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June 22, 1973 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1973-06-22

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Friday, June 22, 1973


Page Seven

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get Ik ob done


_ __. _ _

(Continued from Page 6) BIKES AND SCOOTERS
1973 HONDA 175 Scrabler, 6 5ks old
FOR SALE exc. canS, $575ao best sffer. Call 769-
______4843 after 6:30. 75234
Seun, June 24, 12-7 MUST SELL-'69 HONDA, exc. shape,
Earhsart Village exteas. Mack, Says 761-3131, night
Condomainiumstt761-3185. 51234
Occeahills aff Earhart
76833 1966 TRIUMPH TlS6C, 500cc, 6010sal.
Custoas palnt, bats, pipes, seat front
CONTEMPORARY HOUSE fsr sale. 3- end sissy bat. EXCELLENT CONDI-
bdrml., 11,1 baths, carport, estras. TION. 761-5211. 46Z35
Canveaient to N. Canpsa, hospital. UH15sprsmaul ed ok
$3,966. 663-1318 761-1404. 78833 PC 2c at aul ed aE
cheap. Huth, 663-0647. 41233

P urnishcd, A/C. 1 bltck tcrom casm-
pat. Very reasonable. Call 668-69066at
663-7712. 48U33
JULY-AUG. ROOM in sasS, apt. tat 2
femsales. Neat catapas, A/C. 665-6624.
2 WOMEN NEEDED tc share sne-bed-
rooms apt. Quiet residential area neat
Sgt. Pepper's. A/C, dishwsasher, lasn-
Sty. Beautiful place fat only $46 ns.!
persn.Avail, June 26 then Aug. 28.
769-2154. SU32

WORDS 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days add.
0-10. 1.00 2.00 2.40 3.20 3.90 4.50 .55
11-15 1.15 2.30 2.90 3.90 4.80 5.60 .75
16-20 1.30 2.60 3.60 4.80 5.90 6.80 .85
21-25 1.55 3.10 4.30 5.70 7.00 8.10 1.05
26-30 1.80 3.60 5.00 6.60 8.10 9.40 1.20
31-35 2.05 4.10 5.65 7.40 9.05 10.50 1.35
36-40 2.30 4.60 6.30 8.20 10.00 11 .60 1 .50
41-45 2.55 5.10 6.95 9.00 10.95 12.70 1.65
46-50 2.80 5.60 7.60 9.80 11.90 13.80 1.80
1 2,80 5.60 7.60 9.80 1 190 13.80 1.80
2 5.20 10.40 14.65 19.10 23.45 27.60 3.60
3 7.40 14.80 21.10 27.60 34.00 40.20 5.40
4 9.40 18.80 26.95 35.30 43.55 51.60 7.20
5 11.20 22.40 32.20 42.20 52.10 61.80 9.00
N.B.: Each group of chaacters toasts as one word.
Hyphenated needs over 5 characters' ceant as lto weeds
(this includes telephone nambers)

CHEAP USED BOOKS 1967 HONDA CL305, needs minorework~ - - - 10 lists equatls 1 inth 5 swords pet lint
All imaginable categories of Msst sell, $200. 761-8948. 23233 OWN BEDROOM in 3-bdrm. apt. Older
fcinand non-fiction -bsu--se--- on camipus. $5/mnc Lease_____________________
SEVIE ACE. message, Gayle, 475-t775, 6032
COMPLETELY furnished 2-bdcsa. apt., PERSONAL-PERSONA
50% OFF LIST PRICE PROM THE PEOPLE WHO FIX YOUR Kingsley St., July a-Aug. satP.CHO$15DPT.neds.estl Why buy saass produced WEDDING
University Cellar bay-back room CAR RIGHT-Reasonable prices for Call Fred, 764-3446, anytime. 5U5RINGS? Have your personal design
next tobarber shoplin foregn car ownes.The Wheel Works, - - subects for memory experiments. At-------- --craebyJA.7950. ct
UNION BASEMENT. 9-5 Mn.-Fri. 769-5453, 2o2a W. Stadiusa. cStc PURNISHED 2-bdtm. apt. ftt tent, least $2.00/hr. Call 764-9442 between craebyJA.7952. et
84B34 -Ideal location, only lablockstesafr dpom523
USED CARS ~central clapus. Isasediate teeu- ERP RM$2
USEDMIYINOMCARSecls pancy thru Aug. Call 769-5184 or 663-i KNOW ANYTHING about teasel by bet EROEFOM$2
in. 2-bdrsa. 1st flost, I-bdcm. 2nd NEED (rant ttrks fotra 1971 or later 5776, 55035 ior train in S. Asaeica? Please tall FLIGHTS
tloor. DoeS condtin. $18,0a0, ltw .- 761-9403 eves. te weekends plersistent-
dwpamn.4404Soat97 Triumph or BSA. 763-6914. 33K32 NICE ROOM in house. 899, July-Aug. ly. 3tF32 nasdt
down 67035m965.DART,--cy0.,daut.orp598466 668-7417 dinnertime. 15U32 --- -Idvda
1744 6-a p.m. t1t3 195_ART6____ato,_PS_,$40_o MALE SUBJECTS needed for Getup Group
bra ofer 61-003 5- p~. 4N33MUST SUBLET: 1 or 2 immediately ta Dciio Making Eaperiment. Satue ceuer-cl~dO
COMI BOKS, ciece fctin, bse-Intra-European
COMI caBOSrd sftls, baebcsCROSe- mate into State St. apt. tor July- day starning June 23, at 10 se 12.
bol oadn paetack, URIUS 69 BMW 2002, 3-spd., 43668 mi. $1488. Aug. Rent 80., Call 665-5620, ank tar Approx. $2.504/hr. 784-3276. 31F32 SRIE
USED BOOK SHOP, TOO! 3401S. Call Mark 482-0440 night 1-576-4645 Duanse Black. 5032 SRIE
State (upstairs) 761-0112 (opens 1-6 day, 05N34__ SPORTS CAR RALLY. Sunday, June 24., Forail and Britrail pastes
pml Btt A- SED ARS-et-u-chek-i APT. POOL, A/C, carpet. Near U. has- Staets at Arborlond at 12:38 p.m. Call StdnIDscd
_____ _BUYINGAUSDCRLeuscekiStdn.I.cas
MUIA DE, before you buy a lemon. Modified pit485 oo. a.4u2U34i eb.761 Cetan,66-274so. Gnn 9-631, Auto and cycle rental, lease, puechaae
MUIA DE, Sports Cara. 663-2441. 710132 ;as 23 a eaa 93 Insurance-air, medical, baggage
RADIOS, REPAIRS SUBLETI Room in Ca-op. Cheap, July TORPEDO TYPING-761-7831, anytime. Guides to cities, countries, customs
TOand Aug. 0811 Steve before 4 p.m. cFtc TOURS
FOR SALE-PIONEER TX-500 Tuner,. T YO TA)If 761-2817.4032
769-6567 persistently. 61X33 PROFESSIONALLY designed diamand Designed according to your flight
___OWN ROOM in 2-sans opt. Cheap! engagement. and wedding rings-hand schedule
HERB DAVID GUITAR STUDIO CASH Musts see. July-Aug. 769-5731. 2032 hammsared, hand engraved, any pat-
Instruments, new, used, made, and BRING YOUR TITLE - ___- - tern - wholesale. Austin Diamond, VACATIONER'S INTERNATIONAL
reard.Lsonacssre. 0 .FOR FALL: Madern 3-bdrm. apt. on 12199 5. University, 663-7151. cFtc AGENCY
Slate, 665-8661 10-6. cXtc EL U ORCR campus location. $365/ma. Call 769- - -hrchtree
_________________ WEL BYYORCA. 5639 anytime. 14034 VARIETY is the spite of life, That's i 621 ChurobStee
FANTASTIC guitar amp. Must sell. TOP $$$ why we have no many famous brand'7176
Twa 12-inch speakers. CHEAP. No t32BDRMS. in a haute. Plenty of room, cosmetic lines to choose tram. Village TNI ESN fre - ly
phone. Came by 368 E. Jefferson -SPORTS & IMPORTS- Available July-Aug. Only $45. 769- Apathecary, 1112 S. University. cFtcerENnISrLESSONS -ro. rverU-Hplay
(cre o efrsnad it) d3 97 G oase, ierairut83"'-d3 BOARD EXAM TUTORING Individual ar graups. 769-5940. cFte
FEDRSpr-eebAp.Bs -te proofing, peralles .....$3295 ----___ ____
FNESueReebApBetofr1971 VOLVO 164, auto., air, AM-FM, PERSON'AL Enrollment far Kaplan Tutoring at MARTY'S .
aver $30. Duncan, 769-3164, perit- Hichelins . "........ .. $43953- -rcurees now being accepted far ths "Wall-of-Sfax"
tently. 46X32 1971 PEUGEOT, 4-dr., 4 speed, LIKE TO GET tagether with male apcaming LSAT, MCAT, DAT exams. Fsted 'n Cuffed
WSIGOSPatbeSeewth sharp ...........$1993 esjayer af bicycling, swimming, walk- Far information and enrollment eall Knit or Knot
WSeakers.E.conrtall761-9363ith1667 SAAB, V-4, 2 dre.......$95 ing, shoring time. Write: Boa 19, 313-354-085. tWe~t Jeans 'n Jackets
sekr.EccodCal7193X32 1967 SAAB, V-4, wagon ...,.$1095 Michigan Daily. 56F35 - --- MARTY'S MEN FASHION CLOTHING
9X2TURQUOISE, coral, amethyst, lapis, 308 tt t
MARTIN GUITARS D-18, D-28, 0-35, -TOYOTAS- OE TL1A.FIST garnet, jaean ase em-relu
12-strings ready to be enjoyed! Apollo 1969-1972 all models to choose from: MICHIGAN UNION LANES stones and beads new at THE BEAD ____
asoCne,7918. ett188 percent warranty an engines, 40 game-H-Pin Bawling BAG. 311 S. Staie. 29F35 WEDDING INVITATIONS-Mad. or tea-
MuicCntr_7914__et transstissions and diffs, far 1080 miles cF33 ditional style. Call 761-8942 anytime.
or 30 days. WOULD YOU LIKE to be a Big tt
GUITARS, AMPS, PIANOS, Fender, 1972 DEMOs - Real dollar valuies. PIPE SMOKERS! Handcafted meet- Brather? Catholio Social Services of _______
Hohner, Maestro, Gibson, Martin, Choose frost Coronas and Carinas schaum pipes. Exceptioiial values and Washtenaw County has a great need WANTED-Soiling enthusiast toe day
Guid. One-stop centr. Apollo Music, the most personalized ofservice. Free far volunteers to serve in the Big & weekend cruising. Write Boa 3,
322 S. Main, 769-1406. cxte -DOMESTIC- Catalog~ PMP Co., P.O. Bat 444, Brather Program, There, are many Michigan Daily. 84F35
-- ---- 100/% warranty an engines, trantil- Gaithersburg, Md. 20760. 66Ftc young bays in the AS orea who would
MUSIC STRINGS alsion & iSaltiolls toe 100 ilens- benhofitftom afat hrt. oatetea at-
'N' TH INGS or 30 days.TRVLAL WGN INTRO-ACT-Weekly group July-Aug. tention eaoh wte. Anytne 10 yrs or
1972 INT'L. RVLALWGN focusingonpersoal / interpertonal older may apply. All faiths 'ae wet-
guiarltessins; Flk, cassical, bses, V-8 power terios, pawescrkes, einflicts andgrowh;PFe$3perss- coeo. Ftrfuthe information call
contv iazz~...~ c andteore. All cullars,.( .,,, ..~-, .-- ,, ...,. .,ri.oislat.Col Ricarod Kempstcr,662-4026. Carol/Dick, 662-4534. 72F32 -

etrings, andSaccssris arealwaysa. . . . ...$3395 35F391
20 pecrcotteff list. 1071 COUGAR, auto., powe teering, IET
510 E. Wllast(oeet CampstPB ike) powcc brakes, Michelin, sharp $2795 tIETOGT together with mole on-
668-9036 eXt 1970 MUSTANG, V-8,ato. only 2400 oye of bicycliing, swisaming, walk-
__..._ alea, just lilkenew . $2105 Ito. shacing time. Write: Boo 19.
APOLLO DRUM CENTER-D0um stt, Michian Doily, 5F3
Lu ..g, iisc, Singerad. Priced 1Toyota Ann Arbor tXPOSE YOURSELF! Phoseg oaphec
righ deas. 32 S Mai, 76-140. ctxnedsnodecadel.Phone 453-9217 o
i907 la 22.MoiN6-10. tM anil-ih Itr6 pst. dF2S

Underwritcrs still has the best rat
in town. Cail us, 761-4616. ctca
ROMPER STICKERS custost printed1
whilc-U-wasit! $2. MBL Press, 1217'
Prtspeot, Ann Acbor, 761-0942. c~tc
Fasl, low cost duplicating.
1217 5. Univesity 769-650

I /- -

TORPEDO TYPING-761-7831, ainytim.a
TYPING-Los teit. EKperc e. Pick-
up and delivery. 449-2248. 73J32
Expccienced movasscofotfurnitore and
appls~iaces. Low totes. Jobs largec or,
ssail. 663-3002. eJtc
Want Work
Trash My Specialty
769-0425 evenings
WE GUARANTEE personal attention in
haindling shipments of your perosol
efttetst worldwide. Contact A. F.
Burstromt, E. Gene. 963-4033. oJtc
Adertsements may be removed
tram publication, but will be billed
accotrding to. original number of
days ordered. This policy is appli-I
cable at well to ads requiring pee-
poyment, iFe., na refunds. AD SUB-
'Help Wanted" ado catnotl discrimi-
nate on the basis of et, color,
creed, af national origin to any
extent (i.e., "preferably" is still
"Pound" ads are run free-of-cbsrge
to a maximums of 3 linen for 3 days.
Intorssation regerding content of
claosified ads ct~not be disclosed
p r I a r to publication. Advertioes
names may NEVER be resealed.
Number of lines in advertsemsent 1s
determined by total number of
wards-S words/line.
Hyphenated words under 5 charac-
tees. Hyphenated wards over 5 char-
asters, iFe., phase numbers-2 wards.

WILL PAY $20 tor Spais to0English
769-7935 IoItao 0 11s a
oNtco1 662-7490 betore 1 pz. 17F33

PURNISHED etficicncy, yacd; atoll
July. Pall option. $130. 663-6531 om.
FEMALE-SHARE lacge bdrmt. in at-
tcactive apt. July-Aug. Pail option.
Rent negotiable. 761-5752. 94033
ROOM in vegetarian house staesing
July. Women preferred. 761-2647.
SINGLE or COUPLE needed to subtet
osall, charming 4-eoom apt. Avail.
mined. until Sept. 1. One bedroom!
at double bed. Furnished. 2 blks.
tcom campts. tilt/ma. Call 662-9755.
COMFORTABLE, turn. apt. near central
campus. Opening fat 2 stales in July
& Aug. Cheap. Call 665-7057 eest.
JULY-AUG.. large, lately 2-bderm. apt.
$160 mo. 1208 Granger, No. 1. Call
eves, and weekend days. 665-0167.
TWO-ROOM suite in gargeous ald
house. Three blacks tram campus.
Available July 37 thru Aug. CHEAP.
Come by, 366 E. Jefteeson. Ask for
Alan or Carla. d035
CAMPUS: large, clean, furnished far
1 or 2 girls. 761-1933. gUts
SUBLET: A/C bi-level 'apt. Abect Ter-
race. 662-2290. - 9N32
We ace making it possible for
U-M students, faculty, and staff
S to bay tices, wheels. batteries ot
dealer prites. These ore first
quality, first lice tires mode by
major tire manufcttarers.
We also tarry mo wheets
General * Bridgestone




Th wishes to announce:
The lost day of publication
for the Spring Term will be
We will resume publication
for the Summer Term
TUESDAY,) 10 JULY 1973
(Disploy and Classified advertising deadlines weill
be: Noon, Monday, 9 July for the Tuesday issue.)


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