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September 10, 1987 - Image 68

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The Michigan Daily, 1987-09-10
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Page 4 -The Michigan Daily, Thursday, September 10, 1987
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The Michigan Daily, Thursday,

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By Arlin Wasserman
As college students, we have an
image to maintain; after all, we are
trying to get our degrees in good
small talk. The best way to do this
aside from sipping coffee out of
little plastic cups in down and.out
restaurants, is to read a lot and then
tell people about what you've read.
So after a long hard day of
lectures and hours of sensory
depravation in little cubicles in the
library, it's time to escape the grind
and work on your intellectualism.
Go pick up a book. Ann Arbor has
a lot of places to get books. Here's
some places you're probably better
off going to.
If you want used books...
There is David's Books at 622
East Liberty. You have to walk up
a bunch of narrow stairs to get to
this one. David's Books has lots
and lots of novels from the late,

great 1970s. You can find ten
copies of Love Story or every issue
of Playboy printed between 1972
and 1979. You can also find every
textbook written between these
times too. David's Books special -
izes in the works of Henry Kiss -
inger and Jimmy Carter, but they
won't admit it. The will admit to
having one of the largest selection
of paperback novels and romances
in the used book store scene.
Also, they have a pretty good
selection of mysteries and westerns
and a bunch of pop psychology
that'll let you leave smiling even if
you don't find what you want. As
is tradition with all used book store
employees, the dude sitting behind
the, big wooden desk at David's
Books knows every book in stock.
The one thing David's Books
really lacks is a children's book
department but they have a bunch
of Hardy Boys books and other

junior high school books more
appropriate for college students.
But, if you don't feel like,
walking upstairs, you can walk
downstairs to Dawn Treader Books.
In fact, there are two different
outlets of Dawn Treader Books and
you have to walk downstairs to get
to both of them.
The one at 1202 South*
University specializes in children's
books and horror books. They have
a big science fiction section and a
mess of paperback novels from the
early 1980s. They also play cool
music on their stereo. In the back is
the map room where you can go
look at antique and autographed
maps that are often a hundred years
old or more.
The other Dawn Treader, at 525
East Liberty, doesn't have many
autographed maps, but as any used
book store does, they have a bunch
of autographed books. The
hardcover novel selection is
amazing and you can get one's
signed by their authors if you really
want. There's also a great selection
of poetry collections here and a
whole room full of books on world
history. There's also a little dusty
room off to the side where you can
find books on linguistics, guns, sex
and raising children and whatever
else they throw in there. Another
room is chock full of science
fiction paperbacks.
Now if when you think of used
books, you think of those big dusty
tomes of Gothic stories that you
read by candlelight with a raven
perching on the top of your
armchair, then Ann Arbor has two
really excellent rare and used book
stores. You have to walk up three
little steps that lead off the sidewalk
to get to them.
There's the State Street Store at
316 State, which has really old,
really rare books and the West Side
Books Shop at 113 Liberty, in Ann
Arbor's Old West Side. Okay, so
maybe the rare books people aren't
so good at making up catchy
names, but the people in these
stores know everything about every
book ever written. Sometimes they

can even tell you what store has the
book you're looking for if they're
out of it.
Now, without going up and
down stairs, you can go up in price
and buy some new books.

there is really friendly and you can
order any book in print at no
additional charge.
There's also a few tables of
discount books in front of the store
and you can always find good

By Cathy Joliffe
Bernardo and Francisco, two
campus security officers
Ghost of 1987 graduate
Hamlet, new student to the
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,
two sophomores living on Hamlet's
hall in South Quad
Horatio, roommate and friend to
Ophelia, lovely woman in Ham -
let's English 125 class
The scene: The University of
Act One

Scene One. Ann Arbor, the front
doors of South Quad. ,
Bernardo and Francisco, on their
nightly rounds.
Bernardo: Ah, yes, another
peaceful night at the Quad. Most
students are tucked securely away at
Rick's or Charlie's or ordering piz -
za from Dominos.
Francisco: Things never change,
do they? Year after year, students
are stuck in the same old rut. They
never think of anything new to do.
Bernardo: But what else is there?
The only thing U-M has to offer is
beer and pizza, isn't it? .
(Sound of someone humming
The Victors, off-key. Enter Ghost
of 1987 graduate.)

Francisco: Hark! Who's there?
Speak, I pray thee!
Ghost: 'Tis I, a graduate of the
University of Michigan. Four long
years did I toil here, and what have I
to show? Ink poison of the hand,
resulting from cover stamps, in lieu
of Opening Night Tickets! A pizza
gut have 1, when I could have fed
my knowledge of Brecht.
Bernardo: What nonsense is this?
Stumble inside, you drunkard, and
babble your message to others.
Act Two
Scene One: Hamlet's room,
South Quad, 7:30 p.m. Hamlet,
Horatio, Rosencrantz and Guild -
enstern, discussing the evening's
Hamlet: To see or not to see,
that is the question. Whether 'tis
nobler to purchase a ticket to the
R.C. Players, or...
Rosencrantz: (interrupting)
Enough of this absurd talk, Hamlet.
Quarter beer night lurketh at
Dooley's, and we must be off.
Hamlet: But the fair Ophelia
wanted to view the East Quad
theater, an outgrowth of the
Residential College in which she is
Guildenstern: Four dollars,
sixteen beers, or a ticket to a
student written and directed play?
C'mon, the choice is easy!
Enter Ghost
Ghost: There is no debate. Four
years was I at Dooley's, with
nothing to show for it now, save
stamp cancer and cirrossis of the
liver. Hamlet shall embark for the
East Quad theater, at once!
Horatio: Is there no alternative?
Rosencrantz: A woman's mind
is quick to change. What if the fair
Ophelia wants not the R.C.
Ghost: Many options in theater
still remain. The University
Activity Center's MUSKET stages
one or two large productions a year.

It is sponsored by the University,
and welcomes student talent. Last
year MUSKET produced Oklahoma!
and always receives rave responses.
Horatio: Do other such options
exist, if the call of the almighty Bar

... H.M.S. Pinafore.

Doily Photo by JOHN MUNSON
Ann Arbor resident Theresa Geisler browses through a selection at Dawn
Treader book store on S. University St.

There's a pretty cool discount
book store at 219 South Main
Street called Afterwords where you
can save lots of money on a few
new novels, some nature books and
just about every children's book
ever written. There's also a back
room full of damaged books that
Afterwords practically gives away.
If you have patience enough to go
back a few times, you can find any
recent book you want for only
If you have more than pennies to
spend and no time to waste, there's
Border's Book Store at 303 South
State Street. Tommy Border has a
dream of selling every book in the
world. So far he's doing pretty
well. Border's has about 80,000
titles in stock.
The walls and tables are covered
with books, and the ceiling and the
people who work in the store know
where every book is. They have
books on everything. They even
have a humor section that's as big
as a dormitory double. Everyone

reading there if you're in the mood.
Border's also discounts hardbacks
and bestsellers.
If you want something a little
more unusual, check out the Crazy
Wisdom book store at 206 East
Fourth Ave. for all your Holistic
health needs. The Shaman Drum
book store at 313 State Street
satiates any counterculture or
revolutionary cravings you might
have. Shaman Drum also has
textbooks for many University
classes and they sell some of them
cheaper than Ulrich's and Barnes
and Noble. You do have to walk up
stairs to get to Shaman Drum.
See BOOK, Page 15

does not sound?
Ghost: If Hamlet is headed
towards East Quad, he may consider
the Brecht Company, based also in
that institution. Specializing in the
epic theater of the German
playwright, Bertold Brecht, they
combine both traditional perfor -
mance methods and innovative
musical and juxtapositional tech -
niques. An interesting diversion for
Lady Ophelia, indeed.
Guildenstern: Why would
Hamlet choose the theater over a
night out with the guys?
Rosencrantz: Why would
ANYBODY give up familiar
weekend rituals to sit in a stuffy
Ghost: In answer to your
questions, gentlemen, the college
education is not complete without
discovering the little known
entertainments existing within Ann
Arbor. All theaters, Rosencrantz,
are not stuffy the Performance
Network, located past Main Street,


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