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January 10, 1982 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1982-01-10

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The Michigan Daily-Saturday, January 10, 1982-Page 5

Antitrust official
calls dual deals



By Don Rubin

S WASHINGTON (UPI)- The gover-
nment has called a truce in its antitrust
war against two giants- International
Business Machines Inc. and American
Telephone & Telegraph Co.-but the
Justice Department says it still will be
tough on violators.
In, a pair of stunning moves that
rocked the business world, the ad-
ministration announced Friday it is set-
tling a 7-year-old suit to break up the
Bell System and abandoning a 13-year-
old monopoly case against IBM.
It was coincidence that the two ac-
tions came on the same day, according
to William Baxter, the assistant attor-
ney general in charge of the depar-
tment's antitrust division. He called it
"sheer serendipity."
AND THE cases were quite different,
Baxter said at a news conference.
"Therefore I don't think anyone can
draw any messages from the two cases
in combination," Baxter said. "I think
one can draw one message. The an-
titrust division will be very very tough
when it thinks it has a good case, and it
will not attempt cosmetic solutions
when it thinks it has a bad one."

But the Justice Department's actions
are likely to open a new era in the world
of communications and computers.
The AT&T settlement, which must be
approved by a federal judge, calls for
the Bell System to spin off 22 local
operating companies worth $80 billion,
twothirds of its total assets.
THE BREAKUP of the Bell kingdom
may well be compared to the 1911
agreement that divided, Standard Oil
Company, the Rockefeller family
domain, into 33 subsidiaries.
But the settlement will allow the
company to enter the previously
prohibited fields of data processing and
unregulated non-telephone service.
The effects for the consumer of the
antitrust actions, the most dramatic yet
in the Reagan administration, still are
being assessed.
They may well drive up the cost of
local telephone service, and cut the cost
of long distance calls. About 30 per cent
of the cash flow from long distance calls
now goes to subsidize local lines but
that would stop under the new

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6) a pack of Marlboro's
7) a calendar
8) a Garfield comic strip
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10) a road map
11) a Band-Aid brand wrapper
12) a Nabisco product
13) a Universal Product Code
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Dana Rose
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Michael Rafeld
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Get. She iking

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;.,s -"i" r }q t t", 's f s; !S t ii 2 yf' "
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Walesa stil powerful
despite his confinement
VIENNA, Austria (UPI) - Gen. operation, and became a sobbing
Wojciesch Jaruzelski can mobilize wreck, or how he defiantly went on a
Poland's tanks. But it may be that Lech hunger strike before Christmas to show
Walesa is still the only rman who can the military council he would never
mobilize Poland's people. turn quisling - but none of them has
.That fact helps explain why Walesa been verified.
has been held incommunicado since "We don't even know for sure where
before dawn on Dec. 13, when tanks Walesa is being held," said a Western
rolled across the streets of Warsaw, correspondent who had been in Warsaw
Gdansk and most of the country's other throughout the martial law period but
provincial capital4. left Poland Thursday.
Even silenced and cut off from the "At the moment there are two
world, the 38-year-old electrician who theories - either that he is at the army
led the 9 -million-member Solidarity staff headquarters or Rakowiecka
union is still the most powerful person Street in Warsaw or that he has been
in Poland. taken to a military compound at the
.The power. is all potential, though, airport," the Western traveler said.
since Walesa now seems to be com- "But it's impossible to get near either
pletely isolated. Under the air-tight place."
controls in which Jaruzelski, the The government's extreme
nation's martial law leader, wrapped precautions concerning Walesa
Poland, even the union chairman's illustrate his powerful status.
* whereabouts are a mystery. "East day that goes by with Lech
Almost nothing about Walesa is Walesa still in custody is a sign that
known.for sure after 3 a.m. on Dec. 13, Jaruzelski is unwilling or unable to
when he was led away from his wife and make a deal with the union, despite all
six children at the family's apartment of the regime's promises that Solidarity
in Gdansk and taken off to Warsaw un- will continue to operate," said an
der detention. analyst with wide experience in
Dozens' of detailed stories have since Eastern Europe.
circulated about the Solidarity leader's "If Jaruzelskiis unable to deal with
subsequent fate - how he broke down Walesa, it may mean that the Soviets
within hours of learning of the won't let him, and ,that could be the
thoroughness . of the martial law worst news of all."
Government eases


: ' CY"r'tt w" ...a _: ..w vr ...w......... . ....: :..+" ea.4 ....,.. _}__ _ !! )_!v.._t t..._ .:_S _.___ ... .. __ ._______. .__. .. ________ __..-.____. ___. ..:. .:: lS1

' i. - t:'2t:11it:.3i.:fST'.' "fil:X':.' .''" :'.'.t '.S? ._ ; ' +rwt r""r;i ::s% rt;r:.:.t{~:,_ t: - i: itir :"m"yZp:"zir="i'y .rr.::rK."Y: K" va"
q ~ r..r f..su..ti 3:.:;s.:.r¢ ._«. ss.,:.s.:a ..s..it:,.. f..tt .sL...fir : L......


f 7

Read and Use Daly Cla ssif ieds


What's Available, Accessible, and Almost Free?

Polish censorship

(Continued from Page 1)
acknowledges about 5,000 other Poles
have been interned in camps around the
prime minister in charge of economic
reform, also addressed the news con-
ference, and termed Poland's hard
currency balance and its level of prod-
cuction at the start of the new year
"fatal." He said the foreign debt in-
creased to $28.5 billion due to increased
food imports.
About $2 billion of the debt was owed to
the Soviet bloc, and the rest to Western
nations and commercial creditors,
Obodowski said. He appealed for $6
billion in import credits to help the
country recover economicaly. Up to
now Poland's foreign debt had been
pegged at $26 billion.
Obodowski, described by Urban in his
introduction as "a strong man of our
weak economy," said Poland last year
suffered a 14 percent decline in revenue
with a 16 percent decline in industrial
production and building. At the same
time, he said, salaries increased 25 per-
"THERE IS A great decrease in ex-
port," he said. "The only good result we
can speak about now is agriculture. But
the purchase of meat is still fatal,"
meaning supplies were in desperate
Obodowski also criticized Reagan's
-decision to cut aid to Poland as a move
+Iit* made it "still mnr difficult to

improve now that Poland has "no
strikes now, no anarchy, no chaos."
"The possibilities for the Polish
economy are still great," he said.
"Economic reform and peaceful, inten-
se work are the best guarantees for
Western banks. We hope they will keep
cooperating, granting credits for im-
port and giving us a bridge for finan-
cing." -
RADIO WARSAW said Poland's coal
exports, the nation's chief source of
foreign capital, plummeted to 15
million tons during last year's labor
unrest from a previous annual average
of more than 40 million tons. It predic-
ted that this year's coal exports could
top 18 million tons. Poland depends on
its coal exports to help repay the
billions it owes Western banks and
The Communist Party, whose
authority had been eclipsed by the
military council running Poland for the
pgst month, moved to reassert its
prominence by planning a plenary
session next week.
A purge of the party's ranks has been
underway for sorhe time and word that
the party was ready to meet indicated
the purge was nearly complete,
analysts said.
A GOVERNMENT spokesman also
said the Polish parliament would meet
for the first time since martial law was
imposed to hear a major address by
A State Department official in
Washington, who requested anonymity,

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