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October 28, 1985 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1985-10-28

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Monday, October 28, 1985

Page 4.

The Michigan Daily


Edited and managed by students at The University of Michigan

Vol. XCVI, No. 38

420 Maynard St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Editorials represent a majority opinion of the Daily's Editorial Board

The CIA 's troubled visit

Armed forces

By Michael Brown
One of the best things about a large
University is the very fact that it is large.
Why? Simply because a large University
provides an almost overwhelming number
of opportunities for students to extend their
"college experience" beyond the
classrooms, books, and libraries. Michigan
students have joined to form fraternities
and sororities, athletic clubs, pre-
professional clubs, literary clubs, cultural
organizations, etc etc etc. The choice of one
or two of these extracurricular activities
certainly adds depth, friendships, and
pleasure to the college experience;
however, only a few organizations on cam-
pus give'students the opportunity to have a
voice in administrative policy and to in-
fluence the direction and shape of the
University today and in years to come.
LSA Student Government is one of these
few groups that works to improve the
Michigan undergraduate experience.
Moreover, we, the present council mem-
bers, must recruit motivated and respon-
sible LSA students who will maintain the
high standards of LSA-SG in 1986. Elections
are November 18 and 19, and interested
students should attend a mass meeting
Brown is the vice-president of the

invites involvement
tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Michigan Union
Welker room. April - to determine if, in fact, students
LSA Student Government is comprised of desired this change (indeed, 75% of those
15 representatives, a President, a Vice students who completed the survey voted in
President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary favor or re-prioritization). Further, we have
who all work hard to represent the interests worked to improve graduation ceremonies
and needs of over 17,000 LSA students on this within the LSA college. Our idea is -to have
campus. If you are an LSA student and think additional, separate receptions for each
you may want to get involved in your major within the college, supplementing the
student government, perhaps a few traditional ceremony in Michigan stadium.
questions may persuade you to run for office It is our intention to personalize graduation,
in November: Would you like to gain allowing students and their families to meet
valuable leadership and administrative ex- with professors and other students within
perience? Are you interested in meeting their majors. Also, these receptions will
University administrators and faculty and facilitate the presentation of departmental
working closely with them? Do you believe awards and (hopefully in the near future) of
that today's LSA students should take the individual diplomas.
responsibility for correcting today's Other projects from our office include an
problems so that future students will not annual essay contest concerning liberal arts
have to deal with the same frustrations? Do education; the publication of a newsletter,
you want to take an active role in your the LSA Journal, to more efficiently
education, benefitting not simply yourself publicize our projects and endeavors to the
but more importantly your peers within the LSA student body; the re-institution of a
University community? If you answer yes to lounge in the Undergraduate Library; and a
any or all of these questions, then you should forum, to be held in early November, on
seriously consider running for office in race relations here at Michigan. It is clear
November. that LSA-SG has made and can make a dif-
LSA-SG has been very successful this past ference in the undergraduate experience of
year. We were responsible for initiating a all LSA students.
change of CRISP, whereby juniors, like Take an active, personal role in your
seniors, will be given higher priority than college...get involved in your student gover-
underclass students. This project required nment! Let the entire LSA student body
us to work in conjunction with the benefit from your talents, efforts, and ideas,
Registrar's Office, preparing a survey - and run for LSA Student Government in
which was handed out in the CRISP line in November.

,;^" .
,i_ .

L AST WEEK when the Central
Intelligence Agency held in-
terviews on campus, several
students responded by staging a
demonstration in front of the
Student Activities Building. In
turn, the University closed off the
entire third floor of the building
and called in Ann Arbor police.
Decked out in riot gear, Ann Ar-
bor Police apparently anticipated
that the demonstration would go
out of control. This turned out to be
a self-fulfilling prophecy as police
opened the main door to the Career
Planning and Placement Office,
and letting in protesters they would
then violently force out or arrest.
Those students who had
scheduled interviews went
through the side doors. Police,
assuming that well-dressed people
had interviews accidentally let in
one protester wearing a trench-
coat. Otherwise, students found
that a public and open building was
only open to those selected by the
Of course, if there were a code of
non-academic conduct, the fun-
ctions of the Ann Arbor police could
be filled by University personnel.
Perhaps this is the point the
University is trying to make by
calling the police in the first place.
If so it only proves the
authoritarian nature of the
moviations for implementing a
The University needlessly called

police in to quell a non-violent
demonstration and hence bears full
responsibility for the disruption
and violence that occurred during
the CIA's recruiting efforts. Not
only was there no crime in progress
at the demonstration, but also the
protesters attempted neither to
block the interviews nor to engage
in civil disobedience. The Univer-
sity's reaction to the demonstration
against the Central Intelligence
Agency confirms student suspicion
of university authorities and
argues poorly for the Regents'
proposal for a code.
What the University has done in
effect is to arrest 26 students so
that 25 might obtain CIA inter-
views. Non-violent protesters at-
tempted to raise awareness of the
doings of the CIA. Indeed, they
tried to make people consider their
own values in what they will do
with their careers. But instead of
receiving credit for shouldering
tasks of social responsibility, the
protesters have been blamed for
the violence and disruption caused
by the University's calling the
Those in the University com-
munity who believe that the
protesters were responsible for
disruption of the interviewing
process and the shutting down of
the third floor of the Student Ac-
tivities Building should consider
the exaggerated reactions of the



Crisis center progress cited misguided

To the Daily:
Your Oct. 18 editorial "Cour-
ting Crisis" brings needed atten-
tion to an important issue. Unfor-
tunately it is not entirely ac-
curate. You are correct in
suggesting that the University
administration has not responded
quickly and forcefully enough to
the dangers faced by women on
this campus. In fact we were so
alarmed by the University's in-
action that last January we par-
ticipated in a day long sit-in at the
Vice President of Students Ser-
vices', Henry Johnson, office.
It is true that the new Sexual
Assault Center for Education and
Prevention is not yet in
operation, but you failed to men-
tion that besides the fact that the
Center's director is in the process
of being hired, that plans for the
Center's office have been
finalized and construction will be
completed soon. In addition, fun-
ds from the Center have already
been used to create and coor-
dinate a peer education workshop
program. This program has
trained student facilitators to
present workshops on sexual
assault prevention, focusing
mainly on date/acquaintance
rape. Though MSA members
have been involved, this program
was primarily designed by
University staff, administrators,
students, and representatives to
the Assault Crisis Center.
Ten months after the sit-in we
feel it is important to not only
report what hasn't happened, but
to point out the work that has
been completed, and to recognize
that some members of the
University staff and ad-

ministration have given a great
deal of time and energy to the
issue of sexual assault preven-
tion, as well as to acknowledge
that, at present, most of the work
on the Nite Owl, lighting, and
escort service is being initiated
and carried out by students in a
joint effort by PIRGIM's
Women's Safety Task Force and
the Michigan Student Assembly's
Women's Issues Committee. The
West Quad/Barbour/Newberry
resident staff and house council
also deserve commendation for
their efforts to establish the
escort service, This is an issue of

great importance, and in theA
future we hope that it gets the ac-
curate, in-depth coverage it
-Pam Kisch
Debbie Kohnstamm
David Lovinger
October 25
Kisch and Lovinger are
student coordinators for the
peer education workshop
program. Kohnstamm is the
chairwoman of MSA women's
issues committee.



Abetting atrocities

LAST WEEK'S arrest of 25
students and community
members, the temporary closing of
the Student Activities Building, and
the questionable procedures of law
enforcement officers during the
Central Intelligence Agency's
recruiting visit, have eclipsed the
larger issue at hand.
Should the University allow this
organization the use of its Career
planning and placement office?
The CIA conducts numerous acts
of terrorism around the world. Its
ostensible purpose is to protect the
interests of American industry on
foreign soil, but the CIA often
displays complete disregard for the
rights of the inhabitants of those
In 1953, the CIA organized the fall
of Mohammed Mossadegh, the
popularly elected leader of Iran, in
favor of deposed Shah Mohammed
Reza Pahlevi, who exhibited a
friendly attitude toward American
oil interests. In 1973, the agency
threw Chilean president Salvador
Allende out of power in a desperate
attempt to keep any brand of
socialism out of the Western
hemisphere. The CIA makes it policy
to decide the political destinies of
foreign countries.
Far from protecting the ideals of
democracy, the CIA inhibits the
basic rights of indigent peoples.
Moreover, the actions of the CIA

annihilation of countless human
beings. At base, the morality of the
organization's conduct can be no
more acceptable than that of the
Of course, the actual toll of the
CIA's morbid mission can never be
known to its supporters, the
American people. Americans must
be kept ignorant of the bloody hand
they thrust into the political affairs
of lesser nations if only to protect
their own moral righteousness. The
CIA is a secret organization; the
complete ugly picture may only be
knownto a few officials. The rest of
us must just speculate about how
we are represented to the bulk of
humanity. We may never know just
whom our money is killing.
The CIA is an arm of the United
States Government to which
Americans lend their income, their
faith, and their reputation. Yet, the
CIA is not ultimately accountable
to its "patrons." Its actions are
supposed to reflect the values of the
American public, but that public
has no way to check its represen-
The University's welcome of CIA
recruiters indicates a tacit ap-
proval of these "legitimate"
atrocities. To refuse the CIA access
to the University's Career Plan-
ning and Placement Services
proves only a slight inconvenience
to those students seriously seeking
agent status, and is more impor-

MSA contributes
to student apathy
To the Daily: rhetoric. I'm certainly not going
Your editorial on the "Campus to stand by quietly when some
Stupidity" poster and MSA leftist attempts to inform my
makes some valid points but fails students that I'm a "Fascist."
to confront important related These supposedly progressive
issues. The Daily claims that people can dish it out; maybe it's
those pictured on the poster could time that they proved they can
be subjected to harassment. If take it.
there's harassment on this cam- MSA has contributed greatly to
pus, it certainly cuts both ways. student apathy. If you were to
Attacks on supposed "Fascist talk to the average student rather
dogs" are printed in the Daily than the self-styled "activist,"
(while responses go unprinted). you would find either hostility or
Alternative newspapers are indifference toward MSA
repeatedly trashed. The cry of because MSA usually does not
"fascist, racist, baby-killing represent most students. When
engineer, Reagan youth" is MSA opposes student aid cuts, it
heard again and again. is representing students. But
Those belonging to groups when it endorses anti-Bush
which create (and condone) such disruptions, it is representing a
a vicious atmosphere are cer- small clique, less than 18 percent
tainly fair targets for satirical of the 18 percent who elected the
posters. If they can't take the Assembly.
heat then maybe they should tell -Steve Angelotti
their allies to cool down the October 23

is sues
To the Daily:
The ongoing protests against
the Republic of South Africa in
favor of mobs who get their
thrills by setting their fellows on
fire in public streets seem to be
the latest form of hypocrisy
demonstrated by those who feel
unfulfilled unless they're
protesting something.
Over a decade ago the issue
was Indo-China, where the nice
guys in North Vietnam were
going to do great and noble things
for the oppressed folk in the
South. While it is true that many
millions of-Vietnamese and Cam-
bodians have no further earthly
worries, where were the
"idealists" when these exter-
minations were taking place?
The same place they will be when
millions of people in South Africa
are burned, shot, hacked and
raped to death if the "idealists"
get their way and collapse the
most prosperous country on the
continent. Woe is civilization if
the nine tribes, the coloreds, and
the whites engage in a race war !
I wish there was some way to
get peoplecto see beyond the
hoped for collapse to the terror
this would unleash. Then we
would have no misunderstan-
dings as to who supported what.
While the present government
isn't perfect(as none can be), I
fail to understand how people
claiming to be civilized could
prefer the bloody alternative,
which would dwarf the many
previous slaughters which have
taken place in the Congo, Ugan-
da, Rhodesia, etc.
I can almost see the shocked
expressions, and hear the chorus
of "golly, why can't all people
live in peace?" as millions of
South Africans die in waves of
savagery, of which the current
street burnings are only a
preview. As for the dreamers
who imagine a harmonious
sharing of power by all races in
South Africa, don't say you
weren't warned.
-Edward C. Freier
October 21
by Berke Breathed


Balanced budget amendment unwise

To the Daily:
I was glad to see that the UM
student body was aware en-
ough about the Reagan
Administration's foreign policy
to protest during George Bush's
Peace Corps speech. It distresses
me, however, that people are not
as aware of certain domestic
At this very moment, the
Reagan Administration is ac-
tively trying to get the states to
call a Constitutional Convention
(Con-Con). The Convention is to
be' called- to consider a balanced
budget amendment.. The only
problem with this is that once
called, the Con-Con would have
revise, or even erase, the Bill of
And it could only be dissolved
by itself.
I, for one, do not want to take
the chance that a Con-Con would
consider a balanced budget

passage of any state resolution
that would call for a Con-Con.
The Voice of Reason is a
national organization dedicated
to separation of church and state,
personal freedom, and free
If you believe as we do, that the
Constitution should not be tam-
pered with by a Con-Con, then

write your state legislators and
let them know of your concern.
Or drop by our office at 4008
Michigan Union for more infor-
mation on Con-Con.
The Constitution has been the
law of the land for nearly two
hundred years. Let's not allow
anyone to break that streak.
-Aaron Krauss
October 17

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