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November 03, 1983 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1983-11-03

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The Michigan Daily - Thursday, November 3, 1983 - Page 9


Dries skates toward his goal

a -.

Lanier booed.. .
...Detroit lost

its memory
O NE PUNCH erased a lot of memories.
When Bob Lanier flattened Bill Laimbeer with a left
hook in Tuesday night's Milwaukee Bucks-Detroit Pistons
game, the Silverdome crowd forgot the 6-11, 270-pounder's 10
ears in a Detroit uniform. His 15,488 points, 8,063 rebounds,
,276 field goals and 859 blocked shots - all Piston career
records - also slipped the audience's mind. So, too, did a
career scoring average of 22.7 points per game..
In fact, the whole decade of the '70s was lost.
The 7,000-plus who witnessed Lanier's punch relentlessly
booed the temperamental behemoth. They threw programs
at him. They hurled hot dog wrappers at him. Someone even
kept the wrapper and tossed a half-eaten frankfurter.
And the derision continued throughout the game.
For sure, Lanier's action was deplorable. An apparently
nprovoked blow cannot be ignored.
Nor can Lanier's history.
'Sugar Ray" Lanier
Besides leading the Pistons in scoring and rebounding for
eight straight years, the big man from St. Bonaventure took
the team's knockout crown year-in and year-out.The Buffalo
Braves' Dale Schlueter and the Atlanta Hawks' Bob Christian
were just two of many victims of Lanier's slegehammer
fist. Who can forget the time Lanier charged into the seats in
'akland to protect Detroit teammate Eric Money from the
crowd during a 1977 playoff game fight.
Lanier is not stranger to fisticuffs and Detroit fans should
know that better than anyone - they cheered every one of his
bouts. Whenever Lanier cocked his left, Piston supporters
voiced their approval.
"Nail 'im, Bob!" they'd shout. "Knock him on his ass!"
Monday night they forgot Detroit's favorite knockout artist
this side of Thomas Hearns. When Lanfer sent Laimbeer to
the floor, all the crowd saw was a glowering giant wearing a
Milwaukee uniform. No one remembered his decade in
etroit. Everyone, however, remembered who played for the
home team. All knew that Lanier didn't.
"Give the bad guy all the abuse we can deliver," the fans
reasoned. And they delivered.
Didn't he play for Detroit?
But five years ago a similar Lanier outburst would have
brought a totally different reaction. His punch must have
ben provoked, the crowd would have rationalized as it
owered a swollen-faced Piston opponent in trash.
Monday night Lanier was just another Piston opponent. It
doesn't matter who plays the game, as long as the home
teams wins.
Steve Kemp is Lanier's baseball analog. Once the heart of
the Tiger batting order, Detroiters now know Kemp only as a
hated Yankee.
Neither Kemp nor Lanier left Detroit on his own accord.
Both were traded. Kemp, though, downgraded the home
team upon his departure. Spectator contempt for the out-
fielder is understandable.'
But Lanier's farewell was an amiable one. Until he leveled
aimbeer, the greatest center in Piston history deserved
nothing but applause from a Detroit audience.
Elephants remember. Sports fans don't.

If they gave a comeback player of the year
award in college hockey, Ray Dries would have to
be Michigan's nominee for the honor. That's
because the senior center came back twice from
being cut from the squad to rejoin the Michigan
hockey team. And now this season Dries has
proven to be a key member of the Wolverine of-
The ordeal began two seasons ago when Dries
came to Ann Arbor as a transfer after playing one
year at U-M Dearborn and was asked to leave af-
ter training camp, a victim of too many skaters.
"IT WASN'T BASICALLY a cut the first year," said
the Mt. Clemens native. "They lost a bunch of
forwards the year before. So coach Giordano
called me into his office after tryouts and told me
he had too many new people to look at and said for
me to come back in two or three weeks and he'd
have a better idea then.
"He lived up to his word and called me two
weeks later and said that he'd like me to practice
with the team. I skated with them all year."
Dries saw po game action that year since he had
to sit out a season after transferring, but then
found out that the ice time wouldn't be automatic
even once he was eligible.
"THE NEXT YEAR I came into tryouts and looked
bad. All summer long I had skated, but didn't lift
a lot of weights, which was a big mistake," said
Dries. "I got cut and was really surprised. That
year was a shocker.
However, in the sport of hockey, events have a
tendency to repeat themselves-just look at the
Stanley Cup winners in the last eight years. And
just as the previous year, Dries was asked to
return to the Wolverines.
"I couldn't believe I was cut," Dries said. "My
parents wanted me to stay in school, but I wasn't
into it. But just like the year before, two weeks go
by and coach calls me back."
DRIES FINALLY got his chance to play on
Thanksgiving weekend of last year against Nor-
thern Michigan and responded with a goal and
two assists. He went on from there to play in
every game after that until disaster struck in
February when a rut in the ice caused Dries to
injure his ankle and spend the rest of the season
on the sidelines.
"I started aainst Michigan State on a line with
Brad Tippett, so it was one of the top lines," said
Dries. "I was thinking, 'Wow, this season is
going great, I'm going to finish strong and be
ready for next year.'
"In the beginning of the third period, though, I
went into the corner and got caught in a rut in the
ice and just then two guys hit me and I felt my
ankle snap.
"I THOUGHT I broke it. When the trainer
came out I told him 'it's gone, but he thought I
meant my knee.so he wouldn't let me move and
got a stretcher. I felt pretty stupid getting
carried off for an ankle.* It turned out to be a
really bad sprain, I was on crutches for four
In fact, that wasn't the first time Dries had
been injured during a key point in his career.
While playing in juniors, he was selected for a
national team to play in Finland, but broke his
wrist just before the trip and didn't play.
But that injury didn't stop Dries from having a
successful junior career which led to an in-
vitation to play at Dearborn two years after
leaving high school.
THE FRESHMAN season with the Wolves was
also a good one for Dries as he was named to the

Daily Photo by BRIAN MASCK
Michigan center Ray Dries poke checks a Michigan-Dearborn player during the Wolverines'4-3 season-opening victory over the
Wolves. The senior from Mount Clemens has come back after being cut twice from the team and is now one of Michigan's key players.

NAIA All-Tournament team. But hockey at
Dearborn was having financial problems at that
time and there was talk of the sport dropping to
club status in the future. So Dries decided to
transfer while he still had three years of
eligibility left.
This brings us back to where the Ray Dries
Story began, as he tried out for Michigan and
eventually became one of the smallest players in
Division I hockey, at five-foot seven. However,
his size hasn't bothered him a bit on the ice.
"I've been the smallest guy on every team I've
played for, so I'm used to it," said Dries.
'Everyone I go up against is bigger and stronger
than I am, but I'm a lot quicker than they are
going into the corners, so it can be an advan-
"FOR A LITTLE guy he's tough," explained
current roommate and former Dearborn team-
mate, John DeMartino. "Its not how many bouts
you win or lose, its how many you show up for.
And Ray Dries always shows up."
So far this year Dries has indeed been at every
game and has collected three goals and three
assists in the process. Should he continue to show
up at Yost Arena, Dries could be in for a very
successful season.

Grildde Picks

The wicked witch awoke and
slithered over to her magic mirror to
ask the question she asked every mor-
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who
knows football best this fall?"
To which the mirror responded:
"evil one with face of lizard, Snow
White is the new Griddes wizard."
Well, this incensed the witch so much
that she conjured up a poisonous pizza
and disguised herself as a pizza deliver-
y man in hopes of poisoning Snow White
with this prize pizza.
The pizza felled Snow White, but alas
she was awoken by a kiss from Prince
Charming who promptly hoisted her on-
to his horse and road away into the sun-
set to have her place bets with his
bookie. He was no romantic fool.-
Turn in your picks by midnight
Friday at the Daily or at Pizza Bob's on
S. State or Church.

1. Purdue at MICHIGAN (pick score)
2. Illinois at Minnesota
3. Ohio State at Indiana
4. Michigan State at Northwestern
5. Iowa at Wisconsin
6. Pittsburgh at Norte Dame
7. Washington at Arizona
8. Arizona State at California
9. Oklahoma at Missouri
10. Stanford at Southern California
11. Alabama at Louisiana State
12. Maryland at Auburn
13. Georgia at Florida
14. East Carolina at Miami
15. Clemson at North Carolina
16. Colgate at Pennsylvania
17. Holy Cross at Harvard
18. Prairie View at Arkansas-Pine Fluff
19. Southern Connecticut at Cal Poly-
San Luis Obispo
20. Purdue Trouble-Makers at DAILY

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