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November 02, 1984 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1984-11-02
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Fr The presidential
thei postion
on keyaissuesF
Reagan Mondale
Central America
Continues to win support from Congress for military aid to El Salvador in its Promised in his acceptance speech to phase out aid to the Nicaraguan rebels
civil war against Marxist-led guerrillas, but the lawmakers have suspended within 100 days after taking office, In September he said, "I think .. . we should
undercover assistance to rebels fighting the leftist government in Nicaragua. try to quarantine Nicaragua if it uses any force outside of its own borders." He
Criticism of the Nicaragua operation was intensified in October when a manual said an all out effort at negotiations should be made first. In the second
proposing violence against Nicaraguan government officials came to light, and presidential debate, he said he was referring to the mutual self-defense
U.S. government sources confirmed that it was a CIA product. provisions of the Rio treaty among Western Hemisphere nations.
U.S.-S o sit ieltis
TolntekNtinalPrssulueo Ja. 3, "mercnshv n llsos.bu
Told his first news conference that the Soviets believe they have "the right at thU .vitled-sSnot eivp o ie.teal k ow telec rdtio n s ln hst r
anyrim e to co m it any crim e, to lie, to c e t, toachie e theirh g al:aione- of t ex a si n r ep e so and ro r. .~ . k wThe of a A mr i a pre in is r
Association of Evangelicals, he said, "They (the Soviets) are the focus of evil in common ground of survival. He proposed annual summer meetings, sayng,
te moen w orld nd ywarne agist "teagesv mussoneim "there are now over 2,00 more warheas pointed atus today than there were
pie" R etefrinaoiydeaehgaia netatntin htIhaesi."weoeganadwonaadlhtdesntsrnghnu.
Argued that his arms buildup will make the Sovuet Union more willing to Advocated a mutual freeze of Soviet and U.S. nuclear arsenals, but said he
negotiate cuts in nuclear arms, although so far it has not. He said he proposed would not make any agreement "that involves conduct on the part of the Soviet
finding a defensive weapon against nuclear missiles as a way out of the arms Union that we couldn't verify every day." He described Reagan's space-based
race, and was told that it would need to be a space-based defense. If such a defense plan as "star wars" and said it was "unimaginable" that it could be
defense can be developed, he said he would demonstrate it to the Soviets and of- realized in his and Reagan's lifetime. He also argued that it would be too
fer to share it with them if they would "join us in getting rid of all the nuclear dangerous a technology to share with the Soviet Union. He said Reagan had
weapons in the world." . "botched" arms control.
Promising to "re-arm America," he resurrected the B-l bomber, ordered Called the MX "a sitting duck" that "will draw an attack." He said he would
new submarines and forged ahead with the MX , which was designed to give priority to the smaller, more mobile Midgetman, which the administration
replace aging Minutemen nuclear missiles. ass approved much of wants to defer. Mondale said he favored developing a radar-eluding Stealth
Reagan's plan, but delayed the MX at least untc t apr and cut the president's bomber as a substitute for the B- because "for 15 years the Soviet Union has
proposed Pentagon budget increase of 13 percent to 5 percent. been preparing to meet the B-."
Opposes the use of federal funds to finance abortions. He favors a con- Says he is personally against abortion, but believes it is a "personal and
stitutional amendment banning abortions except when the life of the mother is private moral judgement" and he supports the Supreme Court's decision
endangered. Asked during the debate about abortions for victims of rape or in- striking down state anti-abortion laws. He said in the debate that the current
cest he said, "I don't think any of us should be called upon here to stand and administration's proposed constitutional amendment "cannot work, it won't
make a decision as to what other things might come under the self-defense work, and it will lead to all kinds of cynical evasions of the law. Those who can
tradition. That, too, would have to be worked out then, when you once recognize afford to have them will continue to have them and the disadvantaged will go
that we are talking about a life." out in the back alley as they used to do."H
Told a prayer breakfast audiee dn g the Republican National Conventon Oposes ashool prayer amendment, sa ingit would un' ermne the prac-
thaefeligioandvlpicaed esariwolyemsreate iecasetoth e inke ad o- taied ofhnst ait nd uR cun'slftime.byp olicziguei a t."H objectedtooath
morality. He charged that opponentsof the constitutional amendment to permit called Reagan's using "his faith to question the faith of another or. to use the
voluntary organized prayer in publi schools which he favors might be "in- power of government to impose it on others." He said his own deep faith is
tolerant of religion." probably the reason iam in politics."s
TaXes/Deficit -
said, "I say with great confidence that Im not going to go for a tax increase." Said in his acceptance speech of the Democratic nomination that whoever
Reagan has proposed tax breaks for companies locating plants in inner cities was elected president would have to raise taxes in order to balance the budget.
and tuition tax credits for families who send children to private or parochial He later proposed an $85-million package of tax increases, falling most heavily
schools. He said he would reduce deficits through economic growth, lowered in- on the upper-income taxpayers and cororations. He said his plan would cut the
flation and slowing the growth of government spending. He said he had been deficit, estimated at $174.2 billion for the fiscal year that ended September 30, to
unable to balance the budget as he promised in his 1980 campaign because of a $86 billion. He proposed to cut spending by $75 billion, one third of it by slowing
downturn in the economy. the growth of the Pentagon budget.
~4 ~ Reli-ion

C 0 U N T
Saline chief challenges county sher
By Amanda Neubardt be done with this $11 million and the the current police chief of Saline, in use
problems that need to be solved are the James Douglas, a Democrat. not in
focus of the sheriff campaign. we sh
VER ONE-THIRD of the total The incumbent, Ronald Schebil, took While Schebil claims that Douglas ago,";
0 Washtenaw County budget goes to office in April after Sheriff Thomas has not presented many issues, Douglas Bot
the Sheriff's Department and what will Minick resigned. He is running against sites three problems that he strongly of th(
feels need to be corrected. First he calls Dougl
Clerk TIreasurer for improved interaction with the
community. modify
HE WASHTENAW County "A police agency must be able to talk teract
Treasurer's office needs to com- with the people. Through specialized tern a
plete the computerization of all its fun- programs we should teach the police to cea
ctions, said Democrat Kenneth Latta, communicate with the people and be Sheriff
F YOU plan to get married or divorced challenger to Republican Michael cognizant of their needs." clusiv
Ihave a child or die, in the next four Stimpson in the race for county work v
years, the office of clerk/register deeds treasurer. Schebil admits that more training of they g
for Washtenaw County is an important "There is a plan, but the incumbent police officers is necessary and he also
race to watch. has been reluctant to proceed with any plans to continue doing so. "We need to Progrz
Democrat Susan Greenburg is great speed in the whole thing," Latta train our people to be sensitive to areas to per
challenging incumbent Republican said. He added that, if elected, he would such as domestic and criminal sexual of goin
Robert Harrison for the position which complete that computerization process. violence," the incumbent sheriff said. In t
will be a merger of two offices effective "not c
Jan. 1. "(Stimpson) and his buddy, the clerk, Douglas is also concerned with the "We
The deed office handles records of have been discussing the whole com- rising cost of law enforcement. and
land transactions and financial tr- puterization project and Harrison, the "The county and towns and cities profes
ansactions between individuals. The county clerk, has made a number of have to jointly cooperate with each 'ot- prove,
clerk keeps records for the court allegations about the computer con- her to be effective. There hasn't been please
system in addition to being the chief tract that are bordering on libel," he that kind of cooperation. . . We can't sit Doui
election official for the county. said, back and not take on this issue," says well b
Challenger Greenburg said the Stimpson said that, since taking of- Douglas. sheriff
clerk's office should computerize their fice, he has enabled the county to more Douglas is disturbed that the 911 firm, f
records. The county commissioners than double the sum returned on county emergency telephone number system is no pla
authorized the use of computers for investments. Because of that return, he
record-keeping purposes in 1981, said, a number of programs are now
Greenburg said, but no effort for being funded by the county for the poor,
changes have been made to date.elderly, and disabled. According to the
She added that this situation is par- incumbent, these programs are note
ticularly acute in the court's record- mnt, by law grut are o b
systm. The otetialthe mandated by law but are obviously
keeping system. "The potential the ned.
c o m p u t e r p r o v i d e s to th e w h o le c o u n t n ee d m s o n s a i d h e i n t r o d u'e d a o m -
is very exciting and why we've not Simpson said he introduced a com-'
that the ncumbent oesn't.watMto," hep4him mak investmets. He:ex
made the changes is beyond me except puterized cash management system to.5:..D L
Greenburg said. plained that although the county wants
Depending on the political climate in some kind of central computer system : 'l
Lansing,Greenburg saidit might be computerization is a time-consuming
possible for the clerk to take more of a process. .::::;;~:...... ... .~ ::..
leadership role in making changes in
state law relating to voter registration. "We had to wait until the system was
"If we had changes in voter part of the county-wide program. YouSI
registration laws we would see fewer don't just instantaneously throw a bun-
people falling through the cracks," ch of computer systems in," he said. -°.
Greenburg said.
Finally, Greenburg said she would "There are still a number of
like to provide an informational service programs that have to be instituted and
to county residents about other county I can do that because I have been com-
government functions and special ser- plimented by both parties," said the
vices. She added, though, that this plan current treasurer. "I think I can work
could take some time to institute. with both parties, which I have to, ob-
Harrison, the incumbent, said he viously, because the Board of Com-
wants to continue to improve efficiency missioner is controlled by the Democrats
in the clerk's office, especially this Democrats," said Stimpson " "Indoor"Pool"
electronic data processing. A com-"ToLnd esrP nd
puterized operation has been developed "I know it sounds like a lot of rhetoric RT urnges dnjo
for elections area and jury but if I wanted nothing but politics, I'd ResTauratstFOOT
management, he said. be running for some other office," he a Free Tickets to Tailgate
The Board of Commissioner, along said Party Fri. 4 p.m.-1 a.m Char
with Harrison, is looking for other * Next to the Shops of tc
systems and possibilities, he added. Stimpson is a graduate of Eastern the Ohio Center
"I have assembled a very efficient Michigan University. He was appointed -
and effective staff, and I enjoy working senior budget officer for the county in
with the people and the public," he said. 1976 and has been county treasurer sin- Call Toll-Free for Reservations
Harrison is a graduate of Cleary ce 1980.
College with a degree in accounting and Per night subject to avaibility. Fr. do
management. He is a former tax Latta graduated from the Illinois In-
assessor and treasurer for the city of stitute of Technology and did post-
Saline, and he has been Washtenaw's graduate work at the University of HYTT REGENCY
county clerk since 1968. Michigan in political science. He has
Greenburg is a University graduate served two terms on the Ann Arbor City AT OHIO CENTER
and was elected to two terms on the Ann Council and is currently a member of 350 NORTH HIGH STREET, COLUMBUS, OHIO
Arbor City Council, serving from 1978- the Ann Arbor City Finance Commit-
1982. - Kevin Kelly tee. - Kevin Kelly
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