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August 03, 1974 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1974-08-03

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Saturday, August , 1974


Page Five

Our readers endorse... County

To The Daily:
M A R J 0 R I E LAN-
for the Democratic nomination
for second district congresswo-
man has much to recommend
She has worked in both educa-
tional and political capacities
during her 24-year residence in
Ann Arbor. At Eastern Michi-
gan University she is Associate
Professor of Political Science
and has served as faculty rep-,
resentative to the student sen-
ate. Her teaching excellence
was recognized by that body in
1972. She has been active in
women's studies.
At the state Democratic con-
vention in 1972 she received a
variety of endorsements and
won easy nomination for Uni-
versity Board of Regents. Then
she came within a few thous-
and votes of winning statewide
-an impressive showing in
view of Nixon's strength that
In that campaign she stood
for greater regental responsi-
bility, open regents meetings,
tuition reduction and an end to
university war research. As
may be imagined, she received
enthisiastic support from stu-
dent groups.
LIEVES that Richard Nixon
most be impeached to protect
the presidency and get to the
bottom of Watergate. She favors
tough new reforms to insure re-
porting of all campaign contri-
butions. Her financial records
will, of course, remain open.
She sopports federal pro-
grams to reduce or defer coi-
leg tuition. She also supports
prngrams to insure full equality
for women, blacks, Mexican-
Americans, native Americans
and other minorities.
She wants an instant end to
American funding of the contin-
uing war in Southeast Asia.
Moreover, she will do her best
to bring the Pentagon, C.I.A.
and other military and intelli-
gence operations under full Con-
gressional control.
In short, district voters are
blessed, in my view, with an
exceptional candidate. She
seeks our support in the August
6 primary.
-Ted Hefley
June 28
To The Daily:
AFTER something very 'ad
has gone on for long time, and
eventually nearly everyone
agrees that is was, in fact, very
bad, then the game begins of
wondering why, in the name of

reason and compassion, t was
not stopped sooner. Under Hit-
ler - where were all the uJ'und
Germans? In Montgomery and
Little Rock - where were all
the Decent, Christian, W h i t e
Southerners? After the Bay of
Pigs and during the escalation
of the war in Southeast Asia -
where were all the Peace-Lov-
ing Democrats?
Let me tell you where one
loyal, conscientious, peace-loving
Democrat was: Dr. Ed Pierce,
in the winter of 1967-68, was
meeting with a small, diverse
group, all of us united in agony
and guilt over our country's
wanton destructiveness and the
political stupidity of the war in
Southeast Asia. Because o u r
circumstances, training, skills,
and responsibilities differed
widely, we did not reach agree-
ment on any one "best" way
to oppose violence, inhumanity,
and destruction. Some devoed
themselves to draft counseling
and draft repeal. Some worked
on peace education within their
churches or student organiza-
tions. Some became war-tax re-
sisters. Dr. Ed. Pierce ieoided
he could best serve humanity by
leaving his $30,000-a-year middle
class medical practice, and es-
tablishing the Summit Medical
Center, bringing to low-income
families the good medical care
that all families need and de-
IN JANUARY, 1972, Ed Pierce
circulated an "Open Letter to
All People of the Peace Move-
ment", urging support for a
strong End-the-War Bill, outlin-
ing a plan to replace Nixon-
aligned Congressional Commit-
tee Chairmen with peace-mind-
ed Democrats, and urging sup-
port of peace candidates in the
1972 primaries.
Those who early recognized
the dangers of nuclear b o m b
testing, the arms race, and the
development of chemical and
biological weapons, the folly of
fall-out shelters, the inhumanity
of war, the wrongness of escal-
ating arms budgets, those who
have long held peace as a top
priority, know that Ed Perce
has been actively with us dur-
ing most of the past decade. He
has always been a loyal Dewo-
crat, but became vividly aware
of the disastrous course his
country, under the Democrats
as well as the Republicans, was
following in Southeast Asia. Dr.
Ed Pierce has done nis utmast
to inform his fellow citizens of
the danger, and to dire-t our
foreign policy toward- peace.
He deserves our support as
Second District candidate !or
Congress, in the August 6 pri-
mary election.
-Frances E. Eliot
July 19

Bullard 11 *7 U IEILIUI

To The Daily:
IN AN AGE where dadcated
politicians become mre df-
ficult to find, people cf a n n
Arbor's 53rd District on lie
proud of themselves for elect-
ing Perry Bullard in 1972.
During his first term Repre-
sentative Bullard has shown
that he is truly an advocate of
the People. Not only has lie re-
presented workers, retirees, and
students, he also is very active
in proposing legislation concern-
ing the rights and care of pri-
soners and mental patients. H.s
actions include proposals to pro-
vide conjugal visits for prison-
ers and their wives, to provide
protection against imprison-
ment for those who cannot af-
ford to pay fines, to provide re-
imbursement for those illegally
imprisoned, to provide for pri-
soner councils to have a more
self-governing structure, V) pro-
vide for prisoner voting in state
and local elections and to pro-
vide for protection of prisoners
from arbitrary rules per'aining
to loss ofgood behavior time.
One could go on and on aboit
Representative Bullard's ac-
tions, but the main point is that
he has awakened a letaargic
legislature to the needs of min-
ority groups, groups who other-
wise would have little or no
voice in our legislature.
ON OTHER matters, his re-
cord speaks for itself; when
his bill for completely ono
government meetings was
amended and lost its original
meaning, he voted against it.
He was instrumental in bringing
oil supply information into puli-
lic view. lie was the first Re-
presentative to call for the in-
peachment of Nixon, which lacer
became a House resolutiin. He
fought for equal protection of
women. He is against prosecu-
tors' and police lobbies. Perry
Bullard is a civil libertarian.
Perry Bullard represents his
constituents in the true sense
of democracy.
Therefore, in behalf of the
membership of the Prisoners'
Progress Association, I urge
residents of the 53rd District
to settle for no less than full
representation. They know what



dialogue 9Uare off Ds
trict County Commissioner
race are:

0' '
Perry Bullard has done for
them. They know he is a proven
success. Voters of his district
can once again insure that their
needs will be aired in Lansing.
They can be assured those needs
will be fulfilled for the next twn
years by voting for Perry Bul-
lard in the upcoming electian.
-Claude R. Williams
Prisoners' Progress
Jackson State Prison
July 3
To The Daily:
WE URGE that tenant-voters
consider the following candi-
dates in the August 6 primary
as best representing tenant in-
15th District Court Judge: Don
Koster. The incumbent Judge
Elden has shown himself to be
no friend to Tenants.
State Senator: Peter it;k-
State Representative: Perry
Bullard. Good - Liz Taylor.
Congressional District Repre-
sentative: Marjorie Lansing.
These endorsements hold only
for this Primary and we reserve
further judgement to the gen-
eral election in November.
-Ann Arbor Tenants
August 1

DAVID COPI, a private attor-
ney, who quit his previous job
with Friends of the Court be-
cause of a possible violation of
the Hatch Act which prohibits
public employes from running
for office.
Copi favors the building of a
new jail .n county-wide system
of bike paths, increased mass
transit, and state control of the
District Courts.
versity student, who empha-
sizes her past political activism
and favors a "county-wide sys-
tem of public transportation in-
cluding bike paths and the con-
struction of a new jail while
stressing rehabilitation.
She further points out the
need for "decentralized health
care facilities" and a "com-
prehensive program for combat-
ing rape."
June, July, Aug.
20 FE. Liberty

criminal Law.
If those words intrigue you,
you're reading the right ad.

- t For
- Hutr

For the first time, The Institute
for Paralegal Training is offering
a course in Criminal Law.
Lawyer's Assistants who
graduate from this particular
course will be working in
District Attorney's offices,
Defender Associations, and
state and federal offices of the
Justice Department, doing
challenging, responsible work
that will enable them to put their
intelligence to some meaning-
ful use at a good starting salary.
The course is thirteen weeks
long and delves heavily into all
aspects of Criminal Law-
both the defense and the
prosecution-all the way from
constitutional rights and
limitations through post-trial
appeal. We think it will bea
super course.
Requirements for entrance
include a Bachelor's Degree

and a good college record.
As a student at the Institute,
you would be spending three
months in Philadelphia studying
with lawyers who practice in
the criminal field.
We can't tell you evertyhing
about a career as a Lawyer's
Assistant here. But we'll
forward the appropriate
information on request. There's
a session starting in the fall, so
why not mail the coupon today?
I The Institute for Paroleqal Traininq
1235 South 17th Street
IPhilodelphia, to. 19103I
I l'm interested. Send me more informa
I tion about your Criminal Law course,
I Address... _--
I City. state, ziI
Graduate of
Dote of Graduation
Grade Point Averaoe
L1 _ _ _ _ .: _ _ _ _

The Institute for Paralegal Training
235 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 732-6600

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