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January 30, 1987 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1987-01-30

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Friday, January 30, 1987

The Michigan DoIu

Kahane wants



of Israel

This continues yesterday's interview of
Rabbi Meir Kahane by Daily staffer Steve
Kahane: These issues have to be dealt
with along with anti-Jewish feeling in
this country. Jew hatred not anti-
semitism, which is an antiseptic term.
Jews are hated in this country. There's
jealousy, there's envy. Times are good.
So while the anti-semite is making
money he can watch the Super Bowl. So
he hates Jews quietly. But take away his
Super Bowl, if there's an economic
decline and this country goes to pot. And
believe me, the economy of this country
is incredibly frightening to anyone who
really knows it. The banking system is
falling apart; there's no way that they'll
ever get back those loans, and there's
really no money to cover what they owe
the depositors right now. The trade
deficit, this country is losing millions of
jobs permanently every single year. This
is their reality, $5 trillion personal debt
in America. Everyone is running around
with a credit card buying up the world.
And then that's going to lead to an
explosion of hatred and a holocaust here
against the Jews. So I get up and I say
"Jews come home quickly; get out; come
home to Israel." But that should be
debated. Maybe it's not right. Good, tell
me it's not right. Tell me it can't happen.
Let's debate it. The point is really I raise
the painful question that they have tried
for decades to sweep under the rug.
Daily: How come most religious leaders
are so against you?
K: I believe in honesty. If the Torah is
divine or if it's not you don't have to
keep any of it. I would prefer an honest
atheist to these puppeteers. They're
cowards, because they're afraid. Who
wants to get the kind of flak that I get?

Who wants to be called racist, or Hitler,
or Nazi? And further more he's going to
be fired from his job.
D: So what makes you special from all
these Rabbis is that you're willing to
come out and say all this?
K: I'm not going to go into why I do it
and they don't. I just know why they
don't. If you speak to them privately
they'll tell you "of course he's right, but
you can't do it." If I'm night then you'd
better do it. We're an orphaned generation
in the sense that we don't have leaders and
we haven't had leaders for a long, long
time in America. The holocaust that took
place in the 1940s that in great measure
took place because Jewish leaders in this
country didn't do the kinds of things that
Martin Luther King did for his people..
There was silence. There was no protest,
because they were afraid of the anti-
semitism here. The Soviet Jewish tragedy
went on for decades without a single
Jewish leader speaking about it. For 60
years it wasn't any issue until Jewish
militants went out and put it in the
headlines doing the not nice violent
things that Jews don't do, the same
violence that's been used by blacks in
South Africa. That's freedom violence and
that's good. But it was done by Jews
whose brothers and sisters, all Jewish
leaders, are afraid of anti-semitism. These
are all things that have to be said. And
Jewish leaders don't want me to speak in
their synagogues because what rabbi
wants me to say these things to his
(congregation)? And have them sitting
there nodding their heads saying "you
know he's right."
D: Do think the reform Jewish leaders are
strong enough now to act and prevent a.
K: They'll say I'm paranoid and I say
paranoid Jews live longer.

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"We don't drive Arabs out.
Not because I don't want to
drive Arabs out, I would love
to drive Arabs out. But we
can't do it yet."
-Rabbi Meir Kahane
Is Israel ready to take in the large number
of American Jews?
They have no choice. Israel wasn't made
as a country which can decide whether it
can or can not take in Jews. Its reason for
being is to take in Jews. We'll put them
in tents. In 1948, when Israel was
poverty stricken, fighting a war, we took
in 800,000 people. The population
doubled over night. If the American Jew
goes now with all his money, my God,
you couldn't raise all that money in the
next centuries. It's better to come to
Israel before you have to run. Why not do
as the rabbis say. Who is wise? He who
sees tomorrow. The problem is, what
makes you think that Jewish leaders are
wise? These Jewish leaders are pygmies.
These are narrow type dwarfs. Not even
big, dwarfs, small dwarfs. The, Arab
population growth threatens the existence
of a Jewish state within -ten to fifteen
D: Do you have problems with controlled
allotments of Arabs living in Israel?
K: If the Arabs of Israel are prepared to
accept non-citizenship status, then they
could live there. If they were willing to
have personal rights, economic rights,
social rights, cultural rights, and religious
rights, then they have to treat it as Jews.
But no national rights. They don't vote or
sit in the Knesset. If they were to accept'
that, fine. But they won't, accept that.
D: But they will still be living there.
How will that solve the problem?
K: Yeah, but if you have no say in the
government, then the Jews decide who is
going to live.

D: In other words you are suggesting"
they give up these rights and then your
supporters and other people in the
Knesset can just kick them out of the
K: No. If they don't have these national
rights, they'll leave. They'll be no
problem to us..
D: What is the problem you are trying to
K: If they have national rights, they can
vote Israel out of existence because they
are going to see it as an aggressor. In
other words, they could, just as we voted
in a law of return which allows the Jews
in, they could do the same thing and
invite the Arabs in. They can change the
name of the country to Palestine. They
can start calling them Palestine bonds.
We'll have the UAA- The United Arab
Appeal. The Palestine National Fund will.
be planting trees all over Palestine.
That's what I don't want.
D: How many Arab Knesset members are
there now?
K: Nine, but don't kid yourself. Let me
tell you the difference between now and
what was. For twenty-five years, the Jews
were able to deal with the heads of the
Arab clans or villages. These "were old
guys, who for money, you could buy
them. Today, there is a new Arab in
Israel. He's an educated one and they are
taking over now. Among the great
mistakes Israel has made, has been the
educating of Arabs. The most dangerous
Arab is the educated Arab because the
revolution doesn't come from the numb
and the dumb. It comes from the
intellectual. We train the future leaders of
the PLO at this moment at Hebrew
University. They are taking over the Arab
communities and they aren't going to
vote for 'the Labor Party for money.
They'll vote for the Communist party
which is an Arab party or for this new
Arab nationalist party. But they are going
to vote for Arab parties and you are going
to have a real problem. Realistically a
third of the Knesset will be Arab. If you
are a democrat, there is nothing wrong
with this. But if you are a Zionist, if you
are normal, this is terrible. Of course it's
terrible. I didn't leave America to live as a
minority under the Arabs. If I have to live
as a minority, it's a pleasure living on
Long Island. Do you know what they
would do to us if they could?
Look at what they do to each other in
Lebanon. It's incredible. Everyone is
speaking about Jewish-Arab coexistence.
I am waiting for Arab-Arab coexistence.
It's a pleasure watching this coexistence.
Every Arab is walking around killing
other Arabs. If they do that to
themselves, what will they do to us? So,
we'll give the Arabs that choice. They
won't accept that choice. There aren't ten
Arabs over the age of thirty who would
accept living as non-citizens. And I
respect that. And God bless them; may
they create their own Palestine in Jordan,

Pakistan, or wherever else they want tQ
create it. They have 22 states. The Jews
have one and it's going to stay Jewish.,,
D: Many of your ideas haven't caught
on that much in Israel.
K: Hold on , just wait until the next
election. The Sephardic Jews of Israel
make up close to .59 percent of the.
country, a good majority. These are Jews,
who haven't been touched by colle-e,
professors. They are what we used to cal,
in Brooklyn street-wise. They live in tk ,
real world. They come from Arab
countries. They lived under Arabs and
they know what Arabs are. They didn t
learn about Arabs from Bnai Brith
seminars. They are the people who elected
Begin and today, they are my voters, my
D: So you think you have a pretty good.
support base?
K: We are going to be in the next,
government, that's for sure. There will be
no government without us next time.,
Can you just imagine divine justice?
Kahane comes back to Detroit as Prime-
Minister. There would be mass leapin,
from buildings.
D: How come most of your supporters
use and often when you speak, violence
K: Why do you turn to me, why don't
you turn to the people who use the
violence? I don't use violence when I
speak. My supporters use violence?
American Jews have an unbelievab'le
selective ability to select what they don't
like. You attack Kahane and not tbd
10,000 members of Kibbutzim who came
to a town where I spoke and literally trIed
to kill me. Or the mayor of the town who
said, "Kill them while they are still
strong." If I had said that, can one
imagine. It would have been engraved on
the forehead of every single Bnai Brith
member. Kahane says, "Kill them while
they are still small."
None of my supporters have ever tried
to drive Arabs out of an area ever, period.
Half of what is written in the newspapers
is not true and the other half is doubtfut
We don't drive Arabs out. Not because
don't want to drive Arabs out, I woul4
love to drive Arabs out. But we can't d
it yet.
D: The United States recently revoked
your citizenship? What's the status of
that fight?
K: It's in the courts right now. Thk
ACLU is defending me, one of the bid;
moments of Jewish history.
D: Most of your support comes from tho
K: With a lot of support from othe
Jews. At every attack on a Jew. Everd
time a Jew is murdered, I gain votes. I'dt
not happy about it because I think tht
Jews are insane to have to see a murder
to see what is so obvious. But the fact a
the matter is that that's the way it is. It'
the truth.

Vol. XCVtk,..

420 Maynard St.
Ann Arbor,'MI 48109

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All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.
Don't trade for hostages,

ventable, acknowledging terrorists
by trading in arms encourages
hostage taking. The United States
should have a firm policy against
negotiating with terrorists.
By sending arms to Iran to free
hostages, the United States
endangers its citizens. Instead, the
United States should recognize and
meet with the African National
Congress, the Palestine Liberation
Organization, and the Islamic Jihad
only when U.S. citizens are not
being used as bargaining chips.
When instances such as the
kidnapping of U.S. citizens
currently being held in Iran occur,
the United States should refrain

from encouraging further such acts
by refusing to negotiate.
At the same time, it is important
to recognize that other
organizations may hold the United
States or its allies responsible for
the imprisonment of their
No policy can eliminate
terrorism in its irrational forms, but
recognition of the concerns of
repressed, desperate people
promotes solutions to deeper
conflicts which motivate some
Contact between the United
States and groups which engage in
terrorism should never take place in
an environment where people are
used as pawns.

Greeks are not root of rape problem
U The Daily: rumorous story of one girl with place at a fraternity party or not. abolishment of the Greek systa
response to Kristin Pope's two dates being beaten and raped Miss Pope' use of the story will rid the campus of rape
ticle on "Greeks and with no conviction of the felons incriminates us anyway just by sexual harassment. Thisi


Alternative to tradition

Careers Center, opened in room
130 Tyler of East Quadrangle on
January 21. The Daily commends
the concerned students responsible
for the planning and running of the
center. The Daily hopes that the
University will support the center
as well as the annual Alternative
Careers Fair (formerly known as
Creating Careers: Working for
Social Change).
Although this is the first year of
the center's existence, the
Alternative Careers Fair has taken
place in East Quadrangle for the
past eight years. The function of

in a wide range of disciplines, far
too often students tailor their
education to fit the job market
rather than the alternative: finding
out how to help society based on
personal interests and skills.
Through the resources and
counseling available at the
Alternative Careers Center,
students can accomplish just this
task. Rather than going to college
in order to prepare for the
traditional job market, students can
now explore their interests while in
college and then locate or create a
career that meets their needs rather
than the needs of a corporation.

Harassment" (Daily, 1/22/87), I
feel very offended as do my
fraternity brothers in being
categorized as condoning sexual
assaults on women. I believe
that Miss Pope's scathing
generalization has slandered the
Greek system with her
unprofessional work of
journalism (the word journalism
is used loosely). My first
complaint regards the sourcerof
information on which she bases
her article: Ms. magazine. Since
when did a sensationalist
magazine whose main objective
is to increase its number of
readers to increase their profit,
become a reputable source of
psychological and sociological
information on our society?
Quotations such as "Fraternities
are sporting clubs and their game
is women" (Ms. magazine) and
"Fraternity parties are often
places for sexual assault and
harassment" are news to me.
Nowhere in our fraternities
constitution or in any part of our

is hard to believe. I abhor any act
of this nature on women, but did
it really happen that way? If it
did, where are the specifics so the
fraternity allege-involved can face
the wrath of public uproar? Miss
Pope uses another example at
this University, but is ambig-
uous whether the event took

being mentioned in the article. It
upsets me when journalists use
their influence to publish
unfounded ideas for all to see.
The press and The Michigan
Daily have an obligation to print
facts, not accusations. Finally, I,
as well as my brothers, would
like to know how the

Greek apologists blame

ludicrous! If Miss Pope woul
care to check the police record
I'm sure she would that =tZ
Greek system is a long way frg1
being contributors to sexit
crime in this city.
Joseph Forcii
pe victims


To The Daily:
The article "Greek pluses
exceed minuses" and the letter
"Pope is misinformed but
imaginative" in the January 12
issue acknowledge the violence
to women that occurs in
fraternities. Lustig writes, "I
am not going to deny that
sexual harassment of women
does not occur at fraternity
parties, nor am I going to
assert that all members of the
Greek system have halos above
their heads..." Julia, Barron,
also. "does not deny that

Barron puts it. Lustig asks,
"Do these women have self-
What about the men who do
the manipulating? who org -
anize the rapes? who condone
any function where sexual
harassment takes place? Men
are raping and harassing. Any
campaign to arrest the behavior
should target the fraternities
not the sororities and other
women. Becoming more com -
fortable "saying no" with
conviction and volume if
necessarv will heln women in

Women should be able
drink and even get drunk '1
parties. Men do. Women
should not have to wear specidI
clothes or act especialr
Victorian so as not to incur the
sexual determination of men 0
fraternities. It is about tink
that women are able to lie
people - people with sex -
uality, with the desire to le
drunk, or with any othir
characteristic - without tlfr
fear of violence from men er
even judgement.


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