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July 31, 1976 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1976-07-31

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r John Spllson (D)
Marvin Stempien (D)

aV1 shr;ele itun child0's rl-zlt "Owe,'but CIO not knowsowe to as- rtoues out oefandoand mooev health are s poage.
irole s-ertiheeigrhosr.-Calls formoe could Os bettee spent in otiereas
sertiveness training education.
Personally opposes abortion. Strongly supports. Favors reduction of defense spend- Supports such a program, feels it
Ing. Feels that money would be ":needn't be inflationary."
better spent on domestic programs.

p tin the main bur-
bu -7 mare money gean
toenergy research.
Feels that budget priorities should
be shifted from overseas to here at

Personally opposed to abo
)(RC l P IISel would support limited ab
the case of rape, danger
mother. Opposes Supreme
Generally opposed to abo
R) cert in the case of rape,
deformity of child or seri
ical risk to the mother.
Supreme Court decision.

Supports Equal Rights Amendment
but feels specific legislation is still
needed to correct unaffected in-
Opposes Equal Rights Amendment
- would prefer to deal with equal
rights issue-by-issue rather than on
one broad piece of legislation.

Would support defense spending to
make sure that the U.S. not be-
come a "second-rate" power. But
sees certain areas in defense bud-
get that could be cut.
Will support defense spending that
is necessary to insure that the U.S.
remain equal or superior to Rus-
sia in military preparedness. Would
work to eliminate frills and con-
tract over-runs.

Opposed to National Health In-
surance plan. Looks to less expen-
sive alternatives.

Educational funding would be a
top budget priority.

restrain inflation.
Wnto tsinusvaenergyf coales 5to
imprVe th conomy and thoeeby
create more jobs.
Favors the ,oncept of the Hum-
phrey-Hawkins Bill, but believes
it needs to be amended before he
would support it. Would like to
see some sort of immediate relief
provided for the unemployed,
Supports a modified Humphrey-
Hawkins bill. Looks to the private
sector to provide more jobs in the
long run. Wants to reduce infla-
tion through reduced federal
Wants federal government to pro-
vide ta incentives to private in-
dustry to expand economy, therebF
creating more jobs. Opposes Hum-
phrey-Hawkins bill.

Opposes across the board National
Health Insurance Plan but favors
catastrophic clause.

First budget priority is to stim-
ulate economy. Also wishes to bal-
ance budget.

Drug Traffic/WANT Squad
( ) Says sheriff's department s h o u l d
CharlesBroderick( ) lrejoin WANT.
(D) iSheriff has nothing to do with
l making the laws, the legislators doa
that. We msot cooperate with each
other," h
No participation in WANT squad.
Frede ck lil Increased emphasis on traffikes
Says that dealers should be pro-
secuted and sentenced each time
habilitated. The WANT s q u a d
should be brought back to combat
hard drugs.
Says police are "duty bound" to
enforce all laws on all citizens
Fay Johnson (R) fairly and firmly. Will participate
in WANT squad,
Plans to work intensely on hard
Mi i dru; problems in county. A total,
0move county oriented effort is
mi ( needed with cooperation by all

Crime Prevention vs.
"Cut down on crime now by de-
voting time, money and energy to
prevention rather than rehabili-
Says if crime is prevented there Is
no need for rehabilitation.
"The sheriff's department shoul d
pursue prevention of crime as much
as those who commit them."
"Cars and men on streets will de-
ter crime. Young offenders can be
helped at county level but habitual
criminals should be dealt with on a
state level."
"Add more facts to the crime
prevention program now in use.
Show people how to keep themselv-
es and their property safe."
"The sheriff's office is not the
place for rehabilitation." Says he
is concerned with obtaining funds
for youth programs (from private
sources) in athletics and other

Patrol Rural Areas
Wants increased patrols in outlying
Believes there are too many ad-
ministrators, not enough patrol
cars. A need for increase, particu-
larly at night.
Further increase of patrols by eli-
minating unnecessary command
positions. More 'sub' offices in
rural areas.a
All programs should be re-evaluat-
ed with unnecessary personnel be-
ing assigned to road patrol.

Cooperation With
Police Agencies
"We need to re-establish coopera-
tion, reduce animosity."
"You can't make a line of juris-
diction. It doesn't make a differ-
ence where the crime happens."
"The sheriff's department should
be, and has been under my ad-
ministration, instructed to cooper-
ate daily vith state police and oth-
er local agencies."
'It's very poor now. We need to
work with all (other police agen-
cies)". Contracting of police pro-
tection should not be done unless
chosen by residents.
"I already have a good relation.
ship with all agencies in the coun-
ty "

Says there is a need for basic
courtesy, quick response to calls.
Sheriff should uphold the law as it
is written.
Reduce citizen complaints against
officers. Increase number of ar-
rsts per officer.
Believes effective leadership will
'"straighten things out. We need
a sheriff with experience in dealing
with unions."
Return respect to sheriff's office.
Deputies should be put under civil
service to prevent "loss of job far"
every four years.
Plans to surround himself w i t h
talented, disciplined, confident,
and competent people. "Deputies
need to be well-rounded, respected,
capable people."

Jail Conditions
No response.

"Sweep it clean by not letting any-
one (Jail administrators) stay ha
office more than two terms,"
Supports the building of new jail,
repairs to old building, and Im-
provements in medical care.
Better security to protect both
deputies and those inearerated.


Believes every township and village
is entitled to their share of de-
puties available. Any additional
deputies should be paid for totally
by the township or village,
Says it is morally wrong to re-
quire townships to pay for increas-
ed road patrol. More policing of
outlying areas could come from
good management and use of

"Prisoners shouldn't be mistreated
or intimidated but shouldn't have
luxuries either." Work programs
should benefit society as well as
the prisoner.
Not satisfied with conditions. A
total, careful re-examinatlo aof
procedures is needed.

"It is not at its best now. This
is a very high priority problem."

Candidates for Sheriff unavailable for comment on the issues were: Frealin Craft (R) Richard Horn (D) and James Taylor (D).

® 1

Ronald Keys (D)
George Steeh (D)
William Dehey(R)

Consumer Protection
Wints to see an integrated expansion of consumer action
stapting with one full time prosecutor working on con-
sumer problems and increasing as budget and acceptance
permits. "This type of program must be instituted grad-
ually to avoid threatening people."
Says there is a need for greater laws for consumer
Doen't believe that a full time attorney is needed for the
coniumer protection unit now in existence. A part-time
attorney. a full time director, and student participants
are sufficient.

Control of Violent Crime
Says there is a need for a special violent crimes unit for
fast prosecution of offenders and support of complaining
parties. Possible use of the Habitual Criminal Act.
"We should assist victims of crimes to obtain coopera-
tion." Try for a higher conviction rate and reduced
cerime rote.
Says strict enforcement with greater crackdown. Other
crimes should not be overlooked but crimes against
people have more priority.

Drug Dealers and Users
"I would enforce the Michigan controlled substances act.
I'd like to see users on treatment which would possibly
decrease Breaking and Entering cases,"
No response.
"Conviction of drug traffikers will also prevent the in-
crease of other crimes." Any seller of drugs should be
punished but circumstances need to be taken into con-

Police-Prosecutor Cooperation
"I have and will work directly with law enforcement as-
sociations," Agencies need to meet and learn to work as a

Law education (through Prosecutor's office) for police
officers, more protection of citizens rights.
Good already as a whole. Only problems are on an in-
dividual basis.

You may vote for either Republican or Democratic candidates. You may not vote for both or split your vote between the two parties. Other Primary races include County Commissioners, Cunty Clerk, Register of
Commissioner and Circuit Court Judge. Candidates for State Legislature and County Treasurer are unopposed. A ballot proposal would establish a quarter mill tax for parks and recreation. Supporters of minor
et halneew in order for their Dartv to appear on the November ballot.

Deeds, Drain
parties must

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