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March 26, 1990 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-03-26

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Monday, March 26, 1990

The Michigan Doily
by Tony Silber




Page 5

IT may be as difficult to predict tonight's
Academy Award winners as it is to pick the
Final Four in the NCAA Tournament.
Tonight, film critics everywhere will try to
get into that mystical Academy psyche and
figure out the winners. I throw my hat into
this Oscar prediction ring with no guaran-
Best Picture - My heart is torn be-
tween My Left Foot and Driving Miss Daisy.
the two best pictures of the year for their
sheer brilliance and genuine emotion. But I

know the Academy too well and there is lit-
tle question in my mind that they will give
it to the worst film of the five nominated,
Born on the Fourth of July.
Best Director- Only twice in the last:
20 years has the director of the Best Picture
not won this award (1972, 1981) and there is
little reason to believe that Oliver Stone
(Born on the Fourth of July) won't repeat his
1986 walk (Platoon) to the winner's
podium, but Kenneth Branagh (Henry V) and
Woody Allen (Crimes and Misdemeanors)
deserve recognition for their excellent works.1

Best Actor - Certainly this is the most
difficult of the major awards to predict. By
process of elimination, Robin Williams
(Dead Poets Society) and Kenneth Branagh
have virtually no chance. Daniel Day-Lewis
(My Left Foot) was outstanding, but he will
be ignored unfairly. That leaves Morgan
Freeman (Driving Miss Daisy) and Tom
Cruise (Fourth of July), and although many
say the latter is the favorite, I'm going all
the way with Freeman.
Best Actress - This category is a
breather this year as the sentimental favorite

and genuine best performance happen to both
belong to Jessica Tandy (Driving Miss
Daisy). Give some credit to Jessica Lange
(Music Box) for a powerful portrayal, but
the elder Jessica will run away with this one.
Best Supporting Actor - This appears
to be another easy category, but that is be-
cause I enjoy Martin Landau (Crimes and
Misdemeanors) so much in all of his films
and this one was one of his brightest mo-
ments. Dan Aykroyd (Driving Miss Daisy)
deserves mention for the best dramatic per-
formance of his career, though.

Best Supporting Actress - Paul
Mazursky's Enemies: A Love Story produced
nominees Angelica Huston and Lena Olin,
but I think they will split the vote and the
real winner, Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot)
will come away with the Oscar.
Worst Snubs - Glory for Best Picture,
Roger and Me for Best Documentary, and
worst of all, Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing
for anything. How do new, innovative
filmmakers break into the Academy elite? By
not being innovative, I guess. Enjoy the
show tonight if you can stay up that long.

l - '

The Calendar
of The University of Michigan
The Casene combi.umeetingeecsn wrsAp, ad coera auwancena
wiheodrewseAopemngesacAweekonnps. /I Whaod on TMUdmityecod
C n adarmd openoalUniry-mscedpouadogmieiocwiauctid
by dhe Midhigan Studenr Assmby. hen muu be mirned in wr"iq by S p.m. h,
Tuesday before pulication. Addreu all nformation ato Anne Buhkiy, P bjieaioa
Mjuani.aUniisity Rcod, 412 Maynord Sireti. An lervis ()denotes ense a
wid A a 'it di care.
Tae kwon do Club-Mtg (beginners welcome), 7-8:30 pm, 2275 CCRB, 677-3135.
Shorin-ryu Karate-do Club-Practice (beginners welcome), 7:30-8:30 pm, CCRB
Small Gym, 747-6825.
Christian Sci Organization-Mtg with readings, 6:15 pm, Mich League.
Canterbury House-Lesbian-gay men's community open house, 8:45 pm, 218 N
Division, 665-0606.
Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Ctr Recruitment for volunteers cont, 3100
Mich Union, 763-5865.
Tau Beta P-Free tutoring in lower level math, physics, engr & sci courses, 7.11 pm,
UGLi; 8-10 pm, Bursley; 8-10 pm, S Quad.
Northwalk-North campus safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, Bursley Rm 2333 or 763-
Safewalk-Safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, UGLi Rm 102 or 936-1000 .
Al Lab-Lecture, "A Task-Structure for Design Problem Solving," B Chandrasekaran, 4
pm, SECS 1500,747-1761.
U-M-Flint-Lecture, "Women: Builders of Communities & Dreams," A Deer, 7 pm,
Univ Ctr Mich Rm A & B, 762-3085.
Ctr Human Growth & Devp-Lecture, "Black Workers in Northem Industries Before
1950," W Whatlery, 3 pm, Soc Wk Ctr Bldg Conf Rm, 764-2443.
*HRD-Wkshps: Business Writing, Part IV: Writing the Professional Report, 1:30-4:30
pm, 1111 Kipke Dr, reg req, 764-7410.
*Comput Ctr-Wkshps: MS-DOS for Hard Disk Users, 9 am-noon; PC-DOS/MS-DOS
Advanced Skills, 1-4 pm; Macintosh System Utilities, 1-3 pm; Monday
Programmers' Seminars, 7-9 pm; Intermediate Course of Action, 9 am-noon; 3001
SEB, reg req, 763-3700.
Ctr Near East & N Afr Stds-Brown-bag lec, "The Issue of Muslim Women: A New
Perspective," F Barium, noon, Lane Hall Commons Rm; Ottoman Hist Wkshp:
"Turkish Private. Collections for Late Ottoman History," S Hanioglu, 7 pm, LSYA
Rm 4050; 764-0350.
Rackham Grad Sch-Lecture, "Part of Pisidia, Phrygia & Galatia, Including Amorium,"
R M Harrison, 4 pm, Rackham E Conf Rm, 764-7480.
Sch Music-Concert, Michigan Youth Ensembles, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 763-4726
Career Plan & Place-Altematives to Business, 4:10-5 pm, CP&P Conf Rm, 764-7460.
Math Modelling Club-Lecture, "Recent Observations on Dynamic Systems Models in
Ecology," J H Vander Meer, 4 pm, 3231 Angell Hall, 930-6545.
Chem-Seminar, "The Influence Texture & Composition on the Magnetic Properties of
SrFe12O19," G Thompson, 4 pm, Rm 1640.
Ctr West Euro Stds-Lecture, "Expanding the Hildebrand Inventory: Runic Inscriptions
& Heroic Legend," S A Mitchell, noon, MLB 3rd fl Commons, 764-0420.
Ctr Afroamer & Afr Stds-Lecture, "Ideology,Persons, & Spirits: The Yombe of
Northem Zambia," G C Bond, 3:30 pm, LS&A Rm 2553.
Film & Video Stds-Lecture, "Some Trends of Contemporary African Cinema," N F
Ukadike, 4 pm, 2520 Frieze ,764-0147.
Hillel Found-Peace Party, Fishbowl; JWB, noon-5 pm, 1429 Hill St; Residence Hall
Repertory Thtre Troup, "Why is the Bedroom So Crowded? & A Play About Love,"
8 pm, 1429 Hill St; Progressive Zionist Caucus, 7:30 pm, 1429 Hill St; 769-0500.
Univ Lutheran Chapel-Handbell choir, 8:30 pm, 1511 Washtenaw, 663-5560.
Cricket Club-Organizational mtg, 7:30 pm, 1301 EECS, 930-1758.
Law Sch-Lecture, D Margolick, 4:30 pm, Hutchins Hall Rm 100.
Philosophy-Lecture, "Shame & Autonomy in Modem Thought & Ancient Literature,"
B Williams, 4 pm, Rackham Amphi.
LaGROC (Lesbian & Gay Men's Rights Organizing Committee)-Awareness Week
rally, noon, Diag, 763-4186; wkshps, 7 & 9 pm, Mich Union Mich Rm, 994-5403.
German Lang & Lit-Informal gathering, Kaffeestunde, 4-5:30 pm, MLB 3rd fl Conf
Rm, 764-8018.
WCBN/Lesbian & Gay Radio Collec-Public affairs talk show, "Closets are for
Clothes," 6-6:30 pm, 88 3 FM, 763-3500 or 3501.
LaGROC (Lesbian & Gay Men's Rights Organizing Committee)-Mtg, 7:30 pm, Mich
Union Rm 3100,763-4186.
Iranian Sdt Cultural Club-Mtg, a non-political, non-religious group, 7:45 pm, Mich
League, 662-8933.
Karate Club-Practice, 8:30-10 pm, CCRB Martial Arts Rm, 697-2420.
Asian American Women's Journal-Mtg, 5 pm, South Quad Afroamer Lounge, 764-
Wes Lutheran Campus Ministry-Study/discuss, "Faith-Shakers," 8-9 pm, Mich
Union, 662-0663.
Time & Relative Dimensions in Ann Arbor (TARDAA)-Mtg, 8 pm, 2413 Mason
Hall, 461-0447.
Northwalk-North campus safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, Bursley Rm 2333 or 763-
Safewalk-Safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, UGLi Rm 102 or 936-1000.
EECS-Seminars, "Orthonormal Bases of Wavelets," I Daubechies, 4 pm, EECS 1311;
"Extremely Portable Mathematical Libraries," D Woodcock & H Marshall, noon,
Baer Rm; "Modelling & Control of Production Systems with Random Part
Production Times," N H McClamroch, 3:30-5 pm, 1200 EECS, 763-5666.
Biopsychology-Colloq, "The Lemurs of Madagascar: Their Evolution and Future," T
Schessler, 12:30 pm, MHRI Rm 1057,761-7936.
Ctr Chinese Stds-Brown-bag lec, "The Dalai Lama in Oslo: Reading Between the
Lines," D Lopez, noon, Lane Hall Commons Rm, 936-1603.
Chem-Seminar, "Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization," K J Bouck, 4 pm, Rm
Ctr Afroamer & Afr Stds-Lecture, "From the Beloved Community to Common
Ground: A Comparison of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr & Jesse Jackson," C Henry, 4
pm, Mich League Hussey Ran.
CSSEAS-Vietnam Film proj, "A Quiet Little Town," 7 pm, Lorch Hall Aud, 764-0352.

Engi Lang & Lit-Lecture, "Private Men, Public Women: Stage Gender & Theatrical
Realism," W B Worthen, 4 pm, Rackham E Conf Rm, 764-5272.
U-M-Flint-Alumni/Sdt Exchange Prog begs, 4-6 pm, Univ Ctr Happenings Rm, 762-
3351; Comedy Connection, D Kline & R Laporte, 7:30 pm, Univ Ctr Ontario Rm,
762-3431; Lecture, "Women & Peace," A Aharoni, 7:45 pm, Univ Ctr Mich Rms,
German Lang & Lit-Film, "Solo Sunny," 7-9 pm, Angell Hall 2231, 763-3296.

Intl Ctr-Forum, "The December Peace Chain in Jerusalem: Implications for the
Future," B Barlow, noon, Intl Ctr, 662-5529.
Ctr Judaic Stds-Lecture, "Anthropology & Biblical Studies," S Deshen, 5 pm, 3058
LS&A, 763-9047.
*MSA-Underground Railway Theater play, "Home Is Where," 8 pm, 1019 W
Washington, 936-3076.
Med Ctr-Breast reconstruction prog, 7-9 pm, Univ Hosp Rm 2C224, 764-3115 or 936-
Med Chem-Seminar, " Structure-Function Studies of Thymidylate Synthase," D V
Santi, 3 pm, CC Little Rm 3554,764-7547.
Mus Art-Art Break, Objects of Special Interest, 12:10-12:30 pm, Mus Art, 747-2067.
Prog Stds in Religion-Lectures cont, "The Early Jesus Movement: New Religion or
Migration within Judaism?" D Georgi, 3-5 pm, Angell Hall Aud B, 764-4475.
Univ Lutheran Chapel-Life Light Bible study, 8 pm, 1511 Washtenaw, 663-5560.
Gen Union Palestine Sdts-Palestinian Cultural Night: Land Day Celebration, 8 pm,
Mich Union Ballrm .
Lesbian-Gay Male Prog-Awareness Week wkshps, 7 & 9 pm, Rackham W Conf Rm,
WCBN-Radio talk show, "Womyn's Rites and Rhythms," 6-6:30 pm .
AIESIC-General mtg, 6 pm, Bus Admin Bldg Rm 1273,764-2906.
Tae kwon do Club-Mtg (beginners welcome), 7-8:30 pm, 2275 CCRB, 677-3135.
Shorin-ryu Karate-do Club-Practice, 8:30-9:30 pm, CCRB Martial Arts Rm, 747-
Lord of Light Lutheran Church-Bible study, 6:30 pm; worship, 7:30-8:30 pm; 801 S
Forest, 668-7622.
MSA-Intl Sdt Affrs Commission mtg, 6:15 pm, Intl Ctr Rec Rm, 663-4547.
Canterbury House-Service, "Women Worshipping in the Christian Tradition," 7 pm,
218 N Division, 665-0606.
Wels Lutheran Campus Ministry-Lenten worship, 7:30 pm, 1360 Pauline, transport
provided, 662-0663.
Tau Beta P-Free tutoring in lower level math, physics, engr & sci courses, 7-11 pm,
UGLi; 8-10 pm, Bursley; 8-10 pm, S Quad.
Northwalk-North campus safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, Bursley Rm 2333 or 763-
Safewalk-Safety walking sve, 8 pm-1:30 am, UGLi Rm 102 or 936-1000.
Women for Guatemala-Slide talk, "Non-violence in Action, Peace Brigades
Intemational in Guatemala," P Ponvert, 6:45 pm, Guild House.
EECS-Seminar, "Minimum Entropy Robust Control," D Mustafa, 4:30pm, EECS 1311
*Sch Music/Afro-American Music Collec-Concert, Take 6, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 763-
Arch & Urban Plan-Lecture, "Modemism & the American Campus," M Dennis, 8 pm,
Chrysler Aud, 764-1301.
Chem-Seminars, "Aliphatic Nitrocompounds: Versatile Intermediates in Organic
Synthesis," P Stengel, 4 pm, Rm 1640; "Atomic Force Microscopy," K L Liu, 4 pm,
Rm 1650.
Career Plan & Place-Generating Career Options, 4:10-5:30 pm, CP&P Conf Rm, reg
req, 764-7460.
BioEngr-Seminar, "Construction of Ex-Vivo Bone Marrow," B Palsson, 4-5 pm, 1017
Comparative Lit-Lecture, "Repetition & Realism: The Ligeia Impulse in Storm's
"Viola Tricolor"," E Downing, 8 pm, Rackham E Conf Rm, 764-0112.
U-M-Dearborn-Film begs, "Uncle Buck," 7:30 pm, Rec & Organization Ctr, 593-5390
Eclipse Jazz-Lecture, Big Band Guitar, H Schumacher & J E Lawrence, 7 pm, Mich
Union Kuenzel Rm, 763-0046.
Environ & Water Resources Engr-Seminar, "Evolution of Buoyant Plumes in
Shallow Coastal Waters," A Bratkovich, 12:30-1:30 pm, GG Brown Rm 2305.
*CEW-Wkshp: Job Search Skills and Strategies, 7-9:30 pm, CEW, reg req, 998-7080.
Fac Women's Club-Tour of U-M Hospital, 10 am, 663-0793.
U-M-Flint-Lecture, "Mutual Help Organizations for the Seriously Mentally Ill," J
Rappaport, 7:45 pm, Murchie Sci Bldg Rm 107,762-3424.
*Film & Video Stds-Film screenings, 7 pm, Angell Hall Aud C.
Biology-Lecture, "Origin & Role of Agamospory in Fems," G Gastony, 4 pm, MLB
Lec Rm 2,764-2443.
*HRD-Wkshps: Creating Written Instructions, 1-4:30 pm; Developing a Positive Team
Attitude for Ofc Stf: Your Role, 8:30 am-noon; 1111 Kipke Dr, reg req, 764-7410.
*Comput Ctr-Wkshp: Intro to Comput, 1-3 pm, 611 Church St, reg req, 763-3700.
IOE-Seminar, "Use of Post-Audit Information in Capital Budgeting," C S Park, 4 pm,
Linguistics-Colloq, "Linguists in Society: The Beginning of the Prague School," J
Toman, 4 pm, 3050 Frieze Bldg.
Psychiatry-Lecture, "Eating Disorders: Pathogenesis & Treatment," D Krahn, 10:30
am, CAPH P3231, 764-9527.
Prog Stds in Religion-Lectures cont, "The Early Jesus Movement: New Religion or
Migration within Judaism?" D Georgi, 3-5 pm, Angell Hall Aud B, 764-4475.
Ctr Russian & E Euro Stds-Lecture, "A Baltic February: Political and Cultural
Transformation in the Estonian SSR," T A Kirss, noon-1 pm, Lane Hall Commons
Rm, 764-0351.
Sdts of Objectivism-Business mtg, 8 pm, Dominics, 996-4141 .
Sch Music-Lenten series organ concert, L Dzuris & C Miller, 12:15 pm, 1st
Congregational Church.
Univ Lutheran chapel-Choir rehearsal, 7:30 pm; Lent worship, 9 pm; 1511
Washtenaw, 663-5560.
LaGROC-Reading & booksigning, Russell Brown, 7 pm, 214 S 4th Ave; wkshps, 7 &
9 pm, Mich Union Mich Rm & 9 pm, Rackham W Conf Rm; 763-4186.
Socially Active Latino Sdt Assoc-General mtg, 7:30 pm, Angell Hall Rm 221, 973-
Karate Club-Practice, 7:30-9 pm & 9-10 pm, CCRB Small Gym, 697-2420.
Wels Lutheran Campus Ministry-Counseling, noon-1 pm, Mich Union, 662-0663.
Tau Beta P-Free tutoring in lower level math, physics, engr & sci courses, 7-11 pm,
Northwalk-North campus safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, Bursley Rm 2333 or 763-
Safewalk-Safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, UGLi Rm 102 or 936-1000.
Psychology-Lecture, "Guatemalan Indian Children of War," B Lykes & E Costa, 7:30
pm, E Quad Rm 126.
Chem-Seminar, "Multifractals in Diffusion, Aggregation and Reaction Kinetics," S
Havlin, 4 pm, Rm 1640.
CSSEAS-Vietnam film proj, "Fairytale for 17-Year-Olds," 7 pm, Lorch Hall Aud, 764-

*Ctr Occup Hith & Safe Engr-Conf begs, "Occupational Disorders of the Upper
Extremities," Rackham Bldg, reg req, 936-0148.
*Cont Med Educ-2-day course begs, "Challenges & Changes: Obstetrics &
Gynecology in the 1990's," M L Barclay, Towsley Ctr, reg req, 763-1400 .
CSSEAS-Lecture, "Taming the Coolie Beast," J Breman, noon, Rackham W Conf Rm .
EECS-Seminars, "Polymer Adsorption from Solution onto the Solid-Liquid Interface:

Ctr Human Growth & Devp-Lecture, "Adolescent Athletes: Issues for the ,
Pediatrician," J E Fliegel, noon, F8409 Mott; "Chromatin Structure & the
Developmental Control of Gene Expression," B Villeponteau, 12:10 pm, 1130 Nat
Sci Bldg, "Human Reproductive Ecology," V Vitzthum, 4 pm, Rackham E lec Rm, -
*HRD-Wkshps: Self-Assessment & Career Transformation, 1-4:30 pm; Laughing
Matters for Serious Communication, 1-4:30 pm; Writing It Right, Part III: The
Mechanics, 8:30 am-noon; Managing Performance Improvement, 8:30 am-noon;
1111 Kipke Dr; Brown Bag Luncheon Series for Single Parents, noon-1 pm, Mich
League Conf Rm 6; reg req, 764-7410.
*Com put Ctr-Wkshps: 4th Dimension Demonstration, 10 am-noon, 611 Church St;
Begin Word, Part I (Mac), 8:30 am-12:30 pm; reg req, 763-3700.
Ctr Japan Stds-Brown-bag lec, "Writing Mystery Fiction Set in the Heian Period," A F
Woodward, noon, Lane Hall Commons Rm, 764-6307.
Mus Anthropology-Brown-bag lec, "Lords of the Midcontinent: The Emerging Picture
of the Cahokia Chiefdom," T Pauketat, noon-1 pm, Nat Sci Mus Rm 2009,764-0485.
Med Chem-Seminar, "Synthesis, Structure, & Biological Properties of Backbone-
Modified Peptides," A F Spatola, 4 pm, CC Little Rm 3554,764-7547.
Mich Union-Concert, Academy for Early Music, 12:15 pm, Mich Union Pendleton
Mus Art-Art Break, Objects of Special Interest, 12:10-12:30 pm, Mus Art, 747-2067.
*Mich League-Intl Night, Japan, 4:30-7:30 pm, League Buffet.
Ctr Near East & N Afr Stds-Colloq, "The Case for Traditional Village Farming in
Turkey," A Larimore, 4 pm, Rackham W Conf Rm; Lecture, "Arab & Muslim
Stereotypes," J Woods, 7 pm, Hutchins Hall; 764-0350.
*Sch Music-Play begs, "In a Northem Landscape," 8 pm, Trueblood Thtre, 764-0450.
Vision Lunch-Seminar, "Molecular Genetics of X-linked Recessive Inherited Ocular
Diseases," P Sieving, 12:20 pm, 2055 MHRI, 764-0573.
Ofc Min Affrs-BAM conf begs, "The University Since BAM: Twenty Years of
Progress?" 12:30 pm, Campus Inn Terrace Ballrm, 764-5304.
Environ Stds Prog-Lecture, "Environmental Responsibility & a Fulfilling Lifestyle:
An Amish Farmer's View," D Kline, 7:30 pm, Dana Rm 1040.
LaGROC-Awareness wkshps, 7 pm, Mich League 3rd fl, 9:30 pm, E Quad
Lib, 763-4186.
Caribbean Sdt Assoc-Happy hr, 6-10 pm, Mich Union Rm 1209, 764-5040 or 769-
Tae kwon do Club-Mtg (beginners welcome), 6-8 pm, 1200 CCRB, 677-3135.
Lesbian-Gay Male Prog-Mtg, "Black Gay Men Together," 8 pm, Mich Union Rm
Safewalk-Safety walking svc, 8-11:30 pm, UGLi Rm 102 or 936-1000.
Psychology-Lectures, "Mental Health & Human Rights," noon, Guild House; "Children
of War: The Practice of Psychology in Central America," 4-5:30 pm, ISR Rm 6050;
B Lykes & E Costa.
EECS-Seminars, "A Juggling Robot: Experiments & Theory," D Koditschek, 4 pm,
EECS 1200; "Current Insight into Severe Reactor Accidents," J Kelly, 3:45 pm,
White Aud; "Robot Task Encoding Via the Control of Natural Motion in Mechanical,
Systems," D E Koditschek, 4 pm, EECS 1200.
Anthropology-Colloq, "What's an Anthropologist Doing Studying Blindness?" S.
Deshen, 4 pm, 4560 LS&A.
Astron-Colloq, "Ionized Interstellar Froth in Irregular Galazies," J Gallagher, 4 pm,
Dennison Rm 807.
CSSEAS-Lecture, "A New Look at Filipino Folklore," R Mojares, 12:10 pm, Lane Hall
Commons Rm.
Ethics & Religion-Seminar, "Khomeini's View of Private Property, Society, and the
State," E Abrahamian, 7:30 pm, 1st Methodist Church, 764-7442.
Gay Liberation-"Brothers" coffee house, 8 pm, 802 Monroe St, 763-4186.
*HRD-Wkshps: Careers at Risk: Breaking Free of Traditional Limitations, 8:30 am-
noon; The Art of Living Life as an Adventure, 1-4:30 pm; 1111 Kipke Dr, reg req,.
*Comput Ctr-Wkshps: MS-DOS Basic Skills, 1-4 pm; Backup Strategies & FastBack
Plus, 10 am-noon; FileMaker II Basic Skills, 8:30 am-12:30 pm; 3001 SEB, reg req,
Intl Ctr-Travel wkshp, "Travel Abroad: Eastern & Westem Europe," J Lorenger, 3-
4:30 pm, 764-9310.
Kelsey Mus-Exhibit opening & reception, "Crowning Glories: Persian Kingship & the
Power of Creative Continuity," 8 pm, Kelsey Mus .
LS&A GSTA-Seminar, "Sexual Harrassment," 3 pm, LS&A Rm 4051, 763-0624.
Physics-Seminar, "Integrity of Earth & Life," Jvan Klinken, noon, 231 W Engr.
Phi Delta Kappa-Spring 1990 Initiation Ceremony Dinner, 6:30-9 pm, Sheraton Univ
Ofc Min Affrs--BAM conf cont, "The University Since BAM: Twenty Years of
Progress?" 8:30 am, Mich Union Pendleton Rm, 764-5304.
Christians in Action-Mtg, 7:30 pm, Mich League, 761-1009.
Folkdance Club-Intl folkdancing, 8-9 pm lessons, 9-11 pm dancing, Angell Elem Sch,
Solidarity-Discussion, "Organizing the South: Black Workers form Justice Map Our
Some Strategies for the 1990's," N Mayo, 7:30 pm, Mich Union Wolverine Rm, 662-
Karate Club-Practice, 3-5 pm, CCRB Small Gym, 697-2420.
Safewalk-Safety walking svc, 8-11:30 pm, UGLi Rm 102 or 936-1000.
*Ann Arbor Summer Festival-Winter Warm-up concert, Aretha Franklin, 8 pm, Hill
Auditorium, 747-2278.
Asian Sdt Coalition-Collage film series cont, "Afterbirth," 7 pm; "Bittersweet
. Survival," 7:30 pm; "Pickles Make Me Cry," 8 pm; Lorch Hall Aud, 761-2486.
*U-M-Flint Visit Writers Series-An Old Fashioned Open Poetry Reading, 7 pm, 519
Brush Alley, 762-3200.
Hillel Found--Grads & Young Professionals coffeehouse, 9:30 pm, 1429 Hill St, 769-
*Lesbian-Gay Male Prof Ofc-Dance for lesbian & bi-sexual women, 9 pm-1 am,
Unitarian Universalist Church, 763-4186.
Ofc Min Affrs-BAM conf cont, 8:30 am, loc tba, 764-5304.


I a I

Wels Lutheran Campus Ministry-Worship svc, 10 am, 1360 Pauline Rd, transport'-
provided, 662-0663 or 761-6362.
*Ballroom Dance Club-Dance lesson, 6-7 pm, dancing, 7-9 pm, 3275 CCRB ($1 with -
CCRB pass), 668-8423.
Lord of Light Lutheran Church-Worship, 10 am, 801 S Forest, 668-7622.
Chess Team-Mtg, 1 pm, Mich League, 764-0940.
Unly Reformed Church-Worship, 10:30 am, 1101 E Huron, 662-3153.
Canterbury House-Holy Eucharist, 5 pm, St Andrew's Episcopal Church; dinner, 6
pm, 218 N Division; 665-0606.
Iranian Sdt Culture Club-Coffee hr & movie, 2-4 pm; Persian lang classes, 4-6 pm;
3050 Frieze, 662-8933.
Northwalk-North campus safety walking svc, 8 pm-1:30 am, Bursley Rm 2333 or 763-



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