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October 02, 1975 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1975-10-02

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Thursday, October 2, 1975


Page Five

Thursday, October 2, 1975 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Page Five





By MARY CAMPBELL ignore him when he's on screen.: served as long as it creates, at being conducted in a hotel room life? I do
AP Newsfeatures Writer 1 think David Bowie will be big all costs. Pete Townshend's where the maid is running a doesn't go
Roger Daltry has, in the last in movies. I think Keith Moon songs would never be the same vacuum cleaner and responds to who have
two years, made two solo al- would be incredible if you could if they were done by somebody a suggestion that she do it later a plate ha
bums, starred in two movies control him. He's out of control else. ;that she's scheduled to do this with it.
and had a baby who, if she'd most of the time. I think it's "We're there because we love room now. Also, somebody is op- "I lived
been a boy, he'd have named great that rock performers are to be the Who. We feel we're one erating what sounds like a jack when I wa
Tommy. But his main thing, trying to get into films. It's go- of the best rock 'n' roll bands in hammer in the room next door; were a fe
professionally, still is being lead ing to make film more interest- the world. I think so, anyway. the hotel says it's rebuilding, it, be a b
singer of the Who. ing and it's going to make rock "Pete is so far in advance of "The only thing that makes it rock 'n' r
The two movies, both Ken more interesting." writing for four people. He ob- bearable is that I pretend like ber. I wa
Russell films, are "Tommy" His own next role, if any, he viously has an incredible amount it's Moony destroying another them.
and "Lisztomania," the latter says, will have to wait until the of frustrations. I feel he should hotel room. "Whata
not released yet. Daltry plays Who decides to have another make a solo album and get "Even though Townshend gets socialist
Franz Liszt. Russell has said holiday. His two solo albums these other ideas of his out in a lot of respect," Daltry says, aren't soc
that Daltry is one of the best were done during lulls in the the open; then he could feel "I still think he's under-rated. ' ment. I d
natural actors he ever has quartet's activity, more satisfied with the Who He and Bob Dylan, more than tions exce
found. Daltry wants to learn "It's the Who that deserves than he does at the moment." anyone in rock, have a kind of ones that
more about acting but he does most of my time, that has the Daltry's new album, "Ride a insight - you can't say it is pre- Hopefully,
think that some people do natu- first option on anything I'm do- Rock Horse," on MCA, except dicting - but they do come up end.
rally project better in movies ing. That's because I want it for one song presents new songs with things before they happen. "If you;
than others. "The camera ei- that way. The Who has a very by unknown song writers. It was They're the only two who have you've go
ther makes love to you or it ! unusual format for a creative No. 29 and climbing on the top- done that." I'm rou
hates you. I don't think it makes experience, you know, and it i-n selling L chart of Sept. 13. Daltry lives on a farm in Sus- English p
love to Mick Jagger. Now, Mi- the kind of thing that doesn't he WhgoLs mosttrecentpa.bum sDx'trygland, withfhis wifeuo. Ehglsst
chael Caine is a straight, nor- happen to many people in their.sex
mal-looking guy with a strange lifetime. To me it is a precious is Odds and Sods, songs the Heather and daughters Rosie ment. Be
Cockney accent. But you can't,! situation and should be pre- group has recorded over the Lee and Willow Amber. He has why I'm s
years that haven't been in al- a former wife, also remarried, Daltry
bums, usually because they re- and son, 11, who goes to a neigh- before vi
corded one more song than an borhood school. "What is the promoton1
al"Who by Numbers," out this point of paying a lot of tuition of stayin
fall. and putting him in a school that tive. It's
r ashields him from the realities of stupid we
are "The Who Sell Out" and
pedBilly Jack'ethos "Who's Next." However, one CAMPUS SPOTLIGHT
sng o "Who's Next" bothered ____________________
By JAMES VALK rhim - "Bargain." "It wasthe;
first period in our career when
Pete Townshend had gotten into starts
The only definitive thing that can be said of the latest Tom synthesizer. My vision of what
Laughlin vehicle is that it promises to draw gigantic crowds. the Who is suffered. I felt things
like the synthesizer should be?"
Nothing more, nothing less. .aI li,.i
extra, like icing on the cake. On
Within the confines of movieland mentality, this scheme fits that one, the synthesizer be-
nicely. But in the arena of film as art and not just entertainment, came the cake. I was worried
a classification that Laughlin claims adherence to, the merits about the direction it was put- By MARK SCHARA ; being plan
and intentions of The Master Gunfighter become not only ting the Who in. We didn't go The University Activities Cen-; The Child
muddled but questionable when judged by past performance. in that direction; the new album ter, located on the second floor exhibits pe
has no synthesizer. of the Michigan Union, is one er people
The self proclaimed enfant terrible of the cinematic world, "We were having lots of con- of the chief coordinators of Thomas'
Laughlin has scaled the ladder of success by lowering himself flicts at the time and going campus activities here at Mich- Me."
onto the top rung via an airlift, scoring big with the fluke ou ot of changes igan. The organization, which The Co
didn't like and we blamed a lot' ;g. Th oraitonwic TeCo
success of Billy Jack. As in the past, it really doesn't matter of it on our producer, Glyn is completely student run, is! uled six e
how you achieve your status-the mere fact that you're there Johns. responsible for a large portion lineup, in
commands the necessary attention required for commercial "I'm ready to swallow all the of the student entertainmentILoggins &
survival, words I said about him. We provided on campus. Spending Frank Za
were wrong. He is the best pro- over $100,000 this year, the Lampoon;
What remains so sad is that Laughlin refuses to accept this ducer the Who ever had. If I group's diversified schedule in-| Other g
position as a Hollywood huskter supreme with an uncanny flair ever get to make another solo eludes films, plays, musicals, banner in
for mass marketing mediocre product to the public. No, being album it will be Glyn Johns concerts and guest speakers. and Worl
the P.T. Barnum of Tinseltown isn't enough. He wants to be a who produces it.". The cinema branch of the tees that b
filmmaker. You know, like Fellini. Daltry would like the Who to: group, Mediatrics, is back with speakers+
make an album sometime just another excellent schedule of nance. T
What Laughlin is doing to the motion picture industry is at the close of a tour, when commercial films of the last few lines Fut
demanding a self-serving prostitute of the medium, dictating the their performing is at its best. vears and some noted classics. the future
answers without raising the questions. Under the title of his But that puts a strain on Town- One offshoot of the Mediatrics peoples, w
newly founded corporation, Billy Jack Enterprises, Laughlin has I shend for material. branch of UAC is the Shakes- distinguish
established his own mini-production company that is free of Personally, group members peare Cinema, a program of 14 Shock, an
outside interference, supported by the obscene profits that the aren't friends. Daltry has said, film adaptations of the bard's Starting
"If I had to choose three people masterpieces.-I Weeks,";
original Billy Jack raked in to live with, they'd be the last The student productions on the that willa
Unfortunately, Laughlin wants his movies to do more than three I'd choose and I'm sure agenda this year include two offer frus
make him very rich. The results are the work of an uninspired they'd say the same about me." mCu s i c a I s being performed
director looking far beyond the scope of his camera, loading But he speaks warmly of themI througgh Musket, beginning with
his films with socially revelant material that is so cinematically professionally. The interview is Godspel. The Soph Show is
'.. ... .1......«.,.«.. i Ttu ,rv etn n 4vtn ritira

n't care if my wealth
to my kids. Most kids
it handed to them on:
ven't done much good
d in a street society
as growing up. There
ew ways to get out of
boxer or footballer or
oll singer or bank rob-
as considering two of
annoys me is that the
policies in England
ialist. It builds resent-
on't believe in revolu-
ept the kind of social
take a long time.
we'll get there in the
really love a country,
t to stay living in it.
d of England and the
people. I'm not proud
uation there at the mo-
cause of that, that's
was doing farm work
sting America on a
tour. "It's a good way
fit and being produc-
better than picking up


new season
led schedule

h the Ars Musica baroque ensemble, which has six scheduled Sundays on
on in Ann Arbor. The ten member ensemble, which has over thirty concerts
ar including an East Coast tour, will be presenting their music of the 18th
Clare's Episcopal-Temple Beth Emeth.
-- ----------
Reading is top job skill
WESTPORT, Conn. (A) - The a year just for reading, the in-
average American e m p lo y e stitute estimates. On this basis,
probably spends from one to the institute, which specializes
four hours a day reading mater- in instruction in new speed-read-
ance of his job, according to the ing techniques, calculates that if
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics such an employe could triple his
Institute, reading speed he could provide
Any contribu- If this employe works 40 hours his employer with between $1,-
e or artwork a week and earns $12,000 a year,: 600 and $4,000 more productive
body will be he is being paid $2,400 to $6,000 time each year.

ned for "Celebration."
dren's Theatre, which
erformances for young-
, will present Marlo
"Free to Be You and
ncert Co-op has sched-I
entries on their 1975-761
ncluding Chick Corea,
Messina, Bnnie Raitt,{
ppa, and the National

for their works.
tions in literatur
from the student

considtered. for publication. ;
Perhaps one of the most use-
ful aspects of the many activi-'
ties is the Freshman Record:
that is put out for the benefit
of incoming freshpersons. This
publication includes a wide di-
versity of useful information
that is assembled in one direc-

__ _ _ __ __

'PRocRAM ImFoRIIATON 0 434-l782

7:00 and 9:00

roups under the UAC tory for those unfamiliar with
nclude Future Worlds: the Ann Arbor area.
A Series, two commit- It is only through the student
bring to the University' body that UAC can continue to
of nationwide promi- I maintain an effective organiza-
he theme that under-: tion an dpresent worthwhile ac-
ure Worlds is that of tivities to the University of
of the earth and its Michigan campus. With over!
with Alvin Toffler, the half of this year's programs
hed author of Future; completely new, UAC can al-
nong the past guests. ways use a helpful hand in the
this month, "These coordination of activities. Like
a literary magazine all student-run organizations, it's
appear bi-weekly, will your help that dictates its ef-;
trated writers a vent fectiveness.


Michigan Daily

irrevelent it's embarassing. Billy .JacK was such a ypocr 4
mass of conflicting ideologies irrationally stacked one after
another it became a parody of itself. The Trial of Billy Jack,
the three hour epic that was to continue the story of everyone's
favorite human rights crusader, was even worse, attackingj
virtually everything that is, was and shall be evil in the world.
The result was a textbook example of what went wrong with
Billy Jack-an exemplification of every previous fault, clarifying
for all Laughlin's humble intent: simply claiming his half of'
the world.
This pretensiveness really isn't that bad, as Norman Jewison
has been getting away with it on a much grander scale than
Laughlin for years. The sheer indignation arises when Laughlin
takes public issue over the artistic protest that arises when he
unleashes his debacles on the public. It seems that the critics
who even afford his work the recognition seem to find fault with
what they see, and that Mr. Laughlin doesn't like.
The unfortunate mess about this entire scenario is that
Laughlin is a viable force in commercial cinema who simply'
isn't much of a commercial filmmaker. His effect on serious
cinema, which he wants so badly to identify with, could be a
landmark in contemporary film should he take his powers-that-be
and direct them into producing and distributing legitimate films
by young filmmakers who have a film to make but lack the
necessary support.3
Francis Ford Copolla, who is responsible for the rise of
George Lucas, recently took control of Cinema V in hopes of'
increasing the distribution of non-studio pictures. Laughlin, with
his money and independence, could release films that were of
substantial merit, hacking out his Billy Jack's to provide financial,
support if necessary.
This highly theoretical solution to the seemingly unconfinable
misguided energy of Laughlin seems only an unnatural progres-
sion to a problem that perhaps need not even be recognized. I
can't imagine anyone mistaking Laughlin as a purveyor of the
medium, committed to advancing the face of legitimate cinema.
His motavations are strictly personal, for who else would bill
his wife as the executive producer, his daughter as the screen-
writer and his son as the director?
This outright self-rightousness can only in the end prove self
sufficant, with Laughlin (and company?) standing as the sole
bearers of the profits, both financial and aesthetic. There has
been no promise in his past, and there are no signs of the
future that seem to alter any extrapolations of performance.
The Master Gunfighter, which stars old Tom in the title role,
promises to be filled with that grandioso cinematography andl
Elmer Bernstein score that makes epics out of ordinary movies.
,The ads tell us "he fought like an army and lived like a
legend," which puts us somewhere between The Dirty Dozen and
Lawrence of Arabia. The joke is that's probably exactly where
Laughlin wanted to be.
FREE Ear Piercing
With Purchase of 14k Gold Earrings
20% off . 20%-50%


Fall art fair offers
diversity in selection

SHOWS AT 7:00 & 9:00
OPEN AT 6:45
0* . 20th CENTURY-FOX .
Cich ierla Lbety c}}


By LISA BAYLIS behind Community H.S., across'
We can look forward this from the Farmer's Market.
weekend to the U of M Artists rWhile many of the members:
and Craftsmen Guild's annual are professional artisans, the -.------- - -- -- -
Fall Art Fair. The Guild is a7 guild also attracts serious nov-
group of artists and crafts- ices in the arts and crafts. And
people sharing concerns regard- their diversity takes the shape the university of michigan
ing quality handcrafted artwork. of some 25 various forms. artists and craftsmen guild
Some 75 guild members will The Guild was founded in 1973
be showing and selling their ptoavn inter and t rtici a rounds of community high school,
various pieces displaying the pation in the arts throughout across from the farmer's market
guild's depth and diversity. Cer- Michigan. It is but one of many n in ann arbor.
amics, graphics, drawing, blown groups of the University Activi- 75 guild artists with
glass, stained glass, and m atie etr
otheratn forms, i d b repr- At present the Guild sponsors entirely handcrafted works
other art forms will be repre-forarsdrn heyr:
sented. four fairs during 'the year a sat, oct. 4, 8 a.m. to 6
New inovtie wrk aswel summer fair, a fall fair, a: ar stot 4 ~.t
New, innovative work, as well Christmas fair, and a Detroit sun., oct. 5, noon to 6
as more traditional pieces are fair held sometime in June. For
encouraged by the unjuried en- more information the Guild has
try procedure. However, al- an office located on the second __
though aesthetic judgement is floor of the Michigan Union. j
not made on the part of the The fair will be open Sat., Oct.'
uild itelf, stringent rules main- 4,from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. and HOWARD HAWK'S 1940
Sun., Oct. 5 from noon until 6
crafted work of original design p.m. and should surely have I'S GI L FRIDAY
and execution, som~ething for everyone.HI G RL F DA
These rules dissuade purely1 s t A GR T lshrybto.
hobby craftsmen and those{ CARY GRANT plays a heartless but loveable
whose only intent is merchan-' CHARING CROSS editor who keeps his divorced ex-wife reporter
dising. So rest assured that de-: BOOKSHOP (Rosalind Russel) on her toes and out of ro-
dried flower collages will not{Used, Fine and Scholarly Books mance in this great comedy that was adapted
be found at the fair. ' 316 S. STATE-994-4041 from the Ben Hecht and Charles McArthur
The artists and craftsmen will;' Open Mon.-Fri, 10-8,frm teBnH htadC rlsM rhu
be organized in booths located Sat. 10-6 farce. One of Hawk's liveliest films.
Mixed owling
Leagues Forming 7:00 & 90 A 25

Last Times Tonight
7:00 & 9:00
****Something you
s h o u I d n 't miss"
-Kathleen C a r r o It,
N.Y. Daily News
Liz Smith, Cosmpolitan



Raymond Chandler's
Classic Thriller!



700 &9:00 Openat645


Union Lanes


he an arB B fl * copertive


,,Women, Give Law a Chance''

(1966) AT 7 P.M. ONLY
Starring David Hemming, Sarah Miles, and Vanessa Red-
grave. A mod London photoarapher realizes, after the fact,
that he may have photographed a murder. The unreality of
reality (or vice versa) is the basic theme. MUSIC BY
HERBIE HANCOCK plus a seauence with the original
YARDBIRDS with JEFF BECK. A classic film and winner of
many imported awards.


'- ~ '

Recruitment Conference

-I I




Ism t


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