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June 14, 1972 - Image 8

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Michigan Daily, 1972-06-14

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gage Eight


Wednesday, June 14, 1972

SHOWS AT 1, 3, 5,l7and 4
"When your husband
waKlk(s out there are three
things you gotta do..
geta job, geta lawyer,
rv>+ ryo n'

DAILY OFFICIAL Israeli, Egyvptian air forces

Thse Daily Official Bolletin is an
official publication of the Univer-
sity of M~ichigan. Notices shsould be
409 E. Jefferson, before 2 p.m. or
the dry peceding pobliication and
by 2 ,.. Friday for Saturday and
Sunoday. Ites appear once only.
Studentt orgooloation notires are
notafareptri for pobliration. For
morter informaitn, phone 764-0270.
Psychiatry Dept.: Edgar Draper.
"Psycohiatric Residency Eduicatioan in
the 60's arnd 70's," Nruropsychiiatric
Ist., Children's Psych. alosp. Aud.,
10:15 am.

clash; first time in two years

fO n e , Commsissioni for; Wsmn:Homer
~II ' Heath Lounge, 12a.
Is sitrWi"alCfodlege"umm Rsidential
A Lonely NuPetreniIs' Mrt gdaeOsdentPloro
_________________________ Colleghep Aud., 8 pass.
The V7ILLAGE INN Prondly Presents
Entertainment also NOW SERVING
Thurs, and Sun., from 9:30-1 :30 LIQUOR
Famous Village Inn Pizza Always NO COVER

TEL AVIV (Al) - Israel and
Egypt claimrd they chat down
two of rash other's warplanes
yesterday in the first Israeli-
Egyptian dogfight since the Mid-
die East cease-fire hcgan 22
months ago.
The military command in Tel
Aviv said ito fighters hiasted
two Egyptian planes out of the
sky over the Mediterranean in
a noontime air hattie. A spokes-
man reported the Egyptian pilots
were sighted parachuting into
the sea about 25 miles off the
occupied Sinai Desert.
Within hours, a communique
broadcast over Cairo radio said
Egyptian fighters downed two
Israeli Mirage jets near the
Egyptian seaside resort, of Ras
el Bar, ahout 35 miles west of
the Suez Canal.
The Israelis denied Egypt's
claim that its planes were shot
down or had entered Egyptian
air space. Cairo's hroadcast
made no mention of the Israeli
The Egyptian hroadcast ack-
nowledged two Egyptian w a.r
planes were hit in the dog-
fight hut did not specify w he-
ther they crashed. It aaid the
Israelis' French-designed Mir-
ages plunged into the sea -
shout 31/s hours later than the
clash reported by Tel Aviv.
The Egyptians claimed t he
Ras el Bar dogfight started
when 19 Isracli planes tried to
enter Egyptian air space over

thse mouth of the Nile River.
However, the military com-
mand in Tel Aviv said the dog-
fight started when an Israeli pa-
trot encountered the Soviet-built
Egyptian MIGs over the sea
near the Sinai, occupied by
Israel since the 19617 war. The
command did not pinpoint the
dogfight, but the Sinai Desert
lies on the Israeli-held side of
the canal.
A military source said MI~s
zoomed toward the Israeli air
patrol and the Israelio opened

fire without waiting for the
Egyptians to attack.
"The Egyptians definitely had
aggressive intentions," said a
senior military source, 'Who-
ever firea first has the advant-
age, and then the other- ma n
hails out, if he is still alive."
The Israeli spokesmen decltn-
ed to say which side fired the
opening, round or where th e
Israeli pilots had first sighted
the MIGs. He alao refused to
specify what type of Israeli war-
plane made the kills or, how
many made up the patrol.

Faulty cargo hatch door
causes jetliner mishap
DETROIT (A")t-- A malfunctioning car go hatch door was the
appaient cause of an accident that crippled an American Airlines
DC 10 jetlin:er high over Ontario, Canada, authorities said yester-
Investigators for the FBI, the airline and other agencies raid
the door came loose in some unexplained manner minutes otter
the huge plane with 56 passengers rind a crew of 1t took off ftram
Detroit en route to Buffalo and New York City.
The only injuries came when nine passengers were hurt sliding
out emergency escape chutes after the plane landed.

Read and Use
Daily Classifieds

If someboady tellsyoa deug latws
ovrea orerlaxed. ihatisomebody
is talkiogithroogh hisihat.
If somebody tels you ihe system
ofijustice lists yoo all the righs ora
United Slates citizen io the United
Statos, that's a booah of baloney.
Yea should getthe facts straigt.
The trtis Ithebirdrug lawsnfae1togh.
And they eaforce them to the lellar.
Therersa gial from the Uoited
Stotes sitting in a Rawe jail righ now.
She'Il be tere for six to tenaon0111
awiiinftrial. With no bait. Noteven
o chance ofr it. If sht's aonvitd, it's
a minimum ofltee yeus. Carying
siofllatross a border. from oae
country to another, is asking foe
'leouhin. Andlyou'llget it.
Thai's their law. And tbere'snon
way around it.
Overl 900 Uniied Sate itizeos
are doingtime on drugfcbarfesin
foreigjadlsright now. And nobody
cnt triem out. Not family. Or
friends. Orthe smartestlawyerinitown.
Not the United States goaernment.
If you're planningfasisitlto
Europe. the Middle East orsoutb of
onr own border, check outitbe
countresm. CGehe facts. Aod gottem
straighti before you irate.
One factiwill rome itraugh.
Load aidaclear.
When you're based far drags
oaerthre, you'retinlorthelhssle of
your life.
SLPssssionor sale.
upiao19 moths and permaocat
expulsion from ihe caotty.
U. S. Embass:
Strandvaigen 101
Stoskholm, Swaden'
Tel. 63/05/20
Morocc sson, 3
mooths too5 yearst andfine.
US. Emissy:
43 Ase.Altai 0ea Abde hat
Rabat. Morocco
let. 30361/62.

Mexico. Possessto,2 o9 Gre"c a.Possassion. mintwmm 40 ' Possessi ~on,
pears ylus fOar Trafficking. 31to 10 2 years ta jail. Trafiaking, maxiwaum maxtmum 2 years or fine up t1030.000
yrars plas fia..1I100ga1 iport or 10 years pias fina. fracs. Trafficking, maxiwam 5 yeats.
axport of drags. 6 toa15 yeari pias U.S. Embassy: U.S. Embassy:
Orne, Parsons arrested onding charged 91 Vasilissis Sophia's B1vd. 93/95 Jubilaumssstrassc
cantespect aminimum of 6to 12 Ahens,DGreece Bern, witzerland
months pre-trialconfinement. Telt 712951 Telt 43011
U.S. Embassy:

305 Colonia Cuauhtemot
Mexico City, Meico
Lsan506tlramsaabis, fine
andexpulsion. More than 500 grams.
minimm o 6yeas injail,
U.S. Embassy:
Tel. 276-3400
it JPossessio: ioaos 1
year s dl3},0irrfin. Moaxmum
8 yearsad 4,00,000lir ioa.
U.S. Embassy.
Via 0. Veneto
119 Rome, Italy
Tel. 474
U"d l
Possession, aseitrafibckiog: maximtm
10 years aod heasy fbra. Possassion o1'
small an osn rtpersonal ase usually
punisbed by a fine or tight
impyrisoomet and expalsion.
U.S. Embassy:
2431 Grosven~or Square
Wi. L., Londo, England
Tel. 499-9000
tine orb6rmonths is prison, Traffiking,
niaximum 4dyears.
U.S. Emabassy:
102 Lange Voorhout
The HPlaueNeiherlands
Teal. 62-49-11

senienae or Oine. Truefikang.
maaimum 3 yeart plus Oine.
U.S. Embassy:
Meslaemee Avenue
53 Boon-Bad Oodabar5
tet. 02229-1955
JaLPossson, pre
deter ion, sasprndedsetenc
expslsion. Trafficking, wasia
U.S. Embassy:
Il-5 Ahasaka I-Chrome
Minato-Ku; Tokyo
Tel. 583-7141
Leb-n.F sestio
years in prisoo. Trafcking. 3
J5 years.
U.S. Embassy:
Coroiahe at RoeAiv
Mrei'ab.hBeifut, Lebanon
sentec ond fOne. Trafictking
,nnximam 3years atlhard lab
U.S. Embassy:
43 Dake Sre
Tel. 20301
F rance. Pa'.sson
trafficking: prison te.rno tt3i
toS5 years and fioe. Customs
wilolsolevy heavytine. Min
3 to 4months pre-trial confii
U.S. tEmbassy:
19 Ruede icosqueilli
Paris. France.
Tel. Anjoa 6440
IsaeI.Possso, e
andaexpulsi:on. Trafficking.i
10 yer oatsndO 5.00sraeli:poi
.'.S 1U bss
71 lsyasko'Stee.t
TelAviv, Isael
Teli 56171

an jail B lata .possesson,)
msonths to I pear,
Adderly Building
N'assau, Bahama
Tel. 21181
an d .passessionajail
sentenseanad aspalsions. Trafficking.
-trial siimum I years. maximam life.
ce ad U.S. Embassy:
lam 300 Wllington Straol
Ottawa, Canada
tel. 236-2341
4e11 nark.possessieson,
and detention up 10 2 years.
U.S. Embassy:
to 3 Dog Hamaeskjolds Alie 24
a t Copeehagen, Denmark
Tel. TICd505
T ukey. pseso.3t
years. Traffcking, 10 years to lif'e.
U.. EmPbassy:
110 Atarh Blsd.
inytpisotn Akra.Tarky
g, Tel.I1802-00
Iran. Posessio,6 monthsto
3 er.T acking,5 yeasitladeath
sodfine of 3.00 ials per gram,
250 Ace. Takti Jamshid
uor Teran, tro
mts Tel. 020001, 025091
tiitut Natitonal Clearinghouse
slit'. 5 Dtrg OAse lal'antatiaa,
*Smalerining contribatedfinthsulb ict60.o4
reinforthe hassle

Capt. Bryce McCormick, the
pilot of the craft, recalled later,
"At first, I thought I had had a
midair collision."
"There was a loud hand and
a cloud of debris and dust was
blown through the cockpit and
I was temporarily blinded,'t Mc-
Cormick said.
When the $23-million piane was
ripped open and depressurized at
the 12,000-foot level, the hatch
door and some baggage' - in-
cluding a casket - were blown
out as the crew fougiht to con-
trol the plane,
One of the plane's three en-
gines was out and it ha d no
rudder control or left braking
system when it landed at the
McCormick said that his' firat
officer, Caige Whitney, used the
plane's left engine as a brake
as the plane bounced along the
concrete landing atripe and te
grassy intrior for nearly 5,000
feet before it stopped.
Rent you r
SRoommate with
a Classified Ad
otoOe ,oe8'
1209 S. University 663-7151

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