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May 11, 1974 - Image 11

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Michigan Daily, 1974-05-11

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Saturday, May 11, 1974


Page Eleven

Saturday, May 11, 1974 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Page Eleven

t onight
4:00 2 4 11 13 News
9 Tarzan
20 Movie-Comedy
"Mr. Deeds Goes to Town."
30 University Forum
30 Star Trek
6:30 4 13 NBC News-Tom Brokaw
7 24 Reasoner Report
11 CBS News-Dan Rather
30 iaterface
7:002 CBS News-Dan Rather
4 George Pierrot-Travel
7 Town Meeting
9 Police Surgeon
11 linee aw
13 50 Lawrence Welk
24 Wrestling
30 Consumer Game
7:30 2 Wild, Wild World of Ai-
4 American Life Style
7 World of Survival
9 Van Patrick Sports
30 America on the Rocks
1:00 2 11 All In the Family
4 13 Rmergency
7 24 Partridge Family
9 Front Page Challenge
20 Movie
"The Amazing Transparent
Man" (1955)
30 Washington Connection-
5e That Good Ole Nashville
56 WTVS Auction Continues
3:30 2 11 M*A*S*H
7 24 Movile
"Isn't t Shocking?"
9 CTV Inquiry
30 War and Peace-Drama
50 Merv Griffin
9:00 2 11 Mary Tyler Moore
4 13 Movie
"1Glant," Part I
Rizaheth Taylor, James Dean
9:30 2 11 Bob Newhart
9 Whiteoaks of Jalna-Drama
20 Temple Baptist Church
10:00 2 11 Carol Burnett
7 24 Owen Marshall
20 Seven.Hundred Club
30 Lenox Quartet:Haydn's
50 Lou Gordon
57 Alvin Ailey: Memories and
10:30 1 Document
30 Woman
11:00 2 7 11 News
9 CBC News-George Finstad
24 ABC News
56 WTVS Auction Concludes
11:15 4 13 News
7 ABC News
9 Provincial Affairs
24 Don Kirshner's Rock
11:20 9 A Look Back
11:30 2 Movie
'"55 Days at Peking" (1963)
7 Musie
"stalag 17" (1953)
William Holden, Otto Pre-
9 Beloved Infidel." (1959)
Gregory Perk
11 Movie
"The skull." (English, 1965)
50 Movie-Science Fiction
"Gdzilla, King of the)Mon-
steet." (Japanese, 1950)
11:45 4 JohnnyCarson
13 Movie
"Theesurretion of Zachary
Wheeler." (1971)
1:15 4 13 News
1:30 2 Movie
"Trauma" (1912)
7 Movie
"In Love and War." (1951)
Robert Wagner
11 News
5:00 2 Divorce Court
1:30 News
7 Collage-Religion
4:00 7 News

ntinued from Page 1)


ing a second round of elections
for his successor, France wit-
nesses the sunset of Gaullism
and Europe has to wonder what
comes next.
Italy's government f e 1I1 in
March and Premier Mariano
Rumor formed the nation's 36th
government since World War II.
But causes of the last crisis re-
main: soaring costs "of living,
weak currency, rampant strikes.
Britain's Conservative cabinet
fell in March. A Labor regime
succeeded it and is having mani-
fold troubles with the economy
as a steady diet, varied by oc-
casional touches of violence im-
ported from Northern Ireland.
Iceland's premier this week
suddenly dissolved parliament
as the leftist government strug-
eled with opposition pressures.
The island republic now must
have elections June 30.
DENMARK'S minority Liberal
government teeters on the brink
of doom in the backwash of eco-
nomic issues that have aroused
worker unrest. At week's end
it got only a short-term renrieve
in a parliamentary confidence
Belginm hod genersl elections
in March, intended to resolve a
crisis. The reslt was inconclu-
sive and the nation is run now
by a shaky center-right minor-
itv that seems fragile.
Portugal haos3just seen its 40-
year - old dictatorship o v e r-
thrown and her future is heavily
SPINOFF F R O M Portugal
Judiciary unit
will subpoena
new key tape
(Continued from Page 1)
use in a meeting with Mitchell
just before both men went in to
see Nixon. Nixon met alone with
Haldeman a bit later.
HALDEMAN testified that
the political campaign was dis-
cussed at the meeting but that
his notes show no mention of
the bugging plan.
Under the committee's proce-
dure for presenting evidence,
the members are not permitted
to question or interrupt Doar or
other staff lawyers, so there
was no discussion of his request
for a subpoena Thursday. How-
ever, checks with members
since then indicate there will be
little opposition to the request.
When the committee resumes
hearing evidence Tuesday it will
run into more gaps resulting
from the White House refusal to
supply any more Watergate

fall as inflation rises
worries neighbor Spain's Franco threatens an already wobbly scuttle his Labor party's legis-
dictatorship. Students in Ma- economy and rocks Prime Min- lative program.
drid, evidently inspired by the ister Indira Gandhi's govern- In the Middle East, Israel's
Portuguese military coup, have ment. premier Golda Meir luit in
turned restive and taken to dem- March. Her government had
onstrations. AUSTRALIA'S Parliament has been buffeted by economic and
The Portuguese upheaval also just been dissolved. The nation political difficulties engendered
sent shockwaves to Africa where votes May 18 for another. That by the never-ending war with
rebels in Portugal's huge colo- crisis results from Prime Min- the Arabs. Efforts are in pro-
nies make guerrilla war. ister Gough Whitlam's battle gress to patch together a new
A massive rail strike in India against opposition attempts to coalition.

City faces
(continued from Page 3)
budget, however, these mon-
ies are not available since they
have been used to help balance
the budget in other areas.
THE ONLY new program of
any significance is an anti-rape
squad that will get an initial
allocation of about $50,000. This
program has been authorized as
part of an effort directed spe-
cifically at reducing the unus-
ually high rape rate in the
City Council, at next Monday's
session, must give its approval
to the budget, although it can
alter the document if seven
votes can be mustered in favor
of any particular change.
With the present make-up of
Council -- six Republicans, four
Democrats, and one Human
Rights Party (HRP) member -
there seems to be little chance
that a coalition can be forged
to make even minor alterations
in the budget as drafted byCity
Administrator Sylvester Mur-
Nonetheless, the three par-
ties would undoubtedly wish to
see certain changes made - if
they had the votes to accom-
plish the task.
IN THIS sense the budget rep-
resents something of an attempt
to strike a balance between the
Democratic - HRP interest in
human resources and the Re-
publican orientation toward the

tight '75 budget

Police, Fire, and Refuse Col-
lection departments.
Still, it appears that upper-
most in Murray's mind - as
reflected in his budget message
to council - is finding adequate
revenue sources to balance city
expenditures and income not
only for fiscal 1975 but for sub-
sequent years as well.
In his report to council, Mur-
ray notes that in the 1975 bud-
get, anticipated expenditures
should increase some 17 per
cent, while predicted revenues
should go up only about seven
per cent as compared to this
WHAT IS ultimately needed
is a continuing revenue source.
The most obvious untapped re-

source has to be a city-wide in-
come tax.
Although the administrator's
office has not directly requested
such a tax, the council has dis-
cussed the prospect. Twice pre-
viously, however, the voters
have been asked to impose an
income tax but overwhelmingly
rejected the move.
BURDENED with the awe-
some responsibility of signifi-
cantly reducing the city debt,
the administration must realis-
tically hope only to maintain-
not improve or expand - the
scope of services.
But even that goal may take
an extraordinary effort and a
little bit of luck.

D-sn - *

M IhIgan
Circulation Dept. . . 10 a-mA p.m.
Classified Dept. . . 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Display Dept. . .. 12 neon-3 p.m.
Pleose try to coil our offices during these

For the session starling Jily, 1974,
Euromed will assist qualified Amer-
can students in gaining admission
to recognized overseas medical
And that's just the beginning.
lincer the language barrier contitutes
the preponderate dificuy isucceed-
ing at a foreign school, the Euromed
program also includes an Intensive
12-16 week medical and conversa-
tional language course, mandatory for
all students. Five hours daily, 5 days
per week (2-16 weeks) the course Is
given Is the country where the student
will attend medical school.
n addition, Euromed provides stu-
dents with a 12-1t6 week intensive cut-
tural orientation program, with Amer-
tean students now studying medicine
In that particular country serving as
Senior or graduat,,stdenticrrel
enrolled in an American university are
eligible to participate In the Euronet
For application and further
information, phone toil free:
(800) 645-1234
In New York State phone:
(516) 746-2380
or write,
Euromed, Ltd.
170 Old Country Road
Mineola,.N.Y. 11501

SATURDAY NITE ONLY: 7:30 & 9:30 P.M.
TON ITE at 7:30 & 9:30 P.M.
why does a mfAan
join Maryknoll?
There are probably as many answers and power to an excessive degree.
as there are individual Maryknoll Others look to learn from peoples
priests and Brothers. Some men are who have grown up with a different
deeply moved when they hear of mentality than that which is theirs.
babies dying in their mother's arms All feel that the only solution to the
because of hunger or disease. Others crises that threaten to split men
are distressed by the growing antag- asunder is the love of God as shown
onism and separation between the in the life of His Son, Jeoss Christ.
rich and the poor nations. More are This love of God urges men to go
concerned about the great injustices forward and be missioners so men
that have been inflicted upon the can love one another. What could be
poor by those who possess wealth your reason for joining Maryknoll
If you keep saying you want to do something
with your life-here's your chance to prove it
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - -- -- -- -- F r nfr ao,we r p onento -- -- -- MO--
DET ROIT, MI. 48202 (313) 865-0990
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Please send me information about becom oing a
Ma knoll Priest Q eo ther Q Sistertill
eIydo want to CityState_ _ __
do something.
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