junior - A Waiting Tale" - $500
Major Drama/Screenplay
Chris Fay,master's student, "First Folio" - $1800
Scott Dew, RC senior - "Gravity is Not Funny" - $1000
Kara Hartig, LSA senior - "The Magic Man"- $800.
Minor' Essay
Stephen Adams, LSA junior - "Three American Essays"-$900
1Amy Tikkanen, LSA senior - "A Drowning: Four Essays" - $900
Major Essay .:..:
Richard Sogn, PhD student - "Rimbaud, Gaugin, and the
r Search for Artistic Paradise" - $1000
$David Edwards, M.FA student - "Outwriting Racism" - $900
Gregory Loselle, master's student - "The Soul of Sebastian
Melmouth" -$900
Nabeel Zuberi, master's student - "Seven Records & a Book" -
SMajor Fiction h ovel
Eileen Kelly, MFA student- "Walk on the Earth" - $1500
Gergory Loselle, master's student - "A Pain Gone Mute" - $1500
Cammie McGovern, MFA student - "When the Perfect Comes"
$ 1500l


Continued from page 1
LSA senior and outgoing MSA
member Heidi Hayes was also upset
with the flier, and said it is wrong to
influence new assembly voters.
"I think it's disgusting when
people can't vote for themselves,"
Hayes said. "I think that if they got
elected to the assembly, they should
be able to vote for who they think
will do the best job, not for who

they ran with in the campaign, or
who their best friend is."
Dolgon -said this kind of vote co-
ordination is not new to the assem-
bly, and Van Valey should not be
"Every year, coalitions are built
to elect representatives to chair
committees," Dolgon explained.
"This occurs in all forms of gov-
ernment and has little to do with
having reps. work as MSA people,
not as party members."

Minor Fiction
Jim Poniewozik, LSA senior - special award - "In the
Shadow of the Planets" - $2000
Lara Stapleton, LSA senior - "Angles" - $900
Laura Garger, RC senior - "Soft Words; Irene; Jesus and the
Magdalene; The Golden Tiger" - $500
:Major Fiction - Short Story
Elisa Lichtenbaum, MFA student - "Superheroes Don't Have
Movable Limbs and Other Stories" - $1000
Patricia Schaefer, Law student - "In the Light" - $1000
Ann Tashi Slater, MFA student - "Long Blue" and "Mrs.
Winter" - $1000
Donald Unger, MFA student - "Personal Archaeology" - $1000
Minor Poetry,
Angela Bommarito, LSA junior- "Nine Poems" - $1000
Stephanie Ivanoff, LSA senior - "Filaments" $900
Jennifer Smith, RC soph. - "Secret Stars + Gardens" - $700
MVajor Poetry .~................~
Sarah Messer, MFA student - "The Woman Almost Blows
Up" - $1700
Anna Catanese, MFA student - "The Harmony of Right
Places" - $1000
Rebecca Reynolds, MFA student - "Testing Perspectives" -

1 1k

Thanks for
Geri Alum it
Josephine Ballenger
Joanna Broder
Diane Cook
Cherie Curry
Heather Fee
Julie Foster
Catherine Fug ate
Thanks again,
The Editors

a great semester; you've been
Have a great summer.
Ian Hoffman Bruce Shapiro
r Mark Katz Mike Sobel
Christine Kloostra Michael Sullivan
Frank Krajenke Noelle Vance
Ruth Littmann Elisabeth Weinsteir
Josh Mitnick Donna Woodwell
Dan Poux
Gil "Slash" Renberg
veltov4 iI4lf11oS Traauad t'r


Good luck to Graduating Seniors: Mike Sobel, Michael Sullivan, Frank
Krajenke, Ruth Littman, and Bruce Shapiro. Have a great time in Israel,
Mark Katz. You 'll all be missed.{

Offices Throughout Michigan
" Clerical, Secretarial, Data & Word
*Light Industrial
* Special Projects
No Applicant fee, Top Weekly pay,
Competitive Benefits
Professionals filling your employment needs.
We have interesting long and short term
assignments available during your summer break.
For the Office Nearest you Call:
1 -800-w968-2219

on making The Daily what it is now and
leaving it in better shape than ever before!
You are truly the Best of Ann Arbor.

a choice?"
Tom Garcia, M.D. (UAG '75)
K' Houston, Texas
"The right choice was there when I.
needed it. I made that choice, and now I'm a
physician. My alma mater may be just right
for you. It's your choice."~

Laurie Aaronson
Azmal Alauddin
John Alguire
Lauren Berman
Liz Chamberlain
Joe Cytron
Beverly Day
Christine Demerino
Marc Fienberg
Doug Garfinkel
Mary Jo Cord
Lisa Greenberg
Dan Hemmer
Grace Hom
Lisa Hunter
Sheila Kafi
Lori Kaplan
Marni Konner
Mike Lemont

a .

Andrea Madorsky
David Miller
Cyndi Peters
Paula Piccirilli
Susan Poczik
Sarah Poole
Kim Ratkin
Nancy Persley
Nancy Sagar
Steve Schottenfeld
Michelle Seamon
Cheryl Seurinck
Marly Slomovitz
Michele Smith
Faye Snyder
Steve So'echtig
Rob Walters
Liz Witzler
Rochelle Young

O "G
i * -

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
School of Medicine
Guadalajara, Mexico

The International Choice
For your free video preview call: 1-800-531-5494

In honor of rape prevention month, the Men's Outreach Committee of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awarenncezs
Center sponsored the 'Men Pledge to Help Stop Rape pledge. The goal of this pledge is to raise awareness among
men about why rape happens. For too long we have asked "what can women do to stop rape?" We are now asking
"what can men do to stop rape?"
Men Pledge to Help Stop Rape
We, the undersigned men, challenge ourselves and all other men to re-examine the role that
we play in stopping rape.
As men we often learn that it is acceptable to use physical force or coercion to have sex.
Force used in this way is rape, even if the person is an acquaintance, or we have had sex with that
person before. Sex must be a mutual decision that comes from honest and open communication. We
only accomplish this by listening, hearing and being respectful of our partner's wishes.
As men we often learn that men are expected to be dominant and women to be passive;
that men can get whatever they want and women are merely objects to be desired, to be con-
trolled and/or to have sex with. We refuse to accept these stereoyps and know that we must work
with one another to change these roles which reinforce the power differences and perpetuate rape in
our culture.
As men who are concerned, we have the ability to change society's expectations of us. I
pledge to open my eyes to the role I play as a man and to be aware of how I want to act as opposed to
what is expected of me because of my gender. I am taking action to consciously re-examine my use
of language, my actions and my attitudes towards women and other men. I pledge to challenge these
attitudes when I see them in my friends, co-workers and other men. I pledge not to rape; I realize this
means never to use physical or psychological force to make another person have sex with me.
I realize that rape concerns all people and that I can and want to take part in stopping rape in
our society.
MichePithm-Fi5nget-Sarn.tewo dd M acDo ad-Jo thRo eStvn~pperMichael Pl.lRichadKeleyMicswoHamZsuisEvan~igebounDavid
Toland-Andrew Shubcz-Michael Orblyun-Andrew Saks-MacyAronson-John Heatermarn-Jeffery Taras-Ben Mull-Mark Stoel-Darryl EddyRicky Flood-Scott WinklerNyle
IHcidrickson-Harold Zald-Roland Langford III-Elliot Glaser.John Lewis-Ed Tuczak-Al Miner-Curt QwrisiansenGeore LasterS. Mucha-Lucas Oncohcm Kane-.Tom
Chasm-nMark Beough ar-Richard Hillary-Scottlorr~tJhnRohiI-Eythmn KlaxnkaEric CoherrAdam LillirBrian Gilbert-Dave Balken-Peter Yocess-San Lindblado-Youacf
Abdull-Kevin Robert-Samiaga Lopez-Mark Reid-Micbacl Smith-Doug BilingrScotn Tiffenbacii.Kaniur MotauriJeff Wolf-Samuel KaplmnScott Rosenbaum-Rustin
FichtnerDave TunrDavid VanderviltStophen Hawkns-cott Chupack-Ken PearlerMike Larson-David Grosriay Strin-Ahsan Shaikh.Roy Zaac-Gamam Barsa-uaris
Baylyff-Walden Freedmn-Matthew Naud-Eric Hanzrling.Joshua we asmaChadic Cole-Martin Tury-Chris Mcuglyo-Glerm Perusek-Salil Patel-Tim BaJlewBradford
Alstrom-Kris Skentzos-Matthew WildrStv Varnorn.Bcral Price-Micheal Moot-David Wilcox-Gerald Schocnhcn-Kael Hanson-Daniel Yemnin-Brian Fcclmer-Michack
Rutz-John Branufield-Brian Boick-Tim PettigrewCasey Tubman-Adam Bressler-Matthew Freedamnn.Scott Sontag-Yuct-Keunig Lo-Benjamin Grinmtrh Weissman.Todd
MacGrcgot'Jolm Sivak-Brian Jendryka-Stuart Weisman-Mike Campites-Jon Warmn-Eric Noriand-Jason HardimarrAndrww SevesonEvan Strausrhyung Woo-.awxcnee
GerstleJonas Saunderr-Dezmis Graham-Philip Colrn-Arxhdzw Moffit-Joniathan Cassozo-Jeff Singer-Bn Wil-Neil DorceirrMark Loe-A. Borgcn-Rich Devine-Robert
DennJahnhee~vnomWKdikuyMr otm o-ct~kfedMr~sa-o~a-ri~bnMcelLazarusTodd Kent-Hauel Oh-John
Engenam-Lee Abraham-Cecil Brown-David DaLot-Fabio Arcila-WiIliam Fodler-Gregory Minano-Justin Slater-Cain Gawthrop.sylvania Weathersir Wallae Kntox-Thomnas
Siterlet-Peter RinchrtVvon~ Abookim-Andre Modigliani-Soren White-Mark Dynan-Eric Meininger.John Choi-Rte Valianmtos-Gregg Berton-Erica LathamwAlex
Spiess-Andrew Paimet.Alex Gilbert-Steahan Shaw-Glean Snapp-Brian Hall-Hyun Shin-Jamnes MooeImesh Patel-Gregory Rcily.Jeff Sacks-Franz Riva-Jonatan
Rodden-Andy Goddberg-Henry Kron nczChris Schitt-Anthony Pippena-Wihliam MumrChris Snyder-Mark Richwrdson-Ty DuginskiJeff WalenJonathan Hobgood.Bob
Gerdan-Byro Vamdo-Antoanio Sbise0Robert Stewart-Ed Miller-Douglas Munymn-Brad Hatdc.Benjan BrowtrJimn Poweru.Caxso n Wy-Alex Zwinak-Ming Shan-Michael
Emaus-Eric Tenfeldc-John Lesko-Scott Sages-Ross Wagner-Andrew Calm-Oliver Brandau-Andrew 5chrank-Andm~w Fisch rJohn Bwok-.Stephen Smi&hicfrey Tzeppa-Stoe
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Scobom-Kyle B.-Tinothy WiliamasTyler HoIwitt.Richard Bowmnan-Ryland Maushual-Jamnes Mirnnaugji-Jamnes Toy-Jonathan Aiken-Gay Alanclark-Richard BennettBrian
HuckBrian Unger-.Andy Newberg-Mark Matouka-Jason Kong-Alfred Moyer-Roland Busignuxu-Knish Thiagarajan-Stephen Dargiz-Joeph KowaskyAaron Wissner-David
Tews-Mike KizwStcve WeberDavi Foster-Christopher Cramer-Michael Jennings-Anil Chaddha-JahnmFord-Frod Nawrocki-Rodney MyemsMichael Kellehor-Jason
Kuellet-Tobin Siwbers'Namee Foudar-Steve Hendcisca-Paul SaundersJustin Nano-Thomnas Hall-Jeffrey Czerniak-Jeffity Schoenherrioe Harts-Mark Wilsm-David
Fletcher-Mich61 Sberxnal-Jon Swigerl-Chou Liu-Kstsuri Akaishi-Ernc Grekowiz-Alex Kim'S. Douglas To uwKen Mailwitz-Jaumes Eason-BerIP Pahl J.-Raymond
TremblayScotn BlakelyJoe Schowalter-Eric Neiswender-Mathew Porter-Robert William-.Orlando Evans'Daron Clark-Jamal YoungAlexander Isaac-Jamne Boyjew'Dmniel
Sandera-Will ThomasMark-Anthony DoxirllrmTomas GardnrPeter Argenma-Ron Randall-Matthew oskra-Danel Furtienez-Matthew Robb-Brimn Arnold-Robb
Aiken,-Jonathan Bidol-Matthew Boulton-Eric Antomow-Paul Feder-Dan Dacca-Mat? Dermo-Jason Blessing-Jamnie Homies-Jeff Boland-Andy Gordon-Joseph AloOtto
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GodfroyDavid BarishWilhiam Baxter-Jeff Simpson-Kit Gentry-Colim Scantlebury-Paul Phillips-Tim Westn an-Nute Melen'Pete MotowskiDan KiskiriJoseph Milles-Ktvia
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Shanna'Codin Jonson-Phil Elliot-Peter BennettJohn lfchcrEli SaulsomCraig Reies-Maurice Connelly.Jasms Guttrie-Andy LewisMike Sebaly-Kevi Kihlian-Manb~ew
PiekusBill Paison-Robert DaminRandy Ebet-Robert GuuwnBrianPortnoyRobetLoewentbol-Steve Striffler-RoreySminithrisLutz-Pete ArgomwaDavidiPsoppcsn.Patricka
Carver-Brick LauberOrville EricksmnMezt Erogn-Eric Lock-Bill Tsai-Paul Stebleton-Erik Hiwvicai-Charles Stein-Asholc Sham-aEdward LeMay-Robert Brown-Gary
Chaxnbowieff Wronm-Jeffrey Strong-Terry StanleyKenneth Robinson-Rich Falk-Williamn Mott-Shermnan EdminstonScott Turner-Bradley Byrd-Robert Rcagifo-Paul
DevinwBrian Young-Scott NewmnMauthcw LaGuidice-Craig Regester-Siddhmntha Sharmna-Eric Hasa-Conrad FoensyMario Ayala-Andy Midelmnan-Steve MottPaul
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Antills- William KurtzTeddy BroMarc Israel-Hamold Hirbom-David Bernstein-Michael Pnt-Keniny EdehzanMany Smith-David Levi-Gleam Hirsch-Charles Diuroa.Shawn
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