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January 31, 1980 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1980-01-31

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-Patge 6-Thursday, January 31, 1980--The Michigan Daily

Rabbi Kahane condones threat
to Nazis by Californian man

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Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the
Jewish Defense League and tonight's
UAC Viewpoint lecturer, said in a
telephone interview yesterday he was
contacted yesterday afternoon by an
anonymous California man who had
threatened to kill two persons, possibly
Nazis, unless he was able to speak to
When contacted by the man, Kahane
told'him in the "brief talk of perhaps 25
seconds, You know that to kill innocent
people is a crime. I put the emphasis on
'innocent'." But, in the interview
Kahane added he "would not weep if
someone who has the blood of hundreds
of thousands of JeWs on his hands"
were killed by the man.

KAHANE TOLD the Ann Arbor -News
yesterday, that he would condone, the
killing of Nazis. "If the man were to tell
me he was going to kill Nazis, I would
tell him to go ahead," he said.
Kahane said the man, while giving no
indicatiop of his identity, location or
plans, "was extremely rational and
spoke very calmly." The man, in a let-
ter to the Los Angeles City News Ser-
vice, identified himself only as a 57-
year-old Jewish widower and asked to
be put in touch with Kahane.
In regard to his statements concer-
ning the killing of Nazis, Kahane said,
"I encourage the use of methods that
will convince people that Jewish blood
is not cheap." He said he felt the time

had compe for 'Jews to fight back."
KAHANE ALSO said he welcomed0
the predicted protest of his lecture
tonight by Arab students. He said he
felt the confrontation might force an
.end to "the apathy of, the general
j~wish student body." He went on to
voi 'e dissatisfaction with Jewish
representation at past debates for being
too "d've-ish". Kahane said, "I am not
dove-ish:,I am hawkish."
Kahane s Hthe is adamantly opposed*
to any concessi mifor the Palestinians.
Kahane said, "They&is,,no Palestine!"
Kahane's lecture is sch 'uled for 8:15
tonight at the Anderson R.n.the
Michigan Union and he will address the -I%
Israel-Palestinian issue.

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Poll: Women drafted if ERA passes



WASHINGTON (AP) - A majority of
the American public believes that
women will be drafted to serve in com-
bat if the Equal Rights Amendment
(ERA) were added to the Constitution,,
a new survey finds.
A similar majority believes em-
ployers will have to hire homosexuals if
the amendment is passed, but rejects
the notions that men will be denied jobs
in favor of women and that separate
toilets for men and women will not be
THESE AND other findings come
from a poll, commissioned from the
Louis Harris organization by the
National Federation of Business and
Professional Women's clubs.
The ERA, which would prohibit
discrimination on the basis of sex, must
be ratified by 38 states by June-30, 1982,
to become part of the Constitution. To
date, it has been approved by 35 states,
but South Dakota~, Kentucky, Ten-
nessee, Idaho and Nebraska have since
rescinded approval. The legal validity
of that move still is in question.
Harris surveyed 1,493 adults nation-

wide and recorded these results in per-
centages :
--BY 56-36 Americans favor passage
of the amendment. The percentages are
about the same as they have'been since
the ERA question was first posed by
Harris in 1975.
-in the East, the ERA is favored 63-
31; in the West, 61-30; in the Midwest,
55-38 and in the South 49-44.
-Big city, suburban and small town
residents are heavily in favor of ERA
but in rural areas it can only muster a
47-45 plurality. The college-educated
and blacks have larger pluralities for
ERA than do those with lesser
education and whites.
religion. Jews fayor the amendment 85-
9. Catholics by 61-34, Protestants by 54-
39. But among fundamentalist churches
63-34 are against ERA and Harris says,
"the fundamentalist group lies at the
heart of opposition to ERA in the
-Liberals favor ERA 73-22, conser-
vatives are divided 47-47. Married
people like it 53-39, single people 68-27.
Men favor it 59-35, women by 54-38.

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-Under ERA, 55-42 believe women
will be drafted to serve in combat. And
54-32 think employers will have to hire
homosexuals, but 55-39 don't think
passage will mean than~ men will be
denied jobs in favor of women.
HARRIS ALSO tested people's per-
ceptions about the amendment. By 30-
27 they thought Republican presidential
contender Ronald Reagan supports
.ERA. He is against the amendmlent. By
23-21 they believed John Connally op-
poses it. He doesn't. The poll showed
correct beliefs about theey "for" stands
taken by Sen. Howard Biker, George
Bush and Rep. John Anderson.
"By 79 to 19 per cent, a majority of
the American people agree with the
claim that 'if women do not speak for
themselves and confront men on their
real problems, nothing. will be done
about these problems'," Harris said.
A small majority, 51-44, rejects the
argument that "advocates of ERA are
mainly w.4men's libbers who would
totally change the' traditional role of
But a much larger percentage, 67-31,
does' not buy the argument that
"leaders of women's organizations are
trying to turn women into men."
Jobs denied
by proposal
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Sussman said the proposal was still
undergoing changes. "We're concerned
about a couple of sections. It's not an
accepted. document yet." He also said
people involved with equal opportunity
employment and other such groups
were being consulted.
NEW YORK (AP)-Quak cures pose.
one of the greatest dangers to arthritis
sufferers, says researcher Arthur S.
Freese says nearly $1 billion a year is
wasted by sufferers who will try an-
thing to relieve their pain.

eb, 8
8:00 p.m.

A8.00 & #5.004
Available at:


The National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression


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