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November 17, 1984 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1984-11-17

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Michigan vs. Ohio St.
Televised by CBS
Today, 12 noon


vs. Lake Superior
November 23, 7:30 p.m.
Yost Ice Arena

The Michigan Daily Saturday, November 17, 1984 . Page 7

Raising Ilel

A weekend in Columbus recalls...
... a reporter's night in jail

As I observe the lunacy that is High Street on
Michigan weekend, I can't help thinking about
Bob Wojnowski and what he went through in this
city two years ago.
Perhaps you remember Bob. He was the Daily's
Sports Editor two years ago. Nice guy, Bob.
Everybody liked him. Hardly the kind of guy you
would expect to end up in jail. Which, I suppose,
made that Friday night two years ago all the more
Bob and Brian Masck, a Daily photographer at
the time, were arrested on this very same High
Street, less than 12 hours before the kickoff of the
football game. Needless to say, it was an ex-
perience Bob will never forget.
I decided to call him, just to make sure he
"It's Ohio State week, Bob. Are you thinking
about two years ago?"
"Yeah," he responded. "It's not a good feeling.
Not a good feeling."
Actually, once Bob, now a sports writer for
Today Newspaper in Cocoa, Fla., got revved up,
he seemed to enjoy reminiscing about that cold
November morning. As he spoke, it was clear Bob
was replaying the experience in his mind. He
recreated the episode with vivid imagery. A cop
beating up a drunken High Street partier . . .
Masck taking pictures of the brutal scene.. . The
sign in the Franklin County Jail elevator that
"I'll never forget that elevator," Bob said. "Every
single cop looks at you like you're scum. You look
in their eyes and they want to throw up on you."

It was a sobering experience for the young jour-
nalists. After their arrest outside the Surf City bar
around 1:30 a.m. - Masck for obstructing arrest,
Wojnowski for obstructing arrest and resisting
arrest - they spent four and a half hours in
various cells and holding rooms. Finally, at 6:00
a.m., they were released. "I was just afraid we'd
miss the game," Bob recalled. They didn't.
Michigan lost anyway, 24-14.
It wasn't long before the two student reporters
were barraged by fellow media types. Football
writers at the game that afternoon swarmed for
the scoop. A warped version of their story even
got on the Columbus TV stations. Word was out.
Bob and Brian were famous media martyrs.
It began innocently enough. A group consisting
of reporters from the Daily and the Lantern, Ohio
State's student paper, were "taking in the color"
of High Street. If you've never been to Columbus
on the Friday before the Michigan game, then you
can't imagine the orgy of intoxicated humanity
that throbs up and down its main drag. Bob wan-
ted to emphasize that they were not drinking. "I
had one beer," he said.
Police were lined along the street, tensed and
poised to snuff out any disturbance that might
ignite into violence. The stage was set for trouble.
It found an unlikely victim.
As the young reporters milled around, a
drunken reveler sprawled out of a bar and insisted
he be readmitted. When police intervened he cur-
sed them. When they arrested him, he fought
back. He was brutally beaten.
As a crowd about five-deep gathered around the

melee, Masck began taking photographs. A
policeman told him to stop, but Masck identified
himself as a reporter and moved closer. He was
arrested on the spot.
"I was livid," Bob said. "I went running up and
said, 'We're reporters.' " One officer was not im-
pressed. "I can still hear it to this day he said, 'Get
the f--- out of here!' "
Bob decided to take the kind officer's generous
advice and retreat. But as the police were taking
Masck away, Bob remembered his car keys were
in his friend's pocket. He ran over to retrieve
them. One of the officers thought Bob was attem-
pting a rescue. Before he could pull the keys out,
Bob, too, was arrested.
The Dailyites were eventually let go under their
own recognizance. After a couple of months of
waiting, including an appearance before Judge
Steven Hayes, son of you-know-who, charges were
dropped. The conflict ended quietly but the story
still lives on, reaching legendary proportions
among Daily staffers.
As for Wojnowski, he looks back on his ordeal
with a strange sense of pride. He received a first-
hand peek at law enforcement operations in this
country, as well as a damn good story to tell
during Ohio State week for years to come. If
you're planning on driving down to Columbus
today, or any Michigan weekend in the future, you
would do well to listen to Bob Wojnowski.
"My advice to anyone going to Columbus," he
said, pausing a moment, "is to remember where
you are - it's Columbus; it's Hicksville. If you've
never been there, you won't be prepared for it. I
wasn't prepared for it and I ended up in jail."



Daily Photo by DAN HABIB
Freshman tailback Jamie Morris will be looking for big yardage today in his
first game at the Snake Pit in Columbus.
bTkwdti¢ 1ackwell
When you've got OSU parents. ..
.. the Game gets even bigger
FOR MICHIGAN football fans, it's the toughest possible thing to endure.
It can be more annoying than 8 a.m. classes. It's even worse than being
condemned to eternal econ classes. It is having Ohio State University alumni
as parents.
This affliction is tolerable in the dead of the winter, the spring and even the
summer. But look out come September, when the perennial rivals roll out
the turf. OSU fans-turn into lunatics with the onset of the gridiron season.
Parents are no exception, especially when their kids go to Michigan.
My mother, a native of Youngstown, Ohio, is undeniably the worse of the
pair. I was only last year as a junior, that I discovered that dear old Ma had
been writing "Yay Ohio" on all my tuition checks. Groan.
She is the worst kind of OSU fan. Mom knows nothing about the game of
football. When the Wolverines lose, I am sure to get a "condolence call"
from a "sympathetic" yet laughing maniac I call Mom. As an example,
when I talked to her on Thursday she said, "I'm being extra-nice this year
because Michigan is so bad." Groan.
My father is not nearly as bad. He's from Detroit, so that mellows him out
a bit. In fact, somehow the Michigan Alumni Association sent him an ap-
plication for membership - probably due to the eight years of tuition he has
dished out to the University for my brothers' and my "higher" education.
He was obviously quite flattered by the gesture and sent in the $15 bucks.
Now, he has two "official" alumni cards in his wallet, much to my mother's
Still, however, Dad gets his jibes in. After Michigan's 26-0 embarrassment
in Iowa and a 4-3 record, he announced, trying to suppress laughter, "Your
mother and I decided to get you tickets to come to Florida with us over
Christmas vacation, since it doesn't look like you'll be going anywhere
Selse."He was referring to Michigan's dim bowl prospects, of course.
This Buckeye fanaticism is some sort of bizarre, inbred trait. It starts
young and continues on into a ripe old age. I even caught the Buckeye fever
as a youngster, rooting for the team until I saw my first Michigan game (at
OSU, of course) and changed allegiances forever.
Lantern spreads fever
The Ohio State Lantern, OSU's student paper, is a prime example of this
insane spirit. The back page of yesterday's issue is crammed with anti-
Wolverine propaganda. They even praise the 1971 ravings of the madman
himself - Woody Hayes - over a pass interference call.
Another section features 23 Michigan jokes, such as:
Q. Why does Mrs. Schembechler put Bo's Fruit Loops on a plate?
A. Because if they were in a bowl, he'd lose them.
Most are revamped Polish jokes insulting Michigan students' intelligence
There's even a feature on the newest Buckeye craze - "M a n ur e Men."
These darling little creatures are dressed in Michigan garb made out of, you
guessed it, horse manure. Cute, huh? Double groan.
But the most important story appears on the opinion page. It's a short
story, with a cute little cartoon of a Buckeye waving an OSU banner. The
headline reads "Celebrate, don't devastate; we've got an image to earn."
The gist of the article reminds the OSU faithful to try to control themselves
in the post-game glee on High Street. It calls for respect of the local mer-
chants so that the violence of 1979, in which many store windows were shat-
tered and rowdies were arrested, is not repeated.
I'm glad I got rid of that nasty Buckeye fever. Actually, my mother and
father, in their infinite wisdom, encouraged me to come to Michigan. They,
like myself, recognize a class operation when they see it.

Wolverines must buck the odds for victory

(Continued from Page 1)
Inside linebacker Pepper Johnson
leads the Buckeyes with 123 tackles and
is a likely All-Big Ten selection.
Just which Wolverine will be
receiving the majority of Buckeye
punishment is still an uncertainty,
however. Schembechler is counting on
a big day from his tailback position.
SENIOR Rick Rogers aggravated an

early-season knee injury against Min-
nesota last Saturday and might be
unable to play. Freshman Jamie
Morris and sophomore Gerald White
are both healthy. Against the Gophers,
Morris rushed for 125 yeards and he
leads the Wolverines in rushing yar-
dage with 530. Eddie Garrett and Bob
Perryman are healthy at fullback.

In Michigan-Ohio State battles of the
recent past, the kicking games have
proven crucial. Both teams are strong
in this department. Michigan punter
Monte Robbins is averaging 44 yards
per boot. Buckeye Tom Tupa averages
a whopping 47.3 yards per punt. Bob
Bergeron and Rich Spangler are ex-
cellent placekickers. Bergeron has hit
10 of 12 field goals and 19 of 20 extra
points. Spangler is 11 of 16 and 42 of 44

for the Buckeyes.
The Las Vegas oddsmakers believe
that the Buckeyes are destined for
Pasadena and have made the
Wolverines 8-10 point underdogs. But
Schembechler knows how to prepare
for an Ohio State game.
"I'm not an oddsmaker," said '
Schembechler. "But I want it under-
stood that I think we've always got a
chance to win.



Ohio State


( 8)

Sim Nelson .......
Clay Miller .......
Bob Tabachino ....
Art Balourdos .....
Bob Popowski .....
John Elliott .......
Vince Bean .....
Triando Markray .
Chris Zurbrugg ...
Eddie Garrett .....
Rick Rogers ......
Bob Bergeron .....



(80) Ed Taggert ....... (221)
(75) Rory Graves ...... (270)
(64) Jim Lachey ........(280)
(71) Bob Maggs ....... (272)
(74) Scott Zalenski......(262)
(73) Mark Krerowicz .. (282)
( 2) Cris Carter......(184)
( 1) Mike Lanese ...... (183)
(15) Mike Tomczak .... (195)
(43) Barry Walker ..... (215)
(41) Keith Byars ....... (234)
(10) Rich Spangler .... (202)




Jim Scarcelli ..... (220)
Vince DeFelice ... (245)
Al Sincich ......... (230)
Kevin Brooks ..... (245)
Rodney Lyles ...... (226)
Tim Anderson .... (218)
Mike Mallory ..... (217)
Garland Rivers ... (182)
Doug Mallory ..... (175)
Ivan Hicks ........ (180)
Brad Cochran ..... (219)
Monte Robbins .... (195)


( 7)

Eric Kumerow .... (230)
Dave Crecelius ... (250)
Anthony Giuliani .. (256)
Dave Morrill ...... (264)
Byron Lee ........ (230)
Larry Kolic ....... (242)
Thomas Johnson .. (242)
William White .... (180)
Sonny Gordon......(185)
Terry White ...... (170)
Greg Rogan ....... (175)
Tom Tupa .....(205)

C "' ?

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