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February 20, 1976 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1976-02-20

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Page Two
v .._.....Distinctive ~ ' en i
U' den
V C07C uisine Onre
aJ A spokesman for the Univer-
Huron S at Division s-ty last night denied it is seek-
ing a second certification elec-
Mon.-Thur. 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Managed by tion for the local unit of the
Michigan Nurses Association
Fri. & Sat. 10 an.-8 p.m. DORA NAVARRO (MNA).j
I. William Neff, assistant direc-
__ <;;;;;;>___<;;_y_<;;;;_ _:__ _ _>__OO_ _- tor for staff and union relations,
- ....--said that the University has no
ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS Presents )tatus tas challege theMbagain-
ing agent for local nurses.
w as Brllig 0.11. HE DID indicate, however,i
that should the University de-
SAn FYenin 0ofMsks cide that the MNA failed to
grepresent a majority of nurses,
it "had a right to ask for an
Feb. 19, 20, 21, 22 election."
50% OFF
Residential College Theatre CENTICORE BOOKSHOP
Building36 MAYNARD ST'
East Quad Buildig
At Hill & E. University OFFICE OF STUDE
8:30 p.m.
P- -he S
Faculty, Staff & Students-$1.75 NATALI
Non-Students-$2.54, Children-$1 .00
Tickets on Sale at UAC Ticket Central Friday, h
Hill Box Office and at Door;
--8 -,


Friday, February 20, 19765


plan Students inIowa 'U' research may be
p ask lenient pot law in violation of policy




MNA was first recognized as
a union about a year ago. Un-
der state law, it has a year's'
grace period in which to bar-
gain over its contract with the
University without fear of an-
other certification election be-
ing called - either by the Uni-
versity, another union, or a,
group os dissatified nurses.
In a meeting with head
nurses last week, Neff pointed
out the possibility of another
election now that the year has

message from Iowa high school
students is clear: They don't
want to go to jail for smoking
Students from across the state
participating in a model legis-
lature voted 73 to 22 in favorI
of a bill to decriminalize pos-
session of less than two ounces
of marijuana.
"WE ARE not saying thatI
marijuana isn't b a d," said.
Rhonda Simmons of Bloomfield,
the bill's sponsor. "We don't
advocate that everybody go out
and, smoke it. But with the law
the way it is now, we are mak-
ing criminals out of people who
aren't really criminals."
Student debate on the mari-
juana issue centered on whether
the substance is harmful.
Andrew Jones of Jesup said
no study has substantiated that
marijuana isn't harmful.
IT'S LESS harmful than eith-
er alcohol or tobacco, insisted
But Mark Crozier of Melcher
said, "I can't vote for this bill
because marijuana is sold by
criminals and I would feel like
I was voting for organized
The students, chosen by edu-
cators and other local officials,
voted 68 to 30 against raising
the minimum legal drinking age

L (Continued from Page 1)
from 18 to 19. ELAHI EXPLAINED t h a t
THE STUDENTS were per- the explosion'of clouds of gas
sonally lobbied by state Sen. could have the military appli-!
William Plymat,ba Republican cation of producing floods.
from Des Moines, to favor the "If I had some means of
change. finding out that the Air Force!
"I'm not convinced h i g h is intent on using is at a wea-
school students are as much pon, that would be, I feel, legi-
against it', as every one timate grounds for my propos-.
assumes," said Plymat. He -con- ing that the research be stop-!
tends traffic deaths have risen ped," he said.
sharply since the drinking age "But," he added, "you can't
was cut from 21 four years ago. get any information from the
But the student legislators Department of Defense, and so
said raising the age would solve you can't really know what's
nothing. going on. I have been told (by
"RAISING the age to 19 is not other members of the reviewl
going to eliminate the problem committee) that if I asked the:
of minors being able to get al- defense department for a state-
cohol," said Joe Paulsen of ment of what its purpose was
West Des Moines, majority floor in the research, it would can-,
leader for the model legislature. cel the contract."
Paulsen said even 14-year-olds


not familiar with the document
or with the wording of the rules,
so until I have a chance to
study the situation I do not want
to comment on it."
Miller, commenting on his
presentation of the research re-
port at Tuesday's debate, re-
marked, "This brings into ques-
tion the efficacy of the oversight
committee. T h-e committee
didn't do its job."
In addition to Professors Ni-
cholls and Sichel, 'a number of
students, ranging -from under-
graduates to doctoral candi-
dates, have participated in the
The studyreport, which is
language, describes the physical
counched in highly technical
effects of the explosion of clouds
of liquid fuel drops dispersed in
the atmosphere.

expired, but he maintained
that the University is still "as-
suming that the nurses' associa-
tion does represent the major-
A mixture of moss and clay
filled the spaces between logs
in the colonial homes in
Louisiana. This binding mate-
rial, called "bousillage", served
as cement and insulating ma-
terial, and many homes of that
era and mode of construction
are still standing.

find "it's not hard to buy their
own liquor" using false identi-
fication in taverns or in state
liquor stores where employes do
not check ages.
Richard Varn of Solon, the
student legislature's minority
leader, argued for raising the
drinking age. "I know that five
or six of my friends are alco-
holics," he said.
But Craig Fenton of Center-
ville said school officials are to
blame because they don't en-
force the law prohibiting drink-
ing in schools.


NT LIFE Presents
sin ners


'U ddelays signing
of dormitory, leases

another member of the review SHOULD KEEP NAME
committee, said he "would
agree" with view that the re-' NEW YORK (A')-One of the
search should be stopped if it most treasured possessions of a
will lead to the development of women is her identity, says
a new weapon. Myrna Liewbowitz, president of
Last month, Zorn protested a the Women Stockbrokers Assn.
radar research study which, he "If they are in business and
stated in a memo, "appears to get married, they shouldn't use
be a weapons engineering pro- their married names," Miss
ject," arguing that the study Liewbowitz contends. "By doing
violates Provision 3 of the re- that, they are giving up their
gental guidelines, identity."
Zorn pointed out that research The attractive stockbroker
projects which are not classi- practices what she preaches.
fied are not reviewed to deter- She recently married Ken Ber-
mine whether they adhere to ger, a successful manufacturer,
the regental r u I e s. "Unless but insists on using her maiden
somebody at the government; name in her position at Herzfeld
end proposes that a study be Stern.
classified, it will not be review- "It took me years to build up
ed," he said. my name and I don't want to
Nicholls noted that many re- give it up-professionally," she'
search projects have the poten- states. "My husband, thank
tial to be useful in the.develop- goodness, understands."
ment of weapons. "I think
you're doing an injustice," he The first carriage. seen in
said, "if you wave the scepter New Orleans was imported
of an explosion." from Havana in 1830,, according
ASKED ABOUT the project to the Louisiana Tourist Com-
last night, Fleming said, "I'm mission.
Ei-GM exec Mur*phy
-ec i -- - --- -award
j-eevsa a

s' .


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chosen because it was "the

March 12



$6.50 reserved
$5.50 general admission
Tickets on sale at McKenny Uniont
Also at Mr. Music at Briarwood, Huckleberry Party Store, E
Richardson's Pharmacy, Where House Records, Hudson's.-
No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed
in Fieldhouse
is seeking qualified people to fill
Senior Office positions for 1976-1977
e President
* Coordinating Vice-President
FOLK)ART GALLERY " Public Relations Vice-President
123 West Washington, Ann Arbor, Mi. 662-3681 ) Chief Financial Officer
SATURDAYS 10-6 Please stop by UAC
2nd floor, Michigan Union
for an appicatin
Deadline for Application is Feb. 20th
Recipe #'
EL ;.
* Add ice to a mixing glass or jelly jar,
depending on your financial situation.
* Pour in 2 oz. of Jose CuervoTequila.
* The juice from half a lime.
*1tbsp. of honey.
* Shake.
* Strain into a cocktail glass or
peanut butter jar, depending on your
financial situation.

been informed by word-of- cheapest company and the best
mouth of the signing delay. place" for the purposes of the
Mailboxes will be stuffed with Housing Office. The leases
flyers describing the leasing were supposed to have arrived
snafu as soon as they arrive ; yesterday.
from a city copying firm.
Student reaction to the post- IF fence - sitters opt for
ponement ranged from strong apartments or houses instead of
objection to total ignorance. "I the dorm, they will join the
think all this delay and the con- ranks of last week's lottery
stant mix-ups are sickening," losers. Off-campus Housing -Di-
said Sophomore David Graff, rector Peter Schoch said per-
an East Quad drawing winner. sons choosing off-campus hous-
ing are better off this year than
A WEST Quad woman'asked, those in the past because of "in-
"Is there one? I~ 'didn't even creased tenant awareness."
know when the first date was." "I don't. think the students
H o u s i n g Information are going to be led like
Director John Finn hopes the sheep," Schoch said.
delay will be "an advantage for i "It's very obvious that there
students. It gives us a chance, are two rent strikes in town
to get more cancellations." The: right now," he continues, "and
deadline was pushed back be- the Tenants Union has been do-
cause "the leases just didn't ing a good job organizing."
get here on time. They were



sent from Pennsylvania Febru- The wild orangutan is often
ary 11."'captured by poachers who kill
The distant company was 1 the females for their babies.
Singers, musicians, dancers, technicians, magicians, banjo players,
acro bats, pianists, puppeteers, novelty acts .. . it takes all kinds of talent
to entertain Cedar Point's 2,500,000 summer guests, and the search Is on.
So, check the audition schedule, polish up your act and come show us your
talent. Technicians, come for an interview with tedar Point's Live Shows.
Open only to registered college students and graduating high school seniors.
Pittsburgh, Pa.-Fri., Feb. 27, 1976 Indianapolis, Ind.-Tues., Mar. 2, 1976
William Penn Hotel Stouffer's Indianapolis Inn
Mellon Square 2820 North Meridan
TechInterviews4:00 Auditions5:00 TechInterviews4:00 Auditions5:00

(Continued from Page 1) J
country, may be not only legal
in another country but a re-
spected custom."
ALTHOUGH Murphy empha-
sized "the good of your com-
pany . . . is not the supreme+
good," he defended U.S. busi-
nesses charged with illegal- ac-
tivities. "One company report-
edly resorted to bribery ,only
when it became'apparent-in its
own judgment, at least-that its
survival was at stake.r
"And another company, I am'
led to understand, resorted to
bribery only when faced by an
implied threat that a foreign
government m i g h t otherwise
confiscate its facilities in that
country or render the company,
irreparable economic harm," he
"Such payments are really
payments made under duress,;
a kind of ransom or extortion,"
Murphy said. *
Murphy defended companies
that have been criticized for
doing business with such coun-

tries as apartheid South Africa.
'We must not be so: short-
sided as ' to suggest that no
American company should do
business in a country whose
form of government or racial
or other policies 'are objection-
able to us. . . . To turn our
oacks on . . . those countries
would be irresponsible,"
he said.
THE AFFAIR held yesterday
in the Clayton Hale Auditorium
was the second time a GM
executive has received the Busi-
ness School's Leadership Award.
The first time was: in 1967 to
then-Chairman of the Board
Frederic Donner.
Since 1958 the award has
gone to personnel in such com-
panies as American Telephone
and Telegraph; Xerox, Dow
Jones, Ford and United Fruit.

Cincinnati, O.-Sun., Feb. 29, 1976 Detroit, Mich.-Thurs., Mar. 4, 1976
Stouffer's Cincinnati Inn Sheraton-Southfield Hotel
150W. 5th Street 17017 West Nine Mile Road at 1-696
Tech interviews 3:00 Auditions 4:00 Tech Interviews 4:00 Auditions 5:00
Louisville, Ky.-Mon., Mar. 1, 1976 Sandusky, 0.--Sat., Mar. 6, 1976
Sheraton Inn-Louisville East Cedar Point
1-64 at Hurstbourne Lane Centennial Theatre
Tech Interviews 4:00 Auditions 5:00 Tech Interviews 10:00 Auditions 11:
Live Entertainment, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio 44870


6:00 p.m.-Minyan
6:00 p.m.-Ramah
8:00 p.m.-Reform
8:30 p.m.-ONEG
at AEPi


Workshop on Jung's Model of the Human Psyche }

Friday Evening, Feb. 20
8:00 P.M. TO 10:00 P.M.
Focussing on the Ego, Psycho-
logical Types, the Personna, and
the Shadow.

Saturday Afternoon, Feb. 21
1:00 P.M. TO 4:00 P.M.
Focussing on the Anima/Animus,
the Archetypes, the Self, and the
Process of Indiviluation.

I teachers'
(Continued from Page 1)
GEO treasurer, "Affiliation will
,add more stability to the union.
One - third of our membership
is new every year. This means
that we have to reorganize an-
"Being affiliated will aid us
in the reorganization. It will
make the University realize
that we arerhere to stay," as-
serts Schwartz.
GEO WILL also receive ex-
pertise in collective bargain-
ing and legal aid - two fac-
tors which should increase the
union's strength in fighting
salary. cutbacks and realizing
their goals.
Explains Allen, "We will have
more opportunity for trying 'to
think of creative solutions to
the issues of graduate em-
ployees rather than focusing so
much of our energy on day-to-
dv ' bsiness."
MFT representativeArsh Der-
babian states "Affiliation will
have a nsitive effect, I hope.
It cert~inN' is going. to influence
the ne~~'Vjtions and GEO sta-
ts as far Ps the University is,

Both sessions will be held1
at Canterbury House
(corner of N. Division t
and Catherine)
University Combined Choirs & Orchestra

Voli~rne LXXXVI. No. 121
Friday. February 20, 1976' k
is edited and mana ged by students
at the University of Michigan. News

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