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October 23, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-10-23

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Saturday, October 23, 1976



Saturday, October 23, 1976 THE MICHIGAN DAILY

- '



Happenings film reviews are
written by Christopher Potter.
all week
A Matter of Time - (The
Movies, Briarwood)-This mas-
sively - publicized star - is - born
epic apparently embodies grade-
B American International ,Pic-
tures' attempt to go respectable.
The show contains: a) A chub-
by Liza. Minelli as an Italian
maid who for no justifiable
aesthetic reason is transformed
into a glamorous movie queen;
b) Ingrid Bergman as a mum-
mified Roman combination of
Blanche Dubois and Aunt Clara
The Witch; c) The complete
self-demolition of director and
papa Vincente Minelli's film ca-
reer; 4) A travelog extolling
the artistic virtues of Detroit.
If any of the above items is
your bag, then run to the thea-
ter; if not, then run away, for
God's sake, before this semi-
musical version of The Blob
decides once again it's feeding
time. BOMB
Marathon 'Man - (Michigan)
-John Schlesinger's film from
the best-selling thriller, withi
Laurence Olivier as an ex-Nazi
in New York stalking potential
pray Dustim Hoffman.
The Front - (Campus) -
Woody Allen stars in this al-
ready-celebrated "serious" com-
edy about Hollywood blacklist-
ing of the early '50's.
Face to Face - (The Movies,.
Briarwood) - Ingmar Berg-
man's most recent film focuses
on the emotional and spiritual
dissolution of a female psychia-
trist. Said not to be one of his
best, but Liv Ullman reported-
ly gives a devastating perform-
ance as his trouble protagonist.
Burnt Offerings - (The Mov-
ies, Briarwood) - The latest:
monster epic of the formerly
great Betty Davis, -as she 'ter-
rorizes nice Karen Black and
nice Oliver Reed in the pro-
verbial Old Dark Mansion.
F a m e, thou art a fleeting '
thing ..t.
Fantasia - (State) - For
those who don't mind the syn-
thesis of the cartoon and classi-
cal music cultures, Fantasia re-
minds the supreme Disney cre-
ation and aptly demonstrates
the cartoon medium's potential
for being a legitimate art form.
Unfortunately, modern - day
budget limitations will probably
prevent us from ever seeing the
likes of this wonderment again.
Logan's Run - (The Movies,
Briarwood)- A post-apocalypse
tale of a future domed city
housing the remnants of human-
ity, and of the efforts of two
individualists to escape its stag-
nant confines. A potentially out-
standing film flawed by a weak
ending and an unbelievable nox-
ious performance by Peter Usti-
nov. **%
Alice in Wonderland - (Fox
Village) - A soft-core X ver-
sion of the Carroll classic, self-
heralded as a "breakthrough"
in the wedding of culture, mu-
sic and erotica, and boasting
Kristina De Bell, "the hottest
new sex star in cinema." It's
not and she's not. Save your
money and the Art I. BOMB
God Told Me To - (Fifth
Forum) - The latest entry in
the evil messiah sweepstakes,
proclaimed by its pitchmen to
"give you nightmares forever."
Doubtful, unless they're refer-
ring to star Sandy Dennis.



ual money-clutching maniac en-
ployed in similar films. Ameri-
can Graffiti's Richard Dreyfuss
is excellent in the title role.
Paper Chase - (Mediatrics,
Nat. Sci. Aud., 7 & 9) - This
fictional chronicle of a Harvard
law student'sfirst year makes
a pleasant but not very dramat-
ic film. It's notable for John
Houseman's Oscar-winning mov-
ie debut as a brilliant, icily
impersonal law prof, but the
picture contains little else that's
really memorable. If you're
simply looking for a leisurely
evening's entertainment com-
plete with flashes of deja vu,
then you'll probably like this.
Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs - (Ann Arbor Film Co-
op, MLB 3, 1:30 & 4:30, 7 &
10:30) - Disney's first feature-
length cartoon took the anima-
tion medium by storm and rev-
olutionized it forever; and in
many ways it remains the best
film the studio ever produced.
Absolutely timeless, and certain-
ly not to be missed if you've
never seen it. ****
Steamboat Bill, Jr. & The
Navigator - (Ann Arbor Film
Co-op, MLB 3, complete shows
at 3 & 8:45) - Two films from
the first genius of the Ameri-
can Comic Cinema, Buster Kea-
ton. I saw The Navigator years
ago, and I still thing it's one
of the very funniest pictures.
I've ever seen. ****
La Collectionneuse - (Ann
Arbor Film Co-op, MLB 4, 7
only) - A study of the Games
People Play revolving around
a potential but unrealized love
relationship. 'This was th first
of Eric Rohmer's "moral tales,"
which was followed by the more
famous Claire's Knee and oth-
ers. Thodgh this entry is said
to be on a somewhat lesser
level than its successors, it's
probably an interesting excur-
A Very Curious Girl - (Ann
Arbor Film Co-op, MLB 4, 9
only) - A country girl em-
berks on an ambitious and ris-
que money-making scheme. A
recent film by French director
Nelly Kaplan.
Law and Disorder - (Couzens
Film C -,Couzens Caf., 8 &
10) -.f lm featuring Carroll
O'Connor and Ernest Borgnine
as neighborhood ethnics who
decide to become vigilante cops.
Billed as a comedy, the film
got very poor distribution when
first released last year, and I've
never seen it.
Keith Jarrett - Eclipse Jazz,
Hill Aud., 8 p.m.
Faculty Recital - School of
Music Recital Hall, 8 p.m.,
works of Beethoven, Faure,
Ark - Norman Kennedy, Scot-
tish airs, 9, $2.50. Residential
College Players - One Act
Plays by Chekhov, Strindberg,
Prentiss: RC Aud., E. Quad.
8 p.m.
Bimbo's - Gaslighters, rag-
time, 54c, after 8.
Blind Pig '- V-II-I orchestra,
9:30, $1.
Casa Nova - Tom Savada,
9;- no cover.
Golden Falcon - Melodioso,
Latin Jazz, 9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party - Sachel
Paige, $1.50, 9.
Pretzel Bell - R.F.D. Boys,
bluegrass, 10, 1-1:50.
Rubaiyat - Celebration, 9,

The ,Adversary - (C
Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9
The second installment
dian director Satyajit
Calcutta Trilogy.
Faculty Chamber Conc
Rackham Aud., 4 p.m.
Ark - Street Wax Rec
Collective, 9, $1.50.
Del Rio - Jazz, 5-9, no
Golden Falcon - Rout
9:30, $2.
Mr. Flood's Party -
and Kevin, 9, no cover.
Second Chance - Ski
Winkle, 9, $1-1.50.
Street Scenes 1970 -
Arbor Film Co-op, MLB
only) - A practically un
documentary by the no
ous Martin Scorcese focus
the demonstration activi
the anti-war movement.
Directed by John Ford
Arbor Film Co-op, MLB
only) - A Peter Bogda
made film about the lif
works of possibly the g
of all American film dir
Spanish Folk Ballet-
versity Musical Society,
Ctr., 8 p.m.
Music School - Com
Forum: School of Music F
Hall, 8 p.m.
Blind Pig - Boogie V
Red, 9:30, $1.
Casa Nova - Tom S
9, no cover
Golden Falcon - V-I
chestra, Jazz, 9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party -C
Miller, 9, no cover.
Second Chance-Mo Jo
ie Band, 9, $1-1.50.
Alice Doesn't Live Her
more - (AnnAArbor Fil
op, Ang. And. A, 7 & 9) -
tin Scorcese's film of a
Mexico housewife who pa
her baggage and her 12-y
son and strikes out for C
nia following her husband
den death. Alice has bec
sort of artistic metaph
women's lib, although it
hardly seem in step wit
particular banner give
bland, conventional every
an's-dream conclusion. In
this whole endeavor see
the bland side - pleasan
tertaining, but hardly wh
would expect from the ma
made Mean Streets and
Driver; contrasting the e
breathlessness of those
epics, Alice just gently
along from scene to scen
film seems a hybrid p
that doesn't really fit in
Scorcesean repertoire at
which this week's retrosp
on the director will pr
amplify. **%
The Hunchback of Notre
- (Cinema Guild, Arch.
7 & 9:05) - This is easi
most lavish of all the p
tions of the Hugo nove
also by far the worst. C
Laughton's Hunchback i
verted into what amou
a minor character; he
Walt Disney makeup a
what few scenes are give
Jumps around mugging f
ly for the camera, but
es absolutely nothing 0
nathos and humanity bea
lv projected by Lon C
years earlier and Anthony
years later. But of cours
was during the peak ye
the Hollywood Dream Fa
so the studio moguls nat

decided to put the seco
love story aspects of the
front row' center, and also
ed on a ludicrously phony
oy ending (we can't sen
p"hlic home miserable,
This Hunchback is a lu
ing, dull-witted travesty
great work of art; and its
sets and cast of thousand
withstanding, all lovers
Aratilre and of film are a<
instead to seek out the far
modest - and far truer-(
Chaney versions.

inema EVENTS
:05) - Music School / Pendleton Ctr.
of In- - "Music at Midday," Erik
Ray's Dyke, string bass: Pendleton
Arts. Center, 2nd fir. Union,
ert - BARS
Casa Nova - Tom Savada, 9,
ording no cover.
Golden Falcon - Melodioso,
Latin jazz, 9:30, $1.
cover. Mr. Flood's Party - Eric
, Jazz Glatz, 9, no cover.I
Golden Falcon - Rout, jazz,
Gwen'9:30, $1.
Second Chance - Dennison
p Van Stars, 9, $1-1.50.
Through a Glass Darkly -
(Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud., 7
(Ann & 9:05) - The first film of
3, 7 Bergman's abscense-of-God tri-
iknown logy (followed by Winter Light
w-fam- and The Silence). This one de-
ing on picts the troubled relationships
ties of of a family on an isolated sea-
coast, with primary attention on
-(Ann a daughter's lingering mental
3, 9 illness - which enables her to
novich- eventually perceive God as eith-
e and er a non-entity or a monster.
reatest I found this a rather dank, un-
ectors. involving Bergman effort, one
of his most visually cryptic but
- Uni- at the same time thematically
Power obvious works; although the
film was the recipient of many
poser's awards, I really doubt that even
Recital the most patient viewer can get
truly caught up in it. **/z
Who's That Knocking at My
Woogie Door? - (Ann Arbor Film Co-
op, Ang. Aud. A, 7, 8:45 &
avada, 10:30) - Martin Scorcese Week
continues with this rare show-
-I Or- ing of his first , feature film,
made in 1967. The story about
Catfish a resident of New York's Lit-
tle Italy who begins to have
Boog- doubts about his day-to-day life
sounds like a forerunner to
Mean Streets, and features the
same star, Harvey Keitel.
What Every Woman Knows-
Professional Theatre Program,
SAny-University Showcase, 8.
e AC- Baroque Trio Music School
m Cor- performance, Museum of Art.
Ne Mar 8.
k New Music from Renaissance to
cks up the 20th Century-Music School
ear-old performance, Nelson Amos, lute,
alifor- vihuela, guitar: School of Mu-
sic Recital Hall, 8 p.m.
:ome a Orchestre de Paris - Univer-
or for sity Musical Society, Daniel
would Barenboim, Hill Aud., 8:30.
h that Ark - Hoot Nite, 9, 75 cents.
n its BARS3
-wom- Blind Pig - Andy Sachs and
Q fact, friends, 9, $1.
ms on - Casa Nova- Tom Savada, 9
ty en- no cover.
tone ho Mr. Flood's Party-All Direc-
Taxi tions, 9, 75c.
leTaxi Second Chance - Dennison
two Stars, 9, $1-1.50.
e. The: thur
to the CINEMA
all - Mean Streets - (Ann Arbor
ective Film Co-op, Ang. Aud. A, 7 &
obably 9) - Martin Scorcese catapult-
ed to fame with' this stunning-
Dame Ilv brilliant film of a young New
Aud., York mafioso faced with the
ly the moral dilemma of saving his
roduc- best friend (who is on the outs
, but with a jittery loan shark and
harles also with the protagonist's god-
s con- father uncle), or protecting his
nts to own future by doing nothing.
wears This powerful and original dra-
nd in ma pre-dated Scorcese's Taxi
n him Driver by two years, and in
urious- some ways "surpasses it; his
catch- sensuous direction is comple-

f the mented memorably by Harvey
utiful- Keitel as the sensitive but cra-

C Y 1IL aiiu C1
week of 0
Some of the film's dialogueI
is now campily ludicrous, es-
pecially the exchanges between
the native on Kong's island andt
the ape's white captors-to-be.
But the milestone special ef-
fects have simply never beent
surpassed, and the story is di-t
rected with such pace and ex-s
citement that it results in aI
film as thrilling as it is occa-t
sionally funny. The much-bally-t
hooed Kong re-make will be out1
in a couple of months, but all i
true believers will recognize itf
for the impertinent, imposter it<
is. ****
Everything You Always Want-'
ed to Know About Sex - (Peo-f
ple's Bicentennial Commission,(
Nat. Sci. Aud., 7 & 9)-Woodyi
Allen's extremely mixed - bagI
comedy is less a satire on Dr.t
Reuben's manual than on vari-
ous movie styles (Italian cine-(
ma, horror movies, etc.). Gen-c
erally speaking, the Allen-star-
ring segments are wonderful,t
the non-Allen segments dread-
ful. **%
University Symphony Orches-f
tra - Music School, Hill Aud.,
Young Vic - Pendleton Ctr.
"Open Hearth Series": 2nd fir.,
Union, noon.
Poetry Reading - Benzinger
Library, E.Q., 11 p.m.
What Every Woman Knows-
See Wed. events.
Casa Nova - Tom Savada, 9,
no cover.
Golden Falcon-Silver Tones,
50's and 60's rock, 9:30, $1.
Mr. Flood's Party - Tucker
Blues Band, 9, 75c.
Second Chance - Dennison,
Stars, 9, $1-1.50.
friday r
Children of Paradise - (Ann
Arbor Film Co-op, MLB 3, 7:30
only) - Marcel Carne's film
about the lives of theater peo-
ple in 19th-century Paris took
nearly three years to film dur-
ing World War II. Its partici-
pants, constantly on the run
from arrest by the occupying
Nazis, filmed whenever and
wherever they could, and wound
up creating what some consid-
er the finest film ever made.
I 've yet to see it, and don't
intend to miss it this time
Grande Illusion - (Cinema
Guild. Arch. And., 7 & 9) -
Jean Renoir's film of French-
men in a WW I German pri-
son camp is also a prime cn-
didate on the best nicture list
(Orson Welles says it's the one
film he'd like to be locked in
a room forever with). I've seen
it twice, and must confess I
have never been able to grasp
the enduring adoration for it;
Renoir's overlying theme of the
aristocratic order thrust out -of
its time element by the chaos
of the new world probably car-
ries much deepertmeaning for
a European spectator than for
an American. For me, Grande
Illusion's greatest, significance
lay in being the first of all the
prison escape films, but the pic-
ture's obviously deeper mean-
ings struck me - from the per-
spective of my own life's ex-
perience - as being from an-
other planet. -*
Young Frankenstein - (Me-
diatrics, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7 &
9) - Mel Brooks' masterful
spoof of the Karloff original
succeeds - perhaps uninten-

tionally - in being as dramat-
ic as it is humorous. And that
unlikely combination will make
this film enduringly memorable.
State of the Union - (Cine-
ma II, Ang. Aud. A, 7 &9)
1947 Frank Capra film about a
reform candidate for president
(Spencer Tracy) who gradually
looses his pristine image
through compromise to various
pressure groups. This last of
Capra's "Common Man" films
somehow lacks the spark of his
orevious efforts, despite the
Tracy - Katherine Hepburn star
combination. **
What's New Pussycat? and
Casino Royale - (Ann Arbor
at the
5:30 - 9:00
at Retail PricesI

t Cl ~i W~ LI t'k'U~% I L'~ -aul - -u'~ A'~ 'u,-~ I'

Saturday, October 23, 1976 ( Residntal olege Payes:
Great Entertainment Value! Three
c2Day Calenear1-act plays by Chekhov, Strindberg
ExeA Ser: North Central Reading Music School: Faculty recital,
Asoc, League, 8 am; Creative Prob- Beethoven. Faure Chopin; SM Re-
lem Solving for Media Specialists cital Hall, 8 pm.
in Times of Financial Adversity, PA Eclipse Jazz: Keith Jarrett, pia-
Film Co-op, Pussycat? at 7 Bldg, 8 am. nist; Hill Aud.. 8 pm.
Casino Royale at 9A, Woody AAUW Annual Book Sale: Union Ark: Norman Kennedy, Scottish
Cain Ale yan ae -eeb avie Ballroom, 9 am. ballads, 1421 Hill,930 in.
Allen fans are hereby advisedCountry: Michigan Federa-
to head for the hills if they tion, M Golf Course, 11 am.
wish to avoid witnessing their WUOM "Battle," produced by' "-
hero's artistic destruction by Shela Stewart of WUSP (Tampa,
this monsterously inept double Football Broadcast: UM vs di- MG
bill. The ads- state that Allen ana, wuOM, 1:15 pm.
wrote the screenplay for What's Eclipse Jazz: Keith Jarrett, jazz
New, Pussycat-, and in a sense, Iazz," (no performance); Pendle-
they're right; but by the time ton Rm, 2nd fI Union, 2:30 pm. Today at
this totally vulgar, utterly hu- Chinese Student Fellowship/Afri- 1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15-9:25
morous cinematic blow job was can Student Assoc/Guild House/
in the can, any resemblance Wesley Foundation/Ecumenical Ctra
/Int'i Ctr: Chun-Shu Cand ".1978
between Woody's original script International Congress of oriental-
and director Clive Donner's ists in Mexico," slide show, Int'l
subsequent sabotage of it was Ctr, 7:30 pm.
purely coincidental. Apparently
everyone involved in the film THE MICHIGAN DAILY
except Donner could feel the Volume LXXXVII, No. 39
pimendiagsdo-msthePaularen- is edited and managed by students
prise: Says co-star Paula Pren- at the University of Michigan. News
tiss, "Every day you could feel nhone 764-0562. Second class postage
things trickling a little further paid at Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 ~a
donthe drain, and no one Published d a 11 y Tuesday through dow
d dwn th a m, to Sed mtd,,n Sunday morning during the Unive-
could do anything tstop it sity year at 420 Maynard Street, Ann
Although offensively not in Arbor. Michigan 48109. Subscription CAMPAIGN SPECIAL
the same league with Pussy-.fter~se $12 Sept. tr pi 2sms~I CMAG PCA
ct, sino Ryae rinPssy- er): $13 by mall outside Ann I Shows Today at 1:30-4:00-
cat, Casino Royale remains a Arbor. 6:30-9:00-Open 1:15
gargantuanly horrible parody of summer session published Tues- Rated PG
the James Bond films. Six dif- ias through Saturday morning.
ferent directors supposedly IAbo ri50" yrates: $.50 in Ann-l
worked on this mess at one Arbor: $750 by mail outside Ann
Arbor u
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(Walt Disney, 1937) 1:30 & 4:30
First feature-length cartoon. Special Oscar in 1939-one large
statue 'with seven little ones-was presented by Shirley Temple. Today at 1-3-5-7-9
Like a coloring book come to life. Impress your friends as you Open 12:45
reel off the names of all seven dwarfs. Let's see-Happy, Doc,
Sleepy, Grumpy . . . uh, Doc . . . did I say Doc? . . . Hi-hot
3:00 ONLY
Buster Keaton was a comic genius, perhaps the most natural
filmmaker America has ever produced; he's also neglected. This
is an opportunity to see him at his best, as an artist at least
as equal to Charlie Chaplin in laughter and superior cinematically.
Keaton's last great film takes place on the Mississippi, focusing
on the bitter rivalry of two riverboat owners and Keaton's favorite
theme of an effete youth who is extended by crisis and turns out,
despite himself-a hero. The climax is the famous cyclone scene, Ge a
probably the most credible physical disaster ever planned for a
movie, in which a two-ton wall crashes down around a be- ,
wildered Keaton. with Marion Byron. Silent.
(Buster Keaton & Dounold Crisp, 1924) 231,south state
THE NAVIGATOR stands with THE GENERAL at the very top
of Keaton's great films. He plays Rollo Treadway, a young mil-
lionaire stranded with a young rich girl, alone, on a huge ocean
liner. Accustomed to having their every need met, the couple
must adapt the ship's huge accommodations to their needs. The
whole range of Keaton's talents, cinematic and comedic, are
extended in THE NAVIGATOR, and if you could see just one Today at 1:00-3:00-5:05-
film of his, this hilarious masterpiece would be your best bet. 7:10-9:15-Open 12:45
$1.25 MLB Kids 75cieSPECTIChE
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ID 8161l11 IAnnSoUi!
7 & 10:30
(See above for description)
Buster Keaton Night 8:45 ONLY
Steamboat Bill, Jr. The Navigator
(Eric Rohmer, 1967) 7 ONLY
The hostility between Adrian and Haydee provokes love-of a
sort. Filmed against the senous background of St. Tropex, the
story focuses on the determination of a woman and a man each t;
of whom wants to be admired by the other without becoming a
conquest. The least seen and perhaps the best of Rohmer's
Contes Moreaux (Moral Tales), which include MY NIGHT AT
French with subtitles.
(Nelly Kaplan, 1970) 9 ONLY
A VERY CURIOUS GIRL is that rare film: a woman's story by a R.reea,,d by BUEn VSTA UISRIB MO co. INC.
woman director. A rural French girl's attitude changes after her prwatt Disney ProectiosBfC..C
mother's death and she begins charging for services she once
doled out free. Soon the entire town Is scandalized and black-_-PLS--
mailed into the palm of her hand, the men become poorer as MICKEY MOUSE in
she accumulates the wealth. Stars Bernadette La Font. French MI
with subtitles. 'TMAIf1 1111OU EIIIV

$1.25--DOUBLE FEATURE $2.00


no cover.
Second Chance - Skip
Winkle, 8, $2.2,50.




Shoot the Piano Player-(Cine-
ma Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05)
- A most untypical black com-
edy effort by Francois Truffaut
about a downtrodden nightclub
pianist battling various gang-
sters to save the woman he
loves. A neo-absurdist film that
is both lyrical and bitingly un-
sentimental, - and considerably
more compelling than Truffaut's
usual cotton candy. ***%
The Apprenticeship of Duddy
Kravitz - (Cinema II, Ang.
Aud. A, 7 & 9) - Canadian
film about a young man hell-
bent on becoming a success,
even if it means acquiring a
sense of moral blindness in or-
der to achieve it. The'picture
has been criticized as being
anti-Semitic, but is actually a
broad, non-bigoted study of false
values and the perversion of un-
bridled free enterprise. This
theme isn't a new one to mov-
ies, but in this case Duddy is
a very alive, very complex
character in contrast to the us-

WR: Mysteries of the Organ-
ism - (Cinema II, Ang. Aud.
A, 7 & 9) - A bizarre Yugo-
slavian film which fluctuates
erratically around the teachings
of psychologist - guru Wilheim
Reich - sometimes in praise,
sometimes in parody. The pic-
ture was filmed half in Yugo-
slavia and half in N1ew York
City, which indicates its schizo-
nhrenic nature - it's a some-
times expressionistic, some-
times nihilistic, often Godard-
ianly political jumble that I
frankly did not get much out
of when I saw it; perhaps
Reich's disciples and followers
will glean more meaning from
it than the rest of us. Incident-
ally, don't be misled by the
film's X rating - it contains
a minimum of nudity and overt
sex, and the rating may be
attributed simply to the pic-
1'ire's determined weirdness.


e this
ars of
y haDp-
id the,
of al
is not-
of lit-


ven mobster, and
DeNiro who makes
cinematic ballet out
trayal of Keitel's

psychotically self - destructive
King Kong - (Cinema Guild,
Arch.. Aud.. 7 & 9:05) - Al-
most a half century later still
the greatest monster of them
all, beside which all the Gor-
gos and . Godzillas look like
arthritic puppets. This is the
recently-spiced-together uncen-
-ored version, the newly-added
footage focusing mostly on
Kong's discovery that people
taste good. This doesn't detract
from his lovableness, though,
and all his triumphs remain v-

by Robert
a veritable
of his por-

From Pauline Kael's reaction-"It busts out all over" to Truffaut's declara-
tion-"I was able to do anything," this early tragi-conedy is the most play-
ful and inventive film the great French director has made to date. A cafe-
pianist tries to hide a secret past and a couple of madcap criminal brothers
with very little success. Starring Charles Aznavour. Short: PAS DE DEUX-
Norman McLaren.
SUN.: Satyajit Ray's THE ADVERSARY
7:00 & 9:05 Admission: $1.25
Richard Dreyfuss as Duddy, the role that vaulted him to Hollywood heights.
As a baby-faced, jittery young man from Toronto, Dreyfuss is at his finest

.rY.r r r rar rs"ir r r r r r rrr s "r r r nr r r r r r.r rrr r .r rr s" e

50c Discount on Admission
with Student I.D.
rl COMING OCT .2-3()

. r rsir r"r +wrr rr'

October 20-24
auin J

Q w "



I rl* Am

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