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April 06, 1990 - Image 21

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-04-06
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around for a while. And then I
also started to sell a lot of acid.
W: This is after you got
J: Right, after I got busted,
before it went to court. I went to
court in December of my
sophomore year and got three
months-on the condition I didn't
do any drugs. So, on December
21, 1985 I quit smoking pot. And
it was the hardest thing I've ever
done-a lot harder than quitting
cocaine. That winter I moved
out of the dorm, moved in with a
bunch a friends in a house. I
went to California and got a
quarter pound of Extasy. Sold it
in four days and made $4000.
W: That's right, that's when it
was really popular.
J: Right. The next week there
was a front page article about it
in the Daily. I walked into class
and thought 'Oh god.' Because
after that four days I had gone
back and got another pound of it,
sold it all and made enough
money to pay back my debts and
have $4000 left over. But after
that I got scared. It got too big,
too quick.
W: Did you do it?
J: Oh, god yes.
W: Why did you stop?
J: Doing Extasy is a little like
doing acid. It's not something
you get obsessive with like
cocaine. Besides, I started to
read a lot about it and realized I
could only do so much before I
would fuck-up my body.
W: I want to backtrack for a
second, did you end up doing
J: They put me in jail for a 90-
day sentence and I ended up
doing 50 days in Washtenaw
County jail. Very boring
experience. You sit around all
day and read books, and play
cards and watch T.V. It just
sucks. My first day back I
decided to do some crystal LSD.
So, to celebrate getting out of jail
I drunk the residue and I've
never been that high in my
entire life. I was so high I
couldn't even see anything, it
was like rain pouring onto a
windshield. I blacked out, I
ended up off of Packard by the
Krogers with my clothes off and
the police picked me up and
beat the shit out of me. I got
these scars on my wrists from the
handcuffs that night (he shows
visible scars ) which was about
four years ago. Woke up in the
hospital and I was still tripping.
Two weeks later the cops show
up at my door and charge me
with disorderly conduct-a
violation of my probation.
W: So then what happened?

J: They decide to send me to
rehab. This is second semester
junior year. So after I got out I
went to A.A., got a job and about
once every four months I would
do a drug deal. Mostly acid
because I knew people in the
dorm, for instance, do a lot more
acid than cocaine-that's true
W: So you weren't dealing
cocaine anymore.
J: I did two deals. I went to
New York, got some coke and
divided it up. Just from touching
the stuff, having it embedded in
my fingers, it got into my system.
I took a urinalyses the next day
and it came out positive. Violation
of my probation, they wanted to
send me to rehab for nine to
twelve months. I went for five
months until I got kicked out for
not being humble enough. Worst
experience of my life. I got out of
the farm two years ago and came
back to school.
W: Any drug deals since then?
J: During the summer and the
school year after I got kicked out
of rehab, I would do an acid deal
every couple of months and make
ten grand on each one of them. I
also did some pot deals. By the
end of that year I had saved
$50,000. Everything was going
swell, I was doing well in school, I
was off probation. The following
summer I went out to California, I
was driving through Arizona and I
got stopped at a random
inspection. They stripped
searched me, found some
paraphernalia in my car and a half
ounce of weed. Possession of
paraphernalia in Arizona is a ten-
year felony. They
confiscated $2,000
and my car and
threw me in jail and
wanted me to go to
W: What
J: I hired a lawyer
for $10,000. It cost
me $20,000 to get
out of the whole
thing. Came back
with $25,000 left,
made some bad
investments in the
stock market, lost a
lot of money. So I
came back to school
and, since getting
busted, have not
done too many
W: What made
you start dealing in
the first place?
J: The money.
My problem wasn't
really~drugs, it was

the money-I was addicted to
money. Life in the fast lane if you
will: eating at The Earle every
night, flying to Hawaii for the
weekend, gambling. Dealing
drugs gave me that money.
W: So, after all this, are you
going to graduate this year?
J: Yeah, I'm going to hang out
until I get off of probation at the
end of the summer. Then go out
to Washington or Oregon for a
while, until I get serious, and then
probably end up in Chicago.
W: Do you see yourself dealing
in the future?
J: I don't know, maybe a couple
of deals, I don't have that much of
a clientele anymore.
W: Was it easy to deal here?
J: Most definitely, students are
pretty rich and it's such a closed
environment. When I was living
in the dorm I was so well
protected. How was the city of
Ann Arbor going to find out what
was going on?
W: What do you think of the
new pot law?
J: I think that trying to enact
laws that are aimed at screwing
people over who like to casually
use drugs, don't work. People are
going to use drugs whether
there's laws against it or not.
People are going to have
abortions whether there are laws
against it or not. I'm sure there
are many pot smokers in Arizona
who continue to use it, they just
become more careful. It is
completely ridiculous to enact
laws like that, they just don't
interview by Mike Sobel

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University of Michigz
Ambassador Okun, distinguished careE
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Representative at the U.N.
Sunday, April
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Reception to
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Jose Juarez/WEEKEND

Mardb 30, 1990
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