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February 18, 1976 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1976-02-18

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Eighty-Six Years of Editorial Freedom
420 Maynard St., Ann Arbor, M! 48104


SANTIAGO (PNS) - The Chilean jun-
ta may be heading for a showdown
as criticism of its policies mounts at
home as well as abroad.
Rumors of rifts between the generals
over the role of Gen. Augusto Pinochet,
head of the military government, have
gained ground since the government's
decision to allow publication of an essay
by former Chilean President Eduardo
Frei criticizing junta policies.

Pinochet regime


Wednesday, February 18, 1976

News Phone: 764-0552

Frei's 18,000-word essay, circulated
clandestinely for a month, was recent-
ly printed in full in the government
newspaper El Cronista.
Accusing the junta of seeking "to
establish a type of nationalism with
many totalitarian characteristics," Frei
decried violations of human rights and
called for reestablishing democracy. And
Frei maintained that economically
"while others advance, we are going

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Heart-wrecking foods
By SYLVIA HACKER and indication of "normal" cholesterol
NANCY PALCHIK GARWOOD level. Since certain foods such as egg
yolk are high -in cholesterol, it would
Question: Will a diet high in be prudent to limit intake of eggs to
fatty foods eventually lead to a heart 3-5 per week. But, of course, since
attack? other foods also influence cholesterol,
Answer: We consulted Dr. Edmund limitation of eggs may not be thatr
Whale, a Health Service staff mem- necessary if the remaining foods .eaten
ber who is knowledgable in this area are relatively low in cholesterol.
and who noted the following:
In order to understand the effects QUESTION: My boyfriend and I
of a diet high in cholesterol and have been using the condom as - a
saturated fats on your chances of method of birth control for the past
having a heart attack, you must con- year, but recently a friend told me<
sider their effect on the middle sized that they weren't very safe because
and larger arteries in the body. There they could easily rupture. Is this
are certain growths or deposits that true?
develop inside these arteries which
can then undergo a series of processes Answer: Though it is probably true
which may eventually result in ob- that the rupturing of the condom is '
struction of the artery by a blood responsible for many of the failures
clot (thrombosis). A diet high in with this contraceptive method, this
cholesterol and saturated fats may rupturing is usually due to its im-
speed up this process. While many proper use. To prevent breakage.
other factors are involved here, both. when the condom is unrolled onto the
intrinsic (genetic factors, blood pres- erect penis about inch of space
sure, blood sugar, etc.), and extrinsic should be left at the tip to hold the
(cigarette smoking, environmental ejaculate as it comes out. Some con
stresses. etc.), it is true that diet doms are made with an extended tip
and cholesterol levels are often very to serve this function. Also the con-
important. dom should be unrolled carefully to
Does this mean that every one avoid catching air in the end.bIn
must give up bacon, eggs, butter and addition, make certain that your boy- g.
cream? Not really. Some people who friend holds the rim when he with-J
have a relatively high intake of such draws after ejaculation to prevent the
foods as these may not have high condom from slipping off his no longer
blood levels of cholesterol and may erect penis and this allowing sperm
never have a heart attack or stroke. to get into your vagina.
But of all the various indications of When used properly the condom is
future cardio-vascular events such as a very effective method of birth con-
heart attacks and strokes, cholesterol trol. When used in combination with
blood level is one of the best predic- a spermicidal foam or cream it is
tors. And those persons whose diet is almost as effective as birth control?
> high in eggs, meats, cheeses, etc. do pills. In addition, the condom is safe,
tend to have higher cholesterol lev- easy to use, and easily available
els. without a physician's prescription. We
Blood cholesterol level varies con- sell the extended tip variety in our
siderably in different people and in pharmacy, the price is 50 cents for
different populations. Hopefully, young 3 ($1.75 for a dozen) and they are
adult students will have a cholesterol very good quality. We also have other
blood level of 200 or less. However, types which claim greater sensitivity
200 plus a person's age is a rough but these are more expensive.
.":4 "::: *:. .ii:': ::'.. ... *.... *::.r....

Earlier this month the chiefs of the
Navy, Air Force and Police - Pino-
chet's junta partners - appeared on
prime time TV to affirm their support
for his policies. According to a widely
circulated rumor, their performance was
in response to a threat by Pinochet to
resign unless they made a public state-
ment of support.
In January the London Sunday Times
reported that 10 generals, including the
Air Force chief, had signed an ultimatum
demanding that Pinochet make changes
or step down.
here could not verify the existence of
such a document, one said, "It no longer
matters whether the document exists or
not, since everyone is convinced that
something of that sort is going on."
But in an open split, third-ranking
General Sergio Arellano Stark, former
aide to Frei, was forced to resign from
the army in January over "policy dis-
The divisions were brought out by
the junta's November crackdown on
church efforts to give humanitarian
aid to political prisoners and fugitives.
The embarrassing publicity-worsened
by the testimony of British Dr. Sheila
Cassidy that she had been tortured for
helping the priests give medical treat-
ment - apparently convinced some fac-
tions in the military that the junta
had gone too far.
WORRIED BY CHILE'S isolation on
the international scene-highlighted
by a UN Human Rights Commission
report issued Feb. 10 - these factions
have begun to urge a let-up in the
most, conspicuous forms of repression.
they have even suggested abolition of
the feared secret police, DINA. The
UN report charged that "denial of hu-
man rights and inhuman, cruel and
degrading treatment have become a pat-
tern of governmental policies in Chile."
But the chief cause of discontent in
the military is the country's deteriorat-
ing economic situation. The government's
austeritybprogram adopted 10 months
ago to beat inflation has brought an
official unemployment rate of 16 per
cent and 12 per cent drop in GNP.
Inflation still runs at eight per cent
a month. A 17.3 per cent currency de-
valuation in January further reduced
consumer buying power.
The government's rigid adherence
to free-market principles precludes in-
tervening in the economy with price
controls, unemployment insurance or
welfare programs to ease the hard-
ship imposed by recession.
PINOCHET TOLD audiences in south-
ern Chile he would restudy economic
policy this month.
Meanwhile, however, his chief eco-
nomic" adviser, Jorge Cauas, who de-
vised the austerity program, has been
boasting of its success in improving

Gen. Augusto Pinochet
Chile's balance of payments and re-
ducing inflation to eight per cent month-
ly. He insists the economy will soon
come out of its slump.
Criticism of present economic policies
was one of former President Frei's main
points in the essay. Frei has been join-
ed in his call for a more active govern-
ment role in the economy by rightwing
industrialist Orlando Saenz and head of
the extreme rightist Fatherland and Lib-
erty movement Pablo Rodriguez.
And last fall, open debate followed
a sweeping purge of moderate univer-
sity professors and administrators. They
were replaced by members and sympa-
thizers of the Fatherland and Liberty
movement. The "Earthquake at the U,"
as the press called the purge, was op-
posed publicly by El Mercurio, Santi-
ago's leading conservative newspaper,
moderate rightists and Christian Demo-
agreement over policies within the gov-
ernment increase, Pinochet still claims
to feel secure in his job.
On a tour of southern Chile in late
January, he told sparse crowds at every
stop, "To those who are constantly
spreading rumors that the president of
the republic does not have sufficient
support to remain in government or who
believe they can expel me from it, I
want to say that I am able to travel
the length of Chile without fear because
I know that everybody is with the
Such assertions - and the need to
make them - call up memories of
Richard Nixon in the last days of his
nresidency. Meanwhile, more and more
people here believe there is a grow-
ing consensus in the military that Pino-
chet must be renlaced with a more
flexible and able figure.
Ramon Marsano is a writer
for Latinamerica Press in Lima,

'Quite true, Ms. Gandhi. Americans simply don't understand
what a champion of democracv you are.'

Go to CIA debate tonight

THIS EVENING IN the Union Ball-
room, a public forum will be
held to air the views of the univer-
sity community on the question of
CIA/NSA recruitment on campus.
University President Robben Flem-
ing and a representative of the coa-
lition to stop this recruiting will be
the principal participants.
We support this public forum and
strongly recommend attendance by
persons affiliated with the Univer-
sity. The question of CIA/NSA re-
cruitment on campus reaches far
deeper than just the matter of whe-
ther an agency of the Federal Gov-
ernment should be allowed to actively
solicit itself on a publicly-supported
campus. We have no qualms about
the CIA invoking the American right
to free speech and free assembly. But
the University should not lend its
facilities to an organization that has
not only conducted illicit covert ac-
tivities against foreign governments
and citizens, but has conducted these
same activities against citizens of
the United States.
TIE CIA HAS BEEN recruiting on
campus for many years. We as-
sume that by Fleming's continued
silence throughout this period, that
in this case, the old maxim, "silence
is consent" holds true.
Yesterday, Fleming offered no com-
ment on the issue. He stated that he

"did not want to pre-empt" any of
the comments he will make during
the debate. He did say that he would
be espousing the official Board of
Regents position on the matter.
The CIA/NSA should not be al-
lowed to use University owned facili-
ties to recruit students into their or-
ganization and that large and vocal
numbers in protest to this recruiting
should turn out to the Union Ball-
room tonight.
News: David Garfinkle, Ann Marie
Schiavi, Tim Schick, Bill Turque,


Dave Whiting
Editorial Page: Michael Bec
Stephen Hersh, Karen Schul
Tom Stevens
Arts Page: Jeff Selbst
Photo Technician: Steve Kagan


-WTM6 Y" I'55%' l) "7O8T AFTR
112 A -lr HIS ;IS P k16 AL- '

1 0 ORDR r (POT
A RA1-TUr~(

irl igau ti1 J


Editorial Staff



JEFF RISTINE ................ Managing Editor
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YO0UR l7
'IF -

OVUh NJ~4,
DltT 0 AEA


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LOgr tr5 64A




TA *0

To The Daily:
On FEBRUARY 4, you print-
ed a letter from Sue Ellen Han-
sen which contained several li-
belous statements about mem-
bers of UAW Local 2001, and
about me specifically. I hope
that, in a spirit of balance and
responsibility, you will permit
me the following response.
Ms. Hansen objected strongly
to the following statement: "Do
the major CDU candidates have
any loyalties or obligations, po-
litical or financial, which will
compromise them, and which
may conflict ultimately with the
interests of clericals." She read
into the question of McCarthyist
meaning and a right - wing
smear campaign. She is wrong.
for the following reason: I could
choose at random any CDU re-
mark a b o u t bureaucracy,
,.n. t+e wordng seblhly

with Reagan and Wallace: An
obsessive quest for power, an
ethical obtuseness, and the fact
that they don't know what the
hell they're talking about.
Ms. Hansen is on shakey
ground, in any case. Let me
illustrate: Over the past seven
months she and CDU have ac-
cused people with whom they
disagree of the following: sell-
ing out the union; accepting a
kickback; tampering with bal-.
lot boxes; contemplating brib-
ery; and colluding with the
university. The list is far from
comprehensive, but adequate.
In light of the constant barrage
of lies which Ms. Hansen and
her compatriots have distribut-
ed in order to acquire power,
and to misinform clericals, she
has little room in which to on-
erate. She hides her hypocrisy
very poorly.
In fnct Ms Hansen ain

understood the pathological ha-
tred which CDU has shown for
Ms. Forrest, but certainly they
have subjected her to a cruel
and inhumane abuse which
goes beyond rationally normna-
tive behavior.
I will return to the original
point - the question to which
Ms. Hansen objected. She and
CDU must answer it eventual-
ly for the following reason: Se-
cretive politics is, by definition,
corrupt politics. Union mem-
bers have the right to know _
and CDU the responsibility to
disclose - any assistance which
they have gotten from outside
the union. The issue is practic-
al, not political. For example,
over the past seven months
CDU has barraged clericals
with literature which, if paid
for, would amount to several
hundred dollars at a minimum.
What was the source of that fi-
nancial support? Why must the

now justify to the union the
following facts: By monopoliz-
ing the services of a volunteer
printer, they cost the union
several hundred dollars which
belonged to the membership.
But more importantly, by ex-
ploiting their labor services for
the partisan pursuit of political
power, CDU actively denied the
membership of the union what
they needed 'most - an inex-
pensive means of communica-
tion. At the very 'moment that
CDU stidently screamed for
greater communication, they in-
tentionally prevented it. What
Ms. Hansen treated as a po-
litical issue was not political
after all. It was a question of
candor, integrity, and ethics.
And frankly. Ms. Hansen and
CDU failed rather badly on all
three points.
Ronald R. Jones
Feb. 15

pointment, and even then the
statements are given in nega-
tive context. Nowhere do you
mention Frye's qualifications
for the position. You mighi
have recalled his long - stand
ing reputation as a teacher o
undergraduates, his nationa
reputation for creative re
search, his service as associ
ate chairman of Zoology, hi
time on the LSA executive corn
mittee, and his year as asso
ciate dean of LSA. For reason
I cannot understand you mad
absolutely no mention of hi
three semester's service as ac
ing dean of LSA during whic
trying time all of us, student
and faculty, saw him functio
in the post to which he has no
been appointed. Thus he ha
earned the widespread suppo
that he enjoys. We are no
"simply trying to maintain th
status quo"; we recognize th
nan fnr :mn:inSMA . fairI



. J





_a..,...u .ttr_....n

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