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May 04, 1978 - Image 14

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Michigan Daily, 1978-05-04

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Page 14--Friday, May 5, 1978-The Michigan Daily
Has S. Africa
An AP News Analysis large quantities of ammunition, arms
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa explosive devices and documents also
(AP) - Incursions by black nationalist had been seized - some hidden in
guerrillas carrying arms made in suburbs of the coastal resort city.
Soviet-bloc nations appear to mark a The police reported the discovery of
new phase in the black struggle to top- caches of explosives elsewhere in Natal
ple white rule in South Africa. Province, which borders black-ruled,
Security police announced this week Marxist-oriented Mozambique. There
that "several" guerrillas armed with have been other sketchy reports of con-
Soviet AK-47 assault rifles and ex- tact with insurgents in the eastern
plosives had been captured along South Transvaal Province, also adjacent to
Africa's frontiers with neighboring Mozambique.
black-ruled states. The announcement Brig. C. F. Zietsman, head of South
coincided with local press reports that African security police, said his forces
security forces had caught as many as have arrested and brought to trial
100 guerrilla suspects in border areas numerous guerrilla suspects and that
recently. the situation was "under control."
SECURITY POLICE in Durban said BUT THE official report that armed
insurgents are crossing into South
Africa suggests the "war of liberation"

revolt begun?
has been immune to open armed con- near Umkomaas, 35 miles from Dur-
flict despite guerrilla wars in neigh- ban. No one was injured.
boring Rhodesia and South-West
Africa, the South African-ruled THEN A Chesterville councilman,
territory also known as Namibia. Albert Mtheku Yil, was shot in the arm
Depending on the degree of Soviet after leaving a church. Police later
support for the insurgents, their num- established that he was shot with a
bers and trainingreportedly under way Czechoslovakian-made automatic
in Angola - the ramifications could be pistol.
widespread. Arms captured elsewhere in the
country and along the borders include
IF THE THREAT is serious, South AK-47 rifles, Tokarev pistols and Scor-
Africa itself could eventually become pion machine pistols. Most of the
much like Rhodesia today - a garrison weapons found appear to be almost
state bogged down in a spreading con- new, police said. Zietsman said many of
flict involving neighboring countries. the seized explosives originated in
Zietsman said the arrests at Durban communist-bloc countries.
followed similar sweeps along the coun- Zietsman said South Africa's blacks
try's borders and in other centers in were becoming aware that the cam-
recent months. paign was against the country as a
Last month, black businessman and whole and that its aim was to install a
township councilman Oscar Xaba and Marxist regime. He said most of the
his family were terrorized when 11 recent victims of guerrilla attacks were
shots from an AK-47 rifle hit their home blacks.


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long feared by the white government
may have begun in earnest.
I Until this year, South Africa proper


La. flooding worst in 50 years

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Roads were
clogged with abandoned cars yesterday
and snakes slithered through the
streets as floodwaters receded from
one of the area's worst rainstorms in 50
years. The deluge was blamed for four
deaths and an estimated $60 million
Water remained a problem in subur-
ban communities with houses still
flooded. But conditions in most areas
eased from Wednesday when ducks
floated down Canal Street.
IT RAINED so hard on Wednesday -
which ironically was national Sun Day
- that the National Weather Service
rain gauge broke after reaching 8.67 in-
ches in five hours. Unofficial totals hit
10.5 inches in some areas. Places where
floods previously were unknown-
became rivers, carrying catamarans
and motor boats instead of cars.
In contrast, Hurricane Betsy - the
most devastating hurricane ever to hit
New Orleans - dumped 5.10 inches of
water in September 1965.
"Every time it rains, we have
flooding around here, but I've been here

32 years and we've never had a flood
like this," said Myrtle Bondio, who
lives near Bayou St. John in the city.
NOW COMES the great cleanup from
what is estimated as much as $60
million damage in this sea-level city
divided by the Mississippi River. In-
surance agents are as flooded with
claims as their policy holders were with
And President Carter declared the
metropolitan region a disaster area
yesterday, making federal loans and
aid available.
At least four persons died as a direct
result of the flooding while a fifth per-
son with a heart condition died while
being paddled to a hospital in a pirogue,
a swamp version of a canoe.
A DAY AFTER the worst flooding
since the Great Flood of 1927, the West
Bank still had water in homes and on
the roads. Residents were being told to
boil their drinking water because of the
potential health hazard from sewage
Major thoroughfares on both sides of
the river looked like jumbled parking

lots, with water-logged cars sitting
askew on streets and lawns.
With yesterday's bright sunshine
came reports of snakes slithering in the
streets and rat-like nutria scrabling for
high ground from overflowing canals.
AT THE HOSPITAL Hotel Dieu, 10
feet of water stood in the basement af-
ter a wall collapsed and as many as 50
patients were transferred.
At the LSU School of Dentistry, more
than 100 cages of research animals, in-
cluding chimps, monkeys, guinea pigs,
cats and dogs had to be moved to higher
ground after 15 animals drowned.
Stories of people helping people
abounded, but there were several sour
tales, including a report that a
Greyhound bus filled with conven-
tioneers headed for the airport was at-
tacked by a gang of teen-agers and
their luggage stolen.
A Greyhound spokesman said, "We
are aware that something has hap-
pened, but because of the conditions
following the rain, we were unable to
contact our driver to verify the story
and determine whether it is factual or

Psalms 2:1 and Acts 4:25

Exodus 2:17. One day Moses left his home, the palace of the
King, and took a trip tothe land of Midian. Heleft and traveled
ingreat haste as if something was after him- and there wasi
Doubtless being very tired from his forced marches and
hasty trip he sat down to rest by a well in the land of Midian.
After a while seven young women, sisters, came and began to
draw water and fill the troughs to water their father's flock.
"And the shepherds came and drove them away (doubtless to
take the water for their own sheep and save themselves a
good deal of work) but Moses stood up and helped them, and
watered their flock." This was one time these miserable wret-
ches did not get by with their "dirty deed." - Wonder if I
would not have been afraid to"stand upand help" for fear the
shepherds would "gang up on me" and beat me up? Moses'
courage and kindness paid off quickly and resulted in him
getting ahome, ajob, and a wifel
dred words come to mind when i hear and read of the hold-up
man robbing a pedestrian, a parking meter, a bank of their
money, or a woman of her virtue, etc., etc. Men, women, and
now even children, made in the image of God Almighty who
are so debased and fallen so low that they refuse to strive to
work and live by "the sweat of their brow" as God com-
manded, but choose to go about preying on the fruits of men
and women who fear God and seek with His help to pay their
own way through lifel in my judgment, in this catego'y,
belong not only the gross criminals, but those preachers,
teachers, politicians, and voters who tell us the government

or somebody ought to support and guarantee every man an
income to live on, regardless of his character, industry, or
lack of either or bothl In my Book that Is "DEVIL DOC-
TRINE!" If you area true Christian you ought to and will be
preaching by word and conduct such as: "GOD SHALL
WENT!" Our neglect and rejection of these truths is probably
back of the action of the woman's son who "has went against
God," as well as the cause of other sons and daughters and
parents and Uncle Sam turning their backs on God, thinking
He is deadl Unless we turn from such folly there will be "hell
to pay" - in fact we have already begun to pay!
those who were being cheated out of the rightful fruits of
their own labor.Moses was bornwith a"death penalty"on his
head because of his sex and his race: sex, male; race,
Hebrew.Both were determined by HisCreator, and he had no
choice in the matters. Moses was the adopted son of King
Pharoah's daughter, and therefore grand-son of the King.
But Moses also stood up and helped us. He passed on to us
through Israel, the Ten Commandments God gave him on
Mount SInal under which our nation has lived and prospered,
and a return to these same Commandments in both church
and nation would be a guarantee of further blessings and
perpetuity. Conditions as described above would be



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