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October 28, 1976 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1976-10-28

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Thursday, October 28, 1976


Page Five.







Compiled by Phillip Bokovoy, Lani Jordan, Jay Levin, George Lobsenz, Pauline Lubens, Stu McCon-
nell, Rob Meachum, Jennifer Miller, Ken Parsigian, Jeff Ristine, Tim Schick, Jim Tobin and Margaret
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conyamnsrtrparks millage ballot proposal priorities
14th DISTRICT Opposes reinstaliment of an appointed county administrator but favors the Supports the parks millage proposal as being vital to an adequate parks Says that offering a more adequate park facilities is top priority i
K 00 alternative of an elected county executive. Says the appointed administrator program, to all county programs but stresses an overhaul of the criminal j
would be a "super clerk" forced to bow to the will of the factions on theem as an even bgger
board of commissioners for fear of losing his or her position.
Favors the concept of a county administrator because he says it is more Says he is not familiar with the parks millage but is usually hesitant to h- Better aid to the elderly and improved crime prevention. Says v
Robnert Jones (R)efficient in terms of decision making. Says it is more productive to put many crease taxes. should have more input into the programs designed to help them
decisions in the hands of gone person in order to avoid squabling among
15th DISTRICT -Urges reappointment of a county administrator. Says it would increase effi- Favors the parks proposal because he says county funding of parks is more First priority is to provide the basics which he lists as the sheriff d
ciency and would speed up decision making for the various county depart- efficient than federal financing and it is crucial for the county to begin the county clerk, and the registrar of deeds. Adds that he feels it
R b Buments. Says the lack of an administrator inhibits long term planning because planning ahead to provide recreational facilities for the influx of develop- ant to use discretion when accepting federal grants because these
department heads must go through the board of commissioners each time ment and people he foresees in the near future, too often withdrawn.
they have a request. _
Cpposes the reinstallment of a county administrator. Says it is the duty of Supports. Says It Is necessary for government to buy land to preserve because Stresses county-wide health care and a comprehensive rape treat
the commissioners to administrate, county's affairs. An administrator would much of the county is being rapidly swallowed up by housing developments, gran as top priorities. Emphasizes that it is the board of commissic
not increase efficiency in bureaucratic details enough to justify the minimum trailer parks, and highways. Adds that the county's current general fund is to insure the availability of health care to all county residents sinc
cost which she estimates to be $50,000, hardly able to finance such purchases. of financial support for health programs by Ann Arbor and Ypsila
Other candidates not listed are: 14th district, Martin Wegbreit (HRP) ; 15th district, Richard Keller (HRP) and Steven Bluestein (L).
background and legal philosophy judicial selection process victimless crimes administration of lower court
Moderate, "I can contribute my administrative experi- Present system of non-partisan election but partisan "Victimless" is a misnomer-individuals are the victims, Need more judges in Detroit courts where
ence," Wayne County Circuit judge, two years; Detroit nomination is acceptable, mainly because other alterna- they abuse themselves; And prostitution, for example, increases 10-15 per cent more every year
mayor, 1970-74; Wayne County Sheriff, one year; Presid- tires less attractIve. has an impact on neighborhoods-children ad property cases more than three years old.
Roman s Ing Traffic Court Referee, Detroit, two years; private value." The degree of punishment, however, is "discuss-
practice, two years; Asst. Wayne County Prosecutor, eight able"
Crime problem can be solved if the court will evidence No response Victimless crine laws should be declared unconstitu- No response
from the lie-detector, private practice, 10 years. tional, allowing manpower to enforce laws against violent
Moderately liberal; "I don't have to promise any more Was satisfied with present system until dumped for Devote more time and energy to controlling violent crme Judicial system is burdened with legal- p
than to preserve the integrity of the institution and my renomination at Democratic convention. Suggest s non- rather than victimless crimes. Pot and prostitution should fault divorce, "should not be in 'the court
Thomas G. Kavanagh own integrity." State Supreme Court, eight years; elected partisan petitioning. be decrimninalized. traffic matters should be dealt with in anoth
private practice, 20 years.
Conservative, 26th judicial circuit judge, four years; state Strong advocate of dividing state into seven districts, Says there's no such thing as a victimless crime. Sees a Says Supreme Court lacks any kind of "jud
representative and member of House Judiciary Committee, selecting one judge from each section, permitting the pattern of dope to harder drugs and then crimes com- tion. Wants to scrap magistrate system, s
eight years; prosecuting attorney, Alpena. judges to crculae petitions, running elections in off- mitted under influence of harder drugs. tically like another court system, too costly
years to attract publicity. more paraprofessional personnel to assist in
P vate practice, two years; University of Detroit Law Says of the present system "if ever there was a political No response No response
S hol professor, five years. partisan picnic, that's it." Offers no alternatives
6 YEAR TERM background and legal philosophy judicial selection process sentencing court backlg
Ultra-liberal, "We need activists on the State Supreme ; Under the present system, "90 per cent of judges are Says the idea of presumtive sentencing is "the dumbest Need to take more cases out of court docket
Court," no Judicial experience, Michigan State University appointed first anyway. It's an informal Missouri plan. thing you ever saw." Legislature carries as penalty "num arbitration.
yCProf.; has more formal education than any other I don't have any problems with that as long as it's for ber of years but the courts have the discretion to add or
- ~candidate.- philosophy and not favors. Ultimately, those judges run subtract, which is all they are doing now
on their records."
Conservative. "Brought practitioner's point of view" to the Favors gubernatorial appointment with screening by law- Courts should leave interpretation of "indeterminate sen- Supreme Court is "functioning well." "We a
court, no prior judicial experience to his 16 months on the yers and laypeople, legislature's approval optional, periodic tencing" to the legislature; cites People v. Tanner case top of things." Suggests more use of ma
court, University Regent, 1968, -1969-75; private practice, retention vote by the people. where court ruled that the minimtum ofa sentence can appointed masters (non-tria judges) to do
26 years; co-chairman of State Bar committee on evlua- never exceed 2/3 of the maximum. work and present trial court judges with thei
tion of candidates for judicial appointments, 7% years.
"A shade left of center on most matters, human rights Not sure about alternatives to present system-should Favors presumptive sentencing. Notes that to mete out Study how docket system works and docket
and human affairs, a liberal period," Wayne County C r- remain "with the people," he says. Disagrees with guber- a sentence different from that set by the legislature, a made, Increase arbitration and mediation po
Blair Moody cult Judge, 11 years; trial lawyer 13 years. Sup. in 1974. natorial appointment-"takes it (selection) away from at hearing must be held to cite specific reasons-this gives velop earlier confrontation. For divorces, w
least a nopen party convention to the closed doors of the more consistency to sentencing." Also, emphasizes that just one issue, advance these to trial promptl
overnor's office." he's a "tough sentencer" on violent crime.
2 YEAR TERM background and legal philosophy judicial selection process judicial restraint court system
Moderate, "I think I can bring something that's needed Should leave it to the people, he says. "I'm not sure I'm Present court has not practiced it. "The State Supreme Court has gone too far in protection of ind
in the Supreme Court and that's industry," Wayne in favor of appointment1 by governors. Under extremely Court has given a restriction to trial judges in sentencing. and not those of society. Also, judges should
es Kaufman County Circuit Judge 12 years; Detroit Common Pleas rare, special circumstances would a Democrat appoint a This is legislation." ' to redue backlog, he says. "Justice delay
Court judge, five years; private practice, 11 years. Republican or vice-versa. It tends to be based on past-dened.
service in the party."
State Supreme Court justice, 11 months; Wayne County Favors gubernatorial.appointment plan with a retention Courts should confine their deliberations to questions of Comes down hard on plea-bargaining, sa
Circuit Court' judge, nine years; private practice, four vote every six, eight or 10 years. Says governor is "an- legal rectitude-only the legisalture should try to ┬žolve lawyers and judges "negotiators" who just
years. swerable to the people" so appointments would be care- legal problems, through the docket faster. Says Michigan la
fully considered.dictability constancy and consistency.
consumer protection control of violent crime police, prosecutor cooperation drug dealers
W l Doesn't believe that a full time attorney Is needed for the "We must crack down on violent crime." Believes in strict Likes things the way they are. Only problems are n iso- "Conviction of drug traffikers will also pr
" ila Deh y( )consumer Protection unit now in existence. A part-time enforcement. Will make violent crime his number one haed individual cases. crease of other crimes." Any seler of drugs sh
attorney, a full time director, and student participants priority. ished but circumstances need to be taken in
are sufficient, lion.
Believes there is a greater need for laws to protect con- Would strive for a higher conviction rate and a reduced Believes the prosecutor's office should educate the police Doesn't plan to place much emphasis on dr
tection unit now in existence. rights.
WANT squad contracting of sheriff's cars union particiaption in the rehabilitation jail conditions
for outlying areas sheriff's department
Eric Opposes, thinks the sheriff's department "I think there should be a minimum amount "Anybody, including police, has the right to Doesn't think current rehabilitation programs Supports conjugal visitation ri
should have nothing to do with drug control. provided free for each area and after that the belong to a union." have worked. Calls for dealing with the social the new jail.
Addiction should be treated as a medical additional should be paid for (by the indivi- causes of crime rather than the criminals.
problem. dual township or village)."
Would rejoin WANT. Contracting will be made available for those lcmber of Teamsters Union. Wants to provide "a realistic rehabilitation Not satisfied. Calls for a total r
Th m sM rc R .areas which want it. program." of current procedures,
Thomas Minick (R) -- - ould ejoineWANT
d Withdrew Sheriff's department from WANT Will aggressively pursue contracts. Considers Does not believe the Teamsters Union has a Has established a rehabilitation program. Backs the construction of new
F P(in1973. "Real drug problem cannot be solved this the only means of roviding adequate place in the sheriff's department. ing built,
r P t (by WANT." protection for outlying areas.

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funds are
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.system and
er way."
icial innova-
ys it's praA'
. Pushes for
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gistrates and
r findings.
tsibilites, de-
hen there Is
ividual rights
work harder
ed is justice
s it makes
want to get
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vent the in-
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to considera-
ug possession,
:hts. Opposes
jail now be-

People should have the right to live as they Continue to use present system. Sees binding arbitration as a viable solution. "If they're arresting people they should do Review all present procedures a
Craig Smith (L) please if they don't interfere with the lives of something other than locking them up."
others." You can't legislate morality,
Proposal A Proposal 8 Proposal C Proposal D
Would prohibit the sale of non-returnable bottles and cans Would lower the ninimu age requirement for state Sen- Would impose a limit on both state spending and state Would abolish the constitutional ban against
STIA T E for beer and soft drinks, set up requirements for cash de- ate and House candidates from 21 to 18. taxes equal to 8.3 percent of the combined personal in- uted income tax and would establish a t
posits on other containers, and ban pop-top lids on all come of Michigan. Any surplus would be divided among ated tax,
containers. taxpayers.
proposal 1 proposal 2 proposal 3 proposal
propos.P P..-,.. ...~- +, + . m tuarte mill for the nurpose "Shall the boundaries of the County of Was

nd policies.
a state grad-
h-step gradu-
Ittenaw be

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