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December 01, 1977 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1977-12-01

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The Michigan Daily-Thursday, December 1, 1977-Page 3


-t A
Front office.workers in the Central Order Service (that's the Uni-
versity's electric company) received an unexpected ten-minute coffee
break yesterday morning when workers in a local substation, sent the of-
fice and surrounding University buildings back into the dark ages. Lights
went out with a -"terrible pop and bright flash," according to one worker,
as a breaker circuit kicked out in the main power plant. Tragedy? Panic?
"Nobody seemed to mind," office supervisor Elaine Massey said. "The
girls in the office wished it would've stayed off longer."
Happent ings.
.today are curt ... from 3-5 p.m. students transferring to the School
of Education and interested in elementary teaching should meet in Room
1211 SEB ... if a summer in Salamanica, Spain is your speed be in MLB,.
Aud 4 at 4 p.m. for an informational meeting on the trip ... Prof John Reed
of the law school will discuss "Flamboyance in the Courtroom" at 4:10 in
Angell Hall, Aud C ... at7 p.m. take your income tax problems to a session
with IRS-trained assistants in Angell Hall, Aud D ... Gay Christians will
meet at 7:30 p.m. in the St. Mary's Newman Center, 331 Thompson ..
Bart Plantenga and Frank Murdock will give poetry readings at theGuild
House, 802 Monroe, also at 7:30 .. bedeep .. bedeep, bedeep, that's all
Here he is, folks, everybody's favoritefool, Bill boy Carter.
Don't ask why he's wearing pull tabs on his head, and don't ask
why, even though he's wearing pull tabs on his head, he's still
smiling. We would be crying and so should his brother.

MANILA, Philippines (AP) - A
war correspondent at 17, the coun-
try's youngest mayor at 22 and a
close challenger for the presidency at
40, Benigno Aquino at 45 sits in a
death cell as the Philippines' most fa-
mous prisoner.
Last Friday, two days before his
birthday and five years after his
arrest, the chief political opponent of
President Ferdinand Marcos was
convicted of murder, subversion and
illegal possession of firearms.
intoned the president of the military

tribunal that tried 1m. Aquino, whol
rejected military jurisdiction overj
him and refused to take part in his
trial, nodded his head and bit his lip.
He has claimed testimony used
against him was invalid.
Two alleged Maoist terrorists tried
with Aquino received the same
The verdict drew widespread pro-
test abroad, including a statement by
the U.S. State Department that it was
disturbed by the decision. Marcos on
Tuesday ordered the trial reopened,
citing Aquino's complaint over trial


faces death

FDA chief counsel

shu ns saccharin
WASHINGTON (AP) - The new saccharin since his
chief counsel of the Food and Drug Williams and Conn
Administration has disqualified him- Coca Cola only in c
self from working on the FDA's most matters other than
controversial case - the proposed Coca cola's defi
saccharin ban - for the next year to FDA's attempt to b
avoid a possible conflict of interest, been carried on
But since Congress has barred the industry represent
agency from imposing its planned Control Council.
ban of the suspected cancer causing However, Libas
sweetener for 18 months, Richard about Cooper's pos
Cooper could be back on the case flict of interest
before any final action occurs. saccharin case, in
COOPER, a former junior law ask Cooper to go fu
partner of Health, Education. and requires.
Welfare Secretary Joseph Califano, In his memo, Coo
also promised not to take part in any ALTHOUGH HE
matters involving three major cor- represented Coca t
porations that have dealings with the company is n
FDA and which have been represent- saccharin proceed
ed by his previous law firm, al- "I shall neverthel
though Cooper himself never repre- self from participa
sented the firms. ular matter involvi
The three corporations are Coca period of one year .
Cola Co., the country's largest pro- Cooper, 35, also
ducer of saccharin-sweetened diet would not particip
soft drinks; Pfizer Inc., the world's in which any of his
eighth largest drug manufacturer; colleagues were inv
and Michigan Chemical Corp., the avoid any conflictc
company that accidentally contamin- appearance of any
ated cattle feed with the potent est."
chemical PBB suspected of indirect- Federal law req
ly causing widespread illness among attorneys to disqi
Michigan farm families. for one year from
Cooper's actions were disclosed in any matter that
a memorandum written to his boss, represented by thei
HEW general counsel Peter Libassi, while they were wit
following a reporter's inquiry about FDA currently is
the ' new FDA lawyer's possible banning saccharin
conflicts of interest. . drinks, cosmetics
COOPER ACTUALLY is not re- months, but the,
quired under federal law to remove ment in the issue is
himself from the deliberations over FDA Commissio

former law firm,
nolly, represented
ases dealing with
ense against the
ban saccharin has
publicly by an
ative, the Calorie
si, when asked
sible indirect con-
in handling the
dicated he might
rther than the law
per did that.
never personally
Cola and although
ot a party in the
ings, Cooper said,
ess disqualify my-
tion in any partic-
ng saccharin for a
pledged that he
ate in any matter
s former law firm
volved "in order to
of interest and the
conflict of inter-
uires government
ualify themselves
participating in
involves a party
ir former law firm
;h the firm.
s prohibited from
from foods, soft
and drugs for 18
agency's involve-'
ner Donald Ken-
icted the ban will
n. the moratorium

procedure in an appeal to the
Supreme Court.
The government claimed Aquino.
and the others had conspired to
install a Communist government in
the service of a foreign power, which
the prosecutor said was "Soviet
Russia and Communist China."
TESTIMONY also linked Aquino
and one of his co-defendants, Ber-
nabe Buscayno, with the murder of a'
village official in Tarlac, Aquino's
home province 50 miles north of
Manila. Buscayno is the alleged com-
mander of the New People's Army,
the military wing of the Communist
Party of the Philippines.
While rejecting the case against
him, Aquino did not deny dealing
with Communists in some ways and
said a contact with anti-government
insurgents was needed to ensure his
political and physical survival.
"Talk to politicians in central
Luzon, and if any of them says he
neverhad anything to do with the
NPA (New People's Army)," he
would be a liar, Aquino's wife Corry
said in an interview yesterday.
Five years ago most Filipinos
expected Aquino to succeed Marcos
at the end of his second term in- 1973.
BUT THE TERM didn't end. Citing
what he called near-anarchy and
danger of a Communist rebellion,
Marcos proclaimed martial law on
Sept. 21, 1972, and extended his
presidency indefinitely.
Aquino was among hundreds ar-
rested in the first few days of martial
law, including other members of the
disbanded Philippine Congress.
When the military .commission
began taking evidence against
Aquino in August 1973, the ex-senator
made an impassioned plea for a civil

trial that brought applause from his
supporters in the packed courtroom.
It was typical of the flamboyance
that marked Aquino's career. He"
returned from his war coverage in-'
Korea to become at 22 the country's
youngest mayor ever. At 21 he was
the youngest-ever governor of Tar=
lac. Six years later he was elected
senator, a national office, two weeks
before the statutory minimum age of
35 and retained the office on the
strength of a 5-4 vote by the Electoral
EBULLIENT and a con sunt critic
of the Marcos regime, he beiame the
president's most formidaib oppon-
"My husband always aspired to be
president," Aquino's wife said. Two
months Aquino's junior and a child-
hood sweetheart, she had just re-
turned from her third visit with him
since his conviction.
"What he keeps telling me is that
all of these five years have been a
very great experience for him, and,
while they have been very difficult,
and painful, he says he never would~
exchange the past five years for.-
"He feels they havle taught him"
many things. If it is in his destiny to.=
be president, he feels that the five
years will better prepare him for it.
If it is'his lot to becom* a private
person, then he will welcome it
Aquino said her husband was.'-
awake all Frijay night typing hisĀ§
letter to the Supreme Court in his'
cell. She said he had regained hiss:;
high spirits by yesterday and his
advice was, "Look, we can expectC
anything and everything at this -

the anarbor ftlmcoo perathe
TONIGHTI Thursday, becember 1
(Anatole Litvok, 1963) yemny -AUMA
In a grim performance, Perkins as a slightly nutty American forces his wife (SOPHIA LOREN) to go eOlng
with his scheme of insurance fraud. Tight suspense, a grisly climax, and a superb us ef its
Parisian location are the distinctions of this littleseen film. Very few major actors have gamwl on
parts like Perkins and mode it pay. An incredibly interesting film , with tensions generated by the
American Perkins playing against the European sensibility of the rest of the camp"ay. With
(Alfred Hitchcock, 1960) 9 O Iy-AU& A
Often cited as the most frightening film ever made, PSYCHO tells of a secretary (JANET LEIGH) who
absconds with $10,000 and comes upon a lonely motel near a Gothic house inhabited by a strange
young moan (ANTHONY PERKINS) and his possessive mother. Need we continue? Will you ever
shower again? It you've seen it on TV, you've never really seen it. Chilling music by Bernard
Single admission $1.50. Double feature $2.50

Daily Official Bulletin
Thursday, December 1, 1977
WUOM: Vladimir Bukovsky, Soviet Writer, "The
Human Rights Battle in the Soviet Union," describes
his life in Russia, 10:15 a.m.
Environmental Studies: K. Marzolf, "Architecture
and the Environment," 1528 CC Little, 3 p.m.
Geology/Mineralogy: John A. Robbins, "Geo-
chronological Studies of Modern Sediments in the
Great Lakes," 4001 CC Little, 4 p.m.
Ind/Oper Eng: V. Chvatal, Dept. Info., Universite
De Montreal, "Determining the Stability Number of
a Graph," 4004 Angell, 4 p.m.
CEW: Workshop - "Gearing Up for Graduate and
Professional School Exams," Math Review, 328-330
Thompson, 7:30 p.m.
Guild House: Poetry reading, Bart Plantenga, 802
Monroe, 7:30 p.m.
Music School: Faculty recital, Mozart, Bartok,
Faure works, Rackham Aud., 8 p.m.

nedy recently pred
be carried out whe

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Planned pan dahood
The hope of a nation was dashed yesterday when it was announced in
Tokyo that Lan Lan the panda is not pregnant after all. Since last June
when Lan Lan's mating with beau Kan Kan was nationally televised a
special telephone number has been operating at her home, the Ueno Zoo,
to take calls from fans all over Japan checking on her progress. News-
paper columnists and television commentators alike have speculated on
the chances of Lan Lan becoming the first panda outside China to give
birth to a cub in captivity, but yesterday the guessing stopped. Despite
nipples that puffed, then deflated, then puffed again - a sign of pregnan-
c3- Lan Lan's nipples shrank a final time recently causing officials to
shed a tear. At a "panda conference" yesterday, a zoo spokesman dis-
pensed the sad news: "Regrettably we have to give up hope about a baby
for Lan Lan this time," he said. We weren't surprised. Could you do it
right on national television?

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Bobcats stand 15 inches high at the
shoulder and range across most of Nor-
th America. Their pelts are covered
with black spots and vary in color from
a pale white to dark brown.
Volume LXXXVIII, No. 69
Thursday, December 1, 1977
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I Fellini's unforgettable study of a
lonely prostitute who longs to love I
I and be loved, is far from just on-
other film about a whore with a
"heart of gold." GUILIETTA MASINA
I (Fellini's wife who also starred in
La Strada) as Cabiria gives an intense
* nurfnrmance with her nortraval of

Friday, Dec. 9, 1977
Michigan Union Ballroom
Big Band Entertainers
Cash Bar, Dancing

Dinner optional
University Club
7-8:30 PM
Show $4.00 Single
$7.00 Couple
Ballroom 9 PM



Tickets available in Michigan Union Lobby
Sponsored by WCBN
UAC, Michigan Union Programming Committee
, }
A hilarious sidelong look at the institution of Little League
* baseball, and the adults who cannot be good sports if their
children lose. Starring WALTER MATTHAU, a washed up u
minor league pitcher who loves to drink, as coach and
TATUM O'NEIL as the ace pitcher. Hilarious!
* . FRI. DEC. 2-7:30 and 9:30 ;


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