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January 18, 1976 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1976-01-18

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Sunday, January 18, 1916

Pc~e Six THE MICHIGAN DAILY Sunday, January 18, 1916


Hill Auditorium
Box Office
The Blind Pig
and both Discount
Record stores
Les McCann

A man fights the odds of gambling addiction

Continued from Page
College, and from
drifted into the army,
card playing was a way
In July 1965, partly to
a string of bad checks,
his post in Texas and v
Vietnam as an assistant
comptroller in the town
Trang. There, he play
black market, getting $
the dollar for American

3) trips to a Charleston, W. Va. sand dollars in you pocket that
Ferris racetrack, a drive of nearly you can pull out and let people
three hours. Once, accompanied see. People figure if yoA have
where by his brother, they spent the a thousand on you, you're at
ofie, afternoon in Charleston, drove 'least a ten thousand dollar
of life. on to the airport in Pittsburgh, , gambler."
heleft' and were in Chicago in time for
went to!ten races that evening. He was TN 1971, his mother died, and
t the back in Cleveland ready for he returned to Detroit. He

of Nha
ed the
1.40 on!
n cash.

Dale reputedly did well for him-I
self in the service, but still need-
ed $3100 from his father to cover
gambling losses and avoid a
courtrartiai and jail sentence.I
Once back in the US, Dale'si
gambling began to become an

work the following morning. said he was under great pressure
Moving on to Chicago, where to move in with his father, so
he established a lucrative junk he grabbed the first decent
hewery snestablsheda lutiv r looking Jewish girl I could find,
jewelry business with his broth- and married her." The marriage
er, Dale continued to live a was a disaster, though Dale
breathless, obsessive lifestyle, doesn't attributeit to gambling.
gaining great material stccess,aa
but never permitting himself to "I had no concept of love
enjoy it. His life was lived from then," he said.
one piece of action to the nFxt,
dealing quaaludes and cocaine to Three months after he was
-,..., ..--A -Umarried- he' started seeing the

time he was almost unbeatable.
"I could tell you the condi-
tion of the knee of the right
tackle for South Dakota on any
given Saturday," Dale boasted.
Even his bookie was awed. "He
said that nobody could be thatI
lucky." One football weekend aI
couple of years ago, Dale put
away $30,000, winning 44 out of
48 college games on which he
Dale said that he never dealt
with loansharks, or any other
part of the underworld, and that
most of his gambling acquaint-
ances were everyday people-
businessmen, lawyers, respe-ed
members of 1 the communily.

rigged race in Detroit, only to ed with their presentation, and
have it fall through. Dale is now paying him $150 a
"BIGGER PEOPLE thai himm
went in and doped his horse.
It would have been a $90,000 hit His affluence is gone now. He
for me." lives with his second wife and
their fifteen-month-mid son in a
In 1973, Dale and his wife small, comfortable apartment in
were pulled off I-75 by a gin a working class Detroit suburb.
toting creditor. In a deserted lot His father has taken him back
by a gas station, he talked the into, the business, and he makes
gentleman out of killing him. 1 around $20,000 a year. He never
Ironically, Dale's incident with carries more than $20 dollars
Jack, the owner of the plumbing with him at any one time. He is
business, came after he joined convinced that he Will have a
GA. As part of their program, desire to gamble for the rest
GA helped him to set up a of his life.
schedule of monthly payments
to get him out of the red. He "Yeah, I should have bee a
had come to agreements with all nice Jewish kid who went to
ofhis other creditor.S_ -1--_aL

WIA l oft . 'I.

TV CU.g JUI. I-It obsession. While stationed in insure a steady cash flow. r "t ' "", Theeweretimeshoweve,1 UM - colege an wen
womant , who would eventually lawyer and then wh
Cleveland, he made frequent "You have to have that thou- become his second wifeandvthe when Dale fell in with some Jack, however, wanted his sa w a an oer
chig an Union Ballroom gambling intensified. Football very fast company. Once, a money in a lump sum, and aftr security, not a desi
was his speciality, and f)r a friend gave him a tip on a he had threatened Dale, Dale himself that he
First Show 8:00, Second Show 10:30 -*- ---again managed to talk himself .his cmpulsive ga
Doors open at 7:30 Or la Prim era V Z out of an execution and was need for material su
(CUBA) SPRING BREAK" granted a 24 hour extnsien" come a completed p
Short film depicting Cuban peasants at the friend from GA, who told him to
movies for the first time. CANARY ISLANDS $349 ask Jack one more time if they K
Depart TWA on Mar. 7 with Continental Breakfast and could set up a monthly plan. GA meetings, h
wargig o haplie
Dinner Daily If not, Dale would tell him he tremely y.
V alparaiso MiV Amor was going to the police.
S PAACAPULCO . .. . . . ......$309 "There are eightee
___(CHILE)An "Jack said, I don't care if twenty-year-old ki
Feature film showing life for a poor urban Hilton) on Beach you go to the police. Even if doing 4-5 thousand d
famil in Valaraiso. *Includes Roundtrip Air, Transfers, Hotel Accommoda- I'm in jail I'll have you killed of action a week. An
fa yitions 7 Nights, Double Occupancy, Taxes. * I don't want your $9,000, I want are the sixty and s
SH OWS TONIGHT at 8 Pm. EUROPEAN CHARTERS your head'." old guys who are tr
Advance Book Charters and Travel Group Charters- Dale paid a visit to the Or- What do they hav
SPEAKERS FOLLOW Air Only. Nine days to Nine Months Duration. ganized Crime Task Force in them?
.25 A DM ISSION (al films English subtitled) FROM $289 Detroit, who paid a visit to Jack.
The GA attrition r
East Qua d Auditorium (R.C.) CALL 769-1776 "THEY TOLD HIM that they but Dale seems toha
didn't care how this thing He considers gamb
was settled, but that if an thing gressive disease, an
-- -G R EA T P LA C ES hold haonen to me, like geliig at having arrested it
hit by a truck, or breaking my
"YOUR CHARTER CONNECTION" l'srit would not be good for s he it sp
[ im."gsuming interest in s
JANUARY SALE 216 S. FOURTH AVE., ANN ARBOR to wane. He knewt
Jack was apparently impress- had truly arrived w
---____.-_-- - - - - -- .- -___-- - -- - _._ _ ._ _- . F razier fight w as o
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on to be a
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powering in-
re to defeat
thinks, fed
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ie feels ex-
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s already
ollars worth
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ying to quit.
e ahead of
ate is high,
ve made it.
ling a pro-
d is ecstatic
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iorts started
that change
hen the Ali-
in television
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n wanted to
went to !e
A year ago,
d the fight."
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