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October 30, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-10-30

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Saturday, October 30,

M'". :A0 - -NV/N1 M






events and entertainment

week o Oct. 30-Nov.


Happenings film reviews are
written by Christopher Potter.
all week
The Front - (Campus) -
Woody Allen stars in this "seri-
ous" comedy about entertain-
ment blacklisting of the early
'50's. Is it supposed to be fun-
ny or tragic? Obviously the
film's creators never made up
their minds, and we are left
with a weak-kneed mouse of a
film that does credit neither to
its witch-hunt victims of the
time nor to its unremembering
audiences of today. **
Marathon Man - (Michigan)
- John Schlesinger's muddled'
thriller about an ex-Nazi dentist
(Laurence Oliver) stalking a
Columbia grad student (Dustinj
Hoffman), over the possibilityI
of a stolen fortune. The filml
contains some exciting, well-I
paced sequences, but much of;
the time is almost incompre-
hensible plotwise; surprisingly,
things are dragged down furth-
er by Olivier's bug-eyed, Col.
Klink-ish interpretation of the
evil dentist. **%
Face to Face - (The Movies,
Briarwood) - Ingmar Berg-
man's latest film focuses on theE
emotional and spiritual dissolu-
tion of a female psychiatrist.
Burnt Offerings - (The Mov-
ies, Briarwood) - The latest
monster epic of the formerly
great Bette Davis, as she ter-
rorizes nice Karen Black and
nice Oliver Reed in the proverb-
ial Old Dark Mansion Fame,
thou art a fleeting commodity
Logan's Run - (The Movies,
Briarwood)- A post-apocalypse
tale of a future domed city hous-
ing the remnants of humanity,
and of the efforts of two in-I
dividualists to escape its stag-
nant confines. A potentially
memorable sci-fi film flawed by
a weak ending and an unbe-
lievably noxious performance
by Peter Ustinov. ** 2
God Told Me To - (Fifth For-
um) - Residents of New York
City are turned into homicidal
maniacs on direction from a
mysterious super-being living
among them. The film's first
half hour comprises the best
opening to a horror movie I've
ever seen; unfortunately, things
slip rapidly downhill thereafter,
both plotwise and tastewise.
Still, the excellent and untypical
on-location New York photogra-
phy makes this an above-aver-
age offering for scare fans. **
Alice in Wonderland - (Fox
Village) - A soft-core X ver-
sion of the Carroll classic, and
a total waste of time. Save
your money for the Art I. BOMB
The, Ritz - (Michigan)-Film
version of the Terrence McNally
bypadway comedy, just opening.
Silent Movie - (The Movies,
Briarwood)-Mel Brooks's one-
word-only film may appear a
parody of the silent genre, but
really isn't at all; it's a full-

as one of the mere handful of 'exciting underground climax,
really classic horror films, pos- and Chaney's phantom remains
sessing all the elements the re- the most dramatic countenance
cent, overrated Texas Chainsaw in all horror cinema.***
Massacre lacked: An adroit, The Phantom of the Opera -
controlled sense of pace and (Ann Arbor Film4Co-op, MLB 4,
suspense progression, some tru-18:45 only) - A 1943 remake of
ly jarring shock moments, and the Chaney film features Claude

above all a continuous.
of the commonplacev
unthinkable - a qualil
tial (and usually lac
modern-setting scare fli
The Last House of th
(Ann Arbor Film Co-op
10:30 only) - Sadism
and that's about all
about it.
What's Up, Doc? -{
bor Film Co-op, MLB 4
10:30) - Peter Bogda
self-congratulatory att
recreate "those w
screwball comedies
1930's", primarily Howa

blending Rains as a reportedly watered-
with the down phantom. Probably the

ty essen-
king) in.
icks. ***
he Left-
MLB 3,.
I know;
(Ann 4r-
, 7, 8:45,
empt to
of the
ard Haw-

last-shown version of the story,
Yankee Doodle Dandy -
(Cinema II, Ang. Aud. A, 7 &
9) - A hard - driving, rollick-
ing biography of song-writer
George M. Cohan, with James
Cagney utilizing his own song-
and-dance background to glor-
ious effect. ***1/2
Masque of the Red Death -
(Ann Arbor Film Co-op, MLB 4,
7 only) - A Vincent Price-Rog-
er Corman interpretation of .the
Poe tale, and probably none too

tative money - maker. Either it's a reflection of the positive!
way, it's a mostly reprehensi- side of The American Dream.
ble enterprise. ** **%
The Wild Bunch - (Ann Ar- EVENTS
bor Film Co-op, Ang. Aud. A, Studio Theatre - Bradford's
1 9 only) Sam Peckinpah's orig- Rendezvous; Arena Theatre,
inal Butch Cassidy, with his ov- Frieze Bldg., 4.
er-the-hill-gang playing out the Ark - Hoot Nite, 9.
string in South America. A ' BARS
uniquely lyrical and in some Mr. Flood's Party - Tucker'
instances downright gentle Wes- Blues Band, 9:30.
tern, but not the end-all of the Second Chance - Blaze, 9:30.
genre, as some claim; many of
the scenes are too cndisciplined jd
and run on forever, the Peckin- 0 rs Ey
pah's famed massacre sequence
at the end is. so saturated in CINEMA
balletic slow-motion that it vir- Silent Running - (Cinema
tually eliminates any revulsion Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) -I
for the mass slaughter being An absolute gem of a science
depicted. Still, this is in many fiction movie with an ecological
ways one of the most excep- bent, which passed almost un-
tional films in recent years, noticed when originally releas-
and certainly should be seen ed. At some indeterminate time
at least once. * in the future, a space station

enlarging spectre of Mel Brooks
breathing down his neck, and
thus felt compelled to write
something deep and profound
and universally humanistic; if
so, he clearly bit off more than
he could chew. Woody's crea-
tive abilities have certainly ma-
tured in recent years, but his
primary talent remains that of
comedian, not cosmic philoso-
pher. And his apparent to grasp
for the latter plateau results
here in some of the most sus-
tainedly unfunny passages con-
tained in any of his films. **
Poetry reading-Guild House,
802 Monroe, 7:30.
Studio Theatre - Bradford's
Rendezvous - Arena Theatre,
Frieze Bldg., 4.
Camelot - Musket, Mendels-
sohn Theatre, 8.
Ark - Irish music, 9.

ly deserving of rank among the
very finest of any era.
A beautiful, mysterious young
'woman is found floating in the
Danube by a Czech fisherman,
who apparently rescues her
from drowning. Remaining with
the fisherman and his family

yet telling nothing of herself,
she slowly, sinisterly envelopes
and alters their lives until the
fisherman is drawn into a mad,
fateful decision.
Adrift is on one level a horror
film, on another a surrealist


kes' classic Bringing Up Baby. The Trip - (Ann Arbor Film Potemkin - (Cinema Guild housing the last remaining speci- BARS
! Alas, even Bogdanovich should Co-op, MLB 4, 10:30 only) - Arch. Aud. 7 & 9:05) -Eisen-' mens of plant life orbits a de- Casa Nova - Tom Sabada,
have known how suicidal it is Probably the first of the Drug |'stein's tribute to the heroesoffoliated, concrete Earth. When C&W, 9.
to try to improve on a super Culture exploitation films com- 'the 1905 RtisinRevoutions de orders come through to jetti- Golden Falcon - Silvertones,
original; his resulting product plete with a Jack Nicholson sr, issan e best son this last memory of a green blues-rock, 9:30.
is frantically and furiously pac- script and direction by Roger silent film ever made bien world, the station's resident bot- Second Chance - Blaze, rock,
ed - and almost totally unfun- Corman himself, for a change. stein was eomnaheadeof mos anist (Bruce Dern) takes dras- 9:30.
nv.j This flick was consideredstiwaeoshadfmsI tic action in order to preserve
Much of the blame for this dreadful in its time -peps other directors of the time, and' raytionfinerrdpr tohpresargo.
mess must fall on the mis- it would bring a very different one can only wonder what he histargo.
mathe taens o Brbr ractonnoi would have achieved had he not Modest in theme and budget, f d y
matched talents of Barbra reaction now. .be hcldadeetal Silent Running turns out to be CNM
Streisand and Ryan O'Neal; -EVENTS b een shackled andl eventually Sln unn un u ob CINEMA
O'Neal suffers from the andi- Trombone Students Recital--;destroyed by the political; an enormously moving story of
O'Nel sffes fom he and- Trmboe Sudets ecial-straightjacket of a government one man's efforts to preserve Adrift - (Cinema TI, Ang.
cap of being funny only when Music School Recital Hall, 2. wanhic not eserve his eni- an essential momory in man's Aud. A, 7 & 9) Hey folks,
Ehe's not trying to be - as forI Faculty - Exchange Recital- h **dinodervhs n-
htie sa, se tryieto h- asdto arlanJy-ennhingbariteandus- consciousness; it also presents drop your TG gatherings, canoe
Striesand, she tries so hard to Harlan Jennings, baritone and -tenoilgcaprpstnthtrpsr trsuhruasnd
fill the void left by her co-star Paul Benningfield, tenior, from EVENTS the not illogical proposition that trips or other such rituals and
thatshebecmesa crictureMSU Reita HalI Music at Midday - Pendle- we are much closer to beingi come see the movie event of
that she becomes a caricature MSU: Recital Hall, 4. sddy-Pautomations ourselves without this and possibly any other
of herself -- skipping, hopping, University Wind Ensemble ton Arts Info. Ctr., John Hood, the humanizing influence of na- year. Bet you've never heard
purring non-stop in a kind of -Rackham And., 8. string bass; 2nd floor, Union, tre. Dern is excellent as usual of it, right? Released in 1971,
two-hour celebration of all the Duo Recital - Rico McNee- noon.
negligible sides of her talent. la, violin, William Goodwin, pi- Poetry reading -- Dabney er that should immense sci-fi explicably into an obscure cor-
Y o u n g Frankenstein - ano: Recital Hall, 8. Stuart, Pendleton Rm., Union, and non-si-f fans alike. ***ner of the cinema repertoire
(Mediatrics, Nat. Sci.m Atd, 7 Ark - David Amram, Ray 4:10. AZ - (Ann Arbor Film Co-op, where it still frustratedly lan-
S9) - Mel Brooks' masterful Mantilla, 9:30. BARS Ang. And. A, 7 & 9:15) - Cos- guished. Which is a terrible
spoof of the Karloff original JULTAN BREAM: Guitarist,' Golden Falcon - Rout, jazz, ta-Gavras' absolutely breathless waste, because if you were to
succeeds - perhaps uninten- University Musical Society, Hill 9:30. thriller of a political assassina- pick a single film to see this
tionally - in being a dramatic And., 3.-1 Mr. Flood's Party - "Cat- tion in Greece and its subse- semester, then this magnificent,
as it is funny. And that unlike- Disn ering Goobies - See fish" Miller, blues, no cover. quent government - rocking in- unbelievably neglected work of
Iv combination will make this ' Sat. Events- Second Chance - Blaze, rock, vestigation. Of course Water- art would make an excellent
film enduringly memorable. BARS 9:30. gate now makes the subject choice. For what it's worth, I
Del Rio--Jazz, 5 to 9, no cover matter hit all the more home, think Adrift is the best film
Mr. Smith Goes to Washing- Golden Falcon - Benson and ibut Z would be a crowd-pleas- thus far of the 1970's, and sure-
ton - (Cinema II, Ang. Aud. A, Dralles, aez quartet, 9:30. w eunLe s y er in any era. _**___ _
7 & 9) - James Stewart vault-; Mr. Flood's Party - Tucker Love and Death - (Peoples'
ed to screen immortality with Blines Band, 9:30. CINEMA Bicentennial Commission, Nat.
this vibrant portrayal of a Second Chance - Masquerade Winter Light-(Cinema Guild, Sci. And., 7 & 9) - What would Crce I c ifest
young, idealistic senator fight- Inight, 9. Arch. And., 7 & 9:05) - The possess Woody Allen to playe n
ing virtually alone for his be- second of Ingmar Bergman's variations on Tolstoy? Betterev nthe
lies inathefer of a n or f y "silence of God" trilogy, this he should tackle bank robbers,
g personal vilification segment deals with the agonies futuristic robots - even giant
ampai s within the Senate and CINEMA of a Swedish minister who must breasts. Simply put, Love and
l bing wagek itesendparts?)PAoracome to grips with the fact that Death is a botch. Not just a
ybitlien Seae bttle curet-; ) Attica - (Women's Studies 'he has lost his faith. A strange botch by Woody Allen standard's,
ly ein waed n tesepars?)Prora, Nat. Sci. And., 7 on- ' Bergman film which comes btb hs ffrlse u
This 1939 Frank Capra film is ly) - A documentary on the
drenched in the "common man" 1971 prison riot and subsequent T omplete with two-dimensional mirits than he. elLICE
style only Capra could pull off police slaughter, directed by characters and an aliost pre- Perhaps Allen 'felt the ever-
and it holds u' remarkably well Cindy Firestone. tentiously obvious theme, but I. -
in this age of cvnicism **** EVENTS somehow find this a rather en-
EVENTS Faculty Recital - David Shif- dearing film, perhaps because UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN
Ark - David imram, Ray rn, clarinet, School of Music iothel splendidperformances FOLKLORE SOCIETY (UMFS)
Mantilla - 9:30. I Recital Hall, 8. ""PE.H SE"
The Disappearing Goobies - Faculty Recital - Louis Nag- Hearts of the West - AnnII
UAC Children's Theatre, RC el, pianist, Rackham And., 8. Arbor Film Co-op, Ang. Aud., 0"Specialcomb
Aud., East Quad; 11 a.m., 2 Justino Diaz - Bass singer, A, 7 & 9) - A young would- SINGAR Np i c
p.m., 4:30 p.m. University Musical Society, Hill be Western writer heads for PENDLETON ROOMncued
What Every Woman Knows- Aud., 8:30. Hollywood of the early '30's, Michigan Union I Without a
PTP, Power Ctr., 8 p.m. BARS 1 with hopes of perfecting his
Degree Recital - Thomasine Golden Falcon - V-II-I, jazz, talent, soon finds himself crank- SAT., OCT. 30prescription
Anderson, flute: Recital Hall, 4. 9:30. ing out seedy grade-B Western 7:30-1 1 :00 p.m.
BARS Mr. Flood's Party-Tim Carr, flicks of the time. This charm- Bring Instruments and Songsa Drug
Blind Pig - Gaslighters, rag- folk, 9:30. ing, low-key comedy is more Refreshments FREE
time, 8. Second Chance - Whiz Kids, than just a nostalgia piece - f
Casa Nova - Tom Sabada,' rock, 9:30. --

"As managing partner, I
insist that we keep the prices
for good food as reasonable
as possible.
"That's why I'm the reason people
keep coming
back to the
Jolly Tiger.
After all, if you
can enjoy a
truly good
meal that costs
just a bit more
than a meal pre-
pared at home,
you'll want to come back.

"Naturally, our pleasant atmosphere excellent chefs
and nice waitresses are important But the value I
give you for your food dollar is the real reason you'll
love eating here:"
Where we're all competing to please you.
Open 24 hours a day at
2080 West Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbbr




fledged member in good stand- C&W, 9, no cover.
ing of the wordless are, ready Golden Falcon - Melodioso,
to take its place beside the Latin jazz, 9:30.
best works of Keaton, Chaplin Mr. Flood's Party - Tucker
and the other geniuses of the Blues Band, blues, 9:30.
field, to which Brooks' name Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys,
must certainly now be added. bluegrass, 10.1
Masterfully hilarious. **** Rivbaiyat - Celebration, 9, no.
Stur a !Second Chance - DenninsonI
Stars, 8.
Minnie and Moskiwitz-(Cine- s u n d ay
ma Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05)1
- John Cassavetes' comedy- CINEMA,
drama about a mismatched cou- The Phantom of the Opera -r
ple (Gena Rowlands and Sey- (Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 &
mour Cassel). 9:05) - A disfigured organist
Demetia 13 - (Ann Arbor haunting the Paris Opera pulls
Film Co-op, MLB 3, 7 only) - evil strings to further the sing-
An axe-murderer chiller which ing career of the woman he c
marked the unlikely film debut loves. Lon Chaney's famous or-
of Francis Ford Cpppola some iginal is now a little shopworn
fourteen years ago. but still has that breathlesslyf
Night of the Living Dead -
(Ann Arbor Film Co-op, MLB
3, 8:45 only) - A gamma ray
storm from outer space causes ANN A4I 0? L
fresh corpses to rise up by the o. .00000...-
thousands, all driven by an in-
satiable lust for human flesh. TONIGHT i
Despite this hopeless-sounding HALLOWEE
plot line and its cult status no- W HAT'S
A 'very, very funny homage to thb
Ryan O'Neal is an absent-minded
an eccentric, idiosyncratic woman
farto wacky to describe, but u
at the of San Francisco in the finniestc
V BEKenneth Mars.
In 1962, Roger Corman gave a2
to make a horror movie in Irelan
Ford Coppola and he's since gone
but he's still proud of this tight,
5:30 - 9:00 axe-murderer. Coppola's flair for
500-:00scary film and the climax is brei
a peak at the main-man's root
-4E DEMENTIA 13, I was getting ,
i INT A every day asking for more sex
violence."-Francis Ford Coppola,
W uu (GEORGE ROMERO, 1968)
at Retail Prices mental feature of 1968, imaginativ

Dirty Harry - (Ann Arbor
Film Co-op, Ang. And. A, 7 on-
ly) - This controversial but fa-
mous film of pistol-toting cop
Harry Callihan (Clint Eastwood)
boasts exceptionally imaginative
direction by Don Siegel and an
exciting if over-melodramatic
story line. Counterbalancing
these virtures are a parade of
one-dimensional cardboard char-
acters, notably an hysterical
too-bad-to-be-true murderer, and
an extended series of simple
violence - for - violence's sake
scenes, however artistically
dolled-up by Siegel.
The real question seems to be
whether this film is a genuine
fascist paeon or just an exploi-
[ILM C-0mI
Se e ...... @*
n the MLB!


nosrea y ta nty I nR LLVWIV
516 E. Liberty 994-5350
This off-beat film is a contemporary version of the "Srewball" comedy-
romance genre of the '30's. Cassavetes' Gestalt therapy approach
to film focuses on the unlikely affair between an art librarian and an
aggressive car jockey. Starring Gena Rowlands and Seymour Cassel.
7:00 & 9:05 Admission $1.25
FRANK CAPRA directs 1939
Jimmy Stewart (Academy Award for Best Actor) plays the naive junior


!) 7, 8:45, & 10:30
ae screwball comedy of the 30's.
Iprofessor. Barbara Streisand is
n who chases him, the plot is
office to say, they destroy most
chase scene since Max Sennett!
of laughs! With Madeline Kahn,
TIA 13
462) 7 ONLY
22-year-old kid assistant $20,000
nd. The kid's name was Francis
on to bigger and better things
unpretentious thriller about an
mood makes this a genuinely
eathtaking. How can you resist
s? "when I was working on
telegrams from Roger Corman
and violence, more sex and
stars Luana Anders.
8:45 ONLY
DEAD remains the best experi-
vely conceived, with highly at-
hand-held camera work. "Prob-
invasion by mutants since THE
-q flIVX7TAcyfYnM r)7P lfp.. ia(nv

mospheric lighting- and harrowing3
ably the best and most menacingi

(_ '-r +'re 's4'=r es e a : vv ¢''rr ¢at _'t!


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