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November 20, 1976 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1976-11-20

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Saturday, November 20, 1976

!! "" ~ ~Vol. LXXXVIIL No. 63fi/-%
"The True Expression of Life Saturday, November 2H, 1976 released onCtc
is edited and managed by students
Is Health" at the University of Michigan. News
phone 764-0562. Second class postage bil
aAtalk on chiropractic edda i at hsltp pelPandReter Bush hinted hat a wide fice of Managemen
sity year at 420 Maynard Street. Ann PLAINS, Ga. - CIA Director range of intelligence subjects get, Defense Secret
r 0 OeArbor Michigan 41's. subscription ( George Bush yesterday briefed had been covered, saying, "I Rumsfeld, Treasury
Sr.bo rose rare: $12Sept. thru Apri (2 semes (ontinued from Page 1) parole officer and must meet President-elect Jimmy Carter had the opportunity to discuss William Simon and
tr~ s: $12 Sept. llhutAp id 2 e s Gcar es r gde el s e t erdm y a reed had bee n o v r d sa i g I u m el , T e ur
ters 3 by mail Outside Ann charges.JUGE sthe officer at least once a month. about "highly sensitive areas a little bit of our more sensitive hews, secretary of t
annarbor pub libraryAbo Summer session pubished THE JUDGE also denied a Her father and her mother, that we didn't touch on before" things." Health, Education a
day through Saturday morning. e motion by Hearst's attorneys for Catherine, who had addressed and the secret methods the spy Carter is schedu
, nov. 23 7 :30 p~m. subscription rates: $6.50 in Ann a new trial on the bank robbery anguished appeals to her kid- agency uses to gather intelli- HE ADDED, "The President Tuesday with
sArbor$50 by mail outside Ann charge. .nappers in early 1974 and were genCe around the world. has said to give him (Carter) House and Senate
bHer family put up the millon constantly by her side during Although Bush briefed Car- full cooperation and full access fairs ' committees
- dollar bail. Her father deposited the bank robbery trial this year, ter twice during the campaign, to anything he needs, and that's committee chairm
$100,000 with the court in cash were both at the courthouse to he only provided limited infor- what we're going to do." bodies. He also ha
and the remainder was in a welcome her. mation. Vice President-elect Walter meeting with Repul
surety bond. "Ohad pFOR A SWIFT moment yes- "NsW, PRESIDENT FORD Mondale also attended the brief ers of the Senate a
e ears put up a terday she sat before television has instructed me not only to ing. Jody Powell, Ca]
$500,000 bond Thursday m Los cameras and spoke to a nation provide President-elect Carter Carter and Mondale are to be secretary, said thes
SAngeles, where she must stand which had never seen her speak, with whatever intelligence briefed here today by Secretary intended to provi
trial n January on 11 charges we've got, but with the ways of State Henry Kissinger. that Carter is seriod
Oof burglary, assault and kid- which had heard her words only in
abrgry, son tape recordings from the i which we get intelligence," CARTER PLANS to meet in forts to develope a
napTg. underground Bush said. Washington on Monday with approach to foreign
THE HEARSTS have a luxury undergThe session, held at Carter's President Ford, Federal Re- to bring Congress b
aartment in San Francisco's Her first press conference was home, lasted six hours - twce serve Chairman Arthur Burns, foreign policy decisi
affluent Nob Hill area. Hearst broadcast live from the federal as long as had been expected. James Lynn, director of the Of- process.
P" refused to answer reporters' jbuilding press room.------ - -
questions on where his daughter
might live." She did not have much to say. . e
H UMPH REY BOGART in Hearst's lawyer,bAlber John- Itwould feeligatlot better ifci in
M U M F H R E Y B G A R T in H arst's la yer, Albe t John-, on, said she had been released I were hom e right now ," she " flR i 1e rs
'1F LIunder an elaborate security plan said, smiling nervously. "Right
Tdesigned to protect her and to now, I'd like to get this over (Continued from Page 1) three attempts in the two cate- Professor of Mec
reassure the court that she with so I can go home. a "Fragel for two at the Bagel gories of scoring - distance gineering Gene Smi
"The stuff that dreams are made of" could also apply to this film would not try to flee. The judge THERE WAS silence. The Factory" - but only three con- and accuracy. Berry's catapult test's judge, handi
which starred Bogart in his strongest role up to that time-the cynical, said she did not represent a dozens of reporters had promis- testants took the opportunity to sent the disc 64.4 feet, closely prizes and announc
hardboiled detective Sam Spade. It was director John Huston's first threat to the community. She ed to ask no questions-a condi- aply modern technology to the followed by the Joyce-Fricke es as TV cameras w
must report on Mondays and tion set down by her attorney, ee, device, which flung the Frisbee' final results: Berry
film too-and possibly his best. Together, Bogart and Huston made Thursdays by telephone to her Al Johnson. The designs for flinging ex- 62.2 feet. points; Joyce and
the Dashiell Hammett tale an American classic and the beginning of traordinaire differed widely. The third launching was a bit points; Pressman a
"s,"Berry's Bumble," named after more dramatic. Pressman and points.
the "film nor genre. Also starring Peter Lorre, Mary Astor adSidneycreator Dan Berry, was a twen- Wells got ready; the crowd
Greenstreet. ty pound mass of wood which grew quiet as the two technic-
launched the Frisbee by a sling- ians prepared the flame that
SUNDAY: BATfLE OF ALGIERS shot contraption made of rub- would snap the string of their
(Continued from Page 1) in the third year, he said., ber bands and a T-bar. triggering device. The torch was
7He called the settlement The tentative agreement cul- Katie Fricke's and Doug lit, the string ignited - the
tCINEMA GUILD Terms "inflationary" and said minated a marathon 28-hour Joyce's entry looked like an crowd gasped. There lay the eXlies
Eathey would add $5.8 billion to bargaining session. The settle- ironing board. The Frisbee, Frisbee, the throw of an aver-
7:00 & 9:05 Admission $1.25 GM's labor cost. He said he ment came after GM's top sandwiched between two pieces age 8-year-old away - 18.5
did not know whether the new management pledged in writing of wood, was hurled skyward feet. Their third attempt, it low
pact would result in higher car that the company would not by rubber tubing. must be mentioned, propelled
The average hourly pay for drives at nonunion plants in the traption, entered by a team BERRY'S BUMBLE won top
RICHARD BROOK'S workerswas $6.88 under the old South. known only as "Pressman and honors in accuracy as well,
contract. Estimates from the Bluestone noted that the UAW Wells,' was a mishmash of landing the missile a mere 3.6
0A H O T TOcompany and the union includ- had considered resorting to a tripod, electrical tape, and El- feet from the target 15 yards SANTIAGO, Chile
A0ing an anticipated 6 per cent traditional nationwide strike mer's Glue-All. "P and W's away. Joyce and Fricke were military governmen
per year cost of, living adjust- against GM. Frisbee shot off a bent metal 11 feet from the target, Press- yesterday that all C
Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, and Burl Ives team in this Tennessee met will bring the hourly pay "BUT WE FELT the mini- coat hanger. man and Wells a discouraging ished by decree to r
Williams drama about an aristocratic Southern family, and the power to about $8.60 per hour at the strike approach ... would suc-I Each contestant was allowed and distant 25 feet. of the country will
ppend of the new contract. ceed this time," he said. "It: -to return home
plays and games which they indulge m among themselves. Taylor is MORRIS ESTIMATED the meant minimal hurt to theT n
memorable in a white slip, and Newman's performance as the favorite new agreement would increase workers, and less crisis for Th ass r ee
son gone wrong remains one of his best. laborecosts by an average of the corporation and certainly T rin11-dra m aLto litcal prisoners.
3 3 per cent or $3.75 an hour6 for the union as a whole."
per worker, by 1979, including The spot strike strategy was *""A STATEMENT
TONIGHT AT ANGELL HALL-AUD. "A" projected inflation raises. That unprecedented in auto industry .' s reterday afternoon by
C EMAs I IAdmission $1.25 woudbring the firm's oaeotiatorsteofficials said. The TMinistry said tat
7; 1 ~hourly labor cost for the aver- union targeted key plants in !' sions of a state o
age wrker, including wages seven states, concentrated in nersons currently a
and benefits, to more than $15 the Midwest. (Continued from Page 1) to the table fairly soon." live away fromt
a erent st iktomr.ha 1 heMdet

t and Bud-
ary Donald
y Secretary
David Mat-
he Dept. of
nd Welfare.
ed to meet
iembers of
foreign af-
and with
n of both
planned a
blican lead-
nd House.
rter's press
sessions are
e evidence
us in his ef-
policy and
ack into the
on - making
hanical En-
th, the con-
ed out the
ed the scor-
hirred. The
, thirty-two
Fricke, 28
nd Wells, 25
(AP)- The
t announced
hileans ban-
'emote parts
be allowed
t follows the
week of po-
issued yes-
th Interior
uncf provi-
fsiege, 189
re forced to
their home



To Order Iw
Or Request
f"S ,]l tf ( I i

0 *

I anon
The electronic system
camera that's
changing the course of
S 5 ihutte -rori~ty a , rnat £ ;~'
O Incredibly qr5lwe'i~it r. -' ad
*au' to u
. Istant response sen e s ne
exposure rmeterng
" Comoact Powver MdAi-S'.. A "
ied sea enl sh ,

The AE-1 is changing the way cameras
will be mane. and the way photographers
take pictures Its shutter-priority auto-
matic exposure and sensitive siliconi
photo cell tree you as never beore o
approachyour sublect-vet wth all tiin
versatility that Canons more than toriy
FD lenses and multitude of accessories
mnkes easilypossible To real'y appre-
th cla;ie AE-1. you have to pick it up and
se it It Ust may change the course of
- your photography!
' oedie t)Aectro"'c.fash
" Accepts all G anon FD tenses for AF
ii r £SriOs
.ne la1atae Q
rc i pm

t ILsrme.
HOWEVER, Keller claims no BULLARD, who addressed the
tenant has yielded to the induce- group for several minutes, laud-
ments of lower rent payments. ed the efforts of coalitions such
"When she (Epstein) heard we as the Tenants Union.
1 were reorganizing, she went "If we're going to have a just
Saround trying to get mainten- isociety and move away from a
ance," said Keller. "She's work- rip-off society, we'll have to
ing a lot trying to counter the create more effective political
strike." action groups, and that's what
Epstein was unavailable for the Tenants Union is," declared
comment. Bullard. "With your help, we
Negotiations between the two can make cooperation work, we
parties broke down last March can win a lot more reforms.
over a rent control issue, but Keep up the good work for the
Keller believes "we'll get back Tenants Union."

Lt{l;t.'tI:if ,
Major Brands

, ( ltJ(f I:,

(WTIERA TRES Champaign
r2171 35

LOU an

st Green
i, t!. 61820

I'or fl.4 . . . . ... .. .
For Power Winder A in Case..............
lor Specdlite 155 A Set w/case..............
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Regarded by authorities and afi-
cionados of the subject as one
of the best performers of British
songs and ballads, olive today.
master of the traditional Eng-
lish ballad, . . . of the chantey
... of the Irish song-a master
in fact of almost any kind of
fine singing;" . . . "a superb
performer with an extraordinary
repertoire."-John S. Wilson

areas in Chile. The banishment
orders have been lifted and re-
gional officials are being in-
istructed to "arrange for the re-
turn of these persons to their
places of residence," the state-
ment said.
It gave no details, but the
189 are believed to be leftists
assigned to towns in the arid
north of Chile or the rainy
south. Those regions are tradi-
tionally used for such political
banishments, a practice that
dates back many decades in
The late Marxist President
Salvador Allende was tempor-
arily banished to northern Chile
in 1935, when he was a 27-year-
old militant in the Socialist par-
government was overthrown by
the armed forces in September
1973, many leftists were' sent
to the same area. Thousands,
of others were detained in
roundups of suspected antigov-
ernment resistors.
3 Today, we are
open till 1 a.m.


THURS.: An Ann Arbor Ceilidh Group
presenting music' from the British Isles: Ballads, Chanties,
Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes played on traditional instruments

1421 HILL



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