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September 23, 1988 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1988-09-23
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_.........Record Reviews
True Sounds of Liberty's new release really sucks
Sinks to disease-ridden realms
of crossover metal/hardcore

Hit and Run
Enigma Records
True Sounds of Liberty is a dog
who has had its day. Their latest
release, Hit and Run, is a veritable
platter of pathos and yet another
notch in their bedpost of whimpy,
After the release of their debut
EP, a short but sweet rockin' slab,
and two fine albums, Beneath the
1 2
QRP" n w' ".
Shadows and Change Today?,
TSOL began a steady decline,
falling prey to the disease-ridden
realms of crossover metal/hardcora.
Their immense growth from Shad-
ows to Change revealed a change
from their goth-rock origin to a
more hardcore band, and hinted of a
destiny of hardcore greatness. Un-
fortunately, this growth-spurt came
to an abrupt halt with the release of
Revenge, which first uncovered the
band's digression to a life of
whimp-metal and grunge-ballads.

flit and Run merely adds insult
to injury and exists only to pour
salt in the wounds of ex-TSOL fans
like myself who continue to play
their old stuff in an attempt to sup-
press the horrid nightmare they've
become. What else needs to be said
about a band that sucks?
--Robert Flaggert
Original Motion Picture
Warner Brothers Records
Eeeeeyoow! Here's a "nightmare
walkin' psychopath talkin"' rap
collection from the notorious film
(too true) story of L.A. youth gang
violence. Enough All-Star mix-
masters to make even the stiffest
intellectual resistance melt into the
beatbrew. Amazing title track from
Ice-T. A double-barrelled dose from
chart-toppers Salt-N-Pepa. The cold
cut re-mix of "Paid in Full,"
running a full seven minutes, from
Eric B. & Rakim. Roxanne Shante
puts the others girls to shame.
M.C. shan and Rick James get
down. Yes, yes, yes! As 7A3
reminds us, it's a "Mad Mad
World." A not-so-nice (but Bad)
place to visit...
-Marc S. Taras

True Sounds of Liberty have sold out. Blech!

South of Heaven
Def Jam Records
The other day I saw two preachers
on one of those inane TV talk
shows bashing rock and roll for
promoting sex and drug use, for
generally corrupting our youth, and
for causing the downfall of the U.
S. of A. (as if we didn't know this
already). They were picking on
Motley Crue and Bon Jovi as ex-
amples of especially subversive

groups and were practically frothing
at the mouth over some of their
lyrics. I'd love to slide Slayer's lat-
est, South of Heaven, by those
preachers, just to watch their reac-
tions. Slayer makes the Crie look
like sissies (Bon Jovi, of course,
does that by himself). Then again,
Slayer makes almost everybody
look like sissies.
Forget sex and drugs (well, don't
forget them, just set them aside for
the moment); let's talk graphic
suicide lyrics including every vari-

- le~o
O ' Op "
r" s
L~ate' ,




When U of M wins come in and get
2 Blueberry Muffins for the price of one.
1200 South University Open 7 days a week

ant of the word death (death, dead,
die, dying, etc) plus suicide, mur-
der, assassination, and others. The
word death, by rough count, appears
13 times. Reading the lyric sheet is
like reading a Clive Barker novel -
downright disturbing. Words splat-
ter across the page like blood from
an open wound. This stuff would
make a wonderful soundtrack for the
next Faces of Death film.
Musically, the album is slower,
heavier, and less shrill than Reign
in Blood (Slayer's previous album
and recognized as a speed metal
classic). Producer Rick Rubin gets
the boys in the band to slow down
occasionally, conjuring up musical
sections reminiscent of Black Sab-
bath in their sludge-like heaviness.
But just when you get used to this
groove, the double bass drums roll
in and the band hits light speed,
destination, of course, South of
Heaven. Highlights abound on the
album - "Live Undead," with the
double bass drums rumbling at an
insane speed; "Ghosts of War,"
with drum rolls that crackle around
the headphones like thunder, and
"Read Between the Lies," a song
about our friends, the televange-
Definitive death metal. Dig
it....or else.
-Chuck Skarsaune
Hunters and
IRS Records
Hunters and Collectors is a
quintessentially generic Australian
outfit that offers young university

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and Jane and their dog Spot?
Today's children are growing up in
a media/television oriented society.
Technology has changed, yet many
schools are teaching the same way
they taught 30 years ago.
Many teachers who stress
education among Black students
overemphasize the financial gains
of finishing school and earning a
degree. Teachers say go to school
and study this or that so you can
make a lot of money and drive a
BMW. The temptation to sell
drugs can speak louder than some
teachers offering the student every-
thing mentioned above only a lot
easier and most importantly a heck
of a lot quicker.
I know some of you young gifted
Black students fortunate enough to
have finished high school and are
attending college may well say
they're poor, don't do anything, and
don't want to do anything. But face
it, most of the Blacks attending
college come from (by Black
standards) middle-income, working
class families with employed
parents. Many of them went to
schools where they were respected,
encouraged, and pressed to acheive.
Most middle-income Black kids live
in the same neighborhood, are in
the college prep curriculum in high
school, and hang out with other
students who are much like
themselves. Living in such a posi-
tive environment can sometimes
put blinders on their view of the
rest of the Black community. They
may even begin to think that most
young Blacks are like themselves,
in college striving toward a better
life. The truth is that they are in the
minority even within the Black
community. The majority is a po-
tentially frightening reality.
To begin solving these problems,
parents of low-income students
should be taught just how
beneficial education is to their kids
and should stress to their children
the difference between short-term
versus long-term gains.
Public schools should do more to
get parent's involved in their
children's education and be more
accessible for community activities,
not just close down for the day at
5:00 pm .
School board administrators
should be concerned with providing
and atmosphere that's conducive to
learning. Over 40 kids have already
been shot this year and going to
school has now become a matter of
life and death. I remember in my
senior year of high school, a friend
of mine told me that the girl who
sat next to her in class came to
school with a gun in her book bag.
I wonder how much you can con-
centrate on what's being said in
front of the class when another per-
son sitting next to you is strapped.
How can a student pay attention to
what is going on inside the school

j n

if they're worried about rival gangs
going at itagainafter school.
This whole situation is so and so
dangerous to the future of the Black
community that the alleviation of
these problems should be placed on
all of our agendas. Still, some of
you are thinking, well I don't live
in Detroit, I'm not even from
around here. Well lemme tell you
the reality of this situation persists
in all urban areas. It persists 30
miles away in Detroit, 270 miles
away in Chicago, 700 miles away
in New York, and 2,000 miles
away in Los Angeles.
What can we, conscious college

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students, do? Well for starters, don't
just assume that because you are
Black, you know what these kids
and various sectors of the Black
community need. Too often the
agenda is made for poor Blacks by
middle- and upper-income Blacks
who are out of touch with the
problems in the lower-income
communities. Anyone, not just
Black people can make a difference
if you think before jumping in. If
you don't know about the situation,
you must study. Research the
community. All minority commu-
nities are different. Identify it's
needs and problems, and after

you've formed your hypothesis,
initiate an organized game plan.
Of course you don't have to do
anything at all, but statistics show
that it's cheaper to send someone to
college than to house them in
Remember that 20 years ago,
college students like us, i.e...
SNCC, were the main organizing
and driving force behind the civil
rights movement - a movement
that changed this country and helped
make it possible for Black students
to attend universities like this one.
Upon graduation we can become
involved in community projects and

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