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January 31, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-01-31

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Saturday, ,January 31, 1976


rage i nree

Saturday, January 31, 1976 THE MlCHICM~ IAILY rage inree



events and entertainment
week of Jan._31-Feb. 6

all week
Dog Day Afternoon - (Fox
Village - Sidney Lumet's 'film
about an actual bungled bank
robbery strikes a very tenuous
balance between farce and trag-
edy. But the electric perform-
ance by Al Pacino as the ex-
hibitionistic "brains" of the rob-
bery and John Cazale as his
silent, psychotic sidekick make
this a better film than it de-
serves to be. **
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's
Nest, The Hindenburg & The'
Sunshine Boys - (The Movies,
Briarwood) - Beginning of a
blockbuster month at Briarwood
(Barry Lyndon is due in another
week or so). The Hindenburg
and The Sunshine Boys are un-
previewed at this time, butI
probably a good bet for the
theater's (presumably) one dol-
lar daytime price. As for One
Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,
the most awaited film in years
emerges as an earnest, osten-
sibly faithful re-creation of the:
novel, but somehow manages to,
reverse the book's philosophicall
point almost completely.
Romeo and Juliet - (Michi-
gan) - Shakespeare puristsz
howled with rage when Franco
Zefferelli's film was released:
Imagine, having 15 and 17-year-
old kids play the parts of 15'
and 17-year-old kids! Well;
here's one instance where the
public has it all over the elit-
ists; Romeo and Juliet is the
greatest love story to date on
film, something millions of mov-
iegoers know'even if most lit
professors don't.,**

- filmly based in logical plots,f
and enriched with his genuine
gift for gags. Leave the nihil-
ism to Woody. ****
Take the Money and Run -!
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30)-Chronicle of
harneded con Virgil Starkwell's{
descent into crime and degrada- ;

Take the Money and Run -
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - See Satur-
day Cinema.

tion. Woody Allen's first self- Blind Pig - Boogie Woogie
directed film is a bit rough Red, blues, 9:30, $1. g
around the edges but mostly
funny, and in some ways better Chances Are - Express, rock,.
than his more opulent later ef-|9, $1 to $1.50.,
forts. *** ' Golden Falcon - Silvertones,'j
The Devil in Miss Jones - fifties, 9:30, $1. 1(
(New World, MLB 3 & 4 7 Loma Linda-J.B. and Coi-
8:30, 10)-No comment is need- pany, 9:30, no cover. l
ed, beyond the fact that anyone| Mr. Flood's Party - Eric
willing to pay two dollars and Bach, country, 9:30, no cover.
fifty cents to watch this anti- Ark-Tom Paxton, folk, 8 and
art, anti-sex monstrosity will 10:30 (doors open at 7:30), $3.
get exactly what he deserves.

Arms and the Man - A mov-
inng and witty play about war,
men and machines. The Acting
Company, Power Center, 8 p.m.
$3, $4.50, $5.50, $6 and $7.

tently funny,
playing at th
Frieze Bldg.C
tnlrA nrn1 nl

Orton's intermit-
dated satire is
he Arena, in the
Go if you like, but
Itd'c Anfninnr

Stagecoach-(Ann Arbor Film
Co-op, Ang. Aud. A, 7 only)-
The adventures of a group of
travelers on a plains country,
stagecoach could be termed
the original Airport, as the oc-
cupents battle Indians, outlaws,
the elements and each other.:
Good John Ford sagebrush epicI
but doesn't merit its oft-cited
ratings of Best Ford Film, Best
Western Ever made, etc. (Ford's
little-noted Drums Along thej
Mohawk, released the samek
vear, is a distinctly superior
film). Still, Stagecoach contains
a seris of memorable erform- I

Mr. Flood's Party - Gemini, Chances Are - Chopper, rock, >itted againnst each other in a gradually exacerbating into bit- $
folksy blues, 9:30, no cover. 9, $1 to $1.50. trial of an attempted husband- j terness and eventually divorce,
Loma Linda - J.B. and Com- slayer (Judy Holliday). This concluding with a vague, very U
pany, 9:30, no cover. battle-of-the-sexes comedy was temporary reconciliation. Mar-;4
SMr. Flood's Party - Stoney considered a classic in its time, ! riage is in many ways the mosta
wCreek, country, 9:30, 75c. but now seems awfully shop- mature study of human inter-O
CN Aworn. For Hepburn cultists only. action yet seen on film, but
CINEMA n ** !sometimes suffers from a cur-
East Co Eeng- And Aro 7Only Angels Have Wings - iously remote quality that makes B
only) -The conflicts between (Ann Arbor Film Co-op, MLB 4, it hard to get overly involvedG
two youthful brothers and their CINEMA 7 only) - Howard Hawkes air- in it.9
domineering father in World Le Bonheur - (Cinema Guild, plane drama, with Cary Grant. Paper Chase - (Matrix, 7 &
War I California. Elia Kazan's Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - Film by Angels With Dirty Faces - 9:30) - See Wednesday Cinema. t
film covers about the last third French director Agnes Varda. (Ann Arbor Film Co-op, MLB 4, King of Hearts - (Ann Arbor
of John Stennbeck's huge bibli- Unseen by this writer, but if it's 9:15 only) - 1930's tale of two Film Co-op, MLB 3, 7 & 9) -
cal parable, and is excellently if even remotely as good as Var- childhood friends, one of whom . . . And again. Alan Bates con-
leisurely made. But Eden is da's Les Creatures, then it's becomes a priest (Pat O'Brien), quers all. ***
remembered most as the film worth seeing. the other a hardened criminal EVENTSc
which introduced James Dean Blow-Up - (Ann Arbor Film (James Cagney). One of the You're Too Fat! - Public
to the filmgoing public. Dean's Co-op, Angel Aud. A, 7 & 9) - truly classic effort s of the Health Films. Aud. SPH II,t
effect on an audience is so A young, amoral photographer Warner Bros. ganster-film gen- 12:10 p.m.c
overwhelming that Eden often accidentally catches a murder re, containing, among other vir- The Way of the World - Con-
loses sight of its Cain and Abel on his film, then is unable to ties, one of the most memorable greve's Restoration comedy, asj
allegory, and becomes a sort muster up the positive action to finales of this or any other produced by John Houseman
of personalized Dean statement do anything about it. Antonioni's school of filmmaking. **** and his absolutely fabulous (yes,b
-a communication between ac- quintessential portrait of swing- Murder on the Orient Express you heard it here first) Acting
tor and viewer perhaps un- ing mid-sixties London is his!- (Mediatrics, Nat. Sci. And, Company. Power Center, 8 p.m.4
matched in film history. If most enjoyable film, and dis- 7 & 9:15) - Sidney Lumet's
voI've never seen it, by all plays his complete mastery of blockbuster film from then
means go-rest assured you'll visual cinema, if not, as usual,>Agatha Christie whodunnit con-
never forget it. **** of plot. **** tains an interesting premise for
Elmer Gantry - (Ann Arbor To Die in Madrid - (New murder, and an unexpecte
Film Co-op, And. A, 9 only) - World, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7 & 9) - solution. But what, oh paying
An overly slick film version of An excellent, wrenching docu- customer, can be so fascinating
Sinclair Lewis' satanic evange- mentary of the Spanish Civil I about a dozen or so dull, WASP-
list. A justly fascinating story War. The film trains soecific ish rich people sitting on a Your
about the changeability of good focus upon the destruction stalled train talking incessantly
and evil, but this Richard wreaked upon civilians, perhaps 'for more than two hours? The
Brooks production is just too the worst in history to that most overrated film of 1974. ** S o
much the "well-made film" to point and an onimous preview of; Scne'rocaMrra
really scorch the coals of man's World War I. An unflinching, Scenes From a Marriage
shades-of-gray dilemma. What- portrait of 20th Century bar-j(Cinema II, Ang. Aud. A, 7 &
ever is memorable about this; barism,, made all the more 10) - A three-hourcondensa
nicture lies in its nerformances poingnant by the knowledge that tion of Ingmar Bergman's sixToday
- esnecially Burt Lancaster, on this occasion the bad guys one-hour films detailing various
who is clearly having the time won. marriage. Originally made for
of his life as the flamboyant, Paper Chase - (Matrix, 7 & Swedish televisionMarriage.jr76g4 -05d5 8
comolex Gantry. ***' 9:30) - See Wednesday Cinema. choneds threlatiionshipaof a I74-0558J
What's Un. Tiger Lilly? - EVENTS seemingly model couple (Liv
(New World, Nat. Sci. And., 7 & David Oleshansky and Nels Ullman and Erland Josephson)
9) - An ambitions if off-target Johnson - Poetry reading. 802 -- - ~ ~~
Woody Allen innovation - a Monroe, 7:30 p.m.
featre-length Jaanese thriller BARS .y.
re-dthbedtent e thlle Pretzel Bell - RFD BoysW hy not join the DAILY
one-liners. Sertainlv an ingen- bluegrass, 9:30, $1.
io-s idea which produces a fair > Mr. Flood's Party - Mike THE DAILY IS A GREAT PLACE TO:
nlotment of laughs, but list1Smith and his Country Volun- 0 meet other good people
can't hold un over the film's ' teers, 9:30, 75c. 0 drink 5c Cokes
eatirP hoer-and-a-half runninai Sure Thing - Stone Bridge, learn the operations of a newspaper
l ncth. Certainly an honorable S T rock, 9, no cover. t wrte oe
fibyre. tho lh - if Woody *k9 n Are- C write stories i n
I wIrIn't null this off. no one Chances Are - Chopper, rock, j see your name in print

$3, $4.50, $5.50, $6 and $7.
A.C. Walker - of Harvard
University, Lee. Rm. 1, MLB,
4 p.m. Topic: "Ramapitchecus
and the Problems of Hominid
Ark - Paul Jeremiah and
Bob White, folk, 9, $2.50.
Golden Falcon-Meodioso, jazz,
9:30, $1.
Bimbo's - Gaslighters, rag-
time singalong, 6-1:30, 50c after
Chances Are - Chopper, rock,
8, $2, to $2.50.
Mr. Flood's Party - Jawbone,
country, 9:30, $1.50.
Heidelberg Rathskeller-Mus-
tard's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no
Loma Linda - Mixed Bag,
jazz, 9:30, no cover.
Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys,
bluegrass, 10, $1.50.
Rubaiyat - Open Roard, top
40's, 9, no cover.
Casa Nova - Him and 1, 9,
no cover.
Sure Thing - Stone Bridge,
rock, 9, $1.

I axe earplugs.its aenmg.
8 p.m. $2.
Folkdancers - Clogging and
Mountain Dance Workshop; Bar-
bour Gym, 10 a.m.
Mr. Flood's Party - Copeland
Blues Band, 9:30, $1.
Heidelberg - Jacob Ramig,


G erman, 9:30, no cover. ances (especially Thomas Mit-
Heidelberg Rathskeller-Mus- chell as a drunken doctor) and;
tard's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no holds your interest throughout.I
cover. The film also established John I
Ark-Paul Siebel, folk, 8:30, Wavne as a major star, which
$3. he's remained for nearly forty
Loma Linda-Mixed Bag, jazz, veers. ***
9:30, no cover. Youne Mr. Lincoln - (Ann'
Bimbo's-Gaslighters, ragtime Arbor Film Co-op, Ang. Aud. A,
singalong, 6-1:30, 50c after 8|9 only) - Fine Ford explora-
Pretzel Bell-RFD Boys, blue-, tion of Lincoln's early years. Not
grass, 10, $1.50. esnecially dramatic (bioarpnbies
Casa Nova--Him and I, 9-1, no seldom are), but sensitively
cover, handled without the usual over-
SeTr.nnose of reverence. And Henrv
Sure Thing - Inner Visions, Fonda gives probably the hest
rck, 9, $1.- Wtprnretation of Abe on film.I
Blind Pig - Jimmy Walker,j ***


Marnie - (Cinema Guild,
Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - Al-
fred Hitchcock's last really
first-rate film was unaccount-
ably blasted by the critics when
it came out, perhaps due to
the marginal thespian abilities
of star Tippi Hedren. The story
involves a beautiful kleptomani-
ac (Hedren) and a wealthy book
publisher (Sean Connery) who
coerces her into marriage, then
uses Freudien techniques to dis-
cover the root of her klepto-
mania and her corresponding
terror of men. That's essen-
tially all there is to the plot,
but Hitchcock spins his direc-
tor's web so skillfully that you
don't realize it; the film seems
as complex and suspenseful as
the tautistxmurder and intrigue
thriller. One of Bernard Herr-
mann's best musical scores aids
considerably towards this end.
Greetings - (Cinema II, Ang.
Aud. A, 7 & 9 - Early 1969
Brian De Palma satire contains
a fair share of -dated images
(LBJ, evade-the-draft, computer
dating) but still merits atten-
tion as one of the most un-
pompous spoofs ever produced.
Even the greatest satires usu-
ally contain a certain air of
self-inflated superiority, an ele-
ment totally absent in Greet-
ings. De Palma has a charming-
ly disarming style that seems
to say "Kick me" along with
everyone else - but not too
hard. A gentle, funny film which
is standing the test of time and
taste extremely well. ***
Horsefeathers - (Couzens
Cafeteria, 8 & 10) - The Marx
Brothers utterly destroy the
American university. Not their
best film, but probably their
funniest. Groucho's anatomy
lecture ranks among the lunatic'
interludes of all comedy. ****
Young Frankenstein - (Medi-
atrics, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7:30 &
9:30) - Mel Brooks' best film,
due to its solid, cohesive story
line. It seems that the more
chaotic Woody Allen's films are,
the more successful (Bananas),
while the opposite is true of
Brooks - Young Frankenstein
and The Twelve Chairs standing
superior to the more anarchistic
Blazing Saddles and The Pro-
ducers. I think Brooks' true
genius lies in comic narrative


Pete Crawford and Billy Branch, Wild Strawberries - (Cinema ceii * 9, $1
blues, 9:30, $1. Gmild. Arch. And., 7 only) - Wild Strawberries - (Cinema He
Chances Are - Foxx, rock, T3Qraman's study of old age,' (1ild. Arch. A'ud., 7 only) _tard
,$2t$25.mrynificently c o n v e v e d by Sa ~ Gda C'ea.cover
Golden Falcon - Melodioso, Swadish actor Victor Sjostrom To Jov - (Cinema Glild, Go
jazz, 9:30, $1. in his nortraval of an elderly jr-h. And.. 9:05 only) - Early jazz,
nrnfessor. A little slow, but lov- 'Rr-nan film lh-rit a conductor Lo
Rubaiyat - Open Road, top ; crafted and deenly felt "ho is interrted during a ner pany
40's, 9, no cover. Bpraman's gentlest film. * * f-rmance of B'ethoven's Niinth
Son of the Shiek - (Cinema Srvinnonv with the news that
G'10d, Arch. Aud., 9:05 only) -j his wife has been killed. An oh-
Valentino's seanal to The Shiek, I scnre nictvure to say the least.,
in aroleqsed after his death. Creaky, Mhb-t the nlot sounds interestinglvy
CINEMA ;corny marginal cinema, but ner- rff beat and probably worth see- Ad
The Damned-(Cinema Guild, hans should be seen simnly to inn. Arch
Aud. A, 7 & 9:05)-Visconti's witness the phenomenon of Pner ('hnse - (Mrix, 7 & Trac
windy epic about the moral and America's first national heart-' 9:30) -- Chroni-le of a Harvard play
spiritual perversions of a weal- throb. Robert Redford, eat your law student's first year makes ---
thy German industrial family heart out. ** nl asant but not very drama-
coinciding with the rise of the Take the Monev ari Rnn - t-i film. Tt's notable for John
Nazi regime. Potentially sensa- (Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - See Satui-' nlsemnan's Onsar-winning film
tional theme is bowdlerized by day Cinema. i abit as a brilliant, imnersonl
the director into an astonishing- jEVENTS law nrof. but there's little else
ly old-fashioned, florid fim that l String Recital - SM Recital that's memorable. A certified!
lurches along like an overblown Hall, 12:30. camn,s "enlt" film, however' S
Richard Strauss opera. Viscon- Rollo May - Future Worlds so von might end np enjoying it. p
ti's plot machinations are often Snonsors the eminent psvchol- " 9
incoherent, his images overripe ogist, who will sneak on "Chang- EVENTS 1
-even the obligatory sex scenes ina Values in Future Society." Ars Musica-Campus concert,
seem stodgy and, interestingly Hill Aud., 3 p.m. with works by Bach, Handel, 5
enough, almost chaste in their Duane Niatur reads poetry- Vivaldi and Purcell. Pendleton
lack of energy. For all its lofty Pendleton Rm., Union, 4:10 p.m. R-., Union, 8 p.m.
ambitions of disecting the Ger- BARS Faculty Recital-Keith Bryan
man soul, The Damned ulti- Loma Linda-J.B. and Com- on flute: Karen Keys tickles theI--
mately seems akin to a large pany, 9:30, no cover. ivories. Rackham Aud., 8 p.m. I
vat of grapes slowly-but very Chances Are - Masquerade, BARS
primly-decomposing. ** rock, 9, $1 to $1.50. 1 Ark - Hoot night, folk, 9, 75c.
Experimental Films-Cinema

to $1.50.
idelberg Rathskeller-Mus-
's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no
lden Falcon - Melodioso,
9:30, $1.
ma Linda - J.B. and Com-
, 9:30, no cover.
am's Rib - (Cinema Guild,
h. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - Spencer
y and Katherine Hepburn
husband-and-wife lawyers
Sun., Feb. 1st
eaking on "ISRAEL-a
eneration from now.
2:30-Israeli Dancing
:30-6:30-Deli $2.50
1429 HILL ST.


O earn a little money
Come on down to 420 Maynard anytime and
join the business, news, sports or photography


240% to 40%/o0FF
Imports and Crafts
-e ea ereSerpent from the Americas
309 E. LIBERTY 995-4222
HOURS: 11-6 Mon.-Sot.
?7~) -.-t.._ U< .,: <.. .)C-.-:3t -- >t- O yo

77-ICSANC> SJP. !°
OPENING WE2, FEg. 4 1hru 5.FE5. 7
loam u -C6 pm


II, Ang. Aud. A, 8 only)-Collec-
tion of short works, and prob-
ably quite interesting.
Take the Money and Run -
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - See Satur-
day Cinema.
Arms and the Man-The Act-
ing and witty play about war,
tions. Just go, go, go! Power,
3 and 8 p.m. $3, $4.50, $5.50, $6
and $7.
Sure Thing - Inner Visions,
rock, 9, no cover.
Chances Are-Du-whop, rock,
9, $1 to $1.50.
Ark-Paul Siebel, folk, 9, $3.
Loma Linda-Mixed Bag, jazz,
9:30, no cover.
Mr. Flood's Party -Grievous
Angels, country, 9:30, 75c.
Del Rio-Jazz, 5, no cover.









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Open SUNDAYS 11:30-8:00 p.m.
HOURS: WED.-THURS.-FRI., 4 p.m.-1 1 p.m.
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