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July 16, 1971 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1971-07-16

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Charge report
(Itditor note: 'rthe folltoing is the text of a response
to the report of the task Force on Minority Supportive
Services by Ratomond V. Padilla, of the admissions
olfice, who is the recruiter for Chicano students. The
letter was sent to Vresideitt tt -leming and the executive
rj1HE RECENT appearance of a report from the
Task Force on Minority Supportive Services
requires that several questions be raised concerning
the role of the University and its prevailing policies
relative to minority students on this campus.
It is clear from the report that the so called Task
Force on Minority Supportive Services has failed
both to constitute itself in a manner appropriate
to its title, and to address itself to the needs of all
minority groups on campus.
As a Chicano - and I believe that I can speak
for other thousands of Chicanos in Michigan -I
am repulsed by the chicanery which attempts to
institutionalize practices conducive to human ex-
ploitation and the loss of equal educational oppor-
tunity for all Americans - no matter where they
may fall in the color spectrum.
Specifically, I call your attention to the follow-
. The "Minority" Task Force included no Chi-
canos, Indians or Puerto Ricans.
2. The report of the Task Force makes no mention
of any of these groups,
3. None of the recommendations made by the
Task Force addresses itself to the real needs of
Chicano students on campus.
4. The report makes no mention of the fact that
Chicanos have presented to the University a pro-
posal which articulates their needs and provides a
model for effectively meeting these needs.
5. Out of the thousands of dollars requested, no
appropriation was requested for the Chicano pro-
posal, even though it would only take a few thous-

fails Chicanos
and dollars to begin the preliminary phase of the
6. No mention is made in the report of ti sad
fact that no Chicanos have been hir d to me-st bh-
needs of "other minority" students in:
1. The Financial Aid Office
2. Student Counseling Office
3. Orientation Office
4. Housing Office
7. No recommendation was made to alleviate the
condition described above.
8. The Task Force expresses no concern for the
disgraceful fact that there is only one Chicano in
the entire professional staff of the University to
serve the "other Minority" students.
9. No recommendation is made to change the
situation described above.
The most egregious error propounded by the Task
Force in its report is that the educational needs
of all minorities are identical and susceptible to
identical solutions. Nothing is further from the
MOREOVER, I am personally insulted - and
the Chicano community is affronted -- by the
machinations of a University group which, while al-
leging to represent various minorities, excludes "oth-
er minorities" from its ranks and then pretends to
speak for those "other minorities."
It would be regrettable if the University were to
condone, as a matter of policy, such activities. Fu-
ture Chicano students, as well as the Chicago com-
munity, would have no alternative but to chal-
lenge the appropriateness of such practices.
Finally, I wish to suggest that Chicanos would be
happy to dialogue with all interested parties in those
areas of University activity where Chicanos are to
have input.

The Thieu-Ky-Dzu Trail


sex informQtion



(EDITOR'S NOTE: This r e g u l a r
question-and-answer column on
mattersof sexualeconcern is'being
published in co-operation with
Counseling Services, a division of
the Office of Student Services.
Questions may be sent to Box 25,
The Daily, 420 Maynard, or phon-
ed into 76-GUIDE, the Counsel-
ing Services'id-h our counseting
and referral service.)
Q I'm going off the Pill and am
considering getting a dia-
phragm. Tell me about it.
A A diaphragm is a rubber
bowl with a spring rim which
fits over the cervix. It's used with
a sperm-killing cream or jelly so
it works in two ways, mechanical
and chemical. Sperm swimming
toward the cervix (the entrance to
the uterus) has to get around a rub-
ber wall and avoid being killed by
the cream or jelly before it can
get where you don't want it to go.
If it's fitted and used properly it
can be tip to 96 per cent effective-
that is, if you use it for twenty-five
years you can expect to get preg-
nant only once.
Of course, as with any mechan-
ical means of contraception, you
need some skill and some informa-
tion in order for it to work as well
as it can for you. So here goes:
The first thing you should know
is that you need to be fitted by a
doctor for a diaphragm. Non-pre-
scription diaphragms cannot be
trusted. The doctor who fits you
for one will give you a complete
pelvic exam and measure the in-
side of your vagina.

You will be asked to examine
yourself internally, to learn to
recognize the cervix and the edge
of the pubic =bone, and to practice
inserting and removing the dia-
phragm. If you don't feel comfort-
able with this kind of self-exami-
nation, then maybe a diaphragm
is not for you.
The doctor will give you a pre-
scription for a diaphragm of your
size which you can fill at any drug
store or pharmacy. This will cost
about five dollars $3.50-4.00 at
Health Service) - which does not
include the cost of the fitting.
The jelly or cream is purchased
separately at a cost of about three
dollars for twenty applications.
Here's how to use it right, once
you've got it:
I. Spread the spermicidal jelly or
cream around both side of the dia-
phragm and on the rim.
Whatever you do, don't forget the
jelly or cream. Research indicates
pretty clearly that it's the chemical
action that is responsible for the
diaphragm's effectiveness. In fact,
the diaphragm's most important
mechanical effect is that it holds
the spermicide in place at the cer-
vix - not that it physically blocks
the sperm from entering the
2. Squeeze the diaphragm closed
and insert it into your vagina.
Guide the far rim past the cervix
and press the front rim up against
the bony arch that guards the front
vaginal wall (pubic bone). Make

sure you can feel the cervix
through the diaphragm - it feels
like a nose. ,
3. You must (of course) use the
diaphragm every time you have
intercourse. It may be inserted up
to - but no more than - three
hours beforehand.
4. You must add more jelly or
cream if intercourse is repeated.
This is done with a syringe-like ap-
plicator which you use without
removing the diaphragm.
5. You must leave the diaphragm
in place for six to eight hours after
intercourse because it takes that
long for all the sperm to be killed.
6. If you douche, don't do it un-
til eight hours have passed since
intercourse. This isn't necessary,
by the way. In fact, the diaphragm
can be left in place for 24 hours or
longer with no discomfort or bad
7. The diaphragm is removed by
putting your finger behind the
front of the rim and pulling it down
and out. You should wash it in
warm water, dry it, dust it with
powder and replace it in its con-
tainer in a cool place. If it's well
cared for your diaphragm can last
for two years or more.
8. You should have another fit-
ting after a few months if the dia-
phragm was prescribed before or a
little after your first intercourse, as
this will stretch the vagina. Other
things that may change the size
diaphragm you need are a birth,
miscarriage, operation or if you
gain or lose more than ten pounds.
Have another fitting if any of
these happen to you.
tn any case, though, you should
have a doctor check the fit of your
diaphragm once a year,
All in all it's a very effective,
safe method of birth control -
especially if combined with another
method(condoms, rhythm). If it's
fitted right neither partner will be
aware of it once it's fitted. The
initial cost shouldn't be more than
about $25.00 including doctor's fees
and can be less. Each application of
the spermicide will cost ten to
twenty cents.
As for disadvantages, well, you
have to know how to do it right,
and you have to use it every time
you have intercourse. It also re-
quires either some advance plan-
ning or some interruption to use
it. And some women find remem-
bering to remove and clean the
diaphragm annoying. On the other
hand, it's probably not as unpleas-
ant as changing diapers..

It's a mad, mad,
mad, mad, world 4
(tEitor's note: News is not the only specialty of the Associated
l'ress, whose writers also indulge in whimsy. The Daily will feature
a weekly compilation of the best of their reports on the lighter-and
stranger-side o1 tie.)
LONDON - Complaints about marijuana written by the 19th
century poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge were sold for $2,400 at
Sotheby's auction.
Coleridge's remarks had been inked in the margins of a book
itled The Island of Ceylon, written by Robert Percival.
Altogether Coleridge's notes added up to about 40 words. His
main complaint against pot was that it was "merely narcotic"
and brought on a "a painful weight from the flatulence of stifled
The poet was a connoisseur of drugs and reportedly was an
addict of laudanum, an opium derivative.
The notes were bought by J. Sims, a London book dealer.
WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has ordered more than 500
paperback copies of a book called The Pentagon Papers based on 4
The New York Times articles, a distributor for Bantam Books
Inc. says.
The first shipment of the books went fast, with not only Penta-
gon, but Central Intelligence Agency orders among the first to
be filled.
. r r
NEW ORLEANS - Jury selection in the attempted murder
trial of 12 black militants was cut short when one defendant was ex-
ctsed to be treated for a rat bite he received in jail earlier in the
Leroy Jones, 23, was bitten while sleeping on the floor of his
cell in the Orleans Parish jail, his attorney told Judge Israel Au-
Conditions in the crumbling old jail have been called sub-
human by the State Commission on Law Enforcement, which
granted the parish $200,000 last week to improve them until a new
facility can be built.
The defendants, three women and nine men, are on trial in
connection with a shootout last year between police and militants
at the barricaded headquarters of the National Committee to Com-
bat Fascism associated with the Black Panthers,
DALLAS -- Jailers at the city jail did a hurried recount Mon-
day. For the first time in history the numbers were up without an
A 26-year-old woman from California, taken in last Friday on a
charge of loitering at a bus station, gave birth to a baby boy just
before daybreak,
It caught the jail staff flatfooted.
"We didn't know the woman was expecting," said Lt. George
Butler. "It caught us by surprise."
Mother and son were doing well in a city hospital.
SAN CLEMENTE - About 30 young persons set up a ping pong
table a quarter of a mile from the entrance of the western White
House Wednesday to protest what they called "President Nixon's
Ping Pong diplomacy."
The youths identified themselves as members of the bipartisan
Young Americans for Freedom. They said they are against admis-
sion of Communist China to the United Nations and any diplomatic
or economic exchanges with it.
"We're challenging President Nixon to come out and play a
game ofPing Pong with some of our members and carry on a dis-
course in which we would show the President our strong opposition
to his Ping Pong diplomacy," said Dick Shirley, YAF executive di-
rector of Los Angeles.
BALTIMORE - Fleas have forced workmen out of Pimlico .
Elementary School.
Workmen have stopped renovation on the school because the
bites were getting to be too much.
"It started out as a joke," said Kenneth Kessler, an on-site
representative of the city building department, "but it isn't any
more. They've even invaded my construction trailer."

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