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February 28, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-02-28

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Saturday, February 28, 1976


Page Three

Saura, erury2, 96 HEMCHGNAIYPaeThe




events and entertainment

week of Feb. 28- March


all week i
The Man Who Would Be King
- (Michigan) - John Huston'sE
best film in years! A rollicking-;
ly exciting Rudyard Kipling-
based story of two British con-
men (Michael Caine and Sean
Connery) scheme their way into
lordship over a small fictional
kingdom north of India. Their
ultimate fate follows the time-
honored Huston wages-of-greed
theme, but The Man Who Would
Be King is fresh and multi-lev-
eled: It's on the one hand a
ter-rific adventure story and at!
the same time a hilarious satire
on Victorian British Imperial-
ism at is worst (Watch the
parallels to our own Cowboy-
and-Indian syndrome). Connery
and Caine perform as if these
were the roles they'd been wait-
ing to play all their lives, and
Huston directs similarly - in-
deed, he'd been wanting to
make this film for a quarter of
a century. Rest assured it was
worth the wait. *
Barry Lyndon- (The Movies,
Briarwood) - Stanley Ku-
brick's film from the Thacker-
ay novel come across pretty
much like folks have been say-
ing: Huge, breathtakingly beau-
tiful and absolutely bloodless.
Oh, the-first hour or so lopes
along interestingly enough, with
duels, battles and the promise
of greater things to come. But
as the film sinks ever deeper!
into stilted, costumed soap op-
era and one realizes that noth-
ing of further interest is forth-
coming, the viewer has no al-'
ternative other than to settle
back and concentrate on the
scenery - rather akin to stroll-
ing through a gallery of Con-
stable paintings, all gorgeous'
but rather numbing after about
the 400th entry. What an im-
maculate, itemized waste. **
Oh! Calcutta! - (Fifth For-
um) - Cinemazation (complete
with laughtrack) of Jacques
Levy's mostly - nude review
that scandalized Broadway
nearly seven (that's right, sev-
en) years ago. A lot tamer by
today's Deep Throat standards,!
and that's probably a goodI
thing - many of the show's!
skits emerge as humorous and
inventive minus the voyeuristicI
sensationalism which tended to!
obliterate its more basic tal-i
ents. It's a generally breezy, I
funny film whose occasional;
lapses are more ofa sophomor-I
ic than gross variety. *** I
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's
Nest - (The Movies, Briar-
wood) - This long-awaited
film emerges as an earnst, os-
tensibly faithful re-creation of!
the novel, but somehow man-1
ages to reverse the book's phi-
losophical point almost com-I
pletely. Jack Nicholson is cer-
tainly the ideal R. P. MMur-c
phy, and Louise Fletcher cre-
ates a Big Nurse much subtlert
and in the process more terri-;
fying than that in Ken Kesey'sI
original. But director Milor I

Forman has altered the ending his steed and save his commun-t
ever so slightly, so that now ity from disaster. Based on the
OlcMurphy's final tragic act best - selling porney -'satire ofI
seems less a liberating martyr- the same name, Stranger may
dom than a deluded action of not be much better than theI
self-destruction. True, Chief average skin flick; but it is now
Broom still escapes, but no 'one a certified cultural HappeningE
else is saved, the patients' ward thanks to our moral guardian's
remains the same, and the Big backfired manipulations. As
Nurse's dominance seems as such, you should probably go-I
strong at the end as at the be- if not for the film itself, then!
ginning. Forman seems to' be simply for the glamor of the
saying "No, you can't beat the event. **
system" - a direct negation The Three Muskateers -
of Kesey's redemption of free- (Mediatrics, Nat. Sci. Aud.,,
dom theme. As such, for admir- 7:30 & 9:30) - The first of Ri-I
ers of the novel this may be chard Lester's two-part Dumasl
one of the most depressing epic, and by far the weaker of
films ever made. *** the two segments. Lester's de-
The Sunshine Boys - (The cision to divide his film in half
Movies, Briarwood) - Two fa- rather than over-condense itf
mous ex-vaudevillians (Walter was probably a good decision

boys, bluegrass, 10, $1.50. Ark - Bob Franke, folk, 8:30,1
Casa Nova - Him and I, folk-1 $2.50.
rock, 9, no cover. Mr. Floods' Party - Bunny &
Sure Thing - Purple Gang, Barb, folk, 9:30, 50c.
rock, 9:30, $2. Sure Thing - Purple Gang,
Rubaiyat - Open Road, top, rock, 9:30, $1.,
40's, 9, no cover.

Sunrise - (Cinema II, Ang.
Aud. A, 7 only) - 1927 silent
film, directed by F. W. Mur-
nau. Presented as part ofthe
Karl Struss Film Festival; Mr.
Struss will make a personal ap-
pearance following the film.
Island of Lost Souls - (Cine-
ma II, Ang. Aud., A, 9 only)-
One of the original mad-scien-
tist films, featuring Charles
Laughton as a doctor on a re-
mote island performing evil ex-
periments that turn men into
half-men (not what you're
thinking, you dirty minds). Kind
of crude and low-budget, but
Struss's camera work is ex-
citing and Laughton is wonder-
fully hammy as the weird doc.

Matthau and George Burns) are'
reunited to do a TV skit after
years of not speaking to each
other. Neil Simon's fling at
Chekovian pathos just doesn't
work at all-it's offensive when
it's trying: to be funny (the
endless gags about the come-
dians' senility), and inconse-
quential when it's trying to be
serious. (After Matthau has suf-

artistically (and certainly com-
mercially), but Part One inevit-
ably suffers since most of the
important action occurs in the
last half of the novel. The re-
sult is too many fight scenes ob-
viously employed as a substi-
tute for meaningful plot pro-
gression, but a wonderfully off-
beat cast keeps things alive
reasonably well. **

The Fixer - (Project Com-
mission, Ang. Aud. C, 7:30 only)
-Film from the Malamud novel
of a Russian Jew held prisoner
without trial for years on a
trumped-up murder charge.
John Frankenheimer's direction
is solid, workmanlike and ex-
tremely unimaginative -a far'
cry from his macabre stylistics
of The Manchurian Candidate
and Seconds. As the imprisoned
handyman, Alan Bates is good
but not great. **
Tommy - (Matrix, 7 & 9:30)
- See Saturday Cinema.
Royal Tahitian Dancers -
Musical Society again responsi-
ble. Power Center, 8 pm.
Tuba students recital - Come
to the School of Music Recital
Hall and watch the tubaists re-
cite. 8 p.m.
Chances Are - Leslie West,
8, tickets $4.50. in advance, $5
at door.
Golden Falcon - Silvertones,
blues, 9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party - Eric
Glatz, blues, 9:30, no cover.
Loma Linda-JB & Company,
9:30, no cover.
Sure Thing - Purple Gang,
rock, 9:30. $1.

Tommy - (Matrix, 7 & 9:30)
- See Saturday Cinema.
Mass in B minor-Bach, per-'
formed by the Chamber Choir. TheT CINEMA
Whose The usicSchool's. bhr Triple Echo - (Ann Ar-
Whose? The Music Schol.borFilm Co-op, Ang. Aud., A,
Where? At HiB. 8 p.m. 17:15 only) - See Wednesday
Mr. Flood's Party - Eric Women in Love - (Ann Arbor 1
Glatz, blues, 9:30, no cover.-. Film Co-op, Ang. Aud. A, 9 on-+
Loma Linda - JB & Com-I ly) - See Wednesday Cinema.
pany, 9:30, no cover. ....... MASH - (New World, Nat.
Chances Are - Street Fiction, Sci. Aud., 7 & 9:30) - Item:
rock, 9, $1 to $1.50. an army doctor is aurally spied
Blind Pig - Friends Road- upon by his fellow workers dur-
show, comedy, 9:30, $1. ing lovemaking, and is subse-
quently taunted so unmercifully;
about it that he goes berserk
and is carted off to a mental
Sward. Yuk. Item: a disliked
CINEMA nurse is publicly humiliated
CINEMAwhen her shower curtain is de-
The Triple Echo - (Ann Ar- liberately yanked and she is ex-.
bor Film Co-op, Ang. Aud. A., posed to the rest of the medical
7 only) - Army deserter dis- corps, who have set up chairs
guises himself as a woman, for the event - she goes into
lives with farmer's wife. Star- hysterics. Haw. I skeptically
ring Glenda Jackson and Oliv- await the day someone is able
er Reed, but nonetheless a to- to define the intrisically humor-
tally unknown film to this re- ous value of such scenes per-
viewer. meating this leering, heartless
Women in Love - (Ann Ar- excuse for a comedy; until
bor Film Co-op, Ang. Aud. A, then, I will continue to view
9 only) - A film which seems MASH an an anti-war film that
to get better and better as the makes one long to root for the
years pass. Ken Russell's work generals. *
may not stick too close to the King Kong - (Cinema Guild,
D. H. Lawrence original, but in Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - Almost'
some ways transcends it; Rus- a half century later still the
sell exhibits an amazingly in- greatest monster of them all,
ventive, sensuous imagination beside which all the Gorgos and
tempered for once by a thor- Godzillas look like pale puppets.
ough director's control over his This is the recently spliced-to-
material. As such, his picture gether uncensored version, the

newly - added footage focusing
mostly on Kong's discovery that
people taste good. This doesn't
detract from his lovableness,
though, and all his triumphs re-
main intact. Some of the film's
dialogue is now quite campy,
especially the exchanges be-
tween the natives on Kong's is-
land and the ape's white
Seduction of Mimi - (Matrix,
7 & 9:30) - See Wednesday
Ensemble Nipponia -Musical
Society, Rackham Aud., 8:30 p.
University Philharmonia -
Uri Mayer conducting works by
Milhaud, B a t e s, Schumann:
Hill, 8 p.m.
Blind Pig - Bryan Lee Blues
Band, 9:30, $1.
Heidelberg Rathskeller -
Mustard's Retreat, folk, 9, no
Loma Linda - JB & Com-
pany, 9:30, no cover.
Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys,
bluegrass, 9:30, $1.
Casa Nova - Dusty Rhodes,
folk - rock, 9, no cover.
Bringing Up Baby - (Cinema
Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05))-
Dr. Chicago & Ride, .Dr. Chi-
cago, Ride - (Ann Arbor Film

fered a heart attack, Burns Tommy (Matrix, 7 & 9:30) South Pacific - Couzens Film
muses: "When he yelled at me - The wretched excesses of di- Co-op, Couzens Cafeteria, 9 on-
onstage, he got a million rector Ken Russell crash head- ly) - Big, bloated film version
laughs - when he yelled at on with The Who's hard-rock of the big, bloated Broadway
me offstage, he got a heart at- opera - and the result is a sur- musical. Considered superior
tack". Obviously this is suppos- prisingly effective film. Rus- entertainment in its day - how
ed to be laden with deep philo- sell's dime-store garishness I times and taste can 'change in
sophic content, but I am unble seems for once to have stumb- a couple of decades. **
- and not especially interested led onto a malleable product; Juliet of the Spirits - (Cine-'
in - decipheringwhat that con- the resulting collaboration ma Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05)I
tent is). As the more acerbic drives, drives, drives unrelent- - Neo-psychadelic study of a
member of the duo, Matthau ingly and often unpleasantly at woman's fantasies, revolving'
grossly overolays his part, but the audience, but the onslaught aroundthe ongoing disintegra-:
the ageless Burns brings just of sight and sound is never dull tion of her marriage. Fellini's
the right touch of dignity to and is often undeniably com- first color film and he seems


his gentler role - the only real
class in this unpleasantly over-
blown situation comedy. **
The Mysterious Monsters -
(Campus)-Huckster film which
slaps together overused infor-
mation and underexposed film
clips concerning Earth's more
worthy pseudo-creatures (Loch
Ness, Bigfoot, etc.). A warmed-
over hodge-podge that reveals
nothing new or startling about
our abominable friends, but
perhaps useful as an ego boost-
er *
To Have and Have Not -
(Cinema II, 7 & 9) - Famous
Howard Hawkes film of a Casa-
blanca-ish WW II adventure-ro-
mance between rum runner
Humphrey Bogart and tough
girl Lauren Bacall. The movie
that spawned the Bogie-Baby
love match, and that's really
all it's famous for; The Faulk-
ner adaptation of the Heming-
way story is pretty dull stuff,
and Hawkes' direction is far
from his best. **
Naked Came the Stranger -
(New World, MLB 3 & 4, 7, 8:30
& 10) - The film that made
L. Brooks Patterson famous,
and vice versa. The months-
long campaign by Oakland
County's lunatic prosecutor to
close down Stranger at a Fern-
dale theater has, of course, lent
the film precisely the notoriety
and financial success it would
probably have lacked had Mr.
Patterson not decided to mount

I pelling. I think even Russell's uncomfortable with it, perhaps Blind Pig - Boogie Woogie
severest critics must give Tom- sensing a requirement to pile Red blues, 9:30,$1.
my its reluctant, due, even if in as many variations as pos-
its success is by and large a sible on his new found element.
lucky accident. *** The result is a surrealist extra-
Journey Into Fear - (Cinema Ivaganza marked by some dazz.-
Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - ling audio - visual pyrotechnics,
This World War II spy film was but sacrificing utterly the inti- CINEMA
set for direction by Orson mate moments that were the A Clockwork Orange - (Ann
Welles, but was taken out of his best of his earlier works. Juliet Arbor Film Co-op, 7 & 9:45)-
hands by skeptical, money-con- I triggered the onset of a diffi- Kubrick's fascinating, imperfect
scious studio heads shortly after cult decade for Fellini, the di- adaptation of the Anthony Bur- +
production began. Welles re- rector sinking to an over-opu- gess novel. One of the most
mained as the star and the film lent low with Satyricon and on- thoroughly unpleasant films
is a pretty good one, but one ly recently regaining form with ever made - which was ob-
wonders what it could have the refreshingly low-key Amar- viously what the director in
been had our most ill-starred cord. *** tended. For all its nastiness, the
director been allowed to finish Burn! - (Peonle's Bicenten- picture clearly strikes a pro-I
what he started. *** nial Committee, Nat. Sci. Aud., found chord with many people,,
EVENTS 7 & 9) - Marlon Brando por- or else we wouldn't see the jam-+
Yehudi Menuhin - Special trays a cynical 19th - century packed audiences every time:
Benefit Concert, with Gyorgy mercenary hired to pose as a Clockwork plays here. ***
Sandor, sponsored by the Uni- revolutionary to rebelling na- His Girl Friday - (Cinema
versity Musical Sociay and the tives on a small Caribbean is- Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 only) - Hi-7
School of Music, Hill Aud., 8:30 land. His subsequent betrayal larious film adaptation of the,
p.m. of them makes wrenchingly me- play "The Front Page". Story,
BARS morable cinema, but a muddled about newspaper editor and his
Ark - Joe Hickerson, -folk, script causes the film to fall former star reporter (and for-
8:30, $2.50. short of greatness. *** mer wife) is one of the really
Bimbo's - Gaslighters, rag- Tommy - (Matrix, 7 & 9:30) great American comedies. With,
time singalong, 6-1:30, 50c af- - See Saturday Cinema. Cary Grant and Rosalind Rus-
ter 8. EVENTS sell. ****
Blind Pig-Silvertones, blues, Symphony Band and Wind The Big Heat - (Cinema,
9:30, $1. Ensemble - Sponsored by the Guild, Arch. Aud., 9:05 only)-
Chances Are - Masquerade,' Music School, Hill Aud., 3 pm. Fanatically - driven cop (Glenn
rock, 8, $2 to $2.50. Faculty Chamber Concert - Ford) wages a single - minded
Golden Falcon - Melodioso, Music School also presents. struggle against powerful mob-
jazz, 9:30, $1. Rackham Aud., 4 p.m. sters. Probably Fritz Lang's
Heidelberg - Barons, Ger- BARS best American film; be warned'
man, 9, no cover. Loma Linda - JB & Com- that it's extremely violent but
Heidelberg Rathskeller - pany, 9:30, no cover. ,never exploitively so - its mo-
Mustard's Retreat, folk, 9, no Chances Are - Mojo Boogie tivation is necessary and hon-
covery. Band Leap Year Party, rock, 9, est. One of the greatest of all
Loma Linda - JB & Com- $1 to $1.50. 1 crime thrillers. ****
r pany, 9:30, no cover.-- --
Mr. Flood's Party - Griev-
ous Angels, country, 9:30, $1.
Pretzel Bell - North Country
Fasching at

often takes on a legitimacy all
its own - an erotic, literate
work of film art above and
apart from the novel. This wasE
Russell's one great feature ef-
fort before he plunged into the
abyss of psychotic vulgaria, and
showcases Glenda Jackson's ab-
solutely demonic Oscar - win-
ning performance.

FRI.-SAT. $2.50

Taxi - (Cinema Guild, Arch.
Aud., 7 only) - Obscure early From the Library of Congress, Joe's
'30's James Cagney film involv- unique guitar style, his unusual and
ing the unlikely theme of a cab I massive repertoire, and his delivery
driver's strike. Perhaps moremssvrprtr, n se ey
interesting than it sounds. and sense of humor have long made
Dishonored - (Cinema Guild, him a favorite wherever he sings-
Arch. Aud., 9:05 only) - Jo-
seph Von Sternberg's 1931 inter- Thurs. nite-AMANDA BAILEY-country music
pretation of the Mata Hari mys- Sun. nite-BOB FRANKE-singer-songwriter
tique. Pretty old and creaky,:HILL
but Marlene Dietrich is mem- 1421 8:30 761-1451
orable as the spy-vamp. **
Seduction of Mimi - (Matrix, --------.-- --
7 & 9:30) - Communist factory
worker runs a perpetual foot-
race to avoid the Sicilian Mafia'
on the one hand, his wife on the'T
other. A sour, unfunny comedy West Coast Coordinator of
by Lena Wertmuller that is
vastly inferior to her subse- AMNES" "ITERNATI NAL
quent, esquisite Love and Anar- s
chy. It should be noted that WILL SPEAK ON
most critics raved and raved
over this flick, so maybe you'd "Political Prisoners in
enjoy it - but don't say you
weren't warned. **Ba ,g uay, Chie, Iran
BARS and South Korea"
Chances Are - Salty Dog,
rock, 9, students with ID 50c. MON DAY, MARCH 1
Casa Nova - Dusty Rhodes,
folk-rock, 9, no cover. 112 noon: International Center (brown bag)
Loma Linda - JB & Com- 4 p.m.: International Center
pany, 9:30, no cover.
Blind Pig-Silvertones, blues, Sponsored by: Group on Latin American issues
9:30, $1.

the Old



Century-old German
festivity becoming an
Ann Arbor tradition

If you're looking for an exciting time in Ann Arbor
this month we heartily recommend this yearly celebra-
tion that takes place at the Heidelberg Restaurant.
This Saturday is set aside at the Heidelberg for virtu-
ally non-stop celebration. There are German bands,
clowns, skits, plus plenty of food and good drink.
Back in the old country Fasching began on the
eleventh day of the eleventh month at eleven min-
utes after eleven o'clock, and lasted until Ash Wednes-
day. Here at the Heidelberg festivities are slated for
this Saturday, February 28.
Now, if you have a costume, by all means wear it.
There will be some of the most hilarious outfits you've
seen since last Halloween. If you're without a costume,
stop by anyway ... we guarantee a great time to be
had by one and all.
Remember, Saturday, February 28 at the Heidelberg
Restaurant on Main Street.

I Heidelberg

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