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December 12, 1976 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1976-12-12

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Sunday, December 12, 1976


Page Five





'Midnight': Mixed bag of Bradbury sci-fi

by Ray Bradbury. New
York: Alfred A. Knopf. 271
pp.. $7.95.

j es, of
' smells

familiar themes and fa-
faces. In them one
again the new-mown
of Dandelion Wine and

Sunlight," and stick it into his
new book.
It is realism at its most te-
dious, unredeemed by opti-

,feels the thin wind of the Mar- mism, ungilded by beauty -
ByMIKE NORTON tian Chronicles. In them one stark and unlovely. Set in rural
AFTER FIVE YEARS of still hears the high and lovely Mexico, it tells the story of an
1 near - silence, Ray Brad- singing of Bradbury's voice. American tourist's unsuccess-
bury had put out another book. But a few, alas, are bad be- ful attempt to leave her sadis-
So like spiders we scuttle to yond hope. tic husband - only to realize
the bookstores, waving ten-dol- Somehow, they have spoiled, she needs him, after all. It is
lar bills in our slippery hands. soured, gone rotten among the an unforgivable tale. '
Roses bloom off in the dark- rats and rafters. They were Two other stories are only
ness; cinnamon - scented dust written without heart, and slightly less appalling: the title
blows across our ankles. there is no savor in them. Al- piece, which describes a Cali-
The new volume is called most conscious of their ugli-, fornia suicide, and "The Bet-
Long After Midnight, and it ness, they crawl quickly from ter Part of Wisdom" (another
is a collection of 22 stories by one's memorv. in Bradbury's pseudo-Hiber-
this master of lyrical fantasy. The old man has been read- nian - hale - fellow - well ' met
Some of them are old, some are ing Hemingway again, I'll bet. series). Both stories continue
recent magazine selections, the author's very hesitant probe
and some are completely new. There is a charming story along the outskirts of the homo-
And like so many other things which Bradbury wrote 20 years sexuality question; as such,
in this imperfect world of ours, or more ago. In it, an elderly they are not without interest.
,they are neither all bad nor all pedestrian rails against liter- But they are not what we've
good.ary naturalism in all its de-
go use a very Bradburian pressing disguises. It has stuck to .ect from Ray Brad-
with me all. this time; I tookjbuyeihr
metaphor, they lie side by side What worm of sick enchant-
in this volume, glinting darkly it as my gospel. ment has burrowed into his
like bottles of ancient wine. AND SOMETIMES I CAN'T breast? Can he recover, or will
Many are tasty, indeed - they help but wondering what it drag him down, book by
bring us wisps and whispers the young Bradbury who wrote book, story by story, to a dis-
from familiar times and plac- that story would think of this mal death?
newfangled old bastard, this The symptoms were slow in
Mike Norton is a Daily staff horrible man who could write emerging at first - but after
writer. a story called "Interval in his last collection, I Sing the
-~ --f
. .,1

Body Electric, there was no
mistaking it.. Terminal natur-
alism. God, and what a fate!
To be concrete - and - card-
boarded to death, deprived of
magic, bereft of song.
And what is even more ter-
rible to ponder: in his down-
ward progress, might he not
take us all with him? All those
of us who have sustained our-
selves against the grimy world
by drinking from his sweet
well of words?
I hope not. But the signs are
not at all encouraging. The best
stories in Long After Midnight
are those written in the early
years of his career and not
collected until now.
Still, one must hope. And
some truly fine selections -I

"The Wish," for instance,
which ran . in Woman's Day
magazine last year, or "Drink
Entire: Against the Madness
of Crowds" - are among the
finest and most mature things
Bradbury has ever written.
The spark is still there, glow-
ing bright beneath the ashes,
waiting for some favorable
wind to rise and blow it into
Long After Midnight is, in
the balance, a worthwhile col-
lection of stories; the good out-
number the bad by a respect-
able margin. It is only as a
portent of shoddy future books
by Bradbury that it is omi-

Partlly DOWN While WOrking
For Your GOWN 1

And Ray Bradbury is
young to die.


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50 1 ,,,- I a
EXPIRES 12/23/76 t

Elizabeth Weil Bergman's
by Gustav Hoist

Goy Delonghe's
by Darius


Dom, INOO 'S
7,'o LIZ


971 =5555 P1



DECEMBER 10, 11 at 8:00, DECEMBER 12 at 3:00
Tickets at Power Box Office and Hudson's j





-- I

Members of the University Community Protest This Action, and Urge Immediate Settlement
We, the undersigned, protest the University Administration's recent attempt to block settlement on the labor contract between the Graduate Employees'
Organization (GEO) and the University by requiring that the Union permanently drop two grievances, and in so dqing permitting the Administration to
remove RA's and SA's from the unit at will. The attempt to make the Union sign away its rights to grieve and due process as a condition for settling is
clearly unfair and in bad faith.


Carl Annessa
Jon Mark Alosi
Richard Armstrong
Martha Aliaga
Randi Abramson
Ronald Aminzade
Anne Adams
Brenda L., Anderson
Ellen Armstrong
Sue Apeseche
Karen Adams
Jordan C. Alpert
Feride Aral
Bradley A. Ballish
Richard Amon
Christine Augustyniak
Claudia Archer
Susan Allen
Tasso Alexion
Jody Burton
Mary Bell
Joel Blostein
Amitara Bhattacharjee
Albert I). Bethke
Karl Batzdorfer
Sally Baldwin
Jonathan Bell
Jeffrey K. Berkowitz
Thomas D. Burghardt
Selcuk Bayim
Don Bittner
Ann Borkin, Ass't. Prof.
Douglas N. Brown
Suzanne M. Bicanchi
Louis A. Betancourt
Eric T. Bolling
Chris Booker
Frank Bolin
,James G. Bruce
Anne Bobroff
Kathryn Brock
Julie Buktenica
Naomi Brand -
Jean Blanchard
Douglas Boudra
David C. Brassfield
Debbie Benjamin
Barry Bennett
Teddy Bofman
Eva Margaret Boudoin
Leslie Biaggi

Rosa Bauza
Bill Barton
Peter Benson,
Asst. Prof. CCS
Marianne Blasko
Charles Berk
Diana Burlant
Jeff Burg
Gary Berman
Margo Black
Cynthia Baad
Scott Borik
Mike Backos
Alison Blade
John Brobrowski
Nona Collver
Anita Caplan
Melissa Hall Clark
Marie Crane
John B. Casterline
John L. Czajka
Miriam J. Cohen.
Oliver Carsten
John Cummings
Jo Ella Coles
Francis Couvaris
Mark A. Clarke
Kit Carpenter
Michael Collombatto
Don Campbell
Tom Cohen
Patricia Cochran
Terry Conway
M-ry Coffey
Jeff Chudy
Liliana Coletta
Brian Christian
R. Michael Canjer
Bernard Chevreau
Patrick Cosgrove
Graham Clayton
David J. Coe
Joan Chartier
Victor Cruz
Sarah A. Capps
Laura Caplan
Ken Chotiner
Bob Carlson
James ,Campbell
Laurie Cohen
Daniel Caister
Jamie Champion
nn n'.1n1

Paul Davis
Ralph DiGaetano
Patricia Dvorak
Judith Dobnatch
Karen Dickstein
leslie Dufour
Alison K. Donahue
Lynn Eden
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Denise F. Fort'ina
Debra Feinberg
Craig Flory
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Richard Finegold
Gordon Greene
Daniel Gaskill
Patricia Green
Deveron Gurk
Becky Glover
G. Gerher

Howard Garoon
Sidney Graham
Steve Gonek
Robert Gardner
Ken Gross
Jan Gerson'
Laura Glaser
Sue Goldstone
Barb Glassheim
Kathleen Goudie
Linda Gorby
Neil Godsen
Carolyn Gundersen
Martha Grycki
Kevin Galecki
Robert Hefner,
Assoc. Prof. Psych.
Morton D. Hoffman
Lisa Hoberg
Gail Henderson
Michael J. Huft
Ellen Hoffman
Mary Paula Hunter
Michael Hanagan
Marcia F. Hebert
Eileen Hartland
Larry Horwitz
Linda Hooper
Stuart Habel
William Hochler
Timothy R. Hurley
Kathryn S. Hess
Martin Halpern
Mervat Hatem
Mary Jane Hemming
David Hendren
Sue Hawkins
Jo Ann Hanley
David H. Hetrick
Peter C. Hagen
Susan Heiser
Fred Hemmings
Laurie Hoffman
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Bill Hope
Christopher A. Innes
R.E. Iwirtzt
Chris Irvin
Susan lannone

Therese Jarris
Pat Johnson
Mark Jacobs
Shirley Jones
Mike Jolly
Stanley Kamimsky
Kevin Kramer
Ellen Kellman
Cheryl Kaplan
Helene J. Konnel
David Kasper
Rachel Klein
Charles L. Keller
Mitchell Kusy
Karen M. Kerr
Caroline Kaczala
Martha Kransdorf
Albert Kempter
Pamela Kleanthous
Elana S. Kozik
Sharon M. Krivor
Linda Kaboolian
Debbie Kalmuss
Sandi Kinghorn
Michael E. Kozura
Halli J. Kintner
Agnes Kiss
Robert C. Kessler
Larry Levine
Mark A. Koob
Helene J. Kommel
Kenneth C. Kenney
David 0. Korn
Mark Kochlanski
Jonathan Kuhn
Michael Kuks
Allene H. Koby
Kristen Kochendorfer
Joan Kessler
ConradsP. Kottak,
Prof. of Anthro.
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Margoth Morrow, Dir.,
Pilot Program
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Sharon Malloy
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Chairperson, Com.
for Minority Affairs
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AetDnf Die

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