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January 28, 1987 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1987-01-28

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The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, January 28, 1987 - Page 3

Local groups pledge
aid for Nicaragua

The Michigan Student Assembly
last night discussed two conflicting
proposals concerning the future
funding of the Public Interest
Research Group in Michigan
(PIRGIM). Both proposals
stemmed from an ad hoc com -

Leaders of five local religious
and peace organization yesterday
pledged to help raise $3.8 million
in humanitarian aid for Nicaraguan
Members of the groups are
Collecting the funds for Michigan
Quest for Peace, the state chapter of
4 national campaign raising $100
million between July 1986 and
September 1987. The amount
matches Congress' military aid to
the Contras who are fighting
Nicaragua's government.
Members of the five local
organizations - AMISTAD, the
Ann Arbor Central America Sister
City Task Force, Day Care Aid in

Nicaragua, the First Baptist
Church, and the Nicaragua Medical
Aid Project - have raised about
$130,000 in money, supplies, and
services since last July.
They have gathered funds
through auctions, dinners, dona -
tions, and a bowling-for-dollars
campaign. Members of the organ -
izations will contribute money,
medicine, agricultural and edu -
cational services, health care, and a
garbage truck.
The 44 organizations taking part:
in Michigan Quest for Peace have
raised $336,000 in humanitarian aid
for Nicaragua. According to Jane
Schisgal, an AMISTAD spokes -
person, most of the aid is already

being used in Nicaragua.
Reverend Robert Wallace,
minister of Ann Arbor's First
Baptist Church, said Quest for
Peace targeted Nicaragua because
"our government has said we have
an intricate relationship with
Nicaragua" by approving $100
million in military aid for the
Ann Marie Coleman, a
spokesperson for Guild House, said
while these organizations are -also
helping Americans in need, they
feel responsible and are trying "to
help the people who are caught in a
situation caused by the United

... raises humanitarian aid

CCBB reopens weight room; sloppy lifters reform

mittee, including MSA and
PIRGIM members, formed to
analyze student organization
The proposal drawn up by MSA
President Kurt Muenchow and
MSA official Eric Schnaufer denied
MSA's responsibility to take over
funding for PIRGIM. According to
the proposal, "MSA support for
PIRGIM funding should take the
traditional forms of lobbying and
Assembly members have voiced
concerns over MSA's ability and
responsibility to support the group.
"We can take on this
irresponsiblity, but we shouldn't,"
said Schnaufer. "The students didn't
ask MSA to fund PIRGIM; the
students asked Shapiro to fund
"The question is not whether
PIRGIM should get funded; the
question is where the funding
should come from," Muenchow
said, "There is no reason the regents
should not accept the students'
petition, it's just easier for
PIRGIM to oppose MSA than to
oppose the regents."
OTHER members of MSA and
PIRGIM drafted a proposal placing

ponsibility for funding on the
assembly. According to this pro -
posal, MSA will collect a
"refusable fee" of $1.25 from each
student in conjunction with the
student activities fee.
The refusable fee will be
assessed from each student unless a
box is checked on the student
verification form, stating that the
student does not wish to support
PIRGIM. This fee differs from
PIRGIM's funding before 1986,
which required a student to check a
box giving financial support to
According to PIRGIM Chair -
person Andrew Swensen, "The
positive check-off system time and
again fails, and the PIRG dies."
PIRGIM has sought MSA's
support since November, when the
University Board of Regents
indicated that they would not
support a refusable fee for PIRGIM
The student-run enyironmental
group collected 16,874 student
signatures last year to confirm
student interest, but the regents did
not feel the petition drive obligated
them to support the group.
According to PIRGIM mem -
bers, the regents advised PIRGIM
members to appeal to MSA.
"It seems to me that MSA
would be supporting student
interests by supporting this pro -
posal," said PIRGIM member
Wendy Seiden.

The weight lifters seem to have
learned their lesson.
After a punitive closing of the
Central Campus Recreational
Building's two free-weight rooms
last Wednesday and Thursday, the
rooms are "in the best shape
they've been in a year and a half,"
said Robert Fox, associate director
of recreational sports.
Fox said the rooms will remain
open if lifters keep them clean.

The problem started when lifters
failed to return weights to their
spots. The clutter posed legal lia -
bility difficulties as well as
custodial problems, according to
Under weight room rules, lifters
must wear shirts, keep the weights
in the weight room, and replace the
weights to their holders.
Fox said the idea of closing the
weight rooms in order to enforce
this policy was suggested by some

of the "serious weight lifters." The
proposal was accepted by the
Advisory Council for Recreational
Sports, made up of students, fac -
ulty, and staff.
Notices were posted around the
weight rooms on Jan. 5 warning
that if the rooms were not in order
by Jan. 18 the Recreational Sports
Department would close them
Lifters ignored the warning, and

the rooms were closed.
Fox said extra emphasis has
been given to keeping the weight
rooms clean as part of an attempt
"to make it into a nicer room."
According to Fox, in order for
employees to keep the rooms in
order they would have to close them
down during the day.
"I don't like to close it down,"
said Fox, but he insists the decision
"is at the dictate of the weight



m m-

Reagan regrets Iran failure
(Continued from Page 1)
"The administration's recent of West Virginia. "The sale of arms
dealings with Iran have cast a long to Iran - in direct contradiction to
shadow over this country," said our stated foreign policy - raises
Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd real questions about trust."

Campus Cinema
Diary of a Country Priest
(1959), 7-8:45 p.m., Aud. A Angell
Bella Lewitzky Dance
Company- 11 a.m., Dance
Dept., Studio "A" Theater, 1310
N. University Court.
Come and see this dance company
celebrate its 21st anniversary
before it begins its international
Jill Yager- "The Ecology of
Submerged Caves in the Bahamas
and The Biology of the New
Crustacean Class Remipedia,"
Dept. of Biology, 4 p.m., MLB
Lecture Room II.
Robert J. Bodnar-
"Experimental and Theoretical
Studies of P-V-T-X Properties of
Geological Fluids," Dept. of
Geological Sciences, noon, 4001
C.C. Little.
Michael Kennedy- "Polish
Engineers and Physicians in
Solidarity,'' The Center for
Russian and East European
Studies, noon, Lane Hall,
Commons Room.
Archery Club- 8 p.m., The
Coliseum, Corner Of Fifth and
Hill St.
Faculty for Human Rights
in El Salvador and Central
America- "Nicaragua Action
Meeting," noon, Canterbury
House, 218 N. Division.
L A S C- 8 p.m., 1407 Mason
Friends of the U of M
Museum of Art- Winter
Council Meeting, 4 p.m.,
Museum of Art, A-V Room.

Coalition for Democracy in
Latin America- 5:30 p.m.,
Michigan Union, Wolverine
Room .AB.
United Farm Workers
Support Group- 6:30 p.m.,
Michigan Union, Welker Room.
LSA Student Government-
6 p.m., Michigan Union, 3rd
Pre-Interviews- Society of
Women Engineers, Hewlett
Packard, 8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.,
143 Chrysler Center; Accu-ray 5
p.m.-7p.m., 1078 East
Engineering, (764-2928).
The Undergraduate Law
Club and The Undergraduate
Political Science
Association- Featuring
Former Mayor of Detroit Roman
S. Gribbs, 7 p.m., Michigan
Union, Pond Room, (665-9343).
New World Beat Party- 9
p.m., Nectarine Ballroom, (99-
Careers in Technology-
Representatives from Hewlett
Packard, 6 p.m., West Quad,
Strauss Library.
Transcendental Meditation
Technique- "Learn to Improve
Your Life," noon, Michigan
Union, and 7:30 p.m., Mason
Hall, (996-8686).
Send announcements of up-
coming events to "The List,"
y/o The Michigan Daily, 420
Maynard St., Ann Arbor,
Mich., 48109. Include all per-
tinent information and a con-
tract phone number. We must
receive announcements for
Friday and Sunday events at
least two weeks before the
event, and announcements for
weekday events must be
received at least two days
before the event.


Loves You!
Borders with
ateThru Feb. 1 4

Dr. Daniel Matt
A Taste of Jewish Mysticism:
The Hidden Light
Dr. Daniel Matt,from the Center for Judaic Studies,
Graduate Theological Union in Berkley, is the author
of a recently published poetic translation of the Zohar,
the revered masterpiece of the Jewish mystical canon.
Thursday, January 29 U-M
7:30 p.m. Program in
Hillel Auditorium Studies
1429 Hill Street 663-3336


317 S. St


If you really want
to know how to
improve your grades,
your career, and
your life, there's an
upcoming lecture
you shouldn't miss.

You'll hear, for example, about
the unified field of all the laws of
nature as described by modern
physics and by ancient Vedic
science. And about how the TM
technique lets you experience the
unified field within your own con-
sciousness. And about how that ex-
perience, gained regularly,
brings you the support of all the
laws of nature.
"When you practice TM,
W you can experience the
full range of education--not
just gaining classroom know-
ledge, but developing the
knower, and. that's yourself!"
--Karen Okuadell
Ph.D. candidate
Maharishi International

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of
the Transcendental Meditation Program
Dear Student,
There's something you can
do for a short time each
day that will improve
every aspect of your life-your
grades, your future career, your
relationships, everything-all at
the same time. What's more, it's
easy to do. Over 1,000,000 stu-
dents have experienced the bene-
fits. And you can too.
You'll learn about it soon at
a special free lecture on the
Transcendental Meditation tech-
nique, and regardless of what
you've already heard about TM,
this entertaining talk will surprise
and enlighten you. More than
that, it may well change your life.
My name is Kevin Blair. I'm
president of the student govern-
ment at Maharishi International
University, where students, fac-
ulty, and staff all practice the TM
technique. I want to tell you three
'ings about the upcoming lecture:
At the lecture, you'll learn
how the simple, natural TM
technique, which is practiced
for 15-20 minutes twice a day,
brings profound benefits to mind
and body, and how these benefits
automatically improve one's social
behavior, school and job per-
formance, and much more.
" xperiencing the unified
field through the TM
technique really gives me more
support of nature. As soon as I
began TM, everything became
easier, and my grade-point
average went up a whole point!"'
-Sam Roothby
Ph.D. candidate
Harvard University

Some renovation of the existing Chemistry Building must be done in
order to erect the new building, while some renovation cannot be done
until after the structure is complete. The Daily incorrectly reported that
no work can be done until the new building has been completed.
The Michigan Daily is written, edited, designed, and
managed by students like you. At 4 p.m. Friday, upstairs in the
Student Publications Building, we're having a mass meeting
for people interested in news and feature reporting.
If you're interested in other areas, call one of the following

And you'll learn that a lot of the
research findings are directly rele:
vant to your personal and aca-
demic development as a student.
Here, for example, is a partial list
of the research results in the field
of education:
increased intelligence
improved comprehension,
concentration, and memory
increased learning ability
increased speed in solving
increased creativity
" broader comprehension and
ability to focus attention
improved academic
reduced stress and anxiety
decreased use of drugs,
alcohol, and cigarettes
increased happiness
improved relationships be-
tween students and teachers
improved mind-body
improved athletic performance
Now, I'm sure you'd like to
have some of those qualities grow-
ing in your life. Well you can.
And the beautiful thing is that
these qualities grow naturally,
simply as a result of practicing the
TM technique.
World Peace
Finally, if you are con-
cerned not just with your
own future, but also the
future of our nation and the
world, there's even more reason
to attend the lecture.
This is because the TM tech-
nique doesn't just help the in-

population practices the TM pro-
gram and its advanced aspects, the
entire population becomes more
orderly, peaceful, and progressive.
"TM is the Bert antidote
tostrss Iknow of.
When individuals are free of
stress, they behave more har.
moniously. I'm convinced that if
people practiced TM, world
peace would be a reality,"4
-Kurleigh D. King
Director, Institute for World
Former Director-General,
Caribbean Community and
Common Market
This "Super Radiance Effect"
has been demonstrated in commun-
ities, cities-even entire nations.
This brings great hope for the
future, because it means that the
age-old problems of world peace
may at last have a solution.
It Works!
f you're wondering how one
simple technique can bring
so many benefits to mind,
body, behavior, and even the world
as a whole, I urge you to attend the
free lecture. The explanation you'll
hear is at once simple, scientific,
and profound.

The main thing, however, is
that TM works. I know from my
own experience. I've been practic-
ing the technique for 6 years, and
its made me more relaxed, yet
more dynamic and productive. As
a result, I'm enjoying greater.suc-
cess-both in and out of the
Of course, whether you start the
TM technique or not is up to you.
But doesn't it make sense to at
least attend the lecture? If even ten
percent of what I've said about
TM proves to be true, think what
it could mean for your achieve-
ment and happiness for the rest of
your life.
Free Lecture
T he date and time
of the lecture is
given below. I
hope you'll be there, and
don't hesitate to bring
your friends; you'll be
doing a great thing for
them as well!
Wishing you success
in all that you do,
Kevin Blair
President, Student
Maharishi International
I i. +.,-

" M is the single most
important part of
being a peak performer. It
gives you the ability to excel in
an envronmnent of stress, to
make rapid decisions based on
rapid changes, and to do so
functionin wry well

Scientific Research




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